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Dad’s Dirty Underwear Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

“Weren’t holidays supposed to be over by now?” Dad asked. He sat in front of me in our table, and was scrolling up and down on your phone while he held a mug of coffee in this other hand.

“Yeah, college’s back this Wednesday. Why do you ask, got tired of me?”

“Out with that grin, Adrian, I’m just curious.”

I took a bite of my toast and gulped my juice. “I know, I know. It’s not like I didn’t do anything, right? I still have my part-time job and I was doing laundry and dishes as agreed. You got nothing on me, old man.”

Dad threw a bit of his leftover toast at me. “Now you’re talking me back? You rascal, don’t go all smart on me or I may have to punish you,” he said, laughing. He didn’t know yet, of course, how much I was anticipating such punishment.

“Roger that, master”.

We both laughed.

It’s been eight days since I first messaged Dad to order some of his used briefs and socks for myself using an alternative e-mail address. He only messaged me back on the next day, and after we agreed on the price I transferred him the amount through PayPal under a new fake account I created specifically for that. Once he confirmed me the amount was received he gave me four days to ship the goods.

Today Dad’s leaving to work at a cafe in downtown. Prior to discovering his side business I just thought this was something he used to do to connect with people and socialize, since everyone complains he stay too much at home, but now I get it: what better moment to inconspicuously go out and ship the goods to his customers without raising suspicions of his own son?

My package had to be in his suitcase by now, ready to be shipped.

“Alright, that was fun,” Dad said as he got up and collected his dishes to leave on the kitchen counter. “Please don’t forget to do the laundry for us.”

“Sure, sure.”

Dad pulled his suitcase that was hanging in the chair to his shoulder. “I’ll be back after lunch, see ya.”

“Eh, Dad?”

“What’s up, Son?”

“Can you spare some minutes? I want to get your opinion about something?”

To be completely honest my first reaction to seeing Dad selling filthy underwear online was to just purchase and jerk off to it. There’s something about the transgression of lusting after my own father that makes me extra horny. If I could harness something else out of him, out of this situation, that’d be a bonus. Dad was adamant about not taking nude pictures for any of his clients, no negotiation, period. It was after I investigated his browsing history in his second browser client, full of dad and son porn, that I saw the real opportunity: fucking and getting fucked by Dad.

What excited me the most is that most of the incest videos also featured mild pig play: often one of them were serviced by a jet of piss up on their mouths or asses, and domination was a common theme among them. What’s more important: most of the couples also had similar bodies to ours: stocky, hairy dads fucking or being fucked by their skinny, hairless, boyish sons. Seeing that alone almost made me cum hands-free fantasizing about playing as Dad’s fuck-toy.

Now, how would one push their Dad, seduce him, to the bed? That’s the real riddle. I obviously couldn’t tell him I knew about his business and neither could talk about his e-mail messages and anything else I found in his cloned hard-drive, or else I’d risk Dad losing all trust on me or tagging me as a creepy snooper, so the first move had to be mine.

First goal of the Getting Fucked by Dad Plan: establish common ground.

“It’s… complicated. To be honest I’m a little embarrassed to talk about this with you, Dad.” Thank goodness my bottom was well hidden by the table, because I’d have trouble as I tried to hide my boner from Dad.

Dad opened his eyes wide. “You didn’t impregnate Evelyn, right?”

“W-what? No, Dad, no.”

“Did you catch an STD?”

“Dad, what the fuck, it’s nothing like this. Sit down, please? You’re making me real nervous.”

So he sat down again. “Well, I had to ask. Sorry about that, son. So, what is it?”

I scratched my chin and tried to avert his gaze. “Stop looking at me like this, it’s nothing serious. I’m just… I just want to get your opinion, right?”

Dad lowered his shoulders and sighed. “Alright, I’m listening.”

“It’s about sex. Me and Evelyn… I’m not feeling it.”

“Feeling what? You want to break up?”

“No. Maybe. I don’t know. I mean I don’t feel as horny when I’m with her anymore.”

Dad just nodded.

“Things were fine in the beginning. I mean, she’s hot and all, but I want… more.”

“I’m listening.”

“So here’s the embarrassing and complicated part: ever since I opened up to Evelyn about trying some things, she hasn’t been the same with me anymore. Actually, if we’re to break up, I believe she’ll be the one to bring it up.”

Dad raised his eyebrow. “Let me grab some juice for me. So you’re worried you two might end up breaking up after all,” he said as 1080 porno he got up and moved behind the counter to reach the fridge. As he poured juice on a glass to himself, he continued: “Son, you do most people have some fetishes, right? If your partner doesn’t want to be part of them, you can only respect them. You want some too?”

“Nah, I’m fine. I mean, I’m not pushing it, but I fear Evelyn is not the person I thought I knew.”

“What do you mean?” He said, still behind the counter.

I took a deep breath and scratched my head. “You know, Evelyn loves you and respects you and Mark and all, but I think things are different when it’s about our partners. One of the things I asked her was… to peg me.”

Dad spilled his juice and choked in laughter. “You know, about all things you could be afraid of telling me, I would never imagine this to be one of them. The son of a gay dad afraid of telling him he wants to get fucked in the ass. Now that’s news!”

Clap. Clap. Clap. “Yeah, real classy, Dad,” I said, staring at him with half-closed eyes.

After he finished cleaning the tears off his eyes he said “Sorry, Son, you caught me off-guard, that’s all. I was expecting anything else but this. Anyway, and what did she answer?”

“Something on the lines of ‘I wasn’t expecting this from YOU’.”

“I guess that’s kind of understandable? Can’t see the wrong here with her answer.”

“True. That might’ve been the final straw for her, though.”

“How come?”

“It’s not the first time I ask her about doing something different.”

Dad got back from the kitchen and sat down again. “Go on.”

“I can already see you laughing your ass off, but whatever, I need to talk to someone: I’m into some, let’s say, filthier varieties of kink.”

As I was hoping, Dad didn’t laugh. Instead, he crossed his arms and leaned on the table, his eyes all fired up towards me. “I see, I see. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by ‘filthier’?”

“You’re going to make me say it, won’t you?”

“Hey, I’m here to listen. And Adrian, I’m your Dad, you can count on me.”

I looked to the side, trying to keep my facade. “Well, I’ve asked her if I could piss on her once… and also if she could piss on me.”

Dad raised his head but otherwise just nodded. “I see, I see. Well, unless you insisted on the matter I still can’t understand the problem. Unless… was that it?”

“Well… no. Fuck, Dad, I’ll come clean to you. I suggested a threesome once. She was receptive to the idea as once she confessed being turned on by – excuse the expression, her words, not mine – sugar daddies,” I said, trying to not look too much at Dad. “Then I made the stupid suggestion of hinting that I would, you know, interact with the daddy too,” I stopped and rolled my eyes a bit, “sorry, saying ‘daddy’ in this context is very awkward.”

Dad leaned back on his chair, took both his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. “No, no, it’s just – sorry, I’m just trying to process everything.”

“Figured as much. Sorry, it’s very awkward for me to open up about my fetishes, but now Evelyn isn’t behaving the same when we have sex and I’m still, so to speak, very curious about so many things.”

Dad sat upright and looked at me again. “OK, first things first: you don’t have to be ashamed of having fetishes. It just happens that your girlfriend isn’t into them and that’s affecting your relationship. That’s another thing to take care of.”

“Another thing?”

“Yeah. Why the hell did you take so long to tell your own father you were curious about men? We could have talked so much. You didn’t tell your mother first, right?”

“No. Actually, me and Mom never even talked about sex. I took almost all advice from you.”

“Right,” he nodded. “There’s a lot to unpack here. Do you know what a sugar daddy means, right?”

“Myself, yes, but I don’t think she did at the time. She actually meant older, bulkier men.”

Dad tried to shrug off his smirk. “I see, I see. And you’re into them too?”

“Ah, yes. Fuck, sometimes it’s hard for me to concentrate on my workout at the gym with that many hairy, big dudes walking around. Not only that, their smell gets me too. The sweat, the musk.”

Dad lowered one arm below the table and twitched in his chair. Being his son it’s only natural that we shared some quirks, some gestures. That one meant he was adjusting his cock inside his pants.

“Son, I’m really happy we’re having this conversation. Looks like we share some tastes.” I liked how he subtly pronounced the word ‘some’. “You could have come and talked to me earlier, but no problem. And you’re into water sports as well.”

“Y-yes. I didn’t use that term because I was afraid you wouldn’t know it.”

“It’s okay. To be honest, I’ve tried it as well, although now that Mark’s abroad taking care of his Masters things have been quieter for me.”

“Too bad Evelyn didn’t want to try it. Wow, Dad, didn’t know you were into these kinds of things. Today I really came to know more about you.”

“I 2 k porno can say the same about you, Son. Remember? Up until now I had no idea you were also into men.”

“Well, to be fair I thought I didn’t need to come out to you.”

Dad shrugged. “Heh, fair. Anyway, you called me to get my opinion on something. So?”

“Right. You surely have figured out by now, but I’m not sure if I should stay with Evelyn.”

“Well, that’s easier to say, but if you’re not happy with her, and, as you described, she’s insecure too, you both can take a break in the relationship. Perhaps you get back together more understanding of each other, perhaps not, we can’t say right now.”


“Because you know my opinion on cheating on our significant others, right? You know how disappointed I would be at you if I ever found out.”

“Chill, Dad, I didn’t do anything. That’s why I’m here.”

“So take a break and go hit on some of these muscular gym buddies you described,” he winked, “and you can ask me for some advice too. I know some things I could teach you.”

That was fast, and very direct. His cheeks immediately blushed.

Dad quickly shook his head and waved his hands in the air. “I mean EXPLAIN to you. Sorry, got the words mixed up.”

I laughed out of pure nervousness. “R-right. I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll go see Evelyn later today.”

“You do that.” Dad got up and quickly turned to his side, pulling his suitcase back to hang in his shoulder, leaving it right in front of his crotch. “I’ll be here for whatever you need, Son. Is there anything else? Perhaps we can talk after I come back?”

“No, that’s it. Good work at the cafe, Dad, I’ll tell you how things unfolded later.”

“Good luck, Son,” he said.

He gave me the usual pat in my head and left. Putting all this act paid off much better than I anticipated. Nothing that he said was actually news to me but now I’m much more positive he will, eventually, fall into my arms.

After I heard him locking the door on his way out I quickly pulled my cock out. The top of my thigh was totally wet with precum. Since I had searched his room already and only found a wooden box locked by key in his wardrobe, presumably the place where he stores the products he sells online, I went to the laundry room to pick up one of his freshly used underwear to sniff on and jerk off.


“So what are we celebrating for?” I said, after Dad poured me a glass of wine after our meal.

Dad had brought one bottle of white wine for dinner. Earlier in the afternoon I got a message in my fake e-mail account from – you guessed it – ‘[email protected]’, confirming that the goods were shipped. Nothing much had changed in our routine today, though: he arrived, kept working on his computer from the dinner table, then got up to cook. “Today we can eat something fancier than usual,” he said as he prepared us an aromatic seafood pasta al cartoccio with some mussels, prawns and fish. He had uncorked the wine to use on the dish but saved most of it for later.

“I got a bonus from a job I delivered recently.”

“Awesome, Dad! Congratulations, I know you work hard, you deserve it” I said as I raised my glass.

“Thanks, Adrian, I’m really happy today.”

“You think now you can treat me a gift, then?”

Dad scowled. “As if. Keep dreaming,” he said, laughing.

I shrugged. “Can’t hurt to try.”

“You finished eating?” He asked, pointing to my plate. I nodded. “Good, let me take these,” then got up and cleaned the table. “Let’s leave the dishes for tomorrow, tonight we indulge ourselves.”

Dad went to the living room and sat on our bigger sofa, spreading his left leg, the bottle of wine in one hand and the glass in the other. I followed him and sat on the ground, leaning my back on his sofa. “So how are you feeling? Have you talked with Evelyn already?”

“Yeah, I went to her house earlier today while you were off, we talked, and we broke up.”

“How did it go? How was she?”

“She didn’t react to it too well. Apparently we weren’t on the same page about the feelings we had to each other.”

“So she was still-“

“Yeah, she still loved me. Loves. I don’t know.”

We both sipped our wine. “Yikes. Are you sure you made the right decision? Evelyn is such a lovely person.”

“Pretty sure, yeah, and most of it is thanks to you. As I said before, I wasn’t as committed to the relationship as she was anymore, so it wasn’t fair to her.” Almost all of it was true, anyway, it just happened that I pulled the plug when I also started crushing on Dad.

Dad put the wine on the ground. “And how are you feeling?” He asked, caressing my head.

“Okay, I guess. It’s better for us. Hey, Dad?”


“Thanks for the talk we had today. It’s good to have someone who shares kinks with you. It was always so hard with Eve.”

Dad gulped the remainder of his wine at once. “No problems, Son, that’s why I’m here, right? You can open up about anything, trust me. 3 k porno Can you get me the bottle, please? I’m already out of wine.”

I handed the bottle to him. “Here you go. I mean, it’s still strange talking about my kinks with you, but you understand me in the end.”

Dad poured him some more wine, filling the glass up to the middle. “I said earlier today, you and I have quite similar tastes,” he pointed. He got down from the sofa and sat beside me on the ground. “Grab me a pillow over there, will you? Ground’s too hard.”

“You’re too old.”

“Shut up and get me a pillow already.” We both shared a contained laugh as I handed him one pillow, then got one for myself. “You’re old too, it seems.”

Dad put his arm around me. “You and I have similar tastes, you knew that? When I was your age I was used to go to some saunas. We didn’t have apps or phones, then. It was all analog. It was easier to find a good, big bear in places like this, then.”

“I… are you my Dad, really? I mean, Leandro Martinez, is that you? How have I never heard about that before?” So that’s what happens when I open up about sex with Dad. It’s like a whole new facet of him, he never talked to me about these things so freely. Or it could be the wine. Dad wasn’t known as the best drinker by anyone, ever, and he tends to get tipsy right after the first glass. It was his second now.

“What? Aren’t saunas normal even today?”

“Y-yes, but that’s not what I meant.”

He kept drinking his wine. “Anyway. And you told me earlier that you’re also into men. HA! I can already see your Mom saying ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, she’ll be in shock. Not that it’ll matter, of course, you know how she is.”

“Yup, he’s so chill. You didn’t have the courage to tell me you were gay when you and Mom got divorced, so she was the one to tell me that.”

“Hey! I was waiting for the right moment.”

“She was all like ‘oh, Dad is gay, what will be of me now?’.”

We laughed together.

“Cut it out, give your mother some justice.”

“Yeah, I’m kidding. I know how supportive she was to you at that time.”

“We’re still friends. You should tell her about yourself soon, she might hook you up with some of her coworkers.”

“Heh, good idea. Although not many of her friends interest me.”

“They’re mostly men like you. You don’t feel attracted to them?”

We quickly looked at each other then stared at opposite directions. “I just prefer older, bigger and more experienced men. I like meat, I like hair. How about you, do you get turned on by Mom’s friends?”

“Well, you do have to admit they’re really hot.”

“A man with a body like yours would wreck those twinks up in no time.”

Dad laughed loudly. “There you go, using gay terms.”

“You didn’t deny.”

“These times are in the past, son. But if you still want a more direct answer: yes, sometimes I get turned on by them, and would love to fuck them. There, I said it, satisfied now?”


“But we’re talking about you here. So you like old, big and experienced men, right? Sounds a lot like yours truly here.”

I’m impressed. Dad’s always been a quiet yet bubbly person, almost always never going past limits, and yet here he is joking around like this. Fuck, the plan is going better than I ever anticipated, we always were quite close to each other but this is the most free I’ve seen him around me on this matter. Perhaps I can provoke him further?

Anyway, I giggled nervously. “Well, kind of, that.”

“Kind of?”

“I mean, yes. But it’s not like you walk around like you’re parading or something so I never thought of you under that light.”

“Heh? That’s the way you compliment your Dad? I work real hard to keep that body, did you know that?” He said, smoothing his chest up and down.

“That way you make it hard for me to not stare, Dad.”

“Hahaha, I’m just teasing you! You don’t just like a dad bod, you also like them all sweaty and musky, right?”

“Oh lord, you’re going to get fixed on that from now on, right?”

“And don’t forget the piss too. You like some pigs yourself.”

“Fuck. Yes, Dad, I like all those things. Are you happy now?”

“I’m just asking.” He grabbed the bottle of wine and turned it upside down. “We’re out of wine, can you see if we have some beer in the fridge?”

As I got up he finished the last of his wine. If we consider the volume he must have drank almost half the bottle by himself. When I came back from the kitchen with two bottles of beer Dad had moved back to the sofa with his legs crossed. He was wearing the same jeans pants he used to go out and his cock was marking its fabric. His cock didn’t seem to be as big as mine but it was without a doubt much thicker. I still was unsure if that was due to the ‘liquid courage’ or not.

“Here you go, Dad,” I said as I handed him his beer, then sat at the opposite side of the couch, leaning my back on its arm.

“Thanks, Son.”

“Enjoy, because it’s our last booze.”

“Heh, no way. We can order some more to be delivered here. Relax, Adrian, we’re celebrating.”

“Your bonus, of course.”

Dad unscrewed his bottle using his shirt. “And my Son wanting to be fucked by a real daddy.” After he caught me shooting him with my eyes, he added: “What? It’s true, isn’t it.”

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