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An Auntie I’d Like To Fuck

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This story is very close to the truth. I do have an auntie Suzanne, and she is about 20 years older than me, and I did go on a road trip alone with her. I have only embellished the tale slightly because it needs so little. In other words, about 90 percent of this is completely true. To this day I flash back any time I need a great memory to help me handfuck myself. Enjoy.

Before there was such a thing as a MILF, if you know what I mean, I had the opportunity to enjoy an AILF… an aunt I would like to fuck. Let me share that tale.

Suzanne was my mother’s sister and she lived on the other side of the country while we lived in British Columbia, Canada. That means it was a rare thing for our family to see anyone “from back east.” It also meant that a visit from Suzanne, without her husband, and Esther, with, was a real treat for all of us.

This was the first time they had visited BC and Suzanne could not stop talking about how amazing everything was: the mountains, the ocean, wildlife (not that kind… yet) and even how friendly people seemed to be. She was loving it. And though she did not know it, I was loving her just as much. (Maybe change that to lusting her.)

At the time I was a university student just about to go back to second year. I was as busy as could be with a summer job in the local mill that paid very well, but also offered regular overtime work. The result was that I was able to ‘bank’ about a week of vacation for myself before going back to school.

If I had only known how good a week it was to be, I think I would have banked even more.

After a few days doing the rounds of tourist locations in our town, visiting friends and spending lots of money on gifts and souvenirs, Suzanne started complaining that she wanted to do something more interesting. She had heard about an exhibit in my university town and got it into her head that they should go there for the last four or five days of their vacation. But no one was having any of that; they all preferred to mooch around the home town and relaxing. “Too much driving and stress,” complained my family along with Esther and her husband.

“Fine!” exclaimed Suzanne. “I will go on my own, by bus.” Suzanne had always been headstrong, stubborn actually.

I have to thank my sister for this next bit. We’d never got along all that well and she was happy when I was off at school so she suggested that “Paul should drive her to the exhibit!” That would get rid of me for her, and would get Suzanne off their backs with her demands for more adventures.

It did not occur to me right away how this might turn out. I was certainly willing to undertake the trip, just to entertain Suzanne (honest!) but I did not want to be seen as encouraging the idea too much. I complained about missing work. About it being expensive as we’d have to stay in two hotel rooms (my apartment was not available yet, not until the first week of September when all students returned), and I did not want to be stuck with my “old aunt” for four days.

I actually said ‘old Suzanne’ out loud, and they bought it. Of course, all my straining to get out of this backfired you might say. I was eventually forced, I mean convinced, that I should do this as a good nephew, and to get Suzanne the vacation experience she now wanted.

To this day I don’t know if Suzanne planned all this, but I like to think she did.

Suzanne was far from old, as I had complained. She was exactly 19 years older than me; I was 20 at the time.

I should probably give a better description of my aunt. Suzanne is exactly five-foot-five and weighed, I think, 118 pounds. That means she was perfectly shaped for my tastes, slightly rounded in all the right places and not so skinny you could count ribs.

Standing, as she usually did, in five-inch heels wearing a tan that could have been stockings, her legs were superb. The curve from the heel to the knee was perfect; her firm, womanly thighs were equally wonderful. I knew this because we’d often gone to the lake for swimming, tanning and hiking. She did not hike, but she did swim well and rested often on her giant beach towel. Her tan was genuine, and I could never quite avoid staring at her and almost getting caught more than once. At least, I believed she had not noticed, after all, I was her nephew, right?

To continue, her athletic thighs curved beautifully into a firm but generous butt, enough to hang on to (I really, really wished) but not so much as to look fat. Her 40-year-old hips and tummy were very good for a 25-year old; for her, excellent!

Next, her breasts. I cannot say enough about how wonderful these appendages were. She had to be a large B cup, maybe even a C cup. Her bikinis were the right size, but even then those wonderful breasts strained at the fabric. And somehow her nipples were virtually always noticeable. Sometimes it was just a hint of bump, but a lot of the time they were right there about to poke you in the eye. (I was sure she never saw the attention I was giving her breasts, all of her actually.)

Suzanne’s altıparmak escort pretty face was framed with short, wild hair that yes, always looked like she’d just got out of bed. I was pretty sure she had highlights done, but they just added to the almost red hair — a real family trend, actually. She looked good.

Once the family had decided that I would be taking Suzanne on her road trip, I played the wronged youth, resigned to doing the right thing. But only if she paid for everything, I insisted. In the meantime, I could barely conceal my excitement over the next three days pending the trip.

The Monday before we were set to leave I could barely get to sleep: we’d be leaving early for the three-hour trip to university. We loaded up the bags into my car, said goodbye to the family and pulled out of the driveway.

My heart was thumping. It was all anticipation, but tempered with “get real — this is not Penthouse Letters, after all.”

I could not have been more wrong.

We drove, chatting about Suzanne’s plans for the excursion and the places she was most looking forward to visiting. For my part, I listened and answered her questions as they came up. After all, it was my ‘other’ home town. Concentrating on driving I mostly forgot about the fact that I was travelling alone with my hot aunt. Alone!

We’d been driving uninterrupted for almost two hours and it was time to stop in for refreshments and a fill-up. When I pulled in to the most convenient station, Suzanne literally jumped out of the car, calling back to me… “I have to pee!”

I filled up the car and got us a couple of soft drinks and was waiting patiently at the side of building away from traffic. I could see Suzanne when she came out. I almost did not recognize her. She had changed into tights with a loose-fitting, nearly sheer top cut really quite deep. As she got back in she just said “let’s get going,” totally ignoring my look of surprise, though I would have sworn she had a little smirky smile going.

When we got out of the city traffic into the rural area she finally asked if I had noticed her new outfit. And did I like it?

I stammered a “I sure do” about the outfit, and posed the question: where in the heck did you get the outfit?

“I had the tights under my jeans, and the blouse was in my handbag,” she explained. “I knew it would be hot (she paused ever so slightly) so I planned ahead.

Hot. Right. No kidding.

I could barely keep my eyes on the road. Suzanne had slid her seat all the way back and was stretched out completely, feet on the dashboard and firm legs crossed at the knee and featuring those fabulous thighs. I could even see the swell of her right breast standing firmly in the gap of her blouse. Even more distracting were her clearly visible nipples pressed hard against the lightweight fabric. That was when I realized Suzanne had removed her bra as well.

I was sufficiently distracted that I did not see her watching me appraising her nipples. There were thick, rather large; I could even see their bumpiness as they stretched to their maximum. I kept glancing sideways, making sure she still had her eyes closed. She did, probably.

“It looks like you are enjoying the view from there, Paul,” she said softly. I nearly jumped out of my seat.

“What? No way. I was just looking out the side window! I wouldn’t do that. No way!!”

She saw how nervous she had made me. “It’s okay Paul,” she offered, “besides, I have been glancing at you a bit, too.” That was when I realized my erection had tented my shorts, giving me away completely.

“We have always been honest and open with each other, right Paul?”

“Yea. I guess.”

“Then let’s be honest now. I have been hoping you would like what I was showing you, and I think you have, don’t you think?”

I mumbled, still shaken over the directness of Suzanne’s observations. “That is true, aunt Suzanne.”

“You should call me Suzanne for this trip. It’ll be more fun if we are not locked into the aunt-nephew thing all the time.”

I have to admit that I still did not really understand what she meant. And my confidence was simply not enough for me to take her up on it by asking questions. I just refocused on the driving. That was until I heard her breathing change pace.

Since I had been so easily caught, I fought the urge to look over. I could not have her see me watching again. What if she was offended. (Clearly, I was more naive than I would have cared to admit at the time.)

Suzanne offered me some grapes from the cooler and when I accepted, she simply slipped one between my lips. When she fed me a second, I realized that there was something strange about the fruit. It smelled funny, I thought.

By the third one, I realized that I was smelling pussy juice. To say that was an erotic moment would be a massive understatement. Somehow, though, I still held on to the idea that I would offend her if I said or did anything. Was I ever wrong?!

Traffic bursa anal yapan escort was not too heavy but still kept me from looking over. Besides, I was trying to ‘will’ my erection down.

This was something Suzanne deemed unacceptable as she nudged my shoulder saying, “you should see this.”

I glanced over. She was still reclined in the seat but this time her legs were slightly spread, her feet still on the dash. As I watched, she slowly moved her right hand under the elastic of her tights (yes, LuluLemon if you must ask) and worked her fingers slowly down. I almost forgot the road, but came back right away. Her fingers were walking their way down. I could see every little movement through the stretchy, almost translucent fabric.

Watch road! No watch hot aunt! I could die! Who cares? Can’t you see what she’d doing?

Her had stopped at the top of her pubic area, the fingers spread out and she cupped her mound. Fuck! That was almost too much. I was losing my naiveté, and the car was drifting out of the lane… “Why don’t we pull over, Paul?” she suggested, her voice sultry and low.

And to make things even better, at that moment a rest area, complete with trees, grass and paths appeared on the right. I pulled in faster that I thought possible. She said “let’s park over there, on the far side, away from these other cars.”

I backed into a spot beneath some sprawling cedars that offered shade to make the spot rather dark — invisible from the other end of the rest area almost.

I removed my seat belt and nervously asked, “how’s this?”

“Perfect, now sit back and watch — maybe you’ll see something you like.”

Her hand had never strayed from her pubic mound; now I saw a couple of fingers start to flick left and right. Slowly, then a bit faster the fingers rubbed. Suzanne’s breathing was coming fast by now. She was really enjoying the show she was giving me.

“You like?” she mumbled hoarsely.

“You have no idea,” I whispered, afraid I might say too much and spook her into quitting. Not a chance of that, it turned out.

Soon she had most of her hand buried in her pussy — I could see three fingers working in and out in a frenzy. She was now panting openly, occasionally holding her breath then releasing it in short, sharp bursts. (I found out later that these her response to ‘little’ orgasms.)

Suzanne moaned loudly — I realized where we were and quickly looked around. Nothing to worry about. It was then I felt her left hand reach out to my thigh. Her eyes were closed tightly, the right hand was fucking away, and she was sliding her hand towards my cock!

I could never have imagined this could happen to me, let alone would happen. But there she was, masturbating wildly and holding on to my thick erection. Her hand slid up the leg of my shorts and beneath my underwear; she grasped my cock hard. At that very moment, Suzanne groaned, screamed and shuddered in a wild orgasm.

“Holy fuck! That was great!” she said, looking right into my eyes. Her right hand was still cupping her mound; the left hand meanwhile had started to make small, firm strokes on my cock.

I must have mumbled something because she stopped suddenly and asked, “Is something wrong? Are you okay?

More mumbles and she realized what an effect the whole scene had had on me. The best clue was probably the pulsing of my cock in her hand, even though she’d stopped jerking it. “Is it okay that I am holding your fabulous erection, Paul” she asked.

I was starting to get my voice, and my wits back. “Ye-ye-yes. Are you sure we should do this?”

“Not if you don’t want to, but I am way too turned on to stop unless you tell me to,” she confided. “That was one of the best orgasms I have ever had, Paul, and it was all because of you. I could see you watch me even when you didn’t know it and that’s what started to turn me on. I didn’t really plan for this, but once I started thinking about who you were, and the fact that we would be alone for four full days, I couldn’t really help it.”

“Really? You felt that? That is quite a compliment auntie Suzanne.”

“Yes, I am your aunt, aren’t I? I kind of like the sound of that now, my nephew.”

By now she had slipped her hand out from underneath her tights. She asked me if I was finding this very hot.

“You have got to be kidding, Suzanne. Hot? It is the most fucking erotic moment of my life and I will never forget it.”

“Erotic? Really… then what about this?” she asked, as she slipped her right index finger between my lips.

I went back to mumbling, something about her amazing pussy taste.

She still had not let go of my cock. Though she seemed to realize it when it jumped as her finger dipped into my mouth.

“Looks like you will be needing a bit of release, too, Paul. Want me to look after it?”

Back to mumbling.

She had me sit up a bit, move the seat all the way back, and slip my shorts down to my knees. I looked around again, wishing away anyone bursa bayan escort that might consider coming close. This could NOT end. Not yet!

Suzanne slipped her hand through the gap in my underwear, loose boxers. She struggled to guide my unbending hardon through the hole telling me, “this is so hot, especially digging out your amazing cock while you’re sitting there.”

Once she’d worked my cock out of my shorts she began to slowly stroke it up and down, very slowly all the while changing her grip from firm to barely touching. It was hell, or was that heaven. I was completely taken by the moment.

Suzanne’s hand barely made it around my erection, her fingers barely reaching around. As she was moving her hand along my shaft I was watching her, mesmerized by the view of her little hand hanging on. She was digging into her purse with the other hand. She finally found what she was looking for: moisturizing cream. She popped open the tube with one hand and brought it to my cock and drizzled a stream onto the head.

Then she really went to work jacking me off. She worked her way into the space between the seats where she could get a proper grip with both her hand. They worked back and forth, swirling and twirling so quickly, then ever so slowly.

Suzanne was a pro. Or maybe my Aunt was simply spectacular at the handjob because every time I was getting close to coming, she sensed it and pressed a thumb hard against my urethra on the underside of my cock. It held off my orgasm. Then she would start again first with one hand, then both. It was the most fucking incredible session I had ever had, and trust me, I had jacked off enough alone and with others to recognize great masturbation. And this was great.

I was thinking nothing could be better than having my 39-year-old aunt giving me a handjob in the car. Then it got better.

I watched her lean towards me. Her lips were softly thick and open slightly. (When did she put on that ‘fuck-me’ lipstick colour?!) I saw her lovingly kiss the knob atop my erection. It was like she was kissing a crab apple — she had made me so hard for so long that I could not have been more erect, or bigger. And there she was, planting an amazing wet kiss… and taking the whole knob into her mouth. Fuck! The feeling was indescribable. Just imagine, the perfect mouth. Soft but firm. Plenty wet but not drooling. And she just held the head in her mouth for what seemed forever.

I had not been able to stay watching as the ecstasy I felt made me throw my head against the headrest, closing my eyes at the same time. I truly was in heaven. I was realizing that what was going on could not be the fantasy I had imagined. After all, my fantasy only had me fucking Suzanne, and maybe eating her pussy a bit. This was so much more!

Then things changed and my eyes just gasped open. Suzanne was sliding her mouth down over my cock, slipping more and more of it in. She kept swallowing until there was only about an inch left. She had a full six thick inches of my cock in her mouth and throat!

“Holy fuck, Suzanne,” I cried out. “Holy fuck!!!!”

It was her turn to mumble something and given that her mouth had that much of my cock in it, that made sense. She pulled back so very slowly, firmly gripping my erection all the way to the head. Then she let it slip out of her mouth, wet and throbbing.

“I have been waiting to eat you up for weeks, Paul,” she told me. “I had no idea your cock would be this delicious, and such a perfect size, too. Thank you.”

She was thanking me? You just have to lover older (not that much) women, don’t you. She thanked ME for doing what she had done. Wow!

Suzanne then asked me a ridiculous question: “Do you want me to finish you off now?”

All I could muster was an “uh-huhh. Please.”

She said nothing, just slipped back into my crotch and in one fell swoop, took my whole cock into her mouth and held it there. Unbelievable! Then I felt her tongue on my balls. I nearly came, but again, she seemed to know and her hand quickly slipped in to grasp the base of my cock, pressing hard and preventing me from coming. I was in hell — okay, not really.

“You are an amazing cocksucker, Suzannne.”


“Can I come soon,” I asked. Implored, actually.

She mumbled something that sounded like ‘if you must.’

“I must. I must.”

She was moving her head up and down, on my throbbing cock. Each time she would swallow most of all of it and I would feel the back of her throat with the tip, then she’d let it almost slip out of her mouth and just much on the head. This only went on for a few more minutes as I was entirely ready to come.

And come I did. She knew it was happening and she was ready.

I shot so much sperm into her mouth that I doubted she could handle it. She did, but for a small amount that slipped out of the side of her mouth, trailing down the shaft and over her hand. She was not going to let any get away and after showing me the very full load in her mouth, she swallowed in a big gulp.

Then she brought her hand up to her lips and licked off the tablespoon of cum that had escaped. Before I could say or do anything, she was kissing me… and transferring my own cum into my mouth. I was hesitant, but she explained, “if I can enjoy that much of your cum, you can certainly take part, can’t you?”

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