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Alone in the Dark

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I’m alone in the dark.

I’m bent over a wooden frame, a padded leather block supporting my hips, another under my shoulders and upper chest. My arms are stretched out ahead of me, my wrists secured to a post. My legs are spread, and my ankles shackled to the frame. I’m wearing just a plain white bra and panties.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been here. Two, maybe three hours. Plenty of time to think about what might happen, who might use me. A man or a woman, men or women? Would they use me gently or cruelly? Caress me or whip me? Call me ‘sweet thing’ or curse me as a filthy whore? And when?

I’ve run though numerous fantasies in my head, sometimes thrilling, sometimes frightening, but always ending in damp panties.

It’s pitch black, not the slightest hint of light, and completely silent.

Abruptly, a click from behind me, and a shaft of light as the door opens, then darkness again as it closes.

Did someone come in? No matter how hard I strain, I can hear nothing but my own heartbeat.

Minutes pass, and I begin to lose hope. Then suddenly, a hand on my head, stroking my hair, and I almost cry out in surprise.

The hand trails down my neck, and my back, taking note of the bra strap, and side to side to feel my slender body shape, then down to feel the panties covering my bottom. Fingers press into my taut buttocks. I try to subtly sniff the air, to get a hint of perfume or aftershave, but nothing.

The shoulder straps of my bra are examined, then ‘snip’, ‘snip’, they are cut. They are still trapped between my shoulders and the leather pad supporting me, but a final cut of the main strap allows my full breasts to hang free. I wriggle my shoulders, and hear the fabric swish to the floor.

A hand rests on my back a moment, then slides over my ribs and under me to cup my left breast. There is an appreciative grunt. A man!

He slides his right hand around me to take hold of the other breast, and as he does so, I feel his waist against mine. I think he is naked.

He squeezes my tits, stroking Kartal Yabancı Escort the nipples, then rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers, hardening them instantly. I feel heat rising between my legs, and as I wonder if anything is rising between his, I feel it brushing against my belly. His hard cock, soon to be inside me, I hope.

His hands come up onto my back again, and his cock bumps against my breast.

He begins to inspect the waistband of my panties, running his fingers under it around my hips and back again, then he takes a firm hold of it and pulls it up my back. The cloth slips between my cheeks, and digs into my pussy, the friction delicious on my lips and clit. He yanks harder, and I gasp at the exquisite pain. He continues to pull, hard enough to lift me, if I weren’t secured at the ankles.

Then suddenly, ‘snip’. The fabric falls away, leaving my cunt bare. Another cut for the waistband, and he yanks the remains of the panties out from under me. I am completely naked, awaiting his pleasure.

There is a clatter as the scissors are tossed aside, then his hand strokes my ass. It drifts around, closer and closer to my sex, stroking me, teasing me, until I am mentally begging him to finger me, fuck me, slap me, anything, just please touch my pussy!

He moves around behind me, both hands on my ass, then they slide down my legs, caressing my thighs, my calves, over the shackles to my feet, firmly pressing into the soles, fingering the toes. He is kneeling behind me. He must be able to smell my arousal, my soaking pussy. Soaking wet for him. I want that cock.

His hands move back to my ass, and his thumbs spread me wide. He blows gently, and it feels cold on my exposed wetness.

And then his tongue is on me, tasting me, lapping up and down my slit, sucking on my lips, probing inside me. I let out a moan of relief and I hear a soft chuckle. He spreads me almost painfully wide to access all of me, then moves his attention up to my asshole.

He pushes his tongue inside and around, Kartal Yeni Escort over and over, fucking me with it, then there is a finger, tugging side to side, then another, stretching me. Ah, so this is how me plans to use me.

I hear the pump of a dispenser, then the cold wet feeling of lube running down my crack to my asshole. Then something cold and hard against it. A plug! How big? Only time will tell. He begins a steady but firm pressure, and my hole starts to stretch, wider and wider as he forces it in. It hurts, and I have to bite my tongue to keep from crying out. My eyes squeeze tighter shut as my asshole opens wider, and I feel tears begin to form. It hurts so much. Please don’t stop.

How much more? I don’t think I can take it, but I must, I want to, I need to. I’m going to be torn in half. Push harder.

Then, blessed relief, it’s in, and my sphincter closes around the flared base. It feels so good inside me, heavy, shifting as I roll my hips. I realize I’ve been holding my breath, and I suck down huge gulps of air.

His fingers begin to play with my pussy, pinching my lips, stroking my clit, teasing my hole. He pulls the lips outward and apart, then presses them together. Sometimes he caresses gently, sometimes he pinches as hard as he can. I take it all, reveling in the attention, enjoying the thought of how hard his cock must be.

He slips a finger deep inside me, then two, and explores my pussy. As he brushes my g-spot, I let out an involuntary moan, and he knows he has me. He begins a rhythmic stroking, finger-fucking me, each stroke stimulating the magic spot, and his other hand finds my clit. The pads of two fingers close around it and start a tight, circling motion. he has it exactly right, and I wonder if he’s had me before.

My hips begin to roll against his motion, exacerbating it, and I feel like an orgasm is in sight. As it builds, I feel like it’s going to be a good one, deep, full-bodied.

One hand moves briefly away and fumbles with the plug. There’s a soft click, and Kartal Masaj Salonu it begins a deep, throbbing vibration inside my ass. He speeds up his hands. Oh, God, this is going to be good. He’s an expert, a magician, a demigod.

Faster and faster he goes, hurtling my cunt towards the cliff, ready to shatter on the rocks below. I can’t help myself from making my sex noises, short, throaty gasps. I try, but I can’t. It’s so close, so amazingly close. I begin to see colors, my cunt clenches his fingers, grabbing, trying to pull him further in.

And then he stops. Oh, God, no, I was so close!

His cock is against me. He dips the tip in, smears my juices up and down, then slowly impales me. It feels so good, the way only a hard, hot, living cock can, filling me, thick , long. But I was so close…

His hands find my hips, and he begins fucking me, alternating slow, languorous strokes with hard thrusts. I try to twist my hips so he gets my g-spot, but he keeps shifting. His focus is purely on his pleasure now, I am just there for him to use. Nameless, faceless, anonymous. Disposable.

He switches the vibrating plug into high gear and fucks harder. His fingers dig into the flesh of my hips and buttocks. It feels so damn good, but I was so close! I’m getting enough friction on my g-spot that I might make it if he lasts long enough. I try to loosen my pussy, but to no avail. It has a mind of its own, and is ravenous for his cum.

He starts to grunt, plunging harder, his balls slapping me, his nails gouging my skin, and then he’s pumping hot, sticky semen into me. I milk him as hard as I can, determined to get every last drop.

Spent, he slumps forward over me, his hands once again finding the comfort of my breasts. He’s panting into my neck, and I feel his rapid heartbeat against my back. I want to kiss him, but I can’t turn my head far enough. I few drops of his sweat fall on my cheek and I lick them off. Salty, like his cum would be.

His cock is softening, and slips out of me. He fondles my boobs for a few more seconds, then lifts himself off me, his hand pressing against my lower back.

Will he finish me off? Don’t go! Don’t leave me like this! I was SO close!


Again the brief shaft of light as the door opens and closes.

No! Please!

I’m alone in the dark…

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