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Dear Santa, I Can Explain…

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It wasn’t me that was being naughty! Really! It was those two bad girls in the dressing room — if it wasn’t for them none of this would have happened.

Let me explain.

‘Twas the night before Christmas. Ok, I lie … it was two weeks before Christmas.

I was working the late shift on the security detail at Darcy’s Department Store and it was my job to watch the monitors for shoplifters that night. Around the holidays it can get really crowded and busy but usually it’s kind of boring and my boss, Ms. Tyler and I take turns keeping a watch on the monitors in the ladies dressing rooms. I don’t know if anyone else would agree with me but I think this job is totally gross and boring!

Well, this time it was different. Ms. Tyler left the security room a few minutes after I got back from my break. She walked the floor looking for trouble while I stayed and watched the monitors. It was almost eight o’clock and I was settled in with my box of Twinkies and a soda, resigned to another boring hour before we closed for the night.

I scanned the collection of screens looking for anything suspicious and I noticed two young women in a stall together. I made a mental note to myself to keep an eye on them. Two women in their early twenties in a room together could mean trouble! Ha! I should be so lucky as to have some excitement and actually catch a real shoplifter!

Well, Santa, as it turned out, shoplifting wasn’t what they had in mind. Seeing them start to undress was not much of a surprise. That’s what people do when they come in to try on clothes. So when the blonde with the big tits started to take off her sweater I wasn’t all that interested. Even when the little brunette reached around the blonde and unhooked her bra for her I was still pretty ‘ho-hum’. It wasn’t until the blonde reached down and grabbed the brunette’s ass with both hands that I came to attention.

That’s when the brunette pulled the blonde closer and buried her face in her huge tits, slapping them against her cheeks. They were so big I thought for sure she would suffocate! They wasted no time getting rid of the rest of their clothes; sweaters were tossed aside; sneakers and socks piled on the floor.

But the jeans, oh, shit, while watching them shimmy each other out of their jeans I realized I had one hand inside my görükle escort bayan shirt pinching my own nipple! The skin tight denim, stretched over their tight little asses soon gave way to reveal their shiny white butts each with a string of a thong up the crack.

Not having any sound with my system, I could only imagine their stifled giggles as they teased each other with playful slaps and slick tongues. The little brunette couldn’t keep her hands off the blonde’s big tits. She stood behind her and watched their reflection in the floor length mirror in front of them as she teased and squeezed the blonde’s boobs. She kneaded them for what seemed like an eternity while the blonde watched in the mirror the whole time, never taking her eyes off her own reflection.

I was hypnotized now, sitting with my mouth hanging open in amazement, kneading my own breast and squirming uncomfortably in my chair. I couldn’t look away!

Slowly, the two women turned to face each other, their hands sliding and gliding up and down, over and around, touching without stopping, touching everywhere there was skin. They embraced and the brunette again buried her face in the blonde’s huge tits. She started licking the massive white globes, cupping them in her hands as she savored them. Pressing her tongue flat against the blonde’s skin, she licked until I could see the sheen of her saliva reflecting in the light. When she was done devouring each breast she sucked each nipple, drawing immense amounts of the breast into her mouth. She looked like she was starving and had to have breast to satisfy her craving!

The blonde just stood in the center of the stall with her arms around the brunette, her hands gently grasping her friend’s ass. Her expression was of pure bliss while she enjoyed the licking, the lapping and the sucking.

Meanwhile, I noticed that my hand had moved down to my crotch. I tried just pressing on my pleasure place but it was screaming for more. I tried a little squeezing and pinching but my pearl wouldn’t take no for an answer. I unzipped my slacks and let them drop to the floor. My panties were wet and clinging to my lips. I had to! I had to let them drop to the floor. I couldn’t stand it anymore! It was just too hard to watch all that licking and sucking!

So, there I was with altıparmak eskort my pants down around my ankles and one finger up my pussy when the blonde turned around to face the mirror again. She bent over and spread her legs, supporting herself with her hands on the bench under the mirror in front of her. The brunette knelt down on the floor and reached up with one hand on each of the blonde’s hips. She began to pull the thong down, slowly, torturously slow, first one side, then the other. The blonde spread her legs a little wider. The brunette pulled the string thong slowly from between her partner’s alabaster cheeks, pausing briefly to lick and take a playful nip.

The blonde was starting to get anxious — she kept glancing back and wiggling her ass. If I had sound I just know she’d be saying, “Fuck me now, baby!” or something like that.

And that’s when I caught sight of my first shoplifter! The brunette pulled out a box from her handbag that I recognized right away. Hot off the shelf from our personal care department — the ‘personal massager’, otherwise known as a vibrator! Without any hesitation, she opened the box and slid out the silver beauty which, happily for them came with the required batteries.

Watching them intently, I couldn’t wait for the fucking to begin! My hand was now working steadily to calm my clit but at the same time the thought kept flashing through my mind that I wanted to cum at the same time the blonde did! I couldn’t just rush into my own orgasm — I wanted to be a part of hers!

Santa, I wanted to share! That’s a good thing, right?

The blonde was obviously pleased when the brunette got back to business and spread her lips to insert the shiny dildo. She must have been so very, very wet; that thing just slid on in and out and in and out… the blonde started bucking right along as the brunette plunged that thing in and out and in and out… her huge tits slapping against the mirror with each outward push.

I guess I lost track of time. I was so entranced with my fuck buddies in the dressing room that I didn’t hear Ms. Tyler unlock the door and walk up behind my bare ass. I was standing amongst the small pile of my clothes on the floor, my eyes glued to the monitor and my hand furiously working my clit. I felt her breath nilüfer escort on my neck before anything else.

“Holy shit!” she whispered in my ear as she leaned in closer to see what had me so worked up. I didn’t even have enough time to worry about losing my job before Ms. Tyler had stripped off her pantyhose and pulled up her skirt.

And there we stood, two hot and bothered babes watching the blonde and the brunette take turns fucking each other with the silver bullet in the ladies dressing room. At some point Ms. Tyler went over to the security room door and double checked the lock. Satisfied that things were secure, she hoisted herself onto the waist high counter and spread her legs.

“Sweetie, welcome to the Shoplifter’s Secret Service! Now, show me what ya got!”

I think she meant if I wanted to keep my job it was my turn to service the boss!

Now, Santa, you know I really need this job! I really didn’t feel as though I had a choice!

Really…I… I lie. I really wanted to…but I still think it wasn’t my fault! I was a victim here!

So… well… I’ve never been with another woman before so I was kind of, well, not sure what to do! Ms. Tyler must have picked up on my hesitation.

“Just do what you’d want me to do to you, honey!”

And that’s what I did!

While Ms. Tyler leaned back on her elbows and watched the show in the ladies dressing room, I got comfortable in front of her and spread her hairless love lips with my hands. It was obvious that these lips were made for licking! Not a hair! Not a trace of stubble! I eyed my target and set my tongue to work on her pleasure pearl which seemed to be reaching for me in anticipation. It was so easy. I pretended I was on the other side of my tongue — on the receiving end of my lapping and licking. I licked until I could no longer stand her ass squirming in my face anymore and then I flattened my tongue against her clit and swirled her into an awesome, desk thumping, power-draining orgasm.

We both lost track of what was going on in the dressing room because when Ms. Tyler stopped her heavy breathing and finally let go of my hair which she grabbed in her ecstasy, the two women were gone!

Ms. Tyler just straightened her skirt, put her pantyhose and shoes back on and said, “Nice, honey, very nice.”

Then she hit the delete button on the recorder!

Santa, it’s just not fair! I didn’t get to see my shoplifter story come to an end! I didn’t get anything out of the whole sad affair!

Santa, I think I was a very good girl.

Santa, can I still have my presents? Please? Huh?

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