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Floating. Sun shining down on my body, penetrating my skin, warming my topside, the water keeping my backside cool. Water slipping up and down my neck, tickling my ears, as I dip and slightly sway on the surface. I roll over, face down, eyes open, gazing down below. The sun’s rays reverberating through the water, shimmering on the sky blue bottom of the pool. I briefly wonder what sound it would make if I could hear the dancing reflections, perhaps as a soft wind chime. Tilting my head up and to the side I inhale deeply, then face down again as I raise one arm up and over, slicing into the water in front of me, pulling down and back. Then the other arm repeating the motion. My arms moving in sequence, pulling me through the water. My legs cutting like scissors, propelling me forward. The soft splashes of my limbs working through the water are muffled as I tilt my head up and sideways to pull in more air. My body is a machine overcoming the environment in which it floats.

My heart pumps faster, harder. I can hear the beat like a cadence setting my pace. The blood flows smooth and quick, rushing the oxygen to the fibers strung between my bones. The energy my body commands leaves me feeling empowered, all controlling. I can skim through this water, I can fly, I can be free and weightless, I can swirl and spin so gracefully.

As I turn for one, last lap, my thoughts focus on you. I want to sink into you. I want to swim in you. I want to be self-confident and graceful with you. I want your heartbeat to be the cadence that sets our pace. I climb out of the pool and stroll towards the patio, dark, curved imprints of my wet soles trailing behind me. I lay on a chaise lounge, letting the sun warm me, feeling little drops of water spill over my curves to fall to the ground. I can feel the water evaporate from my skin as a breeze carries the moisture away. I hear music coming from the house, a plaintive violin solo of Vivaldi, sweet and calming. I wonder what you are doing in the house, hoping you are looking out and see me, lying here, as the sun warms my naked flesh.

A shadow falls across my closed eyelids. I can feel you standing there; I can feel you looking at me, your eyes taking in every inch revealed. You are just enjoying the scene, letting it soak into your memory for later contemplation. You wonder if I have fallen asleep and wish you could touch me without waking me. You wonder what it would be like to experience love with me in a dream state. Your gaze wanders up and down, resting on my full breasts, my pink, erect nipples, then up to my face, my soft lips in a quiet smile.

You pull a chair close to me and sit, just watching me. You can’t help but grin in amusement, wondering how long I’m going to lie there without acknowledging you. You wonder how long you can sit there and not touch me. You’re curious if my secret place is wet. I seem to ignore your presence, off in my own world. You are aroused, thinking of your desires with me, wondering what is drifting through my mind. I open my eyes very slightly as the sun is so bright, and watch you through my lashes. You lean back and smile, I’m not fooling you.

I relent and reach out, resting my hand on your knee. You trace the back of my hand with your fingers, then turn it over, following the lines of my palm. You raise my hand to your lips and kiss my palm, then softly suck each finger, your tongue swirling down then back up. Your fingertips trace up my arm and skim over one of my breasts to circle and tease my nipple. My eyes remain closed, but my lips are slightly parted. Your hand cups my breast, just holding and feeling the shape for a moment. You lean down and flick my nipple with the tip of your tongue. I remain still, but it is a struggle. As you kiss my breast your hand moves to the other, caressing, teasing. Then you suddenly stop and I hear the scraping of your chair on the cement as you push it back. Silence follows and I want to open my eyes, but I’m anticipating what will happen next.

I lie there for several moments but there is nothing. I no longer feel your presence and finally open my eyes to find I am alone. I briefly wonder if I was dreaming, the chair is even back in its original place. But my breasts are tingling, my heart is racing, my breath is quickened. A dream that stirred my desire. I can still hear music. My curiosity aroused, I get up and stroll into the house. It seems empty, slightly eerie, as I wander from the kitchen to the living room. As I walk down the hall it seems as if the house is deserted. I anticipate you will jump out at me, or I’ll find you lying on the bed, but you are nowhere. I begin to think perhaps it really was a dream after all.

I raise my hands to my breasts, my nipples are still hard. I’m feeling hot and eager to fulfill my desire. I cautiously enter the bedroom, believing you will be there, but it is empty. I lie on the bed and play with my breasts for a while, thinking of your hot mouth, your tongue teasing my nipples, sucking and licking. Reaching down between my legs I slowly stroke the lips of my tender, wet sex. Sliding my fingers into my pussy I move them in and out a few times then slip up to my clit, teasing, then sliding up and down my vulva, spreading my silky wetness. All the while pinching and pulling my nipples with my other hand.

Oh, how I wish you were there, doing this to me. I imagine you sitting above me, holding my hands over my head in one of your hands, sucking my tits, playing with my pussy with your other hand. I can almost feel your hardness pressing against my leg. I’m so hungry for you! Then I hear movement but I don’t look around. I realize you have been watching me from the master bathroom and don’t want you to know I’m aware of you. I’m excited at the thought of you watching me masturbate.

“Look at you, you can’t even wait for me. Now just listen and do as I say, or move the way I guide you, but keep your eyes closed. Don’t speak unless you are asked a question.” Your voice is soft but commanding. You move to the foot of the bed. “Spread your legs wider while you play with yourself, I want to see.” I’m happy to oblige, slightly tilting my pelvis up for you. You watch for several moments. “Stop. Put your arms straight out to the sides of the bed and don’t move.”

I hear you moving around me and look up but you put your hand over my eyes. “Did I not just tell you to keep your eyes closed? Do I have to blindfold you?”

“I promise, Sir, I’ll be good and do as you say,” I whisper.

“Now I’ll have to think on how to punish you for that little indiscretion.” I listen as you undress. I hear the drawer of the bedside table opening and items being placed on top of the table. I’m trembling from apprehension, struggling not to say a word and plea with you not to punish me. “Get up and bend over the bed. I’m going to be lenient this time because you are inexperienced. But I don’t want you to make me waste time having to stop and punish you. Because each time you misbehave I’ll have to be more firm with you, do you understand?”

I reluctantly slide off the bed, mindful to keep my eyes closed. “Yes, I understand, Sir.” I lay over the bed, my stomach tight, feeling scared. Snap! I grunt as I feel your crop whip my right ass cheek. The sting burns its way across my whole cheek and tingles up into my back. Another hard slap and I try hard not to cry out. I have to force myself to stay still and not jerk out of the way. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut and grit my teeth, determined not to let you see my distress. You are indeed lenient and stop after ten. My bottom is a cris-cross of burning lines. I can’t help the tears that escape as I try to regain control of myself.

“Now, get back into position and let’s continue, shall we? Let me show you how I love you. Just as I have to punish you, I want to give you pleasure even more.” You help arrange my arms out straight and legs spread wide apart.

You caress my full breast in your palm and lightly kiss my nipple. But then there is a sharp pinch as you place a nipple clasp on, then one on my other nipple. I gasp at the pain concentrated in my sensitive buds. There is a chain attached to both clasps and you gently tug, slightly increasing the sensation. “Remember, you will keep your arms out to the sides. If you cannot do that then I’ll have to bind your wrists to the bedposts.” You’re excited by the thought of me concentrating on your commands as you play and seduce me to distraction. You tug the chain again, pulling a little harder. I moan loudly and arch my back, trying to move in the direction the chain is being pulled. “I didn’t say you could move, lie flat, now.” As I straighten you hold the chain, pulling my nipples and the feeling is burning, but strangely arousing. You lean near my face and whisper next to my ear, “That’s going to cost you, you know.”

“Hmmm…what shall I do with you?” You move to the end of the bed and caress my feet. At first I pull away, you know I hate my feet being touched. But your grasp is strong and you lift one foot up and kiss the sole, then suck on my toes. It’s almost too much. Yet it somehow feels both annoying and good at the same time! Then you move to my other foot. I groan and try to pull my foot away. I gasp as I feel a sudden stinging slaps on my calf from your crop. “I told you, you will be good. You are mine to do with as I please. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I understand. I’ll try to behave for you!”

“No, you will not try, you will do so. I know you can do it.”

You rest my foot on the bed and spread my legs apart but keep them straight at the knees. Walking around to the side of the bed you reach out and tug on the chain again, then slap the side of my breast. I wince at the hot sting but suddenly feel you kissing where you just slapped, and licking, sucking. “You taste so good. I love the feel of your skin against my tongue. I want to eat you up!” You take one clasp off and I gasp at the feeling of the blood rushing back into my nipple. It throbs as you suck on it, pulling and softly biting. I moan and push up against your face. Then you replace the clasp and pull twice. You smile, enjoying watching me struggle to keep still.

Your fingers trace the inside of my thighs, close to my pussy, taunting me. You slip your fingers from my vagina to my clit. Then you bring your fingers to my mouth, pressing them to my lips. “Suck my fingers and taste your own nectar,” you command as you slide them into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around your two fingers, enjoying licking and sucking them clean. “How do you taste, today? Sweet and juicy? I’m sure I’m going to have to find out, sooner or later.” Then there is silence. There is stillness. I’m wondering what is going to happen, a little scared. But there is nothing. You have left me there. I can hear muffled sounds but I’m not sure which room you went to, the bedroom door must be closed. I cannot do anything but lie there and wait. I’m feeling a little cold now. But I keep my eyes closed and my body spread eagle on the bed. I want to be perfect for you, to have you find me just as you left me.

It seems as if hours have passed, the waiting is a torment. As I lie there I recall the luscious things we have done together. I ponder what you will do now, how you will tease me. I fantasize of where you will touch me, kiss me, of how you will lick me, suck me. I think of your hard cock, of you tracing my lips with the head then softly fucking my mouth. I imagine my tongue circling around your shaft, sucking and biting your entire cock, feeling your balls against my chin. And all the while not being allowed to touch you with my hands. I can feel my juices trickling from my pussy, my entire sex, inside and out just throbbing! I’m squirming a bit, with all these images running through my mind. I think that when you come back, at the first word out of your mouth, I will orgasm, I’m so hot, so hungry! I moan and pull my legs up to my stomach, I ache for you! I almost shout for you, beg you to please come back!

I hear the door opening and quickly straighten my legs. I don’t want to disappoint you! I want to be good for you! You come in and sit next to me on the bed. I hear music drifting into the room. I smile, thinking how sweet you are to play my favorite classical CD. “You looked flushed, my Dear! Have you been naughty or merely thinking of it? The sheet looks slightly crumpled around your legs.”

“Oh, God” I whimper, realizing I moved when I was told not to. Impatience at this command nearly causes me to say something I might have been sorry for. I feel irritated and sigh heavily. “I promise I didn’t play. But I couldn’t help it – I ache and I pulled my legs up together,” my voice is soft but strained.

“You ache? Where do you ache?”

“Between my legs.”

“Be specific, describe it,” you say as your hand rubs up and down my thigh. You lightly brush against my pubic mound. This only serves to aggravate me more.

“Oh…” I sigh in hesitancy, uncomfortable. I don’t know which is worse, having to verbally describe what I feel or the aching of unfulfilled arousal! I cry out as you pull hard on my chain.

“Tell me! You must learn to answer me!” You’re down by my face, your lips to my ear, your voice soft yet fierce.

“Oh! My pussy, Sir! It aches so badly! I yearn for your touch, please!” Tears slip out from my closed eyelids, sliding down my temples. My nipples are throbbing in rhythm with my pussy now. I’m fighting the urge to slap your hand away from my chain and wanting to reach down to masturbate.

You gently wipe my tears away, “It’s all right, my Dear. Just relax. I’ll give your pussy the attention you deserve very soon.” Your hand cups one of my breasts then slides down my arm to my hand. You move my hand to your cock, hard as a rock. “Stroke me, slowly now.” I obey, wrapping my fingers around your shaft, sliding up and down, enjoying the hard thickness. I can barely stand the wait for you to fuck me with your long shaft! “Wouldn’t you like to feel that inside you? Wouldn’t you like me to thrust that in and out of your hungry pussy?” You taunt me. I continue to stroke you, concentrating on keeping it slow and keeping my body still, my other arm and my legs straight out. It’s so difficult not to squirm! I’m wondering why you are being so patient with me. Is this the calm before the storm? My stomach is a knot of anxiety, anticipating when and how I will be punished for my transgressions.

“Answer me; when I ask you a question I expect an answer.” Your voice brings my focus back to you.

“Yes Sir, I want to feel you fill me up!” My face flushes pink and you smile, caressing my cheek, tracing my lips with your fingers. You slip a finger into my mouth and I play with it, roll my tongue around it, suck on it. Oh, why won’t you give me your beautiful cock to suck?! The pain in my pussy is driving me to distraction making it difficult to concentrate on what is expected of me. I can barely think of speaking with the rush of excitement and all these sensations.

You pull your hand away from my face and I can hear ice clinking in a glass. As you take a drink of your water I feel cold drops of liquid hitting my flesh, along my breasts and down my stomach. You move down, taking the clips off my nipples and gently sucking each one, sometimes biting, but the coldness of your mouth is soothing. I wince and try hard to stay still; I want to pull your face down and bury it between my breasts! You pull my hand from your cock and move it to the side of the bed, so I am again spread out. It’s so difficult to keep my eyes closed! I want to see you, look into your eyes, see your face, your cock. I feel your fingertips trace from my temple to my chin, across my lips.

“Open your eyes,” you whisper, as if reading my mind. I do so and squint, refocusing. It’s gotten darker, the sun is setting. “Look at me. I want to see you looking at me, I want to see that you understand. Do you trust me? I will never do you harm. I will only treat you well, out of love. Even if it seems a painful thing, it will be good. I only want our pleasure, together. Do you understand? I want to bring you to the utmost pleasure and I want to be there with you, share it with you. Will you do that with me?” Your eyes are bright, you smile so warm and sweet. I wish you would kiss me right now!

“Yes Sir, I trust you. I want to share everything with you. I want to give myself to you!” My heart is racing at the realization of what I am saying, I want to release my control to you, but I still have apprehension as to the deeper meaning of it all.

“Then be careful of what I’m saying, pay attention. Again, close your eyes. If you cannot obey that command I will have to blindfold you. Remember to keep your arms and legs out, unless I give you permission to do otherwise.”

As I close my eyes I hear you open the drawer of the bedside table. I wonder why I did not take the opportunity to sneak a peek at the items I heard you put out a while ago! You place a pillow under my hips as you move down between my legs. I feel a light, feather-like touch on my vulva. Your tongue flirts with my supple lips. Your fingers part my lips and you softly blow on my pussy. I groan in hot agony, not being able to move! Then I feel a coldness between my buttocks. You squirt some lubricant on my anus, working it around and into me with your finger…oh! I want to move! Please let me move against you! I gasp as you slip in a butt plug, at first slim but the further you push, the larger it gets. I moan softly as I feel the flair at the bottom slide in, settling inside me. “You are so well behaved! You mind your manners very well.” You lean down and kiss me, your tongue slipping into my mouth, exploring. I reciprocate, playing with your tongue. You tease my nipples between your fingertips, pinching and twisting. “You have done so well. You may move, you may respond. But make sure you keep that plug inside you! And keep your hands out; don’t touch yourself and don’t touch me, unless I say it’s ok.” I writhe and squirm a bit. I sigh and moan. “Open your eyes. I want you to see what we will do.”

You straddle me and push your cock to my lips, slipping your hard shaft into my mouth. I suck hard. My tongue swirls around as you slide in and out. “You can use your hands right now, only on my cock and balls.” I moan, so grateful to touch you with my mouth and hands. I reach up and slide my fingers around your balls, massaging, teasing, feeling their shape. My lips slip up and down your shaft, I love the shape of you! My teeth lightly scrape along your cock, you moan and grasp either side of my head and begin to pump faster. You pull out and push my breasts together, slipping your hard rod in between and fucking my tits. You sigh heavily as your hot cum squirts all over my neck and breasts.

You get up off the bed and place the nipple clips back on me. Then you roll me onto my stomach moving the pillow beneath my stomach to raise my ass up. “Oh, that felt so good, my Dear. You did well. But we must address your disobedience a while ago; when you tried to pull your foot away, also arched your back after I’d told you not to move, then pulled your legs together while I was gone. I’m going to let you feel the consequence. Keep your arms spread, don’t move!” I feel something flat sliding across my ass, smooth and caressing. As soon as I realize what it is, I feel the first sting as you slap the leather paddle hard across my right cheek. I gasp in surprise as the pain flashes through me. Seconds later my left cheek is treated to a whack and now both my cheeks are hotly tingling. I feel a blush heating my face, feeling slightly indignant at this treatment. I squirm my hips and moan.

“Yes, you can buck and squirm but you cannot get away from my paddle!” You softly say, your words spoken lovingly as you give me a third hard slap, then continue – alternating sides and areas of my ass. It’s all I can do not to reach my hands back to instinctively protect myself! I try not to cry out, but I can’t help it, an involuntary grunt or groan emerges. I’m moving my ass, not sure if it’s to help you or get away from you. My ass cheeks feel as if they are on fire and I begin to cry. Each time you spank me it jars my butt plug sending tingling sensations deeper inside. My nipples are burning, my pussy is so wet, my ass full with the plug! I’m caught between being dismayed at my body’s reaction to your “attentions” and being thoroughly aroused. Oh, I’m so ready to orgasm I can barely stand it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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