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Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Many thanks to RossDaniels for input, advice and editing.


I made a mad dash from the shower to the living room to answer the phone. Caller ID showed that it was Seth, my boyfriend. Trust him to call while I was naked!

It was Valentine’s Day and there was a little surge of energy in my body as I answered.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hey babe, happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Thanks sexy. Same to you.”

“So tonight, I’ll fetch you at seven, we’ll go for dinner and then I have a special surprise lined up for you at my place. I think you’ll really like it, but wear some sexy underwear for me please.”

“Surprise for me or surprise for you?” I asked sarcastically.

He chuckled and said, “For you pretty lady. All for you.”

“We’ll see,” I said with a smirk.

“See we will. Hon, you’re just out of the shower, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, still all wet.”

“Hmm… I want you to take a picture as soon as I hang up and send it to me. Then I want you to step back into the shower and play with yourself until you cum for me. Tell me all about it in a text message. Go sexy lady– do it right now.”

He hung up right at that moment, neither giving me a chance to refuse or question what he had said. It had got me hot though. I could feel my nipples becoming perky. Something had been aroused deep inside my pussy too.

This was probably his plan– he was going to keep sex on my brain all day. I’d be so worked up by the time I saw him tonight that we’d have an endless sex marathon and we’d both have to take tomorrow off. I loved it though. It was a real thrill being turned on all day and having to wait for the big climax– he always made sure it really was a big climax and worth the wait.

I stood in front of my mirror and stared at my body for a bit, before taking a photo of it for him with my cell phone. My dark brown hair sat tangled around my round face. Excitement gleamed in my eyes and my dark nipples were tingly and pricking up. My almost bald pussy hid between my rather large thighs.

He knew it got me wet when he made me do things like this for him. I could feel the moisture seeping off my pussy lips. I stood with one leg before the other– hiding most of my pussy– and held one breast in my free hand. A seductive smile completed the image and I hit the Capture button.

He received it a few moments later and I hopped back into the shower. I quickly soaped up, shaved and rinsed off. Now for the big finale of the morning…

I angled myself under the spray of water such that I had a jet of water concentrated directly on my swollen clit. The hot water on my hot, throbbing clit made me wild! I plunged two fingers into my pussy and began stroking my gspot.

My orgasm came quickly. It started as a little surge, then my knees buckled and my pussy muscles clenched around my fingers. My blood pounded in my veins and a wave of absolute pleasure came over me.

I spent a few moments recovering under the spray of warm water. After turning the water off, I dried myself with a towel and went back to my bedroom.

I typed to Seth, “Just orgasmed in the shower. Was explosive. Thought about the wonderful things you do to me with your big, sexy cock as I came. Can’t wait to see you tonight.”

He sent a message back saying, “Until tonight sexy. Loved the pic Tammy. Loved how you orgasmed for me.”

I loved how he handled me; how he could make me do things like that for him and make me feel incredibly sexy in doing them. I’d make it up to him tonight.

I got dressed for work–slipped on some lacy red and black panties, a matching bra and black pantyhose. I put on a knee-length black skirt and a crisp, white shirt. A pair of black heels and a hair clip to hold my long hair out of my way finished off the look. I didn’t wear make-up very often.

I drove to work and checked my phone as I arrived, expecting a few more messages from Seth, but got nothing. Not a single word.

It was a quiet day at work. I work in the accounting department and it was the middle of the month, so there wasn’t too much to do. Between filing and other mundane tasks, I managed to check my phone every few minutes, expecting to hear from Seth. Nothing.

Maybe he was very busy. Still, it bugged me that he’d got me all excited this morning and then just left me with nothing. I loved him though, and he knew how to push all the right buttons.

We’d met almost a year ago at a mutual friends birthday party. Most of the party had cleared out when we met bahis siteleri and there were just a few of us playing strip poker. He sat across the table from me and his mesmerising eyes distracted me. After stripping down to my underwear, I decided to call it quits and walked away. Butterflies fluttered around in my tummy as his eyes roamed over my almost naked body.

He’d followed me and we chatted a bit before exchanging numbers. He had an electric personality. Our conversations were endless, even when they were about nothing at all. A few dates later, we had sex for the first time. It was exhilarating! He hit all the right spots and made me feel like I was the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. And every time we’ve had sex since then, it had been as amazing. He always looked for new ways to spice things up, but still made me feel incredibly special.

I didn’t mind that the surprise he had planned was probably for his pleasure. He’d given me my share of pleasure this morning.

Ah yes… This morning… Just thinking about it made something tingle inside of me… I didn’t want to wait for tonight… I wanted Seth right now… My nipples had pricked up again at the thought of this morning… And my pussy was slowly becoming lathered in my own juices as I thought about how Seth’s cock would ram in and out of me tonight.

I was determined not to call him though. Not after his lack of communication after this morning! I snapped back into work mode, but continued checking my phone at regular intervals.

By the end of my work day, I’d still not heard from him. My mood jumped between stages of anger and absolute admiration and love for the man. I took the highway home and drove perhaps a little faster than I should have.

I checked my phone again as I got into the house. He had send a text this time!

“Sorry babe, been a mad day. See you at seven. Don’t forget the sexy underwear. Love you. See you soon.”

As much as I loved him to pieces, it was my turn to be busy. I decided I’d be silent for now, but make up for it after seven.

I undressed and stepped into the shower. A good lather of soap was followed by a quick rinse. I stepped into a pink and black thong and put on a black bra with touches of pink lace. Sexy underwear gave me the most incredible feeling. I loved knowing Seth would be taking it off later on tonight.

The thoughts of Seth undressing me and the way he looked at me lustfully when I was naked in front of him were slowly making that tingle inside me reappear. It was turning me on to be dressing for him. I put on my favourite little black dress, a pair of heels and added a bracelet. I pinned up my hair, put on a little bit of sparkly eye-shadow and was almost ready as Seth arrived. A layer of pink lip gloss finished off the look.

He met me at the door and we kissed for a bit before heading off. That kiss expressed all the passion we’d been saving for each other throughout the day. He placed a hand on each of my sides and smothered my lips with his hungrily. It wasn’t the longest kiss ever, but it exemplified our lust and desire for each other. We broke apart and stared at each other for a moment before I locked the door and we left.

He wore black pants and a red shirt. He had his dark hair styled in a messy but tidy way. His beautiful hazel eyes shone magnificently and lit up his face. He had just a tiny bit of stubble on his face– just the way I liked it.

We went to one of our favourite restaurants about five minutes away. It was a cosy place with friendly staff and great food. It was full to capacity tonight. We got a table in the far corner, away from everybody. The lights were dimmed and there were a few candles around, creating a very romantic ambience.

I sat next to him and he held my hand every time I wasn’t using it. We chatted about our days, politics, how materialistic Valentine’s Day had become, etc.

Although the conversation wasn’t about us, it made me feel closer to him. He’d slowly began stroking my hand and that was turning me on a little bit.

As we were about to leave, he turned to me and said, “Babe, that surprise I have for you… Its something I think you’ll like very much, but I want you to know that if you don’t, I understand– no hard feelings. You can pull out at any time.”

Now curiosity was eating at me. It didn’t sound like a normal night of passion for us. It sounded like he had something quite different planned, but, no matter how much I nagged or bargained, he wouldn’t tell me what it was. canlı bahis siteleri

He held my hand and walked me into his house. All the lights were on inside, which I thought was unusual. We were both big on saving the planet and switched off where we could.

Without a word, he took my hand and walked with me to the living room.

“Surprise!” a woman I’d never seen before exclaimed as she popped up from behind the couch.

The woman had lovely red hair that she wore in tight curls. She had a pair of mesmerising blue eyes and high cheekbones. She had a lithe, toned body and wore a skimpy blue dress and no shoes. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

I was shocked and turned to Seth for an explanation. Why was there a stunning, scantily-clad woman barefoot in his house alone? What exactly was the surprise?

“This is Jessie hon,” Seth began, “she’s your surprise for tonight.”

I was speechless. SHE was my surprise? How did that work? What did that even mean? What was I supposed to do with her?

Seth, sensing my true surprise, continued, “I know you’ve fantasised about having a woman and man at the same time. Jessie and I went to college together and I thought you might like her.”

Jessie smiled. I looked from Seth to Jessie and back again.

I had always wanted to try it, but never expected it to actually happen. It was both overwhelming and incredibly sexy. And Jessie was absolutely stunning.

“Are you game?” I asked her.

She nodded and said, “I’m wet.”

Gosh! I was getting wet too!

“Me too,” I admitted with a moment later, with some apprehension.

Seth moved to stand behind me and began stroking my arms and shoulders.

“Your choice babe,” he whispered into my ear.

I loved that he’d arranged this for me and that he’d paid such close attention to what my fantasies were. This opportunity was far too enticing to just let it slip by.

Jessie moved toward me and our gazes locked. She slowly began stroking my arms too. The sensation of both Jessie and Seth stroking my skin was beginning to send little jolts of electricity through my body.

Seth leaned down and kissed the back of my neck, sending a jolt through my spine. Jessie, less than a second later, held my head in her hands and kissed me deeply.

Her soft lips enveloped mine at first. As I slowly began to part my lips to return the kiss, she sent her tongue inside my mouth, exploring the insides of my lips. Her tongue found mine and they danced inside my mouth for a moment. Her tongue retreated and she replaced the sensation by sucking on my lips.

She sent passion running through my veins with that kiss. She had lit a fire inside my pussy! I could feel my nipples pricking up and my pussy lips moisten as I kissed her back.

As we kissed, Seth unzipped my dress and stroked my back and sides. I moved my arms so that he could take it off. He kissed down the length of my back and held me close as he touched my sides so lightly that I got goose bumps.

Jessie took off her dress in a flash. She had nothing on underneath and this turned me on even further. She had small breasts with pink nipples. Her body was slim and toned. Her shaved pussy had a piercing right at the top– she wore a silver barbell in it.

Jessie gave me a good view of her body, then turned around and sauntered over to the couch. She sat down and waited for me to follow her.

Seth held my body and turned me around. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Better not keep her waiting.”

I walked over to the couch and stood in front of Jessie. She sat on the edge and spread her legs, putting one on each side of me. This put her pretty pink pussy in full view.

I held her gaze as I unfastened my bra and let it fall to the floor between us. My larger breasts with dark nipples fell downward. I slipped off my panties and shoes off, giving her a short glimpse of my pussy.

She licked her lips in anticipation and I bent over to kiss her again. As I bent over, my breasts swayed. She touched them lightly with her hands, making me pull back a tiny bit, out of surprise. She gently began kneading my breasts and teasing the nipples. I used one hand for balance and reached for her breasts with the other.

Seth, now naked too, came behind me and began stroking my ass (which was now up in the air). I could feel his hard cock brush against my skin. He was excited by this too!

Jessie moved her hands to hold my head as we kissed. I let güvenilir bahis my free hand slip lower from her breasts. My fingers danced across her tummy before landing right above her hairless pussy.

Seth had began touching my pussy from behind. His fingers were becoming coated in my juices that were now just oozing out of me due to the sheer excitement and sexiness of this experience. I could smell my own arousal in the air, as well as Jessie’s. Her nipples were standing to attention and I could feel my juices flowing over my pussy lips.

Jessie broke the kiss, but I was far from done. Instead of pulling away, I leant down further, slowly lowering myself into more of a squatting position, and began kissing her body– starting at her neck and moving downwards.

The huge amount of sexual excitement pounding through my body had made me uncharacteristically bold. Seth had taken a step to the side and had squatted next to me, but continued stroking my pussy.

I kissed down her neck and her chest. Each of her breasts got a gentle kiss and I took each nipple into my mouth, sucking gently.

I’d never had a nipple in my mouth before and I wasn’t really sure what to do– what if she didn’t like the same things I did? Judging from her moans though, she liked what I was doing.

I kissed along her tummy and moved downward. Soon I was on my knees. Seth sat next to me, his back against the couch, and just watched, leisurely stroking his engorged cock.

I placed one hand on each of her legs and held them apart. The musky smell of her pussy filled my nostrils.

I licked her wet slit, tentatively at first, then more eagerly. Her juices had a sweet-saltiness about them that was driving me wild. I licked more, letting my tongue probe deeper.

She groaned and tangled her fingers in my hair, holding my head close to her pussy.

I pointed my tongue at her clit and began flicking. I started slowly and picked up speed steadily. One of my hands moved, almost of its own accord, from her leg and I inserted a finger into her pussy. I began finger-fucking her while my tongue was busy on her clit.

As her orgasm built up, she began thrashing her legs about madly. She held my head in place with her hands and moaned loudly.

As she climaxed, she squeezed my head with her thighs, leaving her hands in my hair. She moaned loudly and her pussy juices drenched my face.

I had just made a woman cum for the first time! I’d enjoyed every bit of it! The experience and her smell was driving me mad.

Seth took this opportunity to kneel behind me– he spread my legs and knelt between them. He slammed his hard, dripping cock into my soaking pussy, entering me fully in one powerful thrust, and began to fuck me as we both knelt before Jessie.

Jessie was unrelenting in her grasp on my head and held my nose close to her pussy the until Seth and I finished off.

Seth held my hips and rammed his pelvis against my body, driving his cock deep and forcefully into me. With each thrust, he groaned and pushed my body a tiny bit closer to Jessie. His cock stretched my pussy deliciously and made a slapping noise every couple of thrusts. My juices were still flowing all over my crotch and his cock.

Between her smell and Seth’s cock, I climaxed very quickly. A loud groan escaped my lips and vibrated into Jessie’s crotch. She squeezed her thighs around me again, as my pussy muscles clenched in orgasm around Seth’s cock.

Seth grabbed my hips and sprayed his hot cum inside me a few seconds later.

It took us all some time to recover enough to make it to the bedroom. Seth flopped onto his side of the bed and I snuggled up next to him. Jessie snuggled up against me on the other side. Seth put an arm under my head. I put a hand on Jessie’s pussy and she put one of hers on mine. Seth got his goodnight kiss first and then Jessie– a deep, lingering kiss– before I flopped back, exhausted.

I was really amazed at the turn of events and absolutely content with having lived out one of my fantasies tonight. As I drifted off to sleep, I imagined what our next adventure together might be.

Seth and I awoke before Jessie the next morning. While laying in his arms, I asked him a bit more about her. Seth and Jessie were good friends in college, but he’d never seen her naked before last night.

I’d asked him if he wanted to fuck her before she left. He responded by tracing a finger along my arm, sending a jolt of electricity along my nerve endings, and saying, “No baby. Last night was just for you. I’m happy that we did it, but I just want to fuck you baby. Only you.”

I thanked Seth and took the day off work to make it up to him. We said goodbye to Jessie after breakfast and spent the day naked in his house, getting up to all sorts of mischief.

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