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Alan Goes to France Ch. 02

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18 year old Alan’s holiday in France with his 37 year old Aunt Bridget resulted in his losing his virginity with her after they had discovered the joy of nude sunbathing on a naturist beach. Making friends with Christophe and Denise, French naturists, involving a visit to a another discreet naturist site where uninhibited sexual behaviour was practised, had led to partner swapping and further exploration of their sensual abilities.

After their day’s debauchery on the beach, Alan and Bridget were happy to retire to their suite, where they were quickly joined by Denise and Christophe who came through the connecting door. They sat and shared a bottle of the complimentary champagne from the hotel, chattering about their very different life styles. There was an elephant in the room with them, however, and it was quite some time before Christophe raised the matter of their day on the beach.

“How do you two refined English visitors feel about the disgraceful behaviour of us French hedonists today? I’m sure disgusting things like that don’t happen in your country.”

“I expect they do, it’s just we haven’t heard of them.” replied Alan, bringing a response from Denise.

“What Christophe is delicately trying to say is did you enjoy having sex publicly on the beach and, more important, did you enjoy changing partners, and, even more important, would you like to do it again?”

“Speaking for myself and, I suspect, for Alan, I totally enjoyed being completely immoral and I’m all for doing it again, if you’re up for it. I couldn’t have ever imagined behaving like that, and I can’t think I’ll ever get the chance to repeat it back home, so I want to make the most of the opportunity. How about you two?”

For reply Denise stood up and undid the zip on the back of her dress. She shrugged her shoulders and she was naked, the dress around her ankles.

“I’m going to bed. Who’s coming with me?”

“I think our bed is big enough for all of us, let’s all go.”

Bridget stood up as she spoke and she quickly shed her clothes, as did the two men. When they walked into the bedroom they passed in front of the mirror wall on the wardrobes, and Denise stopped them there.

“Talk about little and large!”

It was a slightly incongruous sight. Denise, standing just five feet, olive skin tanned deep brown, a slim figure with small breasts and flat belly over a dark triangle of hair, next to Alan, six feet three inches of young muscular male, fair skin and blonde hair, including on his chest and over his substantial cock, hanging quiescent just then. Christophe was the perfect partner for Denise, not much over five feet tall, dark tanned skin and nearly black hair all over, and with, one might say, disproportionally large penis – not as thick as Alan’s, but noticeably longer. Next to him, Bridget towered over him at nearly six feet and beautifully proportioned, large of bust, wide of hip and yards of leg with an inviting gap at their juncture with a blonde bush to match the colour of her head through which her vulva lips could just be discerned. Like Alan, her fair skin was just starting to tan from the Mediterranean sun. This was the quartet that was about to test the resilience of the very large bed.

After looking at their reflection they all started to laugh, and Christophe brought the sight into perspective.

“My Uncle, who was a rather coarse man, frequently said that it didn’t matter how tall a woman is, they’re all about the same height lying down. I think we’ve already proved that, but perhaps we could check it out.”

The two women, being better house trained than the men, took hold of the sheets and blankets and opened the bed, then they all climbed on. There was no discussion, Denise lay next to Alan, and Bridget next to Christophe, the two women together in the middle. So how was it that the two women chose not to be next to their partners, and what was the mindset of the four? Denise was desperate to get pregnant, and thought that the more times Alan fucked her, the better chance she had, while Bridget knew she had plenty of time with Alan anyway, and was just enjoying the total irresponsibility of what she was doing and was up for taking advantage of this chance to spread her sexual horizons wide. As for the men, Alan was just a teenager discovering the whole extent of his rampant sexuality, while Christophe was luxuriating in Bridget’s generous body and enjoying the chance to sample another body than that of his much loved wife.

Just now Christophe was caressing Bridget’s ample charms, kissing and sucking on her nipples, which responded immediately by swelling and hardening. Then he rolled over and asked her to kneel over his face so he could kiss and lick her vulva, his tongue probing between her pussy lips and over her engorged clit. After a while he moved towards her anus, his tongue probing the puckered surround to her very private place. Bridget was a bit startled by this.

“Christophe, do you really want to touch me there? “

fatih escort Sorry, I didn’t realise you weren’t used to that. Haven’t you had anal sex?”

“Chris, it’s a dirty French habit, not what the English do.” This from Denise.

“I expect some English people do, just that I haven’t. But I’m willing to try if you say it’s OK.”

“Well, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again. I love a cock in my arse, it’s just another way to make love. But you do need a bit of lubricant, or it’s not nice. I’ve got some in my toilet bag, I’ll go and get it.”

With that she left the bed and went and fetched a tube of lube, and gave it to Christophe.

“There, make sure she’s thoroughly lubed, and take your time – not like you did the first time with me!”

Bridget was still knelt above Christophe’s face, facing away from him, and he took the tube of lube and squeezed a generous quantity onto her anus, then began to gently probe the dark entrance to her nether end. He pressed very gently, and felt his finger tip begin to penetrate her, and, with further pressure his finger began to open her sphincter, but her instinctive reaction was to expel him.

“You need to relax and let me in. Just now you are fighting me, but you need to just let go and feel me probing.”

“It’s hard to let go. It feels nice, but my body is telling me to push you out. I’ll get the hang of it in a minute.”

He continued to push and felt his finger open her enough to slide in to its full depth. After a bit, he withdrew and applied some more lube before entering again. She was finding the sensation pleasurable and was relaxing her sphincter muscles and he began to slide in and out. Then he added a second finger, and, quite easily, that too entered her rectum and he was spreading her entry. He lifted her off him and turned her so that she could rise to her knees, then she bent down till her head was on the pillow and her arse presented to him.

“I’m not sure about this, so take it steady, please.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll stop if you tell me.”

He knelt behind her, and generously smeared the lube on his cock and into her anus, then he moved till he was just touching her. He pressed gently and felt her sphincter resisting him, but then she relaxed and he began to penetrate her. He hardly seemed to be moving, but suddenly the resistance went and his helmet was through the tight ring of slippery muscle.

“Is that OK?”

“It feels a bit of a stretch but it doesn’t hurt, so carry on for a bit.”

He pressed forward into the hot channel a little, then withdrew completely. This time when he pushed again, he slid through her sphincter easily, and he pushed in a little deeper. He repeated the movements, each time probing further into her depths, till at last he was fully engaged.

“Of God, that feels so full, it’s good.”

Now he began to move more quickly. He had his arms round her, and one hand was squeezing a breast while the other was rubbing her clitoris, then probing into her vagina. She showed no signs of distress and he increased the tempo so that the noise of his belly slapping against her arse cheeks could be heard, and she was grunting as each thrust pushed her face forward into the pillow. Finally he grasped her hips and pulled back hard as he shot he semen deep into her rectum. After a while, he released her, and his cock slid out of her arse, followed by a stream of fluid.

“Are you OK? Your arse is absolutely gorgeous.”

“That’s certainly a bit different. Yes, I like that, I’ll try it again sometime soon. I like it better in my pussy, but variety is the spice of life, so they say. In the meantime, I seem to be leaking somewhat, I’d better clean up.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you.” he replied, and slid down the bed so he could clean her arse up with his tongue.

The sight of her husband licking Bridget’s nether end after reaming her anus had got Denise more than interested, and Alan was sporting an impressive hard on.

“My turn now, only I want it the other way around.”

Alan didn’t understand, till she lay on her back and lifted her legs high, pulling them up to her shoulder level and spread wide to expose her vulva and her arsehole. Alan took the hint and began to anoint the brown puckered entrance with lube, before pushing first one, then two fingers deep into her passage. She was accustomed to this, and thus was completely relaxed, allowing him easy access. After a few moments of digital intrusion she just said “Now”, and he coated his cock with lube and, kneeling below her, pressed the tip against her dark skin and slowly, easily, penetrated her sphincter and moved deep into her.

“Mon Dieu, you’re big. Give me a moment to get used to you, just go slowly for now.”

Alan did as he was asked and made slow movements, his cock gripped firmly by her tight channel and the muscles of her sphincter. Gradually he picked up the pace as it was clear she wasn’t in any distress, çapa escort and she confirmed this when her hand went to her vulva and she began a rapid massage of her clitoris. She was breathing heavily, and, when he began to thrust hard and fast, she was squealing at each intrusion till she grabbed him and pulled him down hard as her orgasm hit her, and he was not far behind as he squirted his juices into her, then they both lay still for a few moments before his erection faded and he slid out .

“That was good – how did you enjoy your first arse?”

“Different, but I’ll certainly go there again, if anyone wants me!”

The four of them were now lying on the bed with the two women in the middle between two men with rather limp cocks. Bridget and Denise were close to each other, and, looking deep into each others’ eyes, they both saw something surprising. Bridget was the first to act, and she leaned forward just far enough to brush Denise’s lips with her own. It wasn’t much of a kiss, but the next was more definite, and there was no doubt that this one was for real.

“I’ve never kissed a woman before” said Bridget.

“Nor have I, but I think I’d like to try again.”

So they did. And then they tried caressing each others’ breasts. And their arses. And between their legs. And then they found that they enjoyed the taste of freshly aroused pussy, as Denise mounted Bridget in a soixante neuf (that’s French for sixty nine, and if you don’t understand that you shouldn’t be reading this). The two men watched with fascination as their loving partners exploded into fierce orgasms that shook the bed. When it was over and they separated, Alan leaned over and saw Bridget’s face was smothered with Denise’s juice, and carefully licked it clean before kissing her.

“May I have a turn now?” he asked.

“Just a minute, while I get over that” was the reply.

Denise was getting the same treatment from Christophe, and they lay quietly for a while, till gentle caresses gradually grew into full-on sexual assaults, both men mounting the women and driving into them fiercely. After a bit, by mutual consent, they swapped partners and the bed was groaning under the ferocity of their mating, till, with a flurry of limbs and the slurping noise of sweaty, slippery flesh, not to mentioned the animal noises coming from all four, they finally collapsed in a series of sexual explosions. They lay still for a bit, till a plaintive squeak from Denise:

“Christ, Alan, you’re smothering me!”

Alan had always been conscious of how big he was compared to the tiny French woman, and had been careful to support his weight on his arms, but this time he had driven her hard with all his strength and weight. Now he quickly lifted himself clear of the small body, and she had taken big breaths as she recovered.

“That’s better. I loved your weight on me, not to mention your fat cock in me, but I feel a bit flattened – look at my poor little tits, they’ll never be the same again, and there wasn’t a lot there to start with.”

Both the men started to stroke her breasts as they murmured soothing words, and Bridget moved down the bed to kiss her abused and very wet pussy.

“No, please, three lovers at once is too much, and, although I love you all, I think for now I’d like to slow down a bit.”

They reluctantly stopped their activities, and, after a while the French couple left the bed and returned to their own room for the rest of the night.

For the next few days the four friends went around together as a group. Several times they piled into the Deuch (Citroen 2CV = Deux Cheveaux = two fiscal horse power – sorry, old car geek talk) and made various excursions into the hilly area behind their base town. It was as new to the French couple as it was to the Brits, and together they explored various old villages and discovered several rural restaurants where they ate copious amounts of traditional peasant food – and drunk copious amounts of wine, some of rather dubious quality. They also enjoyed some walks in deserted areas where they found quiet spots to enjoy sex games au naturel, and were able to walk quite long distances naked, as a result of which Alan and Bridget developed all over tans, happily without getting burnt.

Each night was spent in love making, the beds in their suite getting a good work out when all four joined in wild sex on one bed. All too soon it was time for the French lovers to leave at the end of their stay, and they all decided to visit the sex beach for the last time. They found that it was well frequented, and they found a shady pitch where they soon stripped and settled down. Sitting and looking around, there was a lot of interesting activity going on, and their attention was drawn to a woman who was impaled on a large cock in her pussy while another man was ramming her arse. To judge by the noise, she was finding the experience more than interesting, and she finally screamed as the two men filled both of sarıyer escort her holes with their cum.

“How do you fancy that, ladies?”

“No thanks, one at a time is enough for me”. replied Bridget.

Denise had another look at the woman who had just been double screwed, saw that she seemed quite happy after her experience, and nodded.

“Go on, I’ll try it, as long as Alan goes underneath and you both promise to stop if I tell you.”

The two men agreed to take it slowly, and Alan laid down, his cock already well erect , and Denise knelt over him and guided him into her waiting pussy. Then she leant forwards so that her arsehole was presented for Christophe’s delight. He knelt between Alan’s parted legs, but before he entered, Bridget took the pot of lube and generously coated Denise’s fundament, sliding first one, then two fingers deep into her and spreading the tight entrance. She then anointed Christophe’s cock, which brought it to its rock hard prime, before guiding it to its target. He pushed gently, but slid easily into his wife’s anal embrace.

Denise let them know that she was comfortable with the double intrusion, and the two men began to fuck her, trying to move together. This was made easier because they were both totally aware of each other as their cocks were separated only by a thin membrane and they were effectively touching each other. While they were busy, Bridget had moved round so that she could kiss Denise while her hands were caressing her breasts. The men picked up their speed, and were soon pounding the small woman between them, and her grunts and squeals became louder as the intensity increased. Their was no real chance of a three way simultaneous orgasm, but the two men were very close to each other in filling the two channels with their juices, cumming in a series of thrusts which shook their bodies, not to mention that of Denise, who had some sort of orgasm, though, as she explained afterwards:

“I’m not sure if I came or not, I was so full of cock that I didn’t know what was happening. I don’t think I’ll bother with that again, it’s just something I’ll write off as an experience which isn’t really worth the trouble. I’d much sooner stick to one hole at a time being seen to, if you don’t mind.”

The men agreed that it was just one of those things to try once and not repeat, while Bridget said that it wasn’t the prettiest sight she’d ever seen, and she certainly wasn’t going to try. After their efforts the two men laid under the shade of the trees and had a little doze, while the women wandered off to the sea, as Denise said she needed to drain the men’s fluids from her body.

The two women had a long swim, then climbed up onto a floating platform that was moored a few yards from the shoreline. As they laid together, gently caressing each other, they became aware of more bodies climbing up to join them. Denise had drawn Bridget’s attention to two women who were close to where she had recently been abused by the two men. They were oriental in appearance, with quite dark skins and long jet black hair. They were so alike that they could well have been twins, both very petite, slim with virtually no breasts at all, and with no body hair. Had it not been for the strict checks at the entrance, they would have passed as young teenagers, or even pre pubescent. These were the two girls – women – who had joined them.

“Hello – may we join you, please?”

“Of course, there’s plenty of room.”

They started chatting together, and the women explained that they were, indeed, twins, the children of parents who had come to France from Vietnam when it was still a French colony. They were married to two Vietnamese brothers, and this was their first visit to the nude beach, which had come as a big surprise to them Their husbands had left them for the day while they went and played golf, and they had gone for a drive and came to this place completely by accident.

“So how do you like watching all the sex games?” asked Denise.

“It’s not just the sex, it’s seeing all the different body shapes, I’d never realised from seeing people dressed, especially the women. You European women have got much bigger breasts than we have. I love your big ones.” This to Bridget. “May I touch, please, they look so heavy.”

Bridget took her hand and put it on her breast and she began cupping it and feeling the weight. She squeezed the mass, and rolled her fingers over the nipple, which grew under her touch. The English woman in turn put her arm around the slim body and stroked her flat chest, tweaking her nipples into life, and they were soon kissing passionately, and Bridget slid her hand down to the hairless pussy. She pushed the girl onto her back and slid down her body till her head was between her legs.

“Your pussy is so beautiful, I’m going to eat it.” and, true to her word, she was soon licking and nibbling around her naked lips, breathing in the delicate odour before plunging her tongue deep into the inviting vagina, then sweeping up to her clitoris while her fingers penetrated deep into the hot, slippery channel. It took only a few minutes before she was rewarded with the shuddering of the girl’s body as a stream of liquid flooded her face. She held the slim body close as she calmed down, before releasing her.

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