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Night of Revelation Ch. 01

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Wow what a month! I am graduating from college, my little brother from high school, both of us all grown up and by age, now adults. The family is celebrating because who knows what changes are coming up as I begin my job hunting. Dad and mom pull us into the living room and hand us boarding passes! They are sending us on a cruise? OMG!

Staring at my little brother after they leave the room, us both sitting in disbelief, “first off, I don’t think it’s fair that you are only graduating from HS and get the same trip that I have earned finishing college, but whatever, mom and dad always liked you better.”

“Ok first off I worked my ass graduating from high school in the top three, at least I wasn’t at school wasting time, and I am amazed you graduated. Secondly, you know mom and dad are having a rough time so they thought this ‘two for one package’ would save money. The vacation to the Caribbean isn’t till like a month from now, relax.

“You think I wasted time at college.. Gee you are in for a shocker… I worked hard, few graduate from there in 4 years you have no idea you little brat, can’t wait to see you there for 5 or 6 years trying to finish!”

“Ha! Whatever!” I say as I head to the kitchen and fill up a plate with dinner. “Want some chicken? its BBQ. Cannot believe mom and dad are going to leave me alone with you for a while week.”

“Yeah sure, just make sure you get those dishes clean.. you cooked, you clean. I will handle it tomorrow… and what do you mean? I used to baby sit your little butt all the time.”

Grumbles, “yes I know that’s the deal.” He makes a face as he hands over a plate of food.

“I’m grown now thank you. Dad’s new business sure keeps him away for a long time. His flight leaves tonight. Glad mom is heading out of town with friends tonight though, keeps her from getting too depressed it seems.”

“Thanks.. tastes.. mm not bad, guess you did learn something in HS. Home economics? Wear an apron and everything?”

Laughs, “Yeah! Why thank you!” He finishes up his plate and takes my now empty plate. “Empty! must not have been too bad.” He heads into the kitchen to wash dishes.

I shout after him, “Well the little brat is out of diapers and soon out of the house, makes sense they are moving on to bigger and better things.”

Laughs as he washes the dishes, “good point, you got me there,” he says as I stare without him knowing.

I watch the one I have always known as the brat as he stands at the sink, staring at his back side, his shape, broad shoulders tapering down to a nice bubble butt, like a sexy man, wow he really did grow up. I move up quietly and slap his butt as he is washing the dishes and runs off to the office where the computers are, “have fun!”

He jumps, “excuse you!” He doesn’t think I notice but he turned and took a moment to watch my ass walk away “mmm damn” I thought I heard him say under his breath.

Later that evening we bid our farewells to Mom and Dad as they headed out for the week, departing for the airport together.

After sitting at the pc yapping with friends online, I take a break and head to my room. I glance in the bathroom in the hall. As I pass by, I keep walking but “hmmm did I see what I think I saw?”

Damn forgot to close the door “shit” I hear him say as he closes the door and locks it and I imagine him finishing getting off, wishing I had just pushed my way in to watch. There is nothing hotter than watching a guy stroking. From my room I hear him head back to his room, the bed creaks a bit as he lays down and I hear the TV click on. I know he passed by my room on the way tuzla escort but he didn’t say a word. I wish he had.

I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. If I was back at the dorms we would be partying already. I glance at the clock, not tired. Sighing I get up and put on my bikini. I might as well enjoy home while I am here. I swing by the bathroom for a towel. I knock on his door softly in case he is sleeping…

“Come in!” he says.

I peek in. “I will be at the pool or Jacuzzi, haven’t decided which but if you can’t find me in the morning.. Check there in case I am floating!” Laughing as I walk away I swing by the fridge for a glass of wine from a bottle dad left. I head to the Jacuzzi and dangle my feet in gripping the towel at my stomach and sipping the wine, contemplating the future.

Looking up, there he is. He must have stripped down and pulled on his swim suit right away to join me. He is smiling and his blue eyes look so bright tonight. Those blue eyes I always took for granted all the years growing up. I smile at him as he speaks, “hey mind if I join you or are you too busy deep in thought?”

“Sure join me, but don’t you dare try to throw me in that cold pool, I think dad turned the heat off. It’s like ice.”

“Hell no that’s cold as hell. The ex threw me in there a few months back nearly caught a cold. I am glad summer is just around the corner. Be nice to swim again.” He slides in the Jacuzzi and dips his head then comes up pushing his lush thick hair away from dripping in his face. As he approaches I see him admiring the contours of my body. He makes no point in hiding his obvious admiration and I hear “Mmm” under his breath as he slides up next to me and he asks, “what’s on your mind?”

“Just contemplating the job offers I received, no idea what I am going to do now … and you have an ex? Wow … tell me about her.”

“Met her in history class, she seemed like a nice girl you know her older sister Trisha, she went to college with you. I dated her for like a month. She dumped me because I wouldn’t tell her I loved her,” he explained.

“Good for you, you are too young to be locked into a ‘love’ thing anyway. Were you banging her?”

“Nah, she was a slut. Had been with like 10 guys, I was afraid I would catch something.”

I nod in agreement, “her older sister same thing I noticed in college.”

“Yeah perhaps it is a family trait.” We laugh together and it feels really nice to finally be connecting and catching up. The evening passes away as we continue to yap.

“Well you are smarter than I thought. Most boys your age only think with their cocks, so unattractive.”

He smiles in appreciation for the compliment and subject matter and responds, “mmm I really try not to do that. Oh man we have been out here for two hours it’s like 3 am, we need sleep sometime tonight, don’t we?” I watch you with a different admiration as you get out of the Jacuzzi and towel dry off. I am slightly buzzed from the third glass of wine you had gotten for me, exhaustion of the day and heat of the relaxing water.

“I am going to watch a crappy movie always makes me fall asleep, join me?”

“Are you the only 17 year old that doesn’t watch porn?” I say as I climb up and dry off.

“Let’s just say porn doesn’t appeal to me.”


He wraps the towel around his waist and heads for his room.

I watch him go, noticing again how he has grown into such a well built, strong, young man, very nice.

“Offer is still on the table if you care to join me,” he shouts back.

“Thanks but I think I will take a quick shower tuzla escort bayan get the chlorine off, I would invite you to join me but we haven’t showered together since I was ten so that might be awkward.” We both laugh and I head to the bathroom and get in to wash my hair.

Suddenly I hear a knock on the door, “I need to use the restroom, may I come in?”

“Huh? Sure,” I reply as I close the shower curtain.

I hear him walk in and use the bathroom. Speaking loudly over the water of the shower he speaks “to be honest there is only one woman has ever driven me insane with passion and desire but that will never happen.”

“Here smell this! It’s awesome!” Puts out a scrubbie full of bubbles, peeks out and locks eyes with you. “Oh? Do tell!”

“Mmm vanilla, I love it! … Well the woman is somebody I know, somebody I want, but someone I can’t have.” There is silence as I wait for more information on this mystery woman. His next words stun me. “Oh fuck this!” He yanks back the shower curtain and completely surprises me, he takes my face in his hands as my wet hair drips down his arms and backing me into the shower wall, he presses his lips to mine. I am shocked, stunned, but suddenly completely aroused and I feel my breath coming raggedly. My own brothers lips are on mine, it’s a reckless passion and I do not want to stop it.

He runs his fingers down my wet back and suddenly breaks the kiss looking down. “I’m sorry,” he says and as quick as he entered the shower, he turns and leaves, taking off to his room.

I watch you go so quickly and I am left panting and suddenly confused by the feelings rushing through me wondering how far I would have let that go, as I turn off the water.

I hear his door close. I hear him knocking his head against the door over and over and him mumbling. I try to make it out. “Stupid stupid stupid! Maybe tomorrow she will forget. Yea right.” I hear that familiar sound of him flopping onto his bed. Maybe he is going to try to sleep.

Finally finishing my shower I head to bed quietly checking the house to make sure all is locked up and hit the pillows. Images of what happened in the shower are flashing through my head I fall asleep.

I wake in the middle of the night hearing the windows shaking violently. The ground is shaking, my mind races, thinking crap, my first day back in California and I get an earthquake! I lay there listening and waiting for it to stop. I don’t hear much crashing to the floor, as it stops, thankful that at least it was a small one. Still the adrenaline is pumping through me and I get up wrapping a blanket around me and rush to my brother’s room, shaking.

He hears me rush in his door and it wakes him up. “What’s wrong?” He calmly listens as you explain about the earthquake and he laughs. “You have been gone too long, come here,” he scoots over “plenty of room.”

“You didn’t feel that? You sure it’s ok if I join you? Just till this surge of adrenaline wears down, I feel wired…”

He gets up grabbing my hand, “get in bed there may be aftershocks.”

I take your hand feeling that same surge of electricity I felt in the shower. Then I climb in and curl up around my blanket facing away from you, “thank you” I whisper. “You are not so bad grown up bro.”

“Thanks,” he says turning to face away and imagine him smiling from my compliment. “I like to think I grew up,” he says. I hear you breathing deeply. I know you can smell my skin, my hair and I hear you sigh happily.

Suddenly I feel an aftershock and I roll over quickly to him, my own brother and hug him tightly. “Ok I am so not escort tuzla liking this welcome home. Damn no way I am going to sleep anymore tonight, do you mind turning on that bad movie?”

Again he laughs, “no problem,” he says as he turns the movie on and wraps his arms around me and keeps me close against his strong young body. Looking into your face I feel drawn, and our lips touch again. He is surprised but kisses me passionately making the kiss last. I moan into his mouth.. “oh damn this is so wrong but you taste so right.. What the hell am I doing?” I back away trying to catch my breath. “I am so sorry… I should be helping you to be with this mystery women you mentioned, not trying to be her.” I look at you, “Forgive me? Let’s blame the earthquake?” I start to pull away.

He pulls me back, closer stroking my face and our eyes lock as you speak. “You are that woman, ever since I was 13, I have always gotten off to only you.” Gently he caresses my shoulder and speaks again for which I am thankful because I am completely speechless at the moment, “I know this is a lot to process for you, close your eyes, just sleep on it.”

“Sleep?” I ask, unable to form a sentence at that point.

He nods and asks “You are not sleepy?”

All I can do is shake my head no. I search his eyes, so brilliantly blue, now with a sparkle I have never noticed before.

Suddenly he turns me onto my back, crawling over me and presses his weight into me. He is looking intently into my eyes and he speaks again, “tell me to stop, and I will.”

For a few moments I just lay there, not able to control my heart racing or my breathing, because I am so turned on I can’t stand it. We just stare into each other’s eyes, appreciating the moment.

Then finally able to speak I ask “today? when I walked by the bathroom…?” My skin shivers with excitement feeling you on top of me.

Nodding he reaches up to softly stroke my face, “if you don’t tell me to stop, I will continue, I have dreamed of this moment since I was 13.”

“Do you want this?” I ask him.

He nods out of breath.

“Me too .. I say hoarsely.”

His smile is amazing.

Suddenly a stronger aftershock his and the house shifts violently. The power goes out, sudden and complete darkness and silence until we hear some things crashing to the ground from inside the house.

“Damn earth quakes!” He laughs, “Maybe when we’re together the earth can’t help but move.”

We both laugh nervously at our situation, but neither of us move. I feel an aching need between my legs and your hardness is pressing into my thigh. I know the whole house would have to come down to stop what is about to happen.

“Hey if you regret this in the morning, we will just blame the earthquake and never mention it again.. Ok?” I whisper into your ear as I run my hands over your strong back.

“I won’t regret it, I am a virgin and I want to go slow, I am in heaven right now,” he replies, his voice gruff and low.

I smile wickedly. “Take this off? ” Tugging at my nighty, you help me pull it over my head revealing the fact that I never put on undies after my shower.

“Mmm, my sister your body is amazing,” he says as his eyes look upon me, feasting upon my now naked form.

Suddenly we feel the ground shake yet again and quickly I press into your arms begging, “Please, my strong, sexy brother, hold me tight. I feel so safe close to you.”

He wraps his arms around my naked body and keeps me close. He pulls the blanket over us, “its ok sis, I will protect you, I love you.” His words stun me into a blissful peace, the innocence we share, the danger that continues to rock the earth beneath us, and our bodies now entwined together for comfort and security. We kiss softly in the darkness, our hands exploring what our eyes cannot see, as the night of revelation continues.

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