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Morally Ambivalent Mother Ch. 03

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** This is a work of fiction. It contains absolutely no truth — even the bits that sound plausible. The characters in this story are not based on any real persons, nor is the story based on any real events. It’s a story people, enjoy it for it is. **

** This story is about incest between a mother and her son — both of whom are adults. If you don’t like this subject matter, move along. **


I didn’t go back inside the house. I expected, or hoped, that Sona would call me again with some saucy details about what was happening. It was excruciating, knowing that something profound, taboo and incredibly erotic was taking place and I wouldn’t be there to see it.

I made an excuse to my wife that I was going to the shops. That would buy me an hour or two. I went and sat in the car and locked all the doors. I took out my phone and just stared at it. Nothing.

I don’t know how long I held it in front of me, dumbly thinking that it would ring just on my expectation alone. Truth is, I had no idea she would call back at all. If anything had happened, she would probably not call me back any time soon. Maybe not even today.

My perverted mind conjured up all sorts of sexy scenarios for Sona and Mobeen. I resisted the urge to play with my cock, uncomfortably erect as it was in my jeans.

I almost called her, as dumb as I knew that course of action would be. If anything was happening, my call would definitely kill the mood. Or maybe not. I didn’t know. My mind was racing and I could feel my hands trembling with excitement. Shit, I just needed to get a hold of myself and calm down.

I turned on the radio and tried my best to listen in on some music. It was difficult at first but after a couple of my favourite tunes came on, I began to relax, began to think about something else. I’m not sure when it happened, probably by the 4th or 5th song that I found myself tiring and my eyelids getting heavy…


I sat bolt upright in a panic. For a moment I didn’t know where I was. My mind turned quickly to the shrill chirping of my phone and I picked it up without even looking at the display.

“Hi.. It’s me.” Came the whisper. In my dizzy confusion my mind raced to attach the voice to a name, to a face, to a person. “Are you there?”

“Yeah I’m here. Sorry I drifted off.” I rubbed my eyes and yawned. I settled into my seat, excited to hear what further developments had taken place with Sona and her son.

“Where are you?” She asked.

“Does that matter?”

“No, I guess not.”

“I’m in my car if you must know. I had the feeling you might call back again. I can’t talk inside. Wifey will get too suspicious.”

“Aww, so you went and sat in the car and waited, just in case I called. That’s so nice of you. I don’t know anyone that’s this kind to me.”

“Forget it, it’s nothing… really”

“No, its not nothing. It’s really touching.” There was a genuine gratitude in her voice as she thanked me, though I’m not sure whether I deserved it or not. My motivations with Sona have always been less than honourable despite my actions towards her.

“Anyway, forget about that. What happened? Why are you calling me anyway? I take it you’re stuck again?”

“You could say that. I’m upstairs again.”

“What’s the problem, what went wrong?”

“I don’t know. I did what you said. I went downstairs without my panties.”


“God it was so exciting. I was so hot just knowing I was naked down there. Just the thought of him seeing me was probably more exciting than when he did see me!”

“So he saw your pussy then?”

“Yeah!” She replied, excitedly. “But there’s more to it.”

“More? Why, what happened? What did he say? What did you do???”

“He didn’t actually say anything. I mean we didn’t talk about it or anything like that.”

“So how do you know he saw your lady bits? Were you showing them off to him??”

“I was shamelessly parading them for him like a dirty slut!” She exclaimed, her tone carried obvious frustration.

“So how did it all happened then? Tell ME!!!!” I demanded.

“Well it wasn’t like I walked in there and lifted up my skirt or anything. At first I did what you said. I walked in, sat down, talked for bit and kept making excuses to get up again. I kept coming in and leaving the room. I could tell he was checking me out. It made me so fucking horny doing that!”


“Well each time I got up, I kinda tried to make my skirt ride up a little.”

“You naughty little mynx, you were trying to flash your pussy at him!” I teased.

“Sort of, but you wont believe what I did next!”

“What? What? Tell meeee!”

“Well I asked if he wanted to watch some TV and he just sort of grunted. I think he was a bit speechless with my display.” She chuckled to herself before she continued. “Well I put it on anyway and the digibox was on some boring channel. I looked around for the remote but couldn’t find it. So I went to switch it manually.”

“OK… and?”

“Well, you know where the digibox is!”

My mind searched for a moment before she Escort bayan ended up telling me anyway.

“It’s on the floor. Under the telly!” She said.


“Well, use your imagination!! I went down to switch channels. I didn’t even think about what I was doing. I was doing it already before I realised.”

“What? What did you realise?”

“God you are so dumb today!”

“What? WHAT?? For fuck’s sakes just tell me!”

“I was bent over, on the floor, on my hands and knees, messing with the buttons on the digibox….bum in the air…. You get the idea?”

“OOOOHHHHHH….” The realisation struck me like a 4 tonne truck hitting a brick wall. I couldn’t believe I was being so blind.

“YES FUCKING OHHHH! Fucking hell you’re really being dumb today!”

“Sorry, sorry. I’m not there so you gotta forgive me. I’m trying to piece together what’s happening from your bloody cryptic phone calls! Anyway, so you’re on the floor, bum in the air… waving your pussy around…”

“I just froze. I mean genuinely froze when I realised what I was doing.”

“What did he do?”

“Nothing. The room was fucking dead for… I don’t know how long. Everything was just frozen! There was I was, bum in the air putting on a show for Mobeen. Fuck, it was the single kinkiest things I’ve ever done in my life!”

“So what happened next? Did you get up?”

“No I stayed there. I didn’t dare get up. I felt so embarrassed, I didn’t have the guts to get up. I was so scared I might see the look on his face.”

“So you just stayed there like that?”


“Giving your son a big fucking eyeful of mummy’s pussy?”

“I pretended to be switching the channels but I really don’t know what fucking buttons I was pressing. I then sat up and dumbly just stared at a blue screen. I didn’t know what I was doing; I was in some kind of daze. It’s bizarre. I just can’t explain it.”

“So what happened next?”

“Well he then asked if I needed any help. I don’t know what answer I gave but next thing I know he’s on the floor next to me.”

“So you’re both on the floor in front of the TV now?”

“Yeah, I’m just kneeling now, sitting upright. I remember feeling the cold from my leather boots against my bum. Mobeen was sitting next to me, just looking at the digibox. My heart was pounded having him right next to me like that. I felt like I was going to feint if he tried to touch me or anything like that.”

“Well, seeing as you didn’t feint and you’re now talking to me, I can only imagine that didn’t happen. So what DID happen next?”

“It was surreal. He then went down to start messing with the digibox. I couldn’t believe it. I was sitting there, a bundle of nerves ready to explode, my pussy drooling and making a mess all over the back of my boots. My chest was heaving and my heart was pounding. I even looked down and I could see my nipples making two stiff bumps in the sweater fabric.”

“I don’t believe that. He’s right next to you. You’re this steaming pile of ‘take me now and fuck me’ and he doesn’t do anything? He doesn’t even reach across and slip he’s hands between your legs?”

“I wish! I don’t understand. I told you, I’d probably have feinted anyway. I was so in heat just then I didn’t know what I’d do!”

“So what did happen then? He’s messing with the digibox now and you’re quietly sitting there with a buzzing coochie… what actually happened next?!?!”

“He sat up and asked me to have another look.”


“My mind and turned to mush at that point. I remember hearing him the first time but not understanding. He had to ask me a second time before I realised.”

“So he’s basically asking you to bend over, right? That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? Mobeen’s pretty much asking you to flash him again.”

“Yeah, but he’s obviously too shy to say it like that.”

“So what did you do?”

“I was panting at that stage. He must’ve been able to tell. My chest was heaving like I was having an asthma attack. It was so fucking exciting. And scary at the same time.”


“For a moment, I thought about making it sexy. About looking at him as I did, smiling as I leaned forward again. Trying to put on a seductive face. You know, making it obvious that I was flashing him my pussy and that it wasn’t some accident. But I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even have the guts to look him in the face let alone smile at him.”

“So… you didn’t do it then?” I asked, disheartened.

“No, I did!”

“Really?” I perked up again.

“Yeah! I don’t know how I managed it but, God, it was so fucking exciting to do it.”

“Tell me, tell me tell ME!!”

“I remember feeling a bit sick, from the nerves and everything but I still did it. I leaned forward slowly and pushed my bum out. I even had the guts to arch my back into a bit of a sexy pose. I give him a proper show of my coochie!”

“HAHAHA really???”

“Yep. It’s funny, I got into a sexy pose and almost forgot that I was supposed to be pretending to get the digibox to work!” Sona chuckled delightfully. “So I started to press Bayan escort buttons on the digibox. Random buttons. I don’t know what I was doing. All I could remember was to keep my back arched and my bum pushed out, hoping that Mobeen was getting a right eyeful!”

“Did he look?”

“I didn’t look back at him. I still didn’t have the guts. But I felt him shuffle back a bit so it was obvious he was trying to get a better view. I just stayed where I was, shamelessly parading my cunt to him. God, I’m so bad!”

“Fuck, you are one sexy bitch!”

“It was fucking INTENSE!”

“So what happened next?”

“Well nothing. That’s the problem. Nothing happened. I don’t know how long I stayed like that, mindlessly mashing the buttons on the digibox. At one point I could actually feel a trail of juice leak out from me and run down my thigh. He must have seen it. Fuck I felt every fucking inch of that trail run down my leg, it was torture feeling it tickle all the way down to my knees.”

“Fuck, what’s wrong with him??”

“I don’t know. I was gagging for him to make a move or something but he didn’t. I’d have let him do anything to me at that moment. ANYTHING. Everything from my fantasies. All of it. Even stuff I’d never have thought of.”

“Really? Even something like anal?”

“Sweetheart, when a woman is so insanely turned on and gagging for it, she’ll do ANYTHING. That was me at that point. I’d give him anything he wanted, no matter how nasty are crude. Fuck anal! I’d have fucking licked his bumhole and drunk his piss!”

“Eeughh” I spat as I grimaced at the thought.

“Telling me! I’ve never been so fucking turned on or gagging for it. But what can I say. He didn’t do anything.”

“So what ultimately happened then?”

“While I was still there, wet pussy up in the air, in a desperate ‘fuck me’ pose, he just got up and left.”


“He shuffled around a bit, I could tell he was feeling some discomfort from his cock and then he got up and went to the bathroom.”

“He must have wanked in the toilet.”

“I know. Such a fucking waste.”

“What did you do?”

“I was surprised. I felt rejected. I got up and came to speak to you, you fucker. Try and get an explanation on what the fuck is going on here? I’ve got a cunt streaming juices down my thighs and a son that’s unloading he’s spunk in the loo! It should have been me! He should be fucking cumming it in me!! What the fuck is going on here??!?!?”

There was genuine outrage in her voice, even as she struggled desperately to keep to a whisper.

“Look, look, calm down. There’s got to be an explanation.”

“Well let’s here it Freud!”

I wracked my brains for some kind of answer but in honesty had nothing.

“I don’t know, ok. I’ve got no idea.”

“That’s a fat lot of fucking good. You know how fucking embarrassed I feel? Getting all dressed up like this? I fucking went down and showed off my coochie to my eldest son and got rejected, you prick! You have any idea how that feels?”

“Look, just calm down…”

“Fuck you!” She snorted “I told you. You wouldn’t fucking listen but I told you all the way back then. I told you it wasn’t like that. That whole fucking threesome thing. That was him coming to me for advice! He wanted fucking advice you fucking knob. He wasn’t asking me to join in with him and Karen you fucking pervert!”

“Look, I didn’t know that, ok.” I was really starting to feel like shit now.

“Damn right you didn’t fucking know. But that didn’t stop you from leading me down this path did it. That didn’t stop you from putting all those gross fucking ideas in my head. For fuck’s sakes, he’s my son! My SON!! I’ve been having fantasies about my own son, you prick and it’s your fault you fucker!”

“Hey now, wait a minute. This wasn’t my idea, bitch! I didn’t tell you to fucking seduce your son! I told you all along that what you do is your decision. I’m not the one with the fucked up moral compass. You are. Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!” She spat. “Everything was fine between me and him and now you’ve gone and fucked it all up, you cunt. I’m never going to forgive you for this, never going…….”


I heard a distinctly male voice on the line at that point and for a moment the universe froze in time.

“Oh, oh hi sweetheart, you ok?” Sona wasn’t talking to me. I don’t know if she even realised I was still on the line. She’d pressed the hands free button on her phone when I’m quite sure she’d wanted to press the ‘call end’. For a surreal moment I was overhearing their private conversation.

“Uhm, yeah mum, I’m fine. Who’re you talking to? I heard you screaming and shouting. Is everything ok?”

“Oh sweetheart, it’s fine. It’s nothing. I’m fine….You… You got changed?”

“Yeah. I figured I’d take a shower. I’m all smelly form the journey here and everything. I didn’t get a chance to shower this morning. Just came straight here.”

“Oh… You… You went to take a shower…”

“Yeah… Sorry about that. I just of left without saying anything downstairs… I uhm…”

“Oh sweetheart, Escort that’s ok. I thought it was something else.”


“Never mind, it doesn’t matter now babes. You look so gorgeous, fresh out of the shower.”

“Oh… thanks mum… you uhm… you look great too… great”

“Ahh, oh.. ha-ha… oh, thanks babes. It’s something I just threw on… I thought it might be a bit of a surprise…makes a change from usual.”

There was such a sweet awkwardness to their conversation. I wish I could have been there to see it. For now though, I was satisfied to listen in to it with the ‘mute’ button pressed at my end.

“Oh don’t worry about it… I mean, I don’t mind how you look… I mean… I mean you look nice now. Not that you don’t; look nice always…” Mobeen was stumbling over his words like a nervous schoolboy.

“Oh sweetheart…” Sona chuckled playfully. “Thanks for the compliment. It feels nice to have been noticed. I’m glad you like what I’m wearing.”

“It’s fantastic, Mum! I mean, it looks great on you!”

“Thanks sweetie. I’m glad you like it… I picked it out especially…” Sona’s voice dropped to a more seductive tone.

“Really!! Wow. I thought maybe you were already dressed up for something. I thought you were expecting… uhm.. Your boyfriend to come over or something.”

“What? Never! I’d never wear something like this in front of Tariq. Besides, he’s not my boyfriend anyway!”

“Oh.. err.. Sorry mum. I didn’t mean to say that you’re dressed.. err… I just thought you might be expecting someone. You look great. I felt a bit awkward at first because I thought I was imposing. I thought maybe I should have come in the evening instead.”

“No sweetheart, I’m so glad you came. I’m so happy you’re here. You thought I was all dressed up for someone?”

“Well yeah. I mean, usually you’re not dressed up like this.”

“Oh sweetheart, you’re such a darling. No babes, I’m not expecting anyone at all today. I’ve just been waiting for you. I’ve been getting ready all morning, tidying the place, getting… myself ready.”

“I was hoping that was why… uhm… I thought it might be when… well, that business with the digibox downstairs…”

“Oh babes, don’t; remind me about that. I feel so embarrassed. I had no idea… I was….”

“No, no mum… don’t be embarrassed. It’s ok… please don’t be embarrassed. You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about…. I’m the one that should be ashamed of myself.”

“Oh why sweetheart? You haven’t done anything wrong…. Have you?”

There was silence in the room for a moment.

“Sweetheart, don’t be shy, you can tell me. You know you can tell me anything.”

“Well uhm… I couldn’t help it. It was difficult not to look. I feel so stupid mum, please don’t be annoyed. I only looked a couple of times. I didn’t mean to. It was hard not to look. You’re so beautiful and I tried not to look.”

“Oh sweetheart. Don’t you dare feel embarrassed about that. I’m not the least bit annoyed.”

“Your not?”

“No. Not at all babes.”

“Can I ask you something then?”

“Of course babes”

“Uhm… well… when I first came in and we sat downstairs for a bit….”


“Well, I didn’t mean to but I accidentally caught a peek… uhm… well you was turning around and your skirt… uhm twirled out… and… uhm… well you was wearing… uhm… and ahh…. Later you weren’t wearing… uhm…”

“Oh sweetheart… It’s ok, I know what you’re trying to say.” Sona’s voice was hushed and reassuring.

“Ok… so uhm… why was that?”

“Oh sweetie, I feel embarrassed about all that now.”

“OK, that’s ok… forget I asked… I was just a bit curious… You don’t have to explain.”

“No, no, sweetheart. It’s ok… I… uhm. ha” Sona sounded giddy. “Well… I ahh. Well you know when a woman, gets… um… a little warm…”

“Warm? Like when the heaters are on?”

“No. no, sweetheart.. ha-ha… you know… you’re a mature enough young man to understand these things… when a woman gets a little WARM-warm. You know. A little flushed.”

“Ahh oh… he he… I get it…”

“Ha-ha… ok… well I felt a bit like that before… and errm, well they’d got a bit uncomfortable because they’d… uhm…”

“Become uhm… a bit moist?” Mobeen finished her sentence.

“Ha-ha, yes. Moist. Well, they were getting uncomfortable so I just took them off.”

“Ahh ok… that makes sense… ha-ha… you must have forgotten when you.. uhm.. went to fix the TV.”

“OH babes, don’t remind me. I can’t believe I did that!”

“Oh don’t worry about it mum… really you don’t need to be embarrassed. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. Nothing.”

“Oh honey, you’re so generous with your compliments. I can’t help feel a bit conscious. I’m 38 years old and time isn’t friendly to a woman’s body.”

“Oh mum! Come on! You don’t need to worry about that department at all! I’m telling you! Absolutely nothing to worry about!”

Sona giggled playfully.

“Sweetie you’re so kind. Like I said, time is a woman’s mortal enemy… I get scared. When I do finally meet the right guy and we have to, you know, get intimate… I’m scared I might frighten him off….I’m a lot less… neater… down there… than I used to be.”

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