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Vegas Baby: Swinging for the Fences

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“Hello,” Miss K said as she answered the phone. “Where are ya? You’re gonna be here in 5? Alright. You got the address for IHOP, right? OK, See ya in a bit. Bye.”

“So is this girlfriend of yours on her way?” Jennifer chimed in. “I mean if she doesn’t exist, this is Vegas after all.”

Miss K laughed just as she was about to pick up her menu, pounding the table in jest. “Y’all must not want a free breakfast huh?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I just wanna decide what I want for breakfast,” a short, thick friend of Jennifer’s piped up.

“Ain’t you gonna introduce me to your friends?” Miss K piped up. “I mean you haven’t stopped talking to them since they showed up.”

“Alright, alright,” Jennifer replied. “The dark skin one is Kia, the one with dreads in Shauna and the skinny bitch next to you is Toya.”

“Hey! It’s my mom’s fault I don’t got an ass,” Toya said with a laugh.

“And I’m Kayla, Miss K if you’re nasty,” Miss K chimed in. “So, what do I want for breakfast?”

“I know what I want,” Kia said as she looked lasciviously over her menu. Her smile beamed on her coffee-colored skin and her boobs were partially falling out of her pink t-shirt. “I want some of that mythical dick Jenn over here was talking about. I mean, anyone can get implants, but you got yourself a shape, girl!”

“I’ll put it to you like this. You know the money that’s paying for this breakfast? A lot of that is still in the bank, and it paid for all this, ya feel me?” Miss K shot back, sticking out her chest through her rust colored t-shirt. Just then she felt Tracy reach over her shoulders and squeeze her tits hard, making Miss K scream in pain. “Hey bitch!”

“Hey, my Amazonian girlfriend!” Tracy said as she slid out a chair and sat down, giving Miss K a peck in the cheek. “It was easy to find you. You’re a head taller than these chicks.”

“So how are you my slutty friend?” Miss K said as she eyeballed Tracy in her baby-blue suit.

“Let’s say I haven’t had my fluids and transmissions checked like that in a while,” Tracy said with a snicker. “And chill with the morality act. If you were so pure, I wouldn’t be here with…who are they?”

“OK, lemme see if I got this right. Starting from right in front of you and going around, we got Jennifer, Kia, Shauna and Toya. Got that right?” Miss K said as the ladies replied with nods.

“OK, ladies, I’ll be your server today. May I take your order?”

“Oh, sure,” Miss K piped up. “Can I have an order of buttermilk pancakes, with a side of bacon?”

“Sure! And what will you have…”

Miss K tuned out to the ladies order when she felt a small sneaker on her ankle rubbing it. She didn’t pay it much mind until she felt it slowly sliding its way up. She looked up in the direction of the foot to see Kia beaming a cheeky smile at her, her eyes hooded with a bit of lust. As Kia’s foot got closer to her crotch, she saw the tip of her tongue slide between her grinning lips before letting out a giggle.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” Shauna asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Kia said as she pressed her foot right into Miss K’s crotch, not to mention her balls. “Nothing at all.”

“You know you crazy right?” Toya said as she sipped on a glass of water, waiting for her order to come out. “Jenn tells us some wild stuff, and you gotta find out more? Please.”

“Hey, I gotta go to the ladies’ room,” Kia said with a sultry voice and a raise of her thin eyebrows. “I’ll be back in a few moments.”

As Kia and her short, thick form walked away, Miss K’s eyes trailed along, and Tracy fell out on the table, barely stifling off a deep laugh.

“What, woman?!”

“I’ve known you for years now, and I’ve never seen you just go for a move like that so easily. You’re freaking incorrigible!”

“Oh yeah!” Miss K said as before she grabbed Tracy’s head and frenched her hard, her free hand unzipping her pants. She reached in and rubbed her clit as she made out with her friend, stifling the moans coming out of Tracy’s mouth. She then pulled away suddenly from Tracy, leaving her breathless as she laid there in the chair.

“Will you at least use protection?” Tracy panted.

“Sure,” Miss K said as she reached down for her purse, pushed out her chair and stood up from the table. “I’ll be back ladies!”

Miss K heard the chuckles of the ladies behind her fade away as she gripped her purse and made her way over to the bathrooms off to the side. When she saw the door to the ladies’ room, she made her way in, letting the door shut itself behind her.

“I’m in the handicapped stall,” Kia called out.

Miss K followed the sound and opened up the door. When she turned over to look at the toilet, she saw Kia sitting there, her pink t-shirt and matching bra pulled up to reveal her mahogany-hued breasts with huge black areolas perkily hanging over her soft belly. She saw sitting there staring at her crotch, her fingers pulling on her nipples.

“Well, I couldn’t feel it out there, so I figured maybe you might have needed help. Unless, that really was a strap-on you put to my friend there.”

“Really, now,” Miss K said as she put down her purse on the tile floor, then unbuttoned levent escort my jeans. “You think that wasn’t real, huh?” Miss K said as she pulled her jeans down to her knees, showing her white bikini panties.

“Doesn’t look like much of a bulge to me,” Kia said with a smile. “If you got it, pull it out,” Kia continued as she held her breasts out to Miss K. “I’ve showed you what I got. Let’s see this so-called foot-long dick Jenn was talking about. I bet homegirl was drunk or something.”

“Little do you know,” Miss K said as she pulled down her panties, revealing what appeared to be a slit. “Things can be easily hidden, ya know?”

Miss K reached up between her legs and pulled her dick loose before letting it hang, her balls dropping down in her scrotum with gravity. She walked up to Kia on the toilet, straddling her feet, and looked down at her face, the shock of something that big in front of her palpable on her face.

“Get it hard. Let’s find out if I’m a liar,” Miss K said as she looked down at her. “Let’s see what I got huh?”

She held it out for Kia, who leaned in to get a hint of Miss K’s scent before taking the head into her mouth. She sucked on the head and swirled her tongue around it with one hand and stroked it with the other, feeling it swell under her touch. Her glossy lips tugged and strained at the tip while her tongue twirled and hand twisted around the lengthening dick, making her back away as the dick grew into her mouth. She licked up one side before taking a few inches into her mouth, sucking as hard as she could through her now-stretched lips. She bent down and sucked at Miss K’s balls a bit, the hard dick smacking her across her ear as she rolled them around at her mouth.

“I guess you weren’t playing huh?” Kia said as she stroked the hard dick with both hands from base to tip, looking up at Miss K’s eyes. “Hey, you got any condoms?”

“Mmmhmm, back in my purse,” Miss K said as she nodded back to her purse behind her. “Why? Do you wanna fuck it?”

“Well, I just wanna see what it feels like,” Kia said as she put more effort into stroking the hard dick in her hands. “Would you like to oblige little ol’ me?”

“Well, I would like to serve you in your endeavor to understand the transgendered community.”

“Meaning?” Kia said as Miss K kneeled down and picked up her purse.

“Stand up and bend over the toilet, face down, ass up, OK?” Miss K said as she pulled a condom out. As she tore open the wrapper and put the condom on her dick, she looked up to see Kia bent over the toilet, her jeans pulled down to reveal a pink thong.

“Nice looking there,” Miss K said as she pulled the thong to the side and guided her dick in between Kia’s labia. She worked her hips back and forth, shoving it all the way in the tight cunt after several strokes and holding it balls deep. “Like how that feels?” Miss K said as she gave her dick a few strokes.

“Damn, you’re a big girl,” Kia said through gritted teeth, trying not to moan too loud. “Oh my freakin’ God you’re big!” Kia said as she drew in a sharp breath.

“Good,” Miss K said as she eased her way out. “Since I’m hungry, that’s it for now,” she continued as her hard dick slapped Kia’s ass in the process of pulling out.

“Woo, that was good,” Kia panted as she managed to sit back down on the toilet. “That was one heck of a stretch. Hey, mind if I pee before we head back out?”

“Nah! Besides, I have to call down a bit before I get myself readjusted.”

Kia sat there on the toilet peeing as she watched Miss K lean up against the wall, her dick flexing a bit as the blood flowed out of it. She wasn’t sure as first, but she noticed Miss K’s ass pressing up against the wall, spreading out from her hips as she leaned against it.

“C’mere for a moment, girl. I wanna see that ass of yours.”

Miss K walked over and turned her butt towards Kia, letting her rub her big ass and give it a smack. “I see how you manage to hide that dick of yours. You got a hell of a booty there.”

“Why thank you!” Miss K said as she looked over her shoulder. “Wanna give it a kiss?”

“Sure,” Kia said as she tore off some toilet paper to wipe herself. She gave a wet peck to one ass cheek, then slid her tongue up thecrack for good measure. “Does that suffice?”

“Sure,” Miss K said as she turned back around and tucked herself back in between her legs. She pulled her panties and jeans back on, and walked out of the stall and bathroom. “See ya outside!”

Miss K walked back out to her table, where her pancakes and four knowing looks were shooting up at her.

“What’s going on Trace?” Miss K said as she pulled her chair out and took a seat.

Tracy looked at her and flashed a knowing smile and nod. The other ladies laughed at the scene in front of them, with Toya struggling to hold onto the piece of omelet in her mouth while she was laughing. Miss K shot a glare at Tracy and decided to take a sip of her orange juice. Just then, Kia got back to the table, carrying herself with a certain strut as she got back to the table.

“So, Curious George here,” Jennifer said as she looked at Kia. beyoğlu escort “Did you get to see what you wanted from ol’ girl here?”

“Well, ol’ girl over here is hung like a young field hand,” Kia said gesturing towards Miss K. “I mean, don’t judge a book by its cover!”

Miss K snickered, feeling a bit embarrassed. “Could you guys chill a bit? I don’t know who has a bit too much firewater in their systems combined with some latent gay traits.”

“Well, if Kia is right, I’d say those DL dudes have good taste,” Shauna said in reply.

“Really, now?” Miss K said through bites of her pancakes.

“Let’s say we have you after breakfast. Are you with me ladies?” Shauna asked.

Jennifer, Kia and Toya all nodded in the affirmative. Tracy then blurted out, “Gee, I’m not quite sure. To fuck my girlfriend or not? I might have to think deep about this one!”

“We all know the answer slut!” Miss K shot back at her friend.

“Alright, I’m in.”


“You know y’all women nuts, right?” Miss K said with a smirk, her arms crossed under her boobs. “Who says women aren’t visually stimulated?”

The ladies sat up on the bed, giddy with anticipating as they wondered what the tall woman in front of them was going to do. “Well, Miss K, my boo,” Tracy chimed in. “Your remaining symbol of masculinity leaves women feeling comforted by its massive size, revealing a power that symbolizes that one has strong genes and is a great provider.”

“Thanks, Trace. That NYU edumacation I paid for was apparently worth it!” Miss K said as she shifted her weight between her feet, looking longingly at her girlfriend.

“Oh, so I really know you didn’t have hormone therapy,” Kia said as she sat on the corner of the bed by the wall.

“Why do you say that?”

“Like a typical man, you missed an obvious hint. Take it off, girlfriend!”

“Alright, alright, yeesh,” Miss K said as she pulled off her t-shirt. “A woman gets a lot of surgery, and this is what she gets?” She unveiled her gravity defying tits to the women in front of her.

“How much did you pay for those boobs there?” Toya asked as she reached up and fondled one of Miss K’s breasts. “They’re so big and perky. Mind if I suck a nipple for a bit?”

“Sure,” Miss K said as Toya reached her head up to suck at Miss K’s eraser-sized nipple to the hoots of the women in front of her. “Hey, Jennifer!”


Miss K drew a breath through her teeth before Toya let go of her nipples. “Where did you get these tits from?”

“Oh, these little things,” Jennifer said as she coquettishly smiled and pulled her shirt up over her bra. “Nothing but lots of hormone-laced chicken!”

“Hey, Jenn!” Shauna said. “You’re sounding like my grandma now!”

“Ahem! And now for the main event that’ll shut all y’all up!” Miss K said as she put her hands to her suit pants and started to unbutton them. She unzipped her pants and slowly, yet unceremoniously, pulled them off, letting them pool around her ankles.

The ladies looked at Miss K with a bit of awe, drinking in the form. The too-perfect body lit somewhat harshly by the morning light stood before them, perfectly shaped, even taking into account the large dick hanging down in front of her legs. Shauna and Toya looked shocked at the member in front of them, not believing what was in front of them. Toya reached up with a small hand, squeezing then tugging on ghte dick in front of her, knocking Miss K off balance.

“Yes, Toya, it is attached!” Miss K said as Toya lifted it up and down, playing with it to see if the shaft that was thicker than her wrist was real. When Toya pulled the shaft to one side, Shauna came up and trapped the tip between her thick lips, grabbing on before starting to suck on it. Shauna nudged her friend out of the way as she started to bob her head on the huge dick, wetly slurping in the now-silent room.

“Woo! Go on and get it girl!” Kia said as she climbed onto the bed and looked more closely at the spit-slick dick Shauna was sucking on.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Shauna joked back before taking a loud slurp on the dick. “I mean something this big is rare and I wonder…”

Miss K cut Shauna off by shoving her huge dick into her mouth, making her gag. She held onto Shauna’s dreads with one hand, fucking her mouth as she lifted up a breast with her free hand so she could suck on the nipple. She felt Shauna grab onto the base to brace her mouth against the thrusting, then felt her dick be guided down Shauna throat until she gagged. She let go of her tit and looked down to see Shauna sucking hard on her dick, bobbing back and forth as she stroked her soft lips up and down. She closed her eyes and bit her lips as she enjoyed the powerful suction, making her nipples quiver. She even shivered a bit as Shauna blew on her tip and flicked her tongue on it.

“Hey K!” Kia whispered into Miss K’s ear as she licked it. “Want to come over on the other side of the bed and let us play?”

“Hey!” Shauna said as she shrugged Kia’s knee off of her shoulder. “I’m enjoying some dick over here!”

“And me and Jenn want to try kağıthane escort it over there. Sharing is caring!” Kia said with a wide grin.

“Oh, alright,” Shauna said as Kia beckoned her over with her finger.

“Can I say that’s one hell of a dick, Jenn?” Kia said as she sat back down on the other side.

“Yeah, and homeboy here has a nicer ass than either of us,” Jennifer said as she gave Miss K’s ass a smack.

“It’s home-girl, ya nuts!” Miss K said as she stood in front of them, hands on her hips. “I know I’m packing, but yeesh. I didn’t go get my license changed for nothing.”

Kia lifted up Miss K’s dick to lick on her balls. “Well, if these weren’t so damned big, maybe we could remember,” she said as she used on a ball and let it pop out of her mouth loudly. “Besides, I wish I had that body of yours.”

As Kia went back down to suck on Miss K’s balls some more, Jennifer slid over as slip the swollen glans into her mouth nursing on it as she swirled her tongue around. She reached out to paw Miss K’s ass, while Kia slid up from underneath and started kissing along the base. She slid her lips along the shaft as Jennifer sucked on the head. Miss K looked down as the two women down below her, her mouth agape on the sensations and the sights beforeher. She saw and felt the two sets of lips press against each other as Kia licked her shaft, then felt her dick being held up as the two flicked their tongues around the shaft before meeting in a deep French kiss around her dick.

Jennifer broke the kiss and slid onto the floor, making her way around Miss K to her huge, round ass. She started planting kisses over each cheek as Kia took half of that foot-long dick in her mouth. Miss K stood there as she felt her dick sucked on hard and she felt Jennifer’s tongue slide up and down the crack of her ass. While Kia kept bobbing her mouth on the huge member, Jennifer slowly made her way to tonguing Miss K’s asshole, making her shiver at the first touch. She felt her ass massaged by the small hands as that small tongue teased her asshole, poking inside every now and again. She bit her lip as she felt Kia raise up off her dick and start giving her long, smooth stroked lubed by her spit. She felt unstable as she felt Kia blowing on her dick as one of Jennifer’s fingers rubbed the skin just below her asshole, making Miss K’s knees buckle.

“Fuck, this feels good!”

“You’re welcome,” Jennifer said as she made a long lick of Miss K’s asshole.

“Hey, will you ladies let me down? I’m getting unstable on my feet here.”

“Sure,” Kia said as she tugged on Miss K’s dick and got out of her way. “I got a nice seat for ya on this bed!”

Miss K let herself fall forward, bouncing a bit on the bed before facing herself up on the bed. When she looked up, she saw all the women stand up around her looking at her with pure lust.

“I’m a sex object! Woohoo! Surgery not wasted!”

“K, can I say you’re an idiot!” Tracy said as she laughed. “I mean, we all know that. So who are you going to fuck first?”

“I dunno,” Miss K said as she stroked her dick with one hand and pawed herself with the other. “Pass me my condoms, and we’ll see who wants to ride.”

“I-I think I’ll give this one a shot,” Toya said from behind Miss K’s head. “Besides, it looks big and fun, and I wouldn’t mind the challenge.”

“You sure about this one, girl?” Tracy said as Toya was pulling off her jeans. “I mean, you’ve been quiet and all that.”

“Still waters run deep,” Toya said as she stepped out of her jeans and walked around to the other side of the bed. “Besides, I won’t go too hard on the dick. Just want to enjoy something I’ll likely not have another shot at. Pass the condom, um, Tracy?”

“Sure,” Tracy said as she handed Toya the gold foil packet for her to unwrap.

Toya tore open the wrapper and pulled the condom out. After fumbling a bit to get the right end pointing up, she reached down to Miss K’s dick, giving it a few strokes before placing the condom on the head and rolling it down, her lithe hands straining a bit to wrap around the thick shaft. Once she got it down as far as she could, she let it go and climbed up on the bed, squatting down on her haunches as she pulled the dick skyward again, lining it up with her pussy. Once she felt the heat off the dick on her pussy, she closed her eyes, bit her lip and felt her body strain against the huge invader she was trying to impale herself on.

She opened her eyes to look down on Miss K’s perfectly proportioned frame, her huge tits forming perfect mounds and her braids splayed across the bed. While her mind blanked out each time she sunk her weight just a bit more on the huge dick, she enjoyed the huge body in front of her, wishing she had a bit more to stretch out the black top she was wearing. Feeling her clit graze the latex as her labia stretched, she forgot about that perfect body as focused on the delicious strain her sugar walls were feeling. She squeezed onto the shaft with both hands about halfway down, got on her knees and slowly stroked her pussy up and down on the shaft. She grunted as she felt her nerves being popped off by the huge member, feeling a cum hit her like a freight train as she squealed in delight. With each spasm, she felt the strain more, her g-spot becoming ever more sensitive as she leaned back to feel the friction. When she slowed down, she looked to up to see Kia sitting herself on Miss K’s face bare-bottomed, forcing her to smile a bit.

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First Time with Her

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I love my wife, I really do, but her daughter has been turning me on since before she was legal. So when she came to visit this summer, finally 18 and perfect in every way I knew what I was going to have to do. I was thinking with only one head, the only one that matters in these situations. I did not care that she was my step-daughter, just that she was young and tight and had tits that give men a hard on when she is just walking by. The fact that she usually stayed with her dad made it easier on me, or I would have lived with a boner for the past two years. Her mom had been amazing in bed, in the beginning, but she was way too busy now with her business, too busy for me or her daughter this summer. Which worked in my favor.

It was on one of those lazy days the very first time. Too hot to be outside if you could help it. The wife left early and would not be home until long after dinner time, as usual. I was just sitting in my chair drinking a can of beer and watching a movie when the girl came in. She must have been out all night as she looked a little disheveled. Her ass hanging out of her skirt and her tits barely in her top. I asked her what her mom would say. She looked at me and asked what it would take for me to keep my mouth shut. My cock tuzla escort jumped to attention, this was the moment I had been waiting for. I walked over to her and looked her up and down, I told her I don’t think she could handle what I wanted. The little minx looked me in the eye and said she could handle anything I could throw at her. With that I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder. She squirmed against me but I only tightened my grip and slipped one hand up to her pussy, the thong she wore good for little but turning a man on even more. I could feel she was already wet, despite her protests.

I quickly made my way to my bedroom and tossed her on the bed. She tried to get up but I pushed her down and covered her body with mine pinning her down. She kept saying this is not what she meant but I could feel her excitement. She wouldn’t let me kiss her so instead I ripped off her top and started ravaging her tits. I sucked one nipple in deeply, rolling it in my tongue while my other hand roughly handled the other one. She squirmed even more then started to moan more than protest as I keep attacking her heavy massive breasts. Soon she stopped trying to get away. My one hand still played with a nipple as I kissed my way down and slid göztepe escort off her tiny skirt and panties. She was shaven bald and already glistening wet. I stuck my tongue out and ran it along her outer lips, feeling her shudder. I took a finger and ran it between those lips, she moaned and bucked her hips. Finally my head bobbed down and I started lashing her sweet tasting pussy. I slipped in first one, then two, then three fingers and fucked her with them. She was smashing herself into my face and hand, begging me to keep going. I felt her buck up off the bed and then her inner walls clamped down on my fingers and she came with a scream drenching my face.

She lay there as her pussy kept pulsing. I was beside her petting her lightly. She asked if we were done and I told her that we were far from. I grabbed her hand, guided it to my rock hard shaft and told her to start stroking it. She was no virgin, we both knew that, and her skills started to show. She played with my cock with one hand and then grabbed my balls with the other. Without even having to say anything she lowered her head and started playing with the tip of my penis, licking it lightly. It felt so good, I was trying hard not to cum right then and there. She kept teasing üsküdar escort with her tongue then pulling away until I finally just grabbed her head and slammed it down on my dick, she gagged but took it all in. She got the hint and sucked me faster and faster, taking my hot throbbing cock into her throat until I spurted my load into her. She tried to pull away but I made her slurp back every last drop and then clean my dick with her tongue until it was hard again.

I pushed her back on the bed and tossed her legs up in the air and in one stroke dove into her tight vagina. It felt so good. It fit like a glove, I could feel her walls sucking me in. My one hand found her clit and started playing with it as I plunged into her over and over again. By now she was screaming for me to go faster, harder, deeper. Her hips met mine stroke for stroke and we both lost all inhibitions and just fucked each other wildly. Both of us sweating, my balls slapping against her ass. Her pussy started to pulse and pulled me in even deeper with each thrust. I was fucking her harder and faster then I ever fucked anyone. I felt my cum start to rise once again, I slammed into her over and over again. Just as I felt her orgasm spurt around my cock I threw my head back and let out a roar as I shot load after load into her pussy, mingling her cum and my cum deep inside her.

Both spent we lay there breathing heavily. Promising to keep it a secret. And promising that this was truly going to be a very long, very hot summer.

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