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How could this have happened?

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Hi everyone, this is the first story I post, so try to be understanding. I’m also not native English speaking, I tried to do my best but I apologize in advance for any grammar errors.

This is just an erotic story about a sexual fantasy I have, involving big tits and lesbian seduction, I don’t mean it to be likely, I’m just a horny male and I’m sorry if real lesbians will feel offended by all these commonplaces and stereotypes.

In a story I usually like a well-built introduction of the sex scene, I find it extremely exciting, So it’s not a story where sex comes quickly, but I also don’t like stories to long or complicated, so it’s a story that start slow and gradually increases the level of arousing situations.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much I liked writing it.


Mary was in a hurry to get home. She worked part-time in a clothes shop and even for that day she had finished her shift. It was her birthday and she knew for certain that Matt was already home and that there was some surprise waiting for her. A romantic dinner? An unexpected gift? She didn’t know, but Matt would have managed to surprise her as always.

Mary was 32 and Matt was 34. It was already some time now that they have started talking about the possibility of having children. Most of their friends already had children, and they knew that their moment was also approaching. Mary really wanted to have kids with Matt, but he had just started a new job and they were waiting for things to stabilize a bit before start trying seriously to have a baby.

They had been married for almost 3 years now, but they were together since they were twenty. Mary was very much in love with her husband and knew that she couldn’t have wished for a better partner. Tender, careful, he treated her as if it was still their first engagement day.

Their sexual life was also not bad. Certainly it was not like the first years, when passion burned them and they could spend hours devouring themselves as if they wanted to be consumed by the kissing. Tenderness had taken the place of wild sex, and although they continued to have intimate moments with a certain regularity, the fantasy of the early days was gone, and by now they do sex mainly in the missionary position. Their sexual intercourse were fairly standard, with a lot of love and little sex. Matt was quite well equipped between the legs, but the length of the intercourse had never been his best quality in bed, and lately she didn’t always reach the orgasm. But Mary was fine with that, she was glad to pleasure him and she liked when he was happy.

When she met Matt he was a handsome guy, blond, tall, blue eyes. Even if he had never been lean, he practiced various sports, and over the years he had kept himself fit enough. Also Mary, when looking to herself in the mirror, did not feel disappointed by what she saw, she had managed to maintain the body that she had when was ten years younger. Her breasts were still firm, not large but round and with small pink nipples, and her butt was tight, thanks to the swimming pool she attended twice a week. Her pride was her skin, still smooth and elastic like silk. But the best part of Mary was her face, sweet, with big blue eyes, and a cheeky blond bob that gave her a young and fresh air.

When Mary got home she found Matt waiting for her as expected. She knew that he probably had taken a few hours of permit from his job to be able to get home earlier and have time to prepare all. How sweet and kind he was. The table was set with candles to give the room a romantic touch, and a bottle of good red wine completed the scene.

“I love you, darling.” Matt whispered, hugging her from behind and kissing her tenderly on the neck.

“I love you too, my dear.” Mary replied back.

“Happy birthday for your wonderful 32 years, honey.”

“Thank you, my love.”

They started dinner, and laughed and drank all the wine while eating baked fish prepared by Matt. Finally the time for gifts came and Matt handed her an envelope with anxious eyes, curious to see her reaction. Mary opened the envelope and found a red coupon. She read it carefully and then jumped on the chair for joy.

“You enrolled me in the ceramic course! I cared so much! But how did you remember it? “

Matt looked at her with eyes full of love. For some years now she had been telling him how much she would have liked to participate in a ceramic course. It was since she was a girl that she had this interest, and since her job was boring but gave her some free time she would have liked to have a hobby.


The course was only one week and lasted three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 16 pm. to 18 pm. Mary could not wait to start and when the first day finally arrive she was beside herself with excitement. She arrived early at the course venue, a multipurpose room made available by the municipality, and met the other participants. There were only six of them, but Mary was happy: “Better this way” she tough, “The teacher will have more altyazı porno time to dedicate to each of us.” The other participants were all women and Mary was the youngest one. She knew none of them, but they seemed to have all nice faces. They entered and began to chat while waiting for the teacher to arrive.

Shahrazad arrived five minutes late. The word beautiful was not the best adjective to describe her, but that attractive lady in her fifties was certainly hard not to be noticed. She was tall, very well-groomed and smiling, and emanated a sophisticated and charismatic aura. She had to have Italian or middle eastern origins, with a beautiful face with vaguely persian features and a mediterranean complexion. She had shoulder-length black hair, dark and deep eyes and a beautiful mouth, whose fleshy lips were highlighted by a dark red lipstick. She wore a black skirt, high heels and a white blouse. Mary only vaguely noticed that she must have beautiful natural breasts, highlighted by the blouse that barely contained them. Her big breast was impossible not to notice, it looked so huge and full under the blouse. She also had a golden pendant with a bizarre shape, that rocked at the beginning of the just hinted neckline.

The course started and Shahrazad turned out to be an excellent teacher. She was very nice and always had a ready joke with which she managed to make the whole class laugh. Mary often remained as if hypnotized admiring the skill with which Shahrazad’s well-groomed hands caressed and modeled the clay. There was something almost sensual in the movement of those hands. She had tapered fingers and soft skin, with perfect nails glazed in red. When Shahrazad first approached her, Mary was almost dazed by the intensity of her perfume, sweet and exotic like an oriental night.

The course seemed to fly away, Shahrazad’s lessons were fun and they passed so quickly that every time it seemed to Mary that they ended too early. Shahrazad was a wonderful teacher, and besides this she was also an incredibly cheerful and cultured woman. It seemed to Mary that the teacher had a special sympathy towards her, she devoted more time to her than to the others, teaching her some special clay tricks, and never missed an opportunity to talk to Mary and ask about her life, her job and her husband. Sometimes it happened that Shahrazad, explaining her how to model clay better, turned around her, brushing her with her breast, and on a couple of occasions Mary absently noticed a soft pressure on the neck or shoulders, when Shahrazad leaned casually against her, bending forward to make her put her hands better on the clay. One day, during a short break, Shahrazad gave her a shoulder massage, saying that she was too tense and that body must be relaxed when works the clay. Shahrazad’s hands were as skilled at massaging as at modeling clay, Mary discovered. She had strong but at the same time delicate fingers, and Mary would have gladly abandoned herself even more to that wonderful massage if she hadn’t been annoyed by that bulky breast, which pushed hard behind her nape.

A nice harmony was created within the group and the final lesson arrived quickly. “Dear girls, we have reached the end of these wonderful days, and I hope they have been great for you as much as they have been great for me. I am sorry to have to leave you already, you have been excellent students, nice and full of talent, so I want to celebrate. What about an evening between girls? I invite you all to dinner out!” The girls applauded and thanked her for all the things she had taught them. One of them could not go to dinner because her husband was away for work and their young son would have remained home alone, but the others immediately started to organize and decide where to go for dinner. Mary was undecided, it was Friday evening and she knew that it was an important evening for Matt, it was the end of the working week and they usually celebrated with an intimate dinner.

While she was thinking, she felt a presence behind her, accompanied by an indistinguishable perfume, and got it was Shahrazad. She turned and found the teacher looking at her smiling.

“So Mary, what are you waiting for to say you’re coming?”

“Oh Shahrazad, I really don’t know, it’s Friday night and I usually have a special dinner with my husband after the working week.”

“Oh, come on! I bet he will arrive home tired and will not have time to devote to his beautiful wife.” Saying this she winked at her, smiling. She also put her hands on her hips and this gesture made her bring her shoulders slightly backwards. That posture made her breasts stand out even more. “Her breast must be really huge” Mary thought. She also remained vaguely surprised by how it still seemed full and firm despite her age, not so young anymore.

Mary blushed slightly and finally decided: “Oh, okay then, after all it’s a special occasion, it’s the last day of the course!” Indeed she was sorry that she would never have seen her classmates again and, for amatör porno some reason, above all she was sorry that she would never have seen her teacher again.

“Exactly, very good Mary!” Saying this Shahrazad took her by the arm to drag her towards the others girls, and in doing it involuntarily rubbed Mary’s arm with her massive chest. As she was being dragged away, Mary called Matt to warn him that she would have not be home for dinner. He was a bit annoyed but, as the excellent husband he was, he understood the needs of his wife and even encouraged her.

“It’s fine honey, go and have fun.”


They chose a French cuisine restaurant, with a very welcoming atmosphere and soft lighting. In a small fireplace in the corner some crackling wood was burning, giving a pleasant warmth to the whole environment. They sat down and Shahrazad took place right in front of Mary. The time to order wine and the other four girls began immediately to talk about their husbands. Shahrazad didn’t seem very interested in the topic and started chatting with Mary. “You know Mary, you were a really good student, very gifted, I really mean it. In fact, I want to confess you a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell to the others… You have always been my favorite… ” And so saying, she blew her a kiss from above the table, and for the second time that day she gave her a sly wink. For some reason, Mary blushed and felt slightly troubled by that gesture.

After a while they chatted about this and that, Shahrazad snorted, and waving the air near her face with one hand she said: “Uff, how hot it is in here! I feel suffocated.” And saying this she took off the red cardigan she wore, showing the low-cut black shirt she was wearing underneath. The cleavage of the shirt was highlighted by a corolla of brilliants, and the pendant she had shone in the deep valley designed by those soft breasts. Even Mary, who sat opposite to her, could not help but take a quick look in that direction.

She had never been attracted to women, and not even when she was younger had she played games with her high school friends. But like all women she recognized the beauty of the female body, and in this case such a beautiful breast was impossible not to admire. “I wonder how crazy will have become all the guys who ended up in bed with her…” thought Mary, well aware of the love of boys for boobs. Matt liked them too, and his favorite petting was to touch them and then suck on her nipples. She enjoyed the feeling, but she never fully understood what he found in clinging to her breast like a little baby.

Mary was suddenly interrupted in her thoughts by a friend of hers, who asked, turning to Shahrazad: “And what you tell us, dear professor, isn’t there a husband waiting for you at home?” Shahrazad chuckled, bringing a hand to her mouth. “Oh no my dear, certainly not a husband!”

“And you’ve never been married?”

“No, but don’t worry about me, when I feel like it I have no problem finding someone to warm the bed with!” Saying this she secretly winked at Mary for the umpteenth time, who felt a little disturbed by that gesture.

“You won’t tell us you’re a lesbian!” their friend replied.

Everyone laughed, all the wine they drank was having effect, and someone else changed the subject, but Mary noticed fleetingly that Shahrazad just smiled, without answering yes or no.

The evening quickly came to an end, and they all left the place a little tipsy. Mary called Matt to come and pick her up, and in the meantime the others girls started to go each one to her own home, exchanging warm greetings and promises to meet again soon. While was waiting for Matt, Mary remained alone with Shahrazad.

“You know Mary, I’m really sorry not to see you again, I was serious when I said you were my favorite. You have a natural talent for ceramics and it’s a pity not to put it to good use. Indeed, listen to what I propose you, why don’t you keep practicing? I could give you private lessons at my house, so you’d learn faster.” Saying this she approached Mary smiling, taking her hands in hers. It was colder outside than inside the restaurant, but Shahrazad was still in her shirt, and her turgid nipples were noticeable under the shirt.

“Oh Shahrazad, thank you very much for the invitation, I don’t really know what to say, but I don’t know if it is the case, we don’t have much money in this period and private lessons I guess will be expensive” In reality they did not lack in money, and indeed she would have liked to learn the art of ceramics better, but for some reason Shahrazad was beginning to make her uncomfortable, perhaps because of all those winks. Taken aback, it was the first excuse that came to her mind for not having to accept the invitation.

“Oh, come on Mary, don’t be silly! Don’t worry about the money, really, I want to offer you at least the first lesson for free as friend, then you will decide if you want to continue or not. So, what do you say? I would really animasyon porno love it. I feel like something special about you…” Saying this she got even closer, almost too much. So close she was that that exotic perfume hit Mary with all its fragrance. She kept watching Mary intensely in the eyes.

Mary felt confused and lost for a moment in that deep look, and not knowing what to reply, she heard herself respond: “Oh well, if you put it like this Shahrazad, then I don’t know how to refuse. Thanks for the invitation, I will be happy to come.”

“I am really happy too, you’ll see, you’ll like it…” Shahrazad smiled, and still holding her hands in her owns, she came one step even closer. Mary almost thought for a second she was going to kiss her, but just then she heard the horn of a car ringing behind her. Matt had arrived.

“Well, your charming prince has arrived. Bye then, I’ll wait for you tomorrow at 5 pm. Here is my address.” She slipped a note into her hand, and without leaving time to Mary to think of anything, she kissed her on the cheek, but almost at the corner with the mouth, and left.

Mary got into the car slightly upset.

“Was that your teacher?” Matt asked.

“Yes, her name is Shahrazad, why?”

“Wow, very beautiful woman.”

Mary nudged him: “Stupid you, you’re all the same you men, you see a nice pair of boobs and you don’t understand anything anymore!”

“With two tits like that, she would make even a woman fall in love!” Matt justified himself, laughing.

“Well, be careful then, because your wife is going to have a private lesson at her place tomorrow, if you understand what I mean.” Mary replied, teasing.

“Uhmm, fine for me, just tell me everything later!” Matt said jokingly.

With a roar he started the engine, and they went home.


When the day of the private lesson came, Mary could not deny that she was a little nervous. What was happening to her? During the night she had dreamed that she went to a restaurant with Matt, and while they were sitting at their table, all of a sudden Shahrazad had arrived holding the hand of another young woman, strangely very similar to Mary herself. When Shahrazad entered the room, she looked smiling at her and winked. Mary had woken up sweaty and with the heart beating very fast, as if she had a nightmare. Why Shahrazad was upsetting her so deeply? Could she really be a lesbian? “Oh, come on!” Mary said to herself, “It’s just my imagination, I stupidly made myself influenced by evidences that exist only in my mind”. Not that Mary had anything against lesbians, on the contrary, it’s just that during her life in that small provincial town she had not met many, and it seemed impossible that just Shahrazad, her ceramic teacher, was one of them. However, for some reason, she felt a little nervous about being alone with that curvy lady. “Even if she is lesbian, it’s impossible she would flirt with me, she knows I’m married to a man!” Mary said to herself, in order to calm down.

At 5 p.m. she rang the doorbell of Shahrazad’s house. It was a beautiful cottage, with a garden full of roses. Shahrazad opened the door almost immediately. She was wearing makeup, with red lipstick and mascara to underline her intense gaze. She had a slightly unbuttoned red blouse under which was possible to glimpse the white bra which tried to hold that massive chest.

“Mary, my dear! It’s nice to see you again. Come here!” And so saying, she hug Mary tightly for a few seconds, pressing her large breast against Mary’s more modest one. Mary almost lost her breath, so pressed against those soft tits. It was the first time she experimented the feeling of another woman’s breast against hers, and the sensation gave her an electric shock across the back. She barely had time to notice the intoxicating scent of Shahrazad’s hair before she took Mary by the hand and dragged her into the house.

“Come, come in please, you’re very welcome!” It was a beautiful house, furnished in exotic style, with a pleasant smell of sandalwood in the air and various lighted candles. A slight jazz melody came out of an old turntable. Shahrazad led Mary to the laboratory where she had the pottery plate and they started to work, chatting of this and that. As they worked, Mary finally began to relax, the background music was pleasant and Shahrazad was smiling and nice as always. How had she even could possibly thought that Shahrazad wanted to seduce her?

Then she noticed casually that a third button of Shahrazad’s blouse must have opened while working. Her white bra was now sticking out from under the blouse, and Mary noticed the contrast between the white of the lace and the tan complexion of that soft breast. She even had a little skin mole, quite similar to a heart, on her left breast. In fact, Shahrazad, to better explain how to put her hands, was bent forward on the table, so that her deep cleavage was exactly in front of Mary’s eyes. Her pendant now hung free in the void swinging back and forth hypnotically. Mary lost herself for a moment observing the rocking, involuntarily looking directly inside that magnificent neckline. Suddenly, a detail she never noticed before captured her attention. Shahrazad’s pendant depicted two people embraced, clanged to each other in an evident erotic act. Two people, two women.

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