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Mother’s Day Pt. 02

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Part 2 Someone else joins in.

When we got back to her unit after having breakfast, I sat down with my mother and asked her more questions about dad and their sex life and did she like how he had treated her and was he a good husband.

She explained that she had enjoyed their sexual adventures and sometimes she would picked out who she wanted to have sex with. It excited her to know that my dad and others enjoyed watching her while she was having sex. I told her I had wished I had got a chance to watch her with others too.

“Oh really.” Was her reply then asked. “Do you have anyone in mind?”

“No not really.” I told her.

“Would you like to bring someone home for me to enjoy while you watched?” she asked me.

“Would you really like to do that?” I asked her.

“Yes if you want me too.” Was her reply.

“Do you still like other woman?” I asked.

“Yes I do but it’s been years since I have been with another woman.” Mum told me.

Just then my mobile phone rang it was my wife.

“Where are you?” She asked.

“I’m still at mums, I stayed over last night.” I told her

“Is everything ok?” My wife asked.

“Yes everything’s great I will explain when I get home.” I told my wife as I smiled at my mother.

“Are you going to tell her about what happened last night?” My mother asked me.

“Yes I will explain everything to her.” I told mum.

“Won’t she be upset?” Mum asked.

“No she will be cool with it as I told you we have swinged with others before and she has a lover she often sees, now I have a lover too” I said to mum as I kissed her.

Then I reached out and kissed her again and squeezed her breasts before running my hand under her dress.

“Oh mum you’re a bit wet” I told her.

“Yes your talk as brought a lot of wonderful memories back.” Mum explained.

As mum started to make us a coffee I sent a text message to my wife telling her to come right over to my mother’s place and come in without knocking. I received a text back saying she will be there in 30 minutes.

After we finished our coffee, we chatted some more about what we both liked sexually. I soon had my pants off and mum playing with and sucking my cock again.

I told her. “Mum undress for me, I wanted to look at your body.”

As she removed her clothes, I removed mine. We were now both naked in the living room Escort bayan on the couch kissing and fondling each other.

I soon had my cock in my mother’s pussy as I sat on the couch, she sat on my lap with her legs spread and her back resting against my chest. I reached around to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples with one hand while the other hand played with the top of her pussy slit.

As I rubbed her clit it was like a switch turning the light on she began to moan louder and louder I could feel her juices running over my cock as she bounced up and down on it.

Mum was screaming. “I’m cumming oh fuck you have made me have another orgasm.”

I looked up and saw my wife standing watching us with her dress held up with one hand and the other hand inside her panties fingering her own pussy. When my mother saw my wife approaching us, she was shocked, then when she saw the smile on my wife’s face and watched my wife’s dress dropped to the floor, my mother smiled back gazing at her daughter in law’s breasts as she slipped the bra off, when she lowered her panties and kicked them off my wife stood naked in front of my mother.

Mum reached out took hold my wife’s hands and pulled her forward and gave her a passionate kiss with their tongues wrestling in each others mouths, mum just sat there impaled on my cock.

When I started to rock my hips, mum remember that i was fucking her and as she started to bounce up and down again she reached out and held my wife’s head pushing her to her knees.

My wife knew what was expected and was soon licking her mother in laws pussy as her husbands cock went in and out of his mother’s cunt. My mother squealed as my wife licked her clit. I started to blow another of my load of cum into my mothers cunt. As mum screamed that she was having another orgasm her juices and my cum mixture squirted out drenching my wife’s face.

My wife stood up and lifted my mother of my flaccid cock and then they embraced like long lost friends, they kissed and roamed their hands over each other’s body. When my mother took one of my wife’s nipples into her mouth and began to suck and bite it. My wife started to moan soon my mother’s fingers were fingering her daughter in law’s wet pussy sending her over the edge she started to orgasm as her cunt was being fucked harder by my mother’s fingers going deeper into her cunt.

My wife sat beside Bayan escort me exhausted as I reached over and kissed her.

“Surprise.” I said.

She returned my kissed and told me. “What a lovely surprise it was.”

My mother was now on her knees again she was wanting more of my wife’s juices this time she was licking her daughter in law’s cunt sucking up the juices that flowed from her wet cunt. As my mum started to lick my wife’s clit, my wife pleaded that she had enough mum didn’t listen she just kept licking and flicking her tongue over her clit, it was if she was making up for lost time.

My wife’s body started to shake she was having another orgasm, my mother just continued to drive my wife to another climax, even when my wife tried to lift my mother’s mouth and tongue of her pussy, mum just kept going licking and flicking her tongue over and over my wife’s love bud.

Finally mum stopped and she laid back against the couch we chatted as we rested, I told my wife about what had happened last night, I told her about how sexy a mother she was and what a pity she never meet my dad.

Mum spoke up. “If your father was alive he would be fucking your wife every day and I would of been helping him.”

With all this sex talk my cock was becoming hard and I had the perfect place for it, lifting my mum up to her feet I laid her bent over the couch’s armrest with her butt sticking up in the air. I had a tube of lube I had gotten from my wife’s hand bag and as I spread it all over and around my mother’s anus she knew what was about to happen and she parted her legs far apart. As my lubed up finger pushed into her tight butt hole I wiggled it around soon her hole was able to take two then three fingers as I finger fucked her butt with my fingers.

My wife watched me preparing my mother for me to butt fuck her, she had her fingers deep in her pussy fingering herself.

Soon I was pressing my fat cock head against mum’s blinking hole and with a little pressure it popped inside then as I pushed in further I could feel mums anus muscles tightening around my cock. When I was fully inside her, I left it deep inside her anus for a moment, then withdrew and thrust it back in, then pulled it back out before thrusting it back in..

Mum started screaming. “Oh fuck yes, it feels so good having your cock in my butt, fuck my butt harder.”

My wife was still fingering Escort her pussy with one hand as her other hand squeezed mum’s breast and pinched her nipple. With each thrust I drove it in as hard as I could over and over. Then I felt my cock started to squirt and fill her bowels with my cum. When I finally pulled my cock out there was a mess everywhere and a large hole where my cock had just been.

I grabbed a towel and wiped my cock then wiped my mother’s butt as she laid there with the mixture of our juices running out her hole onto the floor. My wife took my mother’s hand and led her into the bathroom to shower,

I heard them giggling like teens and as they both walked back into the lounge hand in hand. I saw what they had been getting up too. My wife had shaved my mother’s hairy pussy and now I was able to get a close look at how her bare pussy looked. As I ran my fingers over her slit I could feel how smooth she now was and how her large pussy lips looked now they weren’t hidden by all her fur as she sat down next to me.

I crawled between my mothers legs and started to lick her smooth pussy from top to bottom and back again. It felt so much better and much easier to lick, i could see her clit poking out from under its hood as I flicked my tongue over it and around it my mother grabbed hold of the hair on my head and pushed my mouth down onto her pussy and began to moan.

Telling us. “Oh this feels much better, I wanted to shave for years but your father liked my bush.”

Mum’s juices began to flow as she grabbed my wife’s hand and she squeezed it as she once again had a orgasm my wife cuddled her in her arms.

Then I watched as mum took my wife’s nipple into her mouth and began licking and flicked her tongue over my wife’s nipple, when mum bit the nipple.

My wife yelled out. “fuck yes that feels fantastic.” Then she started to moan.

I watched as they kissed and cuddle each other as if it was their first kiss. A woman in her 30’s pleasuring a woman near 70. I sat opposite watching them enjoy each others body running their hands all over each other and now they started fingering each others pussy as they continued to deep kiss each other and wrestled with their tongues in each others mouth.

My cock wasn’t getting harder I had worn it out, There was no way that I could keep up with these two sex crazed females, the two women I loved. I needed help to satisfy them both, it was then I remember that there was a swingers party organised for next week and my wife and I had been invited. I’m sure my mother would enjoy joining us,after all she did tell me she was a cock slut and loved cocks.

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