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Experiments by Sam Ch. 01

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“Hey girl!” Sam looked up to find Holly leaning into her office doorway. The smile that accompanied the perky greeting made Sam’s heart skip a beat.

“Good morning Holly. How was your weekend?” Sam always played it cool with Holly and never let on that she was totally crushing on her. After some chit chat, the girls made plans for a movie on Tuesday.

Sam had been working up the courage to approach Holly about her idea for an experiment. She wanted to taste pussy and she wanted her first to be Holly’s. She went through the next couple of days in a haze. She’d never been this nervous about a date. And it wasn’t really a date, just friends hanging out.

Tuesday night finally arrived and Holly picked her up and they headed to the theater. Over drinks later, they chatted lightly. Holly kept mentioning that she was talking too much, but Sam loved watching her face light up when she’d relate some funny story from work or her private life. She could enjoy Holly’s smile all night.

But the night had to end and after a few attempts at flirting, Sam climbed out of the car sure that Holly wouldn’t want anything to do with her after this. But luckily, she did. They went out a few times more and Sam successfully dropped enough hints that she was able to proposition Holly without crumbling to ashes with embarrassment.

After the initial shock wore off, Holly was very open to the idea of being Sam’s first. Over the next few weeks, they texted and chatted openly about what Sam wanted. She didn’t want a girlfriend. She wanted someone to let her experiment on them, to hang out with, to laugh with, and to just share human contact with. Sam craved the feel of someone’s skin against hers.

And with spring break’s arrival, Sam had the house all to herself and the chance to taste Holly finally arrived. She cleaned the house, changed the sheets, then hopped in the shower for the longest shower of her life.

Her nipples were so sensitive that the water spray hitting them had her heating up. She ran her soapy hands over her tits, feeling her nipples pebble even more as she teased them with her fingernails. Her right hand slid down, over her belly, to put a little pressure on her mound.

Slipping her fingers between her lips, she found that slippery, wet nectar that men found so irresistible. The thought that she would finally understand that in just a few hours, made her even hornier than she already was.

But she had to shave before going any further, something she hadn’t done in years. No reason to deal with the itch of stubble if no one was going to notice the slick, smooth skin between her legs, so she’d quit shaving and only trimmed her bush for years. Once she doeda was done, the feeling of her wet, slick pussy was too much to resist.

Sam began rubbing her outer lips while she teased her nipples. She dropped her other hand lower and pulled her skin up, lifting the hood away from her throbbing clit. She began circling her clit slowly.

Since penetration did nothing for her, she focused all of her attention on that hard little nub. The shower started getting cooler, but Sam never noticed. She imagined it was Holly’s pussy she was touching, Holly’s clit she was rubbing. Her breathing was rapid, her eyes were closed, and her fingers quickened and applied a little more pressure.

She was so close. Her legs tensed up and she rubbed her clit hard, cumming with a moan that echoed in the tiled shower stall. Sam finished washing up and climbed out, legs a little weak. She got dressed and waited for Holly to arrive.

The dogs let her know that Holly had driven up. Sam put them out and opened the front door for Holly. Sam greeted her with a hug and they made their way to Sam’s bedroom. From that point, it just got awkward. Sam didn’t know what the hell she was doing and Holly wasn’t taking the lead.

“So what do we do?” Sam asked.

“Whatever you want to do” was Holly’s answer, which didn’t help Sam at all.

“Well, I guess we need to get undressed” Sam suggested.

They undressed, with no finesse whatsoever. As Holly undressed, Sam explored her skin, enjoying the softness under her fingertips. The girls stripped to bras and panties. Then Sam tried to take Holly’s bra off. That attempt at least got a chuckle from both girls and Holly ended up undoing it herself.

Holly’s tits were large, medically enhanced, and her nipples were very large. Sam remembered something Holly had said about someone being hurting her nipples once because they’re really sensitive and tender, so she was terrified of causing Holly any pain.

Her attempt at playing with Holly’s tits didn’t go very well. Holly offered no feedback, whether verbal or physically. She didn’t make any noises or touch Sam to indicate she was doing anything right. Although a little disappointed, Sam wasn’t going to let it dampen her enthusiasm. She gave up on Holly’s tits and moved down her body.

“Lift,” Sam indicated Holly’s hips.

Holly lifted her hips and Sam pulled her panties down, exposing her smooth mound and cleft. Sam pulled the panties all the way off and knelt beside Holly’s legs. “How am I supposed to do this?” Sam asked.

Holly just laid there. She didn’t reach out to Sam. She didn’t spread her legs, inviting Sam to touch her. Holly just eş değiştirmeli porno shrugged and said “Do whatever you want to.”

What the fuck? This wasn’t anything like Sam had hoped it would be. It was obvious that Holly wasn’t into this at all. She was doing Sam a favor and that was it. Sam didn’t want romance or love, but a little participation would have been nice.

“Okay. This may take me a while.” And with that, Sam indicated that Holly should spread her legs and she climbed between them. She gazed at Holly’s pussy, taking in the curve of her lips, the swell of her mound as it descended into her folds.

She gently ran her fingers over Holly’s outer lips, tracing around her target. Holly’s pussy smelled like soap and something different. It was slightly musky, nice, intriguing. Sam spread Holly open and studied the pussy on display.

She’d read articles and learned diagrams, but here was what she’d dreamed of, fantasized about, lusted after, for years. Her first look at a real pussy. It was beautiful.

And at the center, the pink skin glistened. Sam reached out a finger and felt Holly’s wetness for the first time. She slid her finger around gently and finally touched Holly’s clit. She watched the reaction of the pussy, seeing the increased wetness, the small spasm of surrounding muscles.

Sam moved closer and tentatively, softly ran her tongue over Holly’s clit. She tasted a little salty, a little sweet, indescribable, delicious. Finally, Holly made a sound, a simple intake of air, but it was something! After a few minutes of gently exploring Holly with her tongue, all of the information she’d learned over the last few weeks came back to her.

Sam used her lips and tongue to kiss and suckle Holly’s pussy. She started on her mound and moved over every inch of her. She mouthed the swollen flesh of Holly’s outer lips while softly rubbing her thumb over her clit in slow, easy circles. She replaced her thumb with her tongue and adding suction.

She slid one finger into Holly and Holly responded be pressing her hips forward. Sam added another finger and increased her suction on Holly’s clit, making Holly squirm. “Finally!” thought Sam. She tried to reach up and play with Holly’s tits, but she had a lot of work to do on her coordination, so she concentrated on the wet, hot pussy in her mouth.

She reached her arms around Holly’s legs and pulled her face deeper into her. She increased her pressure on Holly’s clit, then alternated licking her entire pussy and sucking her clit. She’d do fast, little licks against her clit, then flatten her tongue and lick from the bottom of her pussy back to genç porno her clit.

When Sam felt Holly’s fingers in her hair, she knew she had her. She heard the little moans, felt Holly’s legs tighten around her, saw her belly quiver. Sam pushed two fingers back into Holly’s pussy and felt the walls grip her fingers. She finger fucked her and sucked her clit until Holly came.

Sam didn’t stop, but lessened the intensity of her attack. She let her fingers rest inside of Holly while she slowly licked her clit.

“You can stop if you want to. I won’t cum again,” said Holly.

“Just let me play, unless you really want me to stop” whispered Sam.

Instead of licking directly on her clit, Sam licked from the side, running her tongue side to side, with more pressure in the valley on either side of Holly’s clit. Sam ran her tongue all over Holly’s pussy, on the outside, deep into the middle, top and bottom.

She played with Holly like this for a while, enjoying the feel and taste of pussy. After about twenty minutes, she felt Holly’s pussy walls start milking her fingers so she started to slowly pump into her and increased pressure with her tongue.

But she kept it slow, slowly licking Holly, slowly fucking her. Holly’s body responded and soon she was cumming again. This time, she reached for Sam afterwards, pulling her into her arms.

They didn’t talk. They held one another while Holly caught her breath and sat up. She moved down Sam, coming to rest between her legs.

Sam enjoyed the feel of Holly’s mouth on her, but she could tell there wasn’t any excitement in it for Holly and she was only doing it because it was her turn. Sam didn’t want this, not because Holly felt like she owed her. She wanted to be wanted.

“Honey, don’t. It’s not going to work so don’t waste your time” Sam told Holly.

So Holly moved back to the pillows and they held each other for a little longer. But Sam wanted to play some more. She started running her hands over Holly, slowly turning her on again.

They turned onto their sides slightly, so Sam could reach around to Holly’s pussy. She ran her fingers between her lips and found her dripping. That feeling, knowing that she was able to make Holly so hot, so wet, was intoxicating.

Sam rubbed Holly’s clit, massaging her, then dipped her fingers into her. Holly reached her hand behind her and between Sam’s legs. They rubbed each other until Holly started to cum. She clutched Sam’s leg as Sam’s fingers slid side to side over her clit and brought Holly to her third orgasm.

After a while, they got dressed and Sam walked Holly to the door. They shared a soft kiss and said good night. Sam showered and went to bed.

As she lay there, Sam thought about her experience. Although disappointed by Holly’s lack of enthusiasm, she was still amped about the experiment. She had not only tasted her first pussy, she’d tasted Holly’s after years of wanting to. Sam slept better than she had in months.

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