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Becky and Her Mom Ch. 03

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A quick note: My stories aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like very petite women with really huge breasts, mother-son and mother-daughter incest (or the use of the word “mommy” in a sexual context), totally unrealistic scenarios, or extended foreplay, they might not be for you. If you like those things, great! Vote and leave a comment if you want. If you don’t like them, go elsewhere. Thanks. (All characters are over 18 years old.)

Extra note, part 1: This one is a bit of a departure for me, in that it doesn’t contain literal mother-son incest. But it gets pretty close and all the other usual themes are there.

Extra note, part 2: This chapter contains some non-consensual roleplay.




I woke up sandwiched between Becky and her mother – the two sexiest, bustiest women I’d ever met. Needless to say, we were all nude. As I stirred slightly, they each snuggled up to me. Becky, who was facing me, burrowed her adorable face into my neck, and instinctively reached out and lightly caressed my quickly hardening penis. Her mother, facing away from me, pulled my hand around her to rest on one of her massive tits. As I squeezed it, feeling her nipple harden under my touch, she sighed happily. I could feel Becky’s breath, and then a few light kisses, on my neck – not to mention her very sizeable breasts pressing against my back – as she quietly moaned.

After all these weeks, I still couldn’t believe my luck. It was the summer, and I had cancelled my plans for a trip abroad. I was instead spending pretty much all my time groping, fucking and – even more shockingly to me – controlling these two wildly sexy women: one, a gorgeous teen with a tiny but busty body; the other, her wildly hot mother, equally petite but giant-titted. And each had turned out to be increasingly submissive – and always horny.

Before I had arrived at their house after I had first proposed the general idea to Becky, I told her to warn her mother that if they wanted me around, there would be further rules, but of my making. First, Becky and her mother were to be my fuck-toys. I would be allowed – encouraged, even – to do whatever I wanted with them, at any time I wanted to. They immediately agreed. Second, there would be an adjustment to the always-nude house rule. I would almost always be nude, but they would go shopping for some specific outfits and lingerie and they would wear what I told them. Again, they agreed. Third, Becky’s mother would unofficially adopt me – she would, in essence, become my mother, too. I had already been calling her Mommy – at her insistence, though I admitted that I loved doing so – so it wouldn’t be a tough transition. The huge-titted duo was so excited by this idea that Becky immediately deep-throated my turgid cock as the mother lovingly placed her nipple in my mouth for suckling.

And so I moved in, and we spent the next few weeks fucking our brains out.

With the two gorgeous, horny women on either side of me, I feel back asleep, only to awaken an hour later. Becky still lay beside me, but her mother was gone. I decided to let the teen sleep in – though not before I gratuitously groped her big-titted body; just as she began to writhe in pleasure, I headed to the kitchen for breakfast. There was Mommy, standing over the kitchen table, putting out dishware and glasses. She was wearing one of the outfits I had selected for her: a teddy-like apron that covered and supported her massive tits, but revealed almost everything else. As always, even from behind, I could see her giant tits poking out from either side of her body. I snuck up behind her and carefully positioned myself, then slowly pushed my cock inside of her.

She moaned deeply, but continued setting the table, as if nothing was happening. She continued to set the table, letting out a moan and squeal here and there. Soon I had picked up speed. She grabbed each side of the table and I hoisted up her body so her legs were now off the floor, sticking out on either side of my legs. The dishes began to clink as we rutted. As I fucked her, she whispered “oh baby… sweetie… it feels so good… Mommy’s going to cum…”

Sure enough, within a minute or two, her whole body started shaking and I felt her vagina spasming around my cock. “AAHHHHHH! FUUUUUCK!” she screamed as the orgasm swept over her.

I twirled around her tiny body and ripped the teddy off her, causing her to yip in delight. I bent down and began to suckle from her massive teat, which was visibly swollen, all the while continuing to fuck her. It was then that I heard a voice from the nearby staircase.

“Oh wow!” It was, of course, Becky, who wore a very tight t-shirt that said “BRIAN’S FUCK BUNNY” on it (one of a number of specialty t-shirts we had made up for home attire) and nothing else; it was so small on her that it pushed out from her slim midriff, revealing her pussy. She came up behind me and began to caress my body. I turned my head and we made out for a moment. She xhamster porno sat down at one of the kitchen chairs and started to masturbate, watching her boyfriend brutally fuck her giant-titted mother. Soon, all three of us were cumming as both women whispered “I love you I love you I love you” as they did. (We were routinely saying those words now – they seemed to particularly turn on the two little fuck-toys.) As I came, I reached around and grabbed Mommy’s gigantic breasts, squeezing them hard. She turned her head and kissed my face all over and whispered “my sweet baby boy, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Mommy,” I whispered back.

After the orgasms subsided, we sat down to eat breakfast – two of us completely naked, one clad only in a tiny, obscene t-shirt. Occasionally, I would reach out and grope one of the two gorgeous women. When I was done, I pushed my chair back and said, “Becky, mouth-fuck me. Mommy, feed me.” Without hesitation, the smiling teen kneeled down and took my flaccid cock into her mouth – soon it was rock-hard – as her mother plumped her giant tits and breast-fed me, stroking the back of my head and cooing “That’s a good boy. Suckle Mommy’s huge teat while Becky suckles your big penis.”

This had become a normal sort of start to my day.


Later that afternoon, I had a realization. There was something missing. Perhaps I had become addicted to the control I was experiencing, and I wanted more. I was on the living room couch, naked, and called for Mommy and Becky, who had just taken a shower (together – I assumed they had gotten each other off) to come join me.

“Kneel in front of me,” I said sternly.

They glanced at each other briefly, eyes wide at my tone, and then did as they were told, on their knees just a couple of feet in front of me.

“From now on, you will address me as ‘sir’.” Their eyes widened even more. “Mommy, you may occasionally refer to me with your usual endearments – ‘baby boy’, ‘sweetheart’ and so forth. But otherwise, ‘sir’. Do you understand.”

In unison, they replied, “Yes, sir.”

“One other exception. Becky, the other day you were talking in your sleep.”

“I was?” she asked, being to squirm. I had the distinct feeling she knew what was coming.

“You were apparently dreaming about wanted to be fucked by ‘Daddy’,” I said. “I believe your exact words were ‘please fuck me, Daddy – fuck my busty little body’. Is that something that turns you on?”

She lowered her head and muttered, “Yes, sir.” Her real father had left when she was little – why any man would leave a woman as wildly sexy as her mother escaped me, but I hadn’t pried.

“Well, then,” I said, getting up; I towered over them. “If you wish, you may refer to me as ‘Daddy’ during sexual sessions.”

“Thank you, sir. That would make me very happy.”

Her mother leaned over and kissed her daughter deeply on the lips. “Oh sweetie, I had no idea. You need your Daddy’s big dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mommy. I need Daddy to fuck me whenever he feels like it.”

“Very good,” I said. “I may also enact role-play scenarios as I see fit.” The two busty beauties nodded. “Now. Present your breasts for inspection.”

They were both squirming with horniness now, but didn’t balk at my order. Each cupped her huge tits and offered them up to me. “Measurements and a request to be fucked. Becky, you first.”

Becky cleared her throat. “Brian – uh, Daddy – I’m a 32-24-36, and I wear a FF cup bra. Is that to your satisfaction, sir?”

“It certainly is.”

“Thank you, sir. And please fuck me whenever and wherever you want. I will do anything for you.”

“Excellent. Mommy?”

“Sir, I am a 38-24-38 and I wear a JJ cup bra. Is that to your satisfaction, sir?”

“Very much so, yes,” I said. I couldn’t believe how under my control they had become so quickly.

“And please fuck my body whenever or wherever you want. I am your fuck-toy.”

“Ooooh!” Becky jumped in. “I’m your fuck-toy too! Darn, I should have said that the first time.”

“That’s fine, Becky. You did fine. Oh, and one more thing.”

They sat there, their gorgeous legs folded under them, still hoisting their huge tits toward me, with bated breath.


That night, I went to brush my teeth before bed. Mommy was taking a shower. I could barely see her body through the frosted glass, but I could see the silhouette of her wildly curvy body. She was soaping up her body. I opened the door, steam pouring out, and she gasped.

“Oh goodness, sweetie. You surprised me.”

I entered the shower.

“I thought I could help you out, Mommy. Soaping up your body.”

She smiled and swayed, her breasts jiggling, her ass sticking out into the spray of water. I reached out and began to feel her up – but I was feeling extra naughty. I slide one hand up to her neck and pushed her against the wall. Again, she gasped.

“Oh, baby!”


“Sorry, yaşlı porno yes, sir,” she said meekly as I lightly squeezed her throat with one hand and mauled one giant tit with the other. I leaned in and pressed her body against the wall of shower, mashing my mouth onto hers, and we sloppily kissed for a few minutes. She reached down and began to massage by already-hard cock. She positioned it at the entrance to her wet vagina and I pushed enough just so the head entered her. She groaned with pleasure and anticipation. She was so petite that I was able to leave one hand on her throat and used the other hand to grab her bulbous ass cheek and begin to lift her up.

“Wrap your legs around me,” I said. Without hesitation, she did it, and she was now entirely off the floor, wrapped around me like a small animal clinging to a branch, her tiny feet pressing into my ass. I pushed further into her and again she groaned with pleasure. My hand was still wrapped around her throat – I had no interest in actually hurting her, just controlling her plush, petite, giant-titted body. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me really hard, sir. Please? Fuck my busty little body. Choke me and fuck me.”

Hot water dripping off our bodies, her body pressed against the wall, I started doing just that, fucking into her huge-titted little fuck-toy body. Her massive chest was hard against my chest – was that water or her milk streaming down toward our our crotches? – and her legs, wrapped around me even tighter now, encouraged me to fuck even harder.

“I want you to cum for me, Mommy,” I said, tightening my grip on her throat ever so slightly.

She didn’t need much encouragement. She reached down and started to massage her clit, quickly bringing her close to orgasm.

“Fuuuuck, I’m going to cum on your penis, sweetheart. Mommy is going to cum all over her baby’s thick cock.”

Just then, a naked Becky walked into the bathroom and saw the obscene shower scene. She sat down on the toilet and, with a big smile on her face, gazed up at us.

“Hey Becky,” I said casually, even as I was bringing her mother to an intense orgasm and approaching one herself.

“Yes, Bri – I mean, Daddy?”

“Do me a favor – uhhh, fuck – and go put on that cheerleading outfit for me.”

“But it’s so tiny, Daddy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stuff these -” she grabbed and squeezed her huge teen tits “- into it.”

Still staring at Becky, I started pounding her mother even harder. The tiny woman’s entire body began to shake and her eyes began to roll back as her orgasm approached.

“Do it, Becky. Do what Daddy says.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, and rushed off.

“Now, it’s time for your orgasm, Mommy.”


She was violently shaking so hard now that I stopped thrusting into her and let her do all the work. She bounded up and down on my prick, her massive tits bobbing and swaying wildly. I pushed my whole body onto her, pinning her against the wall, as her orgasm continued, then finally subsided. I again began thrusting.

A moment later, Becky returned to the bathroom wearing the most obscene cheerleading outfit I’d ever seen. The skirt came down just above mid-thigh and the sweater was ridiculously tight – her tits pushed it out so far that her entire midriff was exposed and breast-meat bulged out the plunging neckline. She looked so fucking sexy, and I took it out on her mother – still clinging onto my body – by pounding her even harder.

“Do you like the way it looks, Daddy?” Becky asked bashfully.

“It looks great, sweetheart. Bend over a little and shake your breasts for me.”

She smiled and did exactly as I said, her huge tits swaying back and forth.

“Now turn around and show me your beautiful ass.”

She did so, flipping up the skirt – she was, of course, not wearing panties, and I got a solid glimpse of not only her bubble-butt, but her pussy and asshole. She turned back around. “Now what, Daddy?”

“Show me your huge tits, Becky. Daddy wants to see his baby’s big rack while he fucks her mother.”

She lifted the top – amazingly, she wasn’t wearing a bra, but her breasts were firm enough that I assumed she was – and revealed the most amazing 18-year-old tits in the world.

“Pinch your nipples.” I hadn’t taken my eyes off her, and there was something so wildly erotic about staring at my gorgeous teenage girlfriend, and ordering her to show off her amazing body to me while I was fucking her mother against a shower wall. She pinched her erect nipples and moaned in satisfaction. I couldn’t take it anymore.

With a roar, I started fucking the giant-titted Mommy. “FUUUUCK! GOING TO CUM INSIDE YOU!”

The mother buried her head in my shoulder and shut her eyes as I pounded into her. The teen stared at us in wonder, massaging her aldatma porno huge tits, mumbling things like “fuck my Mommy, Brian!” and “We love you so much! Please cum inside of her!”

And, with another roar, I did. For a full minute. Possibly the most intense orgasm of my life.

I lowered the mother down, my cum seeping out of her swollen pussy. Her tits looked absolutely massive, like they had grown a full size or even two. She was panting and barely able to walk. I turned off the shower and told Becky to help dry us off. She spent the next couple of minutes doing that, as if she were our slave, gently using towels to get us dry.

“Let’s all get to bed,” I ordered. They scurried off, and I watched them, still marveling at my amazing luck. I followed and Becky and I each had a suckle session with the giant-titted Mommy before we all drifted off to sleep, a tangle of soft, supple limbs and swollen genitals.


The next morning, I was the one to wake first, so I headed downstairs, grabbed some coffee and sat down on the couch to watch some SportsCenter. Soon, Becky came down the stairs in just a tight t-shirt (all t-shirts seemed tight on her, thanks to her oversized chest; this one said “Does this shirt make my tits look big?”) and panties – I was finding that seeing the beautiful teen and her mother in some sexy outfits was actually *more* arousing than having them naked all the time around the house, so I had given them both permission to mix things up a bit. Her hair was in pigtails. She yawned and stretched her body toward the ceiling, her t-shirt riding up as she did, revealing not just her trim midriff but the bottoms of her huge, firm tits.

Without taking my eyes off the TV, I pulled out my cock. She knew what to do. She walked over to me, blocking the TV momentarily, and did a sexy little dance for my benefit, then crouched in front of me and took my penis in her wet mouth.

“Is dis goot, Tatty?” she asked, her mouth full of cock. I didn’t answer, and instead grabbed her pigtails and began moving her head more rapidly up and down. She got the message and moaned as she continued to stuff more and more of the swollen cock into her mouth. She had gotten to be an amazing little cocksucker, I thought. I knew that she and her mother practiced on dildos when I wasn’t available, and the extra practice showed.

Soon, I glanced over and there was Mommy at the bottom of the staircase. She, too, was wearing a sexy outfit – in this case, skin-tight yoga pants that accentuated her huge ass and a comically small bra. Her breasts were spilling out over the tops of them and even bulging out from the sides. It looked like was going to pop at any second. Seeing me glance over, she cupped her tits, and said, “Do you like it, baby? I wore it just for you. It’s from when Becky was a baby. Want to know how big it is?” She giggled. “It’s a FF cup, just like she wears now!”

She shook her tits from side to side, then pushed out her chest, threatening to burst the damn thing. “I wonder how long it’ll last. It’s a front clasp bra, as you can see.”

I turned my eyes back to the TV; there was something humiliating about how I was barely paying attention to these two epically gorgeous women ready to service me, and it was turning me on. As Mommy swayed over to me, I pulled her toward me, twirled her around and began to molest her huge bubble-butt. She stuck it out even further, which of course made her breasts stick out as well. I twirled her back toward me and groped those gigantic tits to my heart’s content.

I finally turned toward her. “Make it pop,” I said. This got Becky’s attention and she stopped sucking, looked up at her massive-titted mother and instinctively rubbed my cock – and the pre-cum that was leaking from it – all over her face.

“Don’t stop sucking, Becky-slut,” I said, stroking her hair and then pushing her head back toward my cock.

“Sorry, sir!” she exclaimed, and went back to her duties.

Meanwhile, Mommy was both inhaling large gulps of air and thrusting out her chest in attempts to bust the bra.

I turned back toward the TV. “If you can’t make it pop, I’m not going to cum on your face today, Mommy.”

She redoubled her efforts, and finally exclaimed, “I think it’s gonna happen, sir!”

I turned back just in time to see the bra fly off her body. She began to jump up and down, yelling “Yay! I did it!” God, the mother and daughter were more and more becoming bimbo-sluts with each passing moment.

“Good job,” I said. “Now come sit by me.” She did as she was told. I turned back to the TV, but began to grope her massive tits with both hands, squeezing them until milk dripped from her nipples. “Uhhh, fuck, that feels good,” she moaned. I was getting close.

“Time to drink my cum, Becky-slut.”

“Yeth thir,” the teen said, and increased her speed. Soon, my hands full of Mommy’s tit-meat, I came in the teen’s mouth. She swallowed, then squealed. “That was amazing, Daddy! I want to try that trick next.”

I grabbed Mommy’s head, pulled it into mine and we made out for a bit. “It sure was,” I said between sloppy kisses. “You both did wonderfully. As a reward, I have a little scenario I’d like to try this afternoon.” The ladies look at each other and smiled.

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