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My Niece Jessica Ch. 06

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Both of us woke up with a start and I looked over I saw Jessica quickly covering herself up with the sheet. Her face was as white as a ghost and when I looked over to the doorway I knew why. I saw my father standing there with her thong on his finger looking at us with a red face.

“Hi dad. You’re home early,” I said in a kind of timid voice.


Just then my mother came into the room and screamed before leaving quickly. My dad threw Jessica’s thong to the ground before turning around.

“I am going after your mother/grandmother. You two get dressed and get your fucking asses out here now.”

He slammed the door when he left the room and we both looked at each other knowing this could the be the end of everything.

Jessica and I slowly got dressed and walked out to the living room where my dad was fuming while my mother was crying in the chair. I saw their luggage in the middle of the living room with some stuff in bags. He looked at us like we had just killed someone as we stood there.

“Sit on the couch,” he said in an almost calm voice.

We both sat down on the couch as my mother got up wiping her eyes and my dad came over to sit on the arm of the chair.

“How stupid can you be?” my dad said.

We both looked at each other and were going to say something but he put his hand up.

“First your uncle, then your dad and now your other uncle,” my mom said.

I looked at Jessica who was fuming mad as this point and stood up.

“First of all, I am 18 years old. Second my uncle paid me for that incident which made me feel like a slut. Third I didn’t do anything with my dad. He tried but I didn’t and that is why I was sent here.”

The room became very quiet after she spoke. She sat down immediately and looked over at me as I finally found out why she came up after all this time. I put my hand on her hand which was trembling now. Slowly she started to calm down before I looked back at my parents where were starting at each other before turning back to us.

“We were told you were sent here because you tried to get your father into bed. They sent you here to get some counseling and to get away for a while,” my mom said.

Jessica was smiling a bit now and stopped shaking.

“That is the story that he told so he wouldn’t get in trouble. He knew no one would listen to my story. He tried to get me into bed with him. He put together this special evening and things went a little far. I stopped things when he started to grope me but he kept pushing until I slapped him. He grabbed me by the waist, turned me around and pushed me over the couch. He pulled my pants and panties down when my mother walked in. He told her that I was trying to seduce him and she wouldn’t listen to a damn word I had to say. I was sent to my room and the next thing I know they were sending me up here for a couple of weeks.”

Everyone was in silence now because no one knew what to say. I put my arm around her and she snuggled against me. Everyone continued looking at each other before my father cleared his throat.

“Well everything makes sense with that now. However we have to talk about this. You two are family for crying out loud,” my father said his anger rising.

“I am the one that started this,” Jessica said looking up. “I was just having a little fun but things got serious with Brin coming over and everything.”

“Who is Brin,” my mother asked looking at me for the first real time since coming home.

“She is sort of Uncle Mike’s girlfriend now.”

I looked up and I swear I saw my dad giving me the thumbs up and smiling before quickly turning around. When he turned around again he was looking serious as I think my mother was still shell shocked about the entire situation.

“Go sit in your room Mike. No monkey business. Your mother and I have to discuss something,” he said while going into the kitchen.

Jessica and I got up slowly and went into my room. Jessica was a total mess when we walked Onwin in as my stomach was turning. I ended up sitting next to the door to listen what they were going to talk about while Jessica was laying on the bed. After a little while though she joined me on the floor and held onto my arm while I listened.

“We can’t punish them. The are adults but I don’t want to send her back after hearing that sorry,” I heard my dad say.

“What do you want to do then?” my mom said with a little raise in her voice.

“Is there anything we can do about the situation?”

” I don’t think so,” my mom said. “Besides its not like they did anything illegal. They aren’t really related. I mean she is his step-niece so I don’t think they are really family.”

Jessica I looked at each other. I was surprised at this piece of information and judging from her reaction, she was as well.

“This isn’t right though. We are still family even if its not blood and that means its illegal. Imagine if she got pregnant?”

“Oh that is an old myth Bob. There is no such thing about having deformed babies if you have incest. I agree that this isn’t natural though. But think about it Bob. It’s Mike. It could be a lot worse. Mike won’t hurt her or anything. He will treat her like she is suppose to be treated like.”

“But I still feel uneasy about it. I mean just imagine laying in bed and knowing our son and granddaughter are having sex under our roof. What if someone else found out?”

“Like you said though, she isn’t technically a blood relative. Plus this could just be a phase she is going through as well.”

“I am worried she won’t have a normal relationship after this. We have to do what is best for her.”

“But with what she has gone through, do you think she can ever have a normal relationship?” I heard my mother say.

There was a long silence as I looked at Jessica who was leaning on my shoulder crying a little bit.

“She leaves in a few days. I don’t think we should rock the boat,” my mother said.

“I think I have a little plan,” my father said and then there was some muffled sounds.

A few minutes passed before I heard my father shouting for us to come out there. We both got up and walked slowly into the living room. My father pointed at the couch as we sat down looking at the parents.

“First, we have discuss the family situation Jessica. We don’t feel comfortable with you going home after the story you gave us. However we really don’t know what to do about it,” my father said looking at her.

“I was talking to Uncle Mike about it. I was thinking of possibly going to college up here so I thought if I did that, I would move up here.”

Both of my parents smiled when they heard this.

“So you are leaving home then for sure?” my dad asked.

“Yes when I can in a little while,” Jessica said smiling.

My parents both seemed happier when they heard this news but I knew the next news was coming. I took a deep breath when my dad cleared his throat again.

“Now the other situation. We both agree that we are uncomfortable with you two having a sexual relationship in this house. However since neither of you are truly related there is nothing wrong with it. We have one request though. We don’t want you having sex under this roof while we are here,” my father said looking back and forth between us.

I smiled a little bit as I realized they really wouldn’t do anything to us. My niece looked a little bit more serious than I was but soon she started to loosen up a little bit.

“So why don’t you to get dressed and we will go out for some lunch and talk about what happened in California,” my dad said while getting up from the chair. My mother soon followed him as he took the suitcases into the bedroom.

Jessica got up and went into the shower while I got dressed. After she got out, she went into her room getting dressed. A little while later she came out and all four of us went out to lunch where we talked about everything that has been going on including who Brin Onwin Giriş was. We got home and everything was normal. Jessica would come into my room and watch some movies at night while we really didn’t do anything once they got home. Over the next few days Jessica and I would go out doing different while even going to a nude beach with my friends where they wouldn’t stop asking Brin and I questions. One day, Jessica asked if we could go miniature golfing and go to the movies. I had no problem with that. We went miniature golfing first and on the way to the theater, she reached over and started stroking my cock through my shorts. I moved a little bit but she continued rubbing me through my shorts.

“I have been so horny lately. Masturbating while thinking and watching you is just to much. Let’s stop somewhere and have a quickie,” she said while unbuckling her belt and sliding her shorts down.

“What do you mean watching me?” I said turning down a road.

“One night I couldn’t stand it and went to your room to ask you to fuck me. But when I walked in and saw you were sleeping. I stood there and one thing led to another. I just started masturbating and came while standing there,” she said still stroking my cock.

I turned down a secluded road that ended by the airport but it was pitch black around us as I turned off the engine. She immediately went into the back and laid down. I got into the backseat noticing she didn’t have her shorts with her. I looked to the front seat and saw she had left them there in the front seat. I took my cock out of my shorts through the zipper and quickly entered her. She was so wet that we made some sloppy noises as I fucked her. She was moaning like crazy as I continued to fuck but within 10 minutes she started to shudder. This was to much for me as I shot stream after stream into her. We both laid there for a little while before I pulled out and put my cock into my shorts again. I went to the front seat and started the engine when my niece cleared her throat.

“Could you please give me my shorts uncle,” she said giggling.

I leaned over to the seat, grabbed her shorts and gave them to her in the backseat but noticed that she wasn’t in a hurry to put them on. On the way to the theater, I would look into the backseat every of often and saw her playing with herself. I shook my head as I told here we were almost at the theater. Just then I felt pounding on the back of my seat as I looked back and saw Jessica cumming. She didn’t stop cumming until I pulled into the parking lot of the theater.

“I think I need something to clean up with uncle,” Jessica said while looking at me.

I reached around and found a towel which I gave her and she quickly cleaned herself up. She put on her shorts and got out of the car. She didn’t walk well once she got out of the car so she had to lean on me for support for a little while. By the time we got to the box office she was just fine and walking around on her own. Things were fine as we watched the movie but about half way through the movie, she started to stroke my cock through my shorts again. I just shook my head as I couldn’t believe what she was doing. She kissed me on the cheek, smiled and immediately got up and left. I looked around and waited for a little while before getting up myself and went out the doors. I looked around seeing some restrooms down the hall so I slowly walked that way until I came to the women’s bathroom where someone pulled me in. I was pushed against the wall and kissed hard before opening my eyes and seeing it was Jessica. She smiled as she led me to one of the stalls before closing the door behind me.

She quickly took off her shorts and panties before bending over the toilet shaking her ass back and forth. This made me laugh before I slipped my zipper down and took my cock out. I came up behind her and shoved my cock into her which made her gasp. I started to fuck her as she gripped anything around her and started moaning. I gave her, her underwear which she put into her mouth to help her from screaming. Onwin Güncel Giriş You could still hear some muffled screams which I hoped no one would catch on if they came into the room. I started to fuck her harder as you could hear the echo of my balls slapping her from behind. Within a few more minutes she started spasming again and her pussy grabbed my cock like a vice. This lasted a few seconds until I started shooting once again into her. I looked down at her legs and saw our juices running down before pulling out. I leaned against the stall door for a little while before putting my cock away.

Looking at my niece, she started cleaning herself up so that she would look like nothing happened. Finally she was ready as she left the stall first and then signaled me out. We both made it out of there with no one seeing as we decided to go home for the evening. On the ride home, it was quiet as she just looked out the window with a smile on her face. Once we got home, she kissed my parents goodnight and went into her room for the evening. I thought this was strange because usually she would stay up with me and watch a movie. About a half hour later I decided to go to bed. I laid in bed for a long time thinking about things before looking at the clock and noticed it was 2 in the morning. I turned over and finally went to sleep.

* * * * *

The next day I didn’t see a lot of her since my grandparents took her out buying some stuff before I got up. It wasn’t until after 12 that I saw her for the first time that day. Something was different there but I couldn’t place my finger on it. After they got home, my grandmother took her clothes shopping leaving me home with my father. That took most of the afternoon and they didn’t come home until about 6 o’clock with it being dinner time. We all had a quiet dinner and once after dinner my niece went into her room to put things away. I didn’t see her for the rest of the night and felt a little jilted about it. I went to bed about midnight still not hearing anything from her or seeing her. I just turned over and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I started thinking it was early because there was no noise in the house but when I turned over I saw it was almost 10 in the morning. I sprang up from my bed and left my room seeing there was no one in the house. I went into Jessica’s room but saw the room was cleaned and the bed made which met she already went to the airport. I couldn’t believe they never woke me up this morning as I sat down on the bed. I looked around her room and started to get up until I saw something sticking out of from under Jessica’s pillow. I pulled it out and saw it was something addressed to me. I opened the envelope seeing a piece of paper but nothing else.

Dear Uncle Mike,

I had the most wonderful time here for the last couple weeks and hope I will be able to come up again soon. You and your friends taught me a lot of things and I hope I did some well by getting you together with Brin. I hope I didn’t cause any family problems and if I did, you know where you could always cum. I am sorry for saying goodbye this way but I didn’t think I could handle it if I actually saw you today. However I did leave some things for you. Look under the bed.



I looked under the bed and pulled out a video tape and a pair of panties. The panties had a wet spot on the front and I smiled to myself. I went back into my room getting dressed when my parents pulled up. I went over to see Brin in the afternoon but she seemed very distant and wouldn’t tell me what was going on. We went out to lunch and she went off to work. She acted like she didn’t have any further interest in me which could have been true with what I found out later on. That night I decided to put the video on and saw it was a little strip tease my niece did but it got steamy. She filmed herself masturbating and cumming all over the pink panties before tossing them off and then continuing her action. I smiled as I watched the tape and started to jack off watching my niece do this.

I thought this was the end of it but what I would find out in a few weeks and months, things were going to change greatly.


This is the end of this series but I might write more later on. Thanks for reading and for the responses.

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