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Donny Finds a Mentor

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“Is that the swimsuit edition?”


“You like that a lot? It’s been out three — four months now!”

“You’re point?”

“I don’t no, I like looking too, at broads I mean, Looks like they’re getting skimpier and skimpier.”


“Look at the tits on that one!”

O.o.o..Yeh..” I was on the RTA Rapid going downtown for classes at CCC. I was a first year freshman. I know, the freshman year is your first year but at CCC lots of guys take two or more years to get enough credits to move up to sophomore status. Anyway, it was early September; just three months into my eighteenth year. My seatmate was a middle-aged guy. He was nicely dressed and well groomed; his hair slicked back with Vasoline or Valvoline or something. His pock-marked face sported a pencil thin moustache. A Rolex on his left wrist and a pinky ring completed his “look”.

I put my SI back in my book bag and stood up. “My stop.” I said. I don’t know why, it was Terminal Tower, everybody on the Shaker line got off here.

“Mine too.” The man replied, softly. “Have fun at school.”

I didn’t even look back as I worked my way to the door. That’s the way it went for the next few weeks. I got on at Green, he got on at Warrensville. It was after the morning rush so quite often the seat next to me was open. He made small talk; about the Browns, the weather, the Buckeyes, every once in a while a comment about a woman on the train. Eventually I learned his name. He was a name partner in a prominent law firm so naturally I’ll just call him “Rich”, not his real name, of course! My real name isn’t Don either, but that’s what I’ll call myself.

The day before Thanksgiving he handed me an envelope. “Remember that swim suit edition? I thought you might be interested.”

It was a photographic art magazine, nudes! I’m sure my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I didn’t know that this sort of “art” was available. I mumbled my approval of page after page of very seductively posed women.

“You don’t have classes Friday, do you?

“No,” I answered hesitantly. “I’m working on some briefs for a trial that starts after the first of the year.” He handed me his card. “Why don’t you come to my office, I’ve got a ton of this stuff. I bet you’ll like it.” He didn’t give me a chance to reply. He just stood up, turned to leave and glanced back, “See you Friday!” It wasn’t a question or statement of fact, it was almost a command.

I looked up and nodded my agreement.

Classes ended Wednesday and I went to my job at Higbee’s, a downtown department store in Terminal Tower. I thought about Rich’s offer but dismissed it as sort of strange.

Thanksgiving Day was spent with the family and I didn’t think about visiting the office of a man I really didn’t know but Friday was different. I was due in at Higbee’s at three pm anyway so what was the problem with going downtown a little earlier? At ten thirty am I found myself on the Rapid heading downtown. At eleven fifteen I was in an elevator going to the thirtieth floor.

The doors opened on an office lobby and a receptionist greeted me. “Good morning, sir! How may I help you?”

“I’m here to see Mr. Hedde.” I said as I handed her his card.

“You must be Donny, he’s been expecting you! Please have a seat; I’ll let him know you’re here.”

“Mr. Hedde, ……… the young man you’ve been expecting is here. Yes, I’ll tell him. …… Yes, Mr. Hedde.”

“Donny,” she smiled sweetly as she spoke. “Mr. Hedde is in conference with James C………, our senior partner and Charles F….., one of our paralegals. He said he’s sorry to make you wait but he won’t be long. Would you care for some coffee or perhaps a soft drink?”

“Coffee would be very nice.” I replied timidly as I seated myself in a large overstuffed leather chair. Looking around the room I was impressed by the dark walnut paneling, the portraits of the partners, the chandelier. I was surprised that altyazılı porno the ceiling was very high, maybe twelve or fourteen feet. I glanced at the name plate on the receptionist’s desk: Veronica Williams. I glanced at the receptionist as she prepared my coffee at the built-in kitchenette. Nice! I thought. She wore a navy blue skirt and a white blouse with lace trim at the neck and cuffs. Her hair was pulled back and she wore dark framed glasses. Her heels matched her skirt; very professional, I thought. Except for her bright red lips!

She turned on her heel and glancing over her shoulder asked, “Cream and sugar?”

“Black, please.”

She left the spoon she had placed on my saucer on the shelf and brought me my coffee and two small cookies. “I hope you like shortbread.” She said as she handed me the cup and saucer. Not paper or Styrofoam! Real china and not cheap either! I know, I’ve been through the china department downstairs.

“Thank-you very much!” I felt out of place and a little overwhelmed.

“Are you here for a job interview, Donny?”

“What! Ah… no…ah just a social call.”

“Really. I’m a bit surprised. Mr. Hedde will be looking for someone to replace Charles when he finishes law school in the spring and he usually likes his assistants to start as interns with his current assistant.”

“Well I’m really not qualified to work in a law office, besides, we’re just acquaintances, we ride the Rapid most mornings.”

“I see…..” With that the door to the inner office opened and the man I knew as “Rich” came out with two other men.

“Donny! I’m so glad you could join us. I’d like you to meet James C………, our senior partner and Chuck, my assistant these past six years. We are just going to lunch, won’t you join us?”

“Thank-you, Mr. Hedde, but I’m really not dressed for a business luncheon…”

“Nonsense, Don, you’re dressed just fine,” James interjected; besides we’re just going downstairs to the Quill.

Chuck reinforced the opinion, “You’ll be OK, Don, besides it’s mostly old ladies at the Quill, we’ll all be out of place.”

With that they ushered me towards the elevator. Lunch was completely unremarkable except in its simple elegance and quiet dignity. The Silver Quill may have been a department store restaurant but it was from another time and place. There’ll never be another like it!

The conversation was all small talk; sports, local politics, movies, nothing you wouldn’t hear in any bar in the land. What impressed me was how easily Chuck interacted with his two superiors and how they seemed genuinely interested in his opinions. Time passed quickly and before I knew it James and Chuck excused themselves. Rich took one last sip of coffee and pushed himself away from the table, “Let’s go back to the office, Ronnie should be gone by now so we’ll have the office to ourselves.”

I followed meekly, like a lamb to slaughter. In the next two hours my life would change forever. I was clueless!

When the elevator arrived at the thirtieth floor Rich used a key to open the door. The reception area was empty. We made little sound as we walked a crossed the thick plush carpet. What struck me first was the size of his desk. I’d never seen one so big and so neat; everything had a place and nothing was out of place. There was a leather couch and two side chairs and a coffee table. The walls were lined with books. But then the view from his windows struck me; Public Square, Old Stone Church, The Mall, all the office buildings, Burke Lakefront Airport, in the distance an ore boat on Lake Erie. To say I was impressed wouldn’t describe my wonder at this glimpse into a world I could never have imagined.

I heard a click as Rich locked the door with a dead bolt. “I’d rather not be surprised while we’re looking at my collection. That doesn’t bother you does it?”

“I suppose not.” I answered softly, still in awe at the view from his mobil porno window.

He took off his jacket and hung it up on a wooden hanger on the coat tree next to his door. Crossing the room he took out his keys and unlocked a file drawer under the book shelves. “This is the prize of my collection; it’s a first edition Playboy. Have you ever seen one?”

I admitted I hadn’t. He seated himself on one side of the couch and patting the cushion next to him said, “Sit here, we’ll both be able to view it.”

I was starting to feel uncomfortable but I did as he asked. I sat on the couch about a foot away from him as he opened the rare magazine. My first impression was that the photography was much less explicit than the Playboy I was used to.

“What do you think?”

“They’re beautiful!”

“Of course they’re beautiful, Hefner doesn’t waste space on anything but the best, but tell me how do they make you feel.”

“Well, compared to today’s models these girls seem almost shy, demure, there is an art to the posing. These models make the ones in Playboy today look like tramps. There’s not a single shot exposing their genitals.”

“Very observant, my boy! You have a keen eye! Of course, I for one like to see a nice pussy once in a while, don’t you?”

“I do.”

“Does your girl friend shave her pussy or keep it natural?”

“Ah…I don’t have that kind of girl friend.”

“I’m surprised; a good looking boy like you shouldn’t have any trouble getting into some sweet young things pants.”

“Oh, I’d like to alright. I’ve just never had the nerve.”

“All in good time, Donny, all in good time. You’ll find out that pussy is positively intoxicating! I love the look, the feel, the smell, the taste…”


“The taste, Donny. When a woman opens her legs and lets you eat her pussy the first time I bet you’ll cum all over yourself. There’s nothing like it! If you do it right she’ll squirm all over, she’ll run her fingers through your hair and she hump your face as she cums the first time and then she’ll beg you to fuck her.”

I blushed with embarrassment as I became aware that my penis was getting hard. Rich touched my knee, “Are you OK?”

“Ah…..yah…I guess.”

“Donny, I have a confession to make. I love pussy, I can’t get enough pussy. Chasing skirts has kept me busy all my life. I became a lawyer to make money so I could chase really high class pussy, but there is one thing that I like even better. Do you know what that is?”

“Not a clue.”

“I think you know, in the back of your mind I think you know. You remind me of myself at your age. A little naive, a little shy but you’re not clueless. Donny, I’ve achieved everything I’ve dreamed of; good career, family, my wife and I have two daughters. Great home, vacation cabin in West Virginia.”


“Donny, I know a little about you.”

“You do!” “Yes, I do. You’re from a good family; your dad’s in middle management, your mother is a supervisor where she works. They have a nice home. You earned good grades in high school, not great but good enough. You’re going to Tri-C because you don’t have the cash to go to a state school and you don’t want to go into debt. Am I right so far?” “Yes.” I answered; stunned that he cared to know anything at all about me.

“Donny, I was just like you when I started school and just like you I found a mentor. Well, my mentor found me. He helped me, gave me guidance, he brought me along and helped me achieve everything that I’ve been able to do. I want to offer you that same opportunity.”


“Just listen, you’re making minimum wage now, what if you could make two hundred dollars a week and only work ten hours two days a week? Think about how much time you’d have for school. When you’re ready I can get you into Cleveland Marshall, it’s not Harvard but then I’ve done alright wouldn’t you say.”

“But what could I do for sex izle you; I don’t know anything about law.”

“Neither did Chuck when he started but he grew into the job just like you will.”

“I still don’t really understand.”

“I told you I like pussy, Donny. I love pussy but there is something I like even more. I like to suck cock.”

“Just a minute…”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t ever thought about what it would be like to have your cock sucked, Donny. I know you have. Why? Because the first time you heard that phrase “cock sucker” you might have been revolted but you secretly wanted someone to do you. Admit it you know you did.”

“Well….” Rich put his hand on my leg and squeezed.

“I’m right, aren’t I. You’d like to have a girl wrap her lips around your dick, wouldn’t you? And I’d like nothing better than to feel your nice fresh young cock sliding along my tongue, your cock head bumping the roof of my mouth, your balls slapping my chin as you explode, driving your cock into my throat, shooting your cum into my hungry mouth.” His hand found my cock, hard and throbbing, involuntarily responding to his offer. He rubbed, like he was petting an animal. I closed my eyes and leaned back. “Should I go on?” He whispered.

I reached to unbuckle my belt. “Let me, please.” He was almost panting as he licked his lips. There was no urgency as he undid my belt and unbuttoned my waist band. His hand brushed my cock but he didn’t rush to expose me. He played with me, teased me until I wanted him to suck me as much as he wanted me in his mouth. His hand went under my shirt and stroked my chest, when he pinched my nipple I was surprised it was hard! “You’re getting into this aren’t you?”

“Oh…” I sighed. He pulled on my trousers and I lifted my hips as he pulled them down leaving my boxers to hide my cock. He held my balls and rubbed them in circles, I could feel my cock head throb in a way I’d never felt before. It was an itching, aching sensation that felt so good I couldn’t believe a man was making me feel this way.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, please.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Suck it, please, quit teasing and suck my cock.”

He got down on the floor between my legs and pulled my boxers down. He pushed my knees apart and licked my balls. He took first one and then the other in his mouth, sucking and licking all the time watching my face. It felt so good it hurt.

“Please, you’re driving me nuts, if you’re going to suck me do it!”

He licked my shaft from my balls to the tip. Slowly at first but ever stronger, ever quicker until I thought I couldn’t take another minute of this sweet torture. When I thought he would never take me in his mouth he sucked just the tip between his lips and swirled his tongue around the head. I gasped in pleasure as he took me deeper rubbing the roof of his mouth with my cock head, It was a sensation I’d never experience and will never forget. His sucking became more intense and he took me deeper and deeper until I could feel his throat surrounding my cock head. His muscles contracted over and over as he seemed to be trying to swallow my cock. He was fucking me with his throat! I couldn’t take it any longer, when he felt my cum rushing from my exploding cock he pulled back and let each spurt wash over his tongue before he swallowed it. He sucked until I was drained, physically and emotionally. I pushed him away, my cock too sensitive to take any more attention.

He stood up, went to his desk and picked up an envelope. He handed it to me and said, “Be here at three Wednesday afternoons and ten on Saturdays.”

I dressed quickly and said as I left, “See you Wednesday.”

He looked up from his work and smiled.

It’s been a little over twenty years and life has been good. Rich was true to his word. It took the better part of eight years but I passed the bar and I’ve got the life I always dreamed of; wife and two kids, a son and a daughter, nice house, my vacation home is in North Carolina, I’ll retire there some day.

I still take the Rapid but now it’s to my office. Yesterday I met a young man who was reading SI. The swimsuit edition! I couldn’t resist.

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