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An Important Talk

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I busied myself with washing the dishes as Kyle walked into the kitchen. He had turned twenty-one in January, and I loved him more than anything, and that’s why we were going to have an important talk before he went out with his friends.

You see, I know all about his little female friend he has on the side. She’s only twenty-one as well, and by the looks of her online…she’s a wild one. She’s a typical white girl in the face, a typical, lackadaisical tart with dyed-black hair, red streaks throughout it, nose piercing, tongue piercing…and I know she’s been giving him oral. You can’t fake an oral smile when your son comes home after a late night of ‘hanging’ with his friends. Even so, I was not going to stand in his way. He needed to have sexual encounters, because that’s what every growing boy needs, but that was also why we needed to have this talk first.

Now me? I’m a single white mother, forty-two, and yes, if you do the math, I was only twenty-one when I had Kyle…but I certainly wasn’t ready for sex at that time. That’s why we were having this talk. I’d already instructed Kyle in the proper use of birth control, but this talk was going to be about the finer points of sex and dating. He needed to be reminded of a few things before he engaged in a relationship with that girl.

But first, a little description of myself is in order. My name is Lola, and I’m five-six, a little plump, but that comes with age, and I have black hair I have cut short, that hair curling at my shoulders. I have D-cup breasts and wider hips than I’d like, a round face with a button nose, brown eyes and full lips, and I get my fair share of gentlemen callers, though no one I know of uses that term anymore.

I like to imagine myself as an old soul, an old soul with an understanding of what the world needs when it comes to women, old-fashioned but new-aged, and I know this drives Kyle crazy sometimes, but…I think my attitude and personality may actually have come about as a defense mechanism from having him when I was so young. I need to feel mature, educated, and in control. It’s just how I feel. Any other behavior is unacceptable to me.

Today I was wearing my cotton print dress, one that was white with small green print-daisies on it, and also my ‘house shoes’, dirty-white canvas shoes of mine that had seen better days. I had on my yellow latex dishwashing gloves, and I was doing the dishes the old-fashioned way, in the sink.

Now let me explain a little more about our life here. I managed to get government aid for almost everything before I obtained my career as a certified nurse’s assistant. I struggled for years trying to earn my place in society, trying to earn any respect at all, and I like to think I have it now. My CNA position doesn’t make a lot of money, but by cutting corners, saving, and getting assistance, I’ve managed to raise Kyle by myself, without the aid of a man. Other men in Kyle’s life…have not worked out. Let’s leave it at that.

Now Kyle…he’s my pride and joy. He’s six-foot one, has more of a tan than I do, and he’s thin but not skinny, blue eyes like his dad (whom I have not seen or even spoken to in years), with thick black hair like mine. Currently, he had his short hair a little wild in the front, but this just accentuated his cute face and button nose, features which are actually a copy of mine, only in male form. Today Kyle was wearing his grey rain jacket, black-T, stonewashed jeans, and white sneakers with clean white socks. These were his ‘going out’ clothes, though he did not know that I knew that.

“It’s almost ten, Mom,” he said as he walked toward the kitchen door, our backdoor. “I’m going to be late for tennis practice.”

“Not so fast, Mister,” I said in my stern voice. “You’re not going anywhere yet.”

Yes, I was currently doing the dishes, and he thought I hadn’t been paying attention, but I wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t even carrying his gym bag. That, and I’d stopped paying for those lessons a month ago.

“What?” asked Kyle in an exasperated voice. “I have to go. I’m going to be late.”

I didn’t even bother to turn to look at him. I simply kept on doing the dishes. Our kitchen was small, so Kyle had stopped in front of our small, square kitchen table and paused there in order to hear my response. Trust me…I knew exactly what he was doing without having to look at him.

“I stopped paying for your lessons a month ago,” I said matter-of-factly. “There’s no reason to lie anymore…I’m not angry, but I already know that you’ve been skipping them to hang out with your friends.”

“Mom…” he began.

“Don’t even go there,” I said firmly. “I know you’ve been seeing that girl…That Tara girl. I know all about her.”

He sucked in his breath and slowly released it. I’m pretty sure he knew what was coming. Yes, I had sheltered him, and yes, I was a little overprotective, but his grades were excellent in college, and he was going to make something of himself after he graduated. That’s all I really wanted for him.

“It’s time for a special talk,” I said firmly.

“Mom, no,” he argued. “I don’t have time…”

“Yes, you do,” altıparmak escort I said just as firmly as before. “You’ll make time for your mother.”

“But, we have talks every single night,” whined Kyle. “Can’t it wait?”

“No…This time it’s important,” I said, and he knew I wasn’t kidding by the tone of my voice.

I had started these talks on Kyle’s twenty-first birthday, six months ago, in order to prepare him for the real world and what was expected of him within it. So far, he had no problem with our talks, and in fact, he rather enjoyed them. They put him at ease for a while, and a growing boy’s mental health was an important thing to care for when you’re a mother, especially a single mother.

“Mom, how long is this going to take?” he asked. “You…You’re right. I have been skipping tennis, but…I have friends now, and I’m meeting them in an hour. I was going to stop at the gas station before meeting up with them to kill ti…”

He shut his mouth just before he could finish that sentence, but it was too late. I now had him right where I wanted him. No more excuses.

“You can kill time right now,” I said matter-of-factly, “and the best part is, it won’t be killing time. This is constructive.”

“Mom, I really like this girl…” whined Kyle.

“I know,” I replied. “I’m not standing in your way…but you need to remember the basics I taught you…Remember the four tenets…Serve, Improve, Mitigate, Persevere. You serve her needs first, you improve upon your own character for her, you mitigate any damage you may have accidentally caused by your thoughtlessness, and you persevere through her difficulties…She comes first.”

“I already know all of this!” hissed Kyle. “Just let me live my life!”

“Kyle…” I warned.

He knew that tone. He knew not to push it with me once that tone came out to play.

“I…I’m sorry,” he stammered. “You wouldn’t let me get a job out of high school, and you wouldn’t let me enroll in college until I turned twenty…Can’t you see how frustrating that is?…I feel like a prisoner sometimes…I finally have friends…I’ve finally met someone I like…in that way, and I remember everything you’ve taught me, anyway, so…it’s just…you should have more faith in me.”

I continued to wash the dishes. There was no reason I couldn’t multitask at the moment.

“I do,” I sighed. “I told you already that I’m not standing in the way of this Tara girl. However, there’s no reason why I can’t give you a reminder of how things work.”

“I…I…Goddammit…” he replied in a defeated voice.

“Language,” I warned him.

“I’m sorry,” sighed Kyle. “Let’s…Let’s just have our talk.”

“Good,” I nodded without looking at him. “First, you lied to me and told me you were still taking your tennis lessons. I paid for those lessons in advance, and now that money is gone. Honestly, you should have just told me, because I’m not happy with you about the deception. Even so, I know you didn’t want to tell me because you were afraid of what I might do, so I’ll be lenient this time…It’s the standard punishment, but you may get out the strawberry jam. You know what to do.”

“Yes, Mom,” sighed Kyle.

He walked to our white fridge, its small shape located just behind me against the south wall. He opened the fridge door, removed the jar of strawberry jam, walked up behind me, and removed a small butter knife from the silverware drawer on my immediate right. He opened the jar and stuck in the butter knife, but I quickly stopped him.

“Ah, ah,” I said with a shake of my head. “Spatula, too.”

He removed a black plastic spatula from my utensil’s drawer on my immediate left, set it down on the counter, and then took to digging some strawberry jam out of its own small jar.

“Now,” I said firmly. “It’s time you learned to be honest with me.”

I moved my feet to a spread V-stance and lifted up my print cotton dress. I wasn’t wearing panties, of course, because Kyle needed to have easy access when necessary. My large bare bottom was in plain view as he knelt down before it, so I bent over and thrust out my butt in order to give him more of me to work with.

I took off my yellow latex dishwashing gloves and set them aside on my white countertop. I reached back with both hands, spread my bare butt cheeks, and patiently waited for him to proceed.

He took the flat knife and spread strawberry jam all over my large reddish-brown anus until the ring of muscle was thoroughly coated. He spread the rest in the hairy valley of my anus, making sure to coat the small black curls of my pubic hair ringed around my dirtier hole.

I sucked in my breath as the handle of the black plastic spatula forced open the lips of my vulva and entered my vagina. I was already wet in preparation of our talk, so the handle slid in all the way up to my cervix without any problem whatsoever.

Kyle set the knife in the jar and set the jar aside as I held the spatula in place with my vaginal muscles. He then spread my butt cheeks for me so that I could free up my own hands. I leaned against the bursa anal yapan escort sink with both free hands and waited for him to continue.

He dutifully tongued into my jam-coated anus and licked around its immediate area. I knew he was tasting strawberry jam mixed with the strong and pungent taste of my asshole, the dry flavor of my anal pubic curls, and of course, a hefty dose of female pheromones.

“You don’t lie to me,” I said firmly. “You don’t lie to your partner. If she lies to you, then you may address that breach of trust, but you do so in a thoughtful, considerate, and understanding manner…Plunge in, Kyle. Plunge in deeper.”

He forced open my anus with his tongue, swirling inside my muscled hole with practiced ease. We’d had these talks many times before, because this was not the first time he’d lied to me.

“This talk is important,” I continued. “This isn’t just about lying. You need a reminder about everything we’ve gone over in the last six months. You’re entering your first relationship, and that’s cause for concern for me…I didn’t raise you to behave like other men…Other men are invariably selfish…You need to serve her, because that is the bread and butter of a successful, loving relationship. All too often, the man takes charge and expects everything to be done by the woman…It’s a travesty, and I won’t have it from you…I made you, and that makes you my responsibility, and it reflects poorly on me if you err from what I’ve taught you…Spatula, Kyle.”

Kyle continued to eat out my asshole, plunging deeply into my anus, swirling his tongue around my taint as well. At the same time, he gently moved the spatula handle in and out of my cream-soaked snatch. I shuddered as the pleasure of it caught up with me, but I dutifully continued our talk.

“I don’t really like the look of this ‘Tara’,” I said calmly, “so I’ll have to meet her at some point. If she makes the grade, then I’ll be behind you one hundred percent. Even so, I’m letting you explore your sexuality on a trial basis with her. Because I’m allowing this, you’re going to be reminded of a few things.”

“Mom, I…” began Kyle, but I cut him short.

I reached back with my right hand and shoved his face into my cunt and ass. He stopped his protesting and breathed in my heavy scent for a few seconds.

“Another three minutes,” I said firmly. “You need to learn.”

“Yes, Mom,” replied Kyle in a muffled voice.

I released his head in order for him to continue. He tongued into my asshole and taint for three more minutes, and during that time, I had him spread on more jam, because I was firm but not cruel. He used the spatula on my pussy for my own enjoyment during this little lesson, for this was a reminder of his place with a woman. I did so much for him, anyway. He needed to understand the necessity of gratitude.

“All right,” I said after his three minutes were up. “You know what’s next.”

“Yes, Mom,” sighed Kyle.

He pulled the spatula from my creamy twat, the ebony handle covered in my own ivory love sauce, and he licked up and down the handle in order to clean off my hot juices, because he needed to taste every part of me as a reminder of his transgression. After the handle was thoroughly licked clean, he set the spatula beside himself on the kitchen floor, and I nodded to him in approval.

He had been on his knees this entire time in order to service me, because there had been no reason yet for him to switch positions, but now he sat down, pulled off his sneakers and socks, and then undressed. The more important part of our talk was about to begin.

“You’ve been receiving oral from her,” I nodded. “I know you’ve already accepted it, so don’t lie about it; I’m not stupid. However, you need to give as well as receive, and I know you haven’t, because I read Tara’s post this morning, which you clearly have not, or you would have responded to it by now…You need to pay attention to her needs, and just pay attention in general…She was a little upset that you didn’t reciprocate, so you will learn your place with her right now…Let this be a lesson to you, Kyle…She comes first…You know what to do.”

I turned briefly to peer down at him again. He looked up at me in return as he grabbed my wide bottom and spread my butt cheeks. My son was fully nude now, and his penis was already erect, all seven inches of it. Kyle’s circumcised penis was somewhat long but not thick, so his cock was balanced in that way, a nice treat for any woman in need of it.

“Yes, Mom,” breathed Kyle as he tongued into my waiting, cream-soaked pussy.

He swirled his tongue around my wet hole as he slowly stroked himself with his right hand. I shuddered as his tongue made its way over my large pee hole and up to my leafy-hooded clitoris, and I savored that sensation. His left-hand fingers prodded through the strong curls of my black pubic hair, his left hand spreading my outer-labia in order for his slurping tongue to better service me.

I let him lap up my juices for a couple of minutes, ensuring that he would remember my bursa bayan escort little lesson when it came to pleasing his other half. Even so, he needed further instruction.

“Suck my clitoris, Son,” I breathed. “You need to suck it for a bit as a stronger reminder. You have to make me feel it…If I don’t feel it…if I don’t shake in my shoes…you’re simply not worthy of being with a woman.”

He moved up underneath my dress and turned on his knees so that he was facing me. I let my dress fall all around him as his face poked up between my legs, that handsome face now hidden from my view. I felt his lips close around my clit, and then he sucked it, slowly, gently, and I had to grit my teeth as I squirmed from that powerful sensation.

“You need to…to think of your partner…during these…important times,” I gasped as my shoes turned on their toes. “Women are…are uhhh…always on the short end…Oh, fuck…”

I reached down and gripped his nonvisible head through the cloth of my dress, for he had been instructed to suck on my tiny, body-shaking organ, and right now he was doing just that. He gripped my bare legs from beneath my dress, and then he sucked hard on me, suckling as he normally would on one of my nipples. This shook me, causing me to squirm even more as I released his head and gripped the lip of the sink in order to steady myself from the overwhelming physical pleasure and incredible overstimulation his suckling was causing me.

“I know you…you like this girl…” I gasped, “but…but you…uhhh…don’t…don’t want to…to make the mistakes…your father did.”

My hands clutched the lip of the sink as my bottom shook without my control. I felt a minor contraction in my vagina, and my pussy squirted out a small, thin white line of cream to run down my inner-left thigh.

“That’s enough…” I gasped, my breath heavy with shivering ecstasy. “That’s enough of that…Good job…Very good…I really felt that…”

Kyle let me go and appeared from beneath my dress, his breath heavy as well. He continued stroking his long and slender cock, but he had not yet finished, though I could see that the tip was wet with precum.

“Come on,” I said firmly. “Let’s finish our discussion in the living room.”

I reached down and pulled off my dress, pulled it up and over my head to toss it to the floor, and I was fully nude now, save for my house shoes and my white crew socks. I did not like to wear a bra except in public, and as I had stated before, I didn’t wear panties around the house, because there were times like this when Kyle needed easy access to my asshole and pussy.

The large bulbs of my ample D-sized breasts hung down my chest, my large reddish-brown nipples ready to be suckled, my excitement heightening as I anticipated his lips on both of those large, bumpy nubs.

“You’re going to suck me while pleasing me with your penis,” I said matter-of-factly. “A man needs to learn how to make love in a proper way before going into full-on animal sex. That means you build up my pleasure first before your own. Slow and easy…and I expect this lesson to carry over to Tara or any other girl you partner up with.”

I led him into our small living room and laid down upon our old if comfortable dark-brown couch. I stretched out, fully nude and waiting, and he laid down on top of me in the nursing position, but this time his penis was erect and laying directly across my pubes.

“Put in your penis while you suckle me,” I said. “I also want you to knead my breasts while you do it. It’s important for me to feel a slow and pleasant buildup before the finale. It’s true that not all women like this, so that is why I’ve been instructing you in both making love and wild fucking…Besides, I need to milk your balls before you go out, anyway. Too much semen clouds the mind and clouds a man’s judgement, they say.”

Kyle wasn’t even questioning me anymore. He took my left nipple into his mouth and suckled hungrily, drinking in my female essence and body heat. His long and slender penis pushed open my wet hole a second later, sliding easily into my ready snatch from the help of my own thick, ivory cream. He slowly moved his muscular bottom up and down as he suckled my nipple, grabbing my large right breast with his left hand and kneading it as he always did. He slid his right arm underneath my back and gripped my left shoulder, suckling and fucking me at the same time. The overall sensation was pleasant in its entirety, and I felt lucky to be such a caring and nurturing mother, giving Kyle everything a growing boy needed.

“You’re servicing my pussy with your cock,” I said happily, enjoying the sensation of Kyle’s pubic bone rubbing back and forth across my clit and hood, his long and slender penis moving back and forth within my own wet tunnel. “You’re not just servicing your own penis…Don’t get me wrong; I’ve enjoyed every single night of instructing you, and I don’t regret a single one. It’s a mother’s duty to provide her children with her own wisdom. That’s why I’ve done this, and that’s why I don’t regret it…That’s why when you turned twenty-one, I decided you were ready for my help with your manhood. I know those balls of yours get blue, so I’m glad these little talks ease any unwanted desires you might have…I’m not completely imperious, you know. I understand your needs. You need to shoot your semen into a caring female. Every young man needs a caring partner to shoot his semen into.”

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