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A Whole New Experience

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My husband has worked for the same company for 10 years. In that time Ami and James have become quite good friends. They talk about their sex lives together so they must trust each other a lot!

Ami is bisexual and proud of it. Currently, she has a girlfriend of 1 year. James asks a lot of questions about their relationship. He told Ami he has always wanted to see me with another woman while he watched. I had told him I couldn’t do that and thought I had killed him by the look on his face. He didn’t bring it up to me but him and Ami had several conversations about it and even devised a plan of attack.

Ami had told James she thought I was attractive as was he and she would love to set something discreet up. In other words, I would not know they were both behind this plan. They ate lunch together each day anyway so within a week they had the plan in action. Finishing touches were complete on Thursday and this would start on Saturday.

Every Saturday morning I go for a 1-2 mile jog. While I was out James left me a note that said he went to meet some buddies for golf would be back later. I decided to take a shower and spend a peaceful day alone.

I had just walked into our bedroom with my towel wrapped around me when the doorbell rang. Almost immediately, it rang again. I thought something might have happened to James so I answered the door still in my towel. Fortunately, there was no emergency but Ami was there instead.

I had met her couple of times and found her easy to talk to as well as look at. She’s about 5’8, olive complexion and green eyes. She was of average build as was I and also into jogging.

I was telling her James wasn’t home when she said she had actually come to see me. I invited her in. I was about to excuse myself to go change and I turned to shut the front door my towel fell leaving me completely naked and embarrassed.

I couldn’t move I was so shocked and Ami was staring at my body. I had never thought I would be able to be intimate with another woman but something about the way Ami looked at me sent chills to my very exposed womanhood.

Finally, I came to my senses and bent to pick my towel and met Ami’s hand already on it. She held on to it and kept staring. Before I could ask for it back she had thrown it into the other room. She told me she had actually come to confess the fact she had a crush on me and wondered how I felt about that. I was not sure what to say but I did feel another tingle shimmy down my body!

Ami didn’t wait for a response as she stepped closer to me and brought her hand up to my breast. She lightly cupped my breast in her hand and with two fingers tweaked my nipple bringing to life. I felt a little uncomfortable but also intrigued at the touch of another woman. acıbadem escort Ami took my hand and asked me to lead her to the master bedroom for some privacy. I turned still not having said a word and led this lady to my room.

Let me fill you in on some of the plan devised by husband and Ami. He had openly admitted to Ami how much he wanted to watch me with another woman as she went down on me and vise versa, plus any other adventures we chose to take. He had also said since this wouldn’t happen in front of him he wanted to hide to see the action but it had to be without me knowing. The rest of the plan came from Ami. She had told him exactly what to do such as leave a note saying he went out and since golfing can be a long activity, it would sound as if he would be gone for quite some time. When the note had been put in place, he was to go back to their room and hide in the closet with the door just barely cracked. This way it wouldn’t seem as if someone was watching them.

James was in full agreement with this plan. He told Ami to iron out the plan and set the date then fill him in. On the way home after work, James couldn’t quit thinking about his wife being taken by another woman. The mental pictures going thru is head had a major effect on his dick. It was pushing at his zipper to be freed of restraint. It is a 45 minute to an hour drive home so he took out his pecker and had released himself on his suit jacket. Arriving at home, he popped the trunk and left the jacket there. He didn’t want me asking questions.

Back to my room. I am still naked and trembling with excitement as Ami continues playing with my very responsive nipples and my breathing is becoming very uneven. I am actually becoming very wet and excited by another woman’s touch. My hiding spouse is also becoming aroused as he continues to watch us and jack off in our closet.

Ami asks if I would like to help her undress. I nod my head and start unbuttoning her shirt. I push it to the floor leaving her bra still in place. This is the front clasping type so I unclasp it and throw it out of our way. I am mesmerized by her boobs. They are so perfectly round beautiful. They had also gained my curiosity. I took both of her boobs and started gently exploring. Ami was enjoying the feel and a few low moans of pleasure escaped her. I moved to her now erect nipples that were quite a bit bigger than mine and just had to feel another woman’s nipple in my mouth. I lowered my head and took one between my lips. I ran my tongue over one nipple and gained a deeper moan of satisfaction from Ami. Knowing I was turning her on was making me so hot I knew there was no turning back on my part now. I was totally into the pleasure Ami was showing me.

Ami quickly atalar escort stepped out of her bottoms leaving only a sexy thong in place. Her body was so heavenly I was more than ready to please her in any way.

I was asked if I would please remove the thong with my teeth. I knelt in front of her crotch and greeted with my first whiff of another woman. She smelt heavenly. I pulled the thong from her body but left my hands on her hips. As she stepped out of her garment, I decided to get a good feel of her ass. I pinched lightly a few times and heard more moans from above. I had stayed on my knees so I had my face level with her beautifully trimmed bush. I had to touch her. I was so drawn to her there was no doubt I was really going to enjoy her body. I placed my palm flat against her lips and rubbed a few times. I was beginning to feel her actual arousal as her sweet juices had started glistening in her hair. I leaned in for my first taste of another woman without really knowing what to do. I pulled her lips apart exposing her clit all shiny and wet. I figured if my husband could do this so could I and tried to do what he did to me. I must have been a pretty good student. Just as I was really starting to become comfortable with my actions, Ami’s hands are on the back of my head shoving me even further into her snatch. Her hips were and pussy were thrusting with a force I was proud of obtaining as Ami fucked my face to a completely satisfying orgasm that ended with her breathless and starry eyed.

I had a very pleasing smile on my face as did Ami as she had started coming back to reality. As she took my hand and led me to the bed, she thanked me for my services and complemented my work. I admitted I enjoyed myself more than I thought I ever could and gave credit to my husband. I was then informed by the end of this experience; she might be able to teach her husband a new trick I just smiled and lay down when we got to the bed. Ami placed her hands between my legs and gently spread them as far as they could go. She slid her hands up the outside of my body stopping with nipples. As she sucked the first one into her mouth she bit me. I sucked in my breath at the sensation I felt travel my body. She tongued and sucked on one breast then moved to the other. As she moved to my other breast a hand traveled down my inner thigh and immediately found my pussy soaking wet.

One finger was entering my very wet hole as her head started traveling the distance down my stomach with a trail of kisses. I had been moaning and closed my eyes enjoying this new experience. I felt her separate my lips and touch my clit. She took my clit between her lips and sucked on it. I was so horny from her touching me, I started moving my hips and pulling on aydınlı escort my nipples. This had to be the most aroused I have ever been. Ami licked me in such a tender way I thought I would never come down from my high. She placed a finger inside me and started with slow steady strokes. As she pushed her second finger in and sped up pace, I could only moan and fuck her face with all I had. I was just about to reach my climax when she stopped and told me to roll over. I was a little annoyed for the interruption but did as I was told. Again, Ami spread my legs. She massaged my ass for a minute and then both fingers were replaced inside my dripping cunt. I started grinding my pussy into the bed. One hand still playing with my ass, Ami navigated towards my crack. When she pulled her cum covered fingers out of me she smeared my juice over my asshole. I jumped at the touch on my hole but soon realized the gentle circling was very pleasurable. Ami got my hole good and wet then slowly started pushing one of her fingers in. She took her time letting me used to the feel. After inserting her finger as far as it would go she moved her finger in and out at a little faster pace. I had gotten over the initial pain to find out this was unbelievable awesome. I went back to grinding my front into the bed and felt a finger being reinserted in my pussy. The double fucking action was all I could handle I started moaning a lot louder and fucking the bed harder until I hit the top of my climax. I screamed and tensed up my twat and ass holding Ami’s fingers inside me until I had completely calmed down and relaxed. I was still a little out of breath as I felt light kisses up my back. I rolled over and reached up laying a wet and juicy kiss on Ami’s lips.

As we dressed, I had told Ami I was so grateful she decided to confess her secret. I also let her know I have never had such a powerful orgasm, and then I shyly asked if she might be able to come over again for another treat. She smiled and said I could count on several more visits from her.

We hugged as she left and I went to shower again before James came home and noticed the smell of sex on me.

James waited in the closet until he heard the shower door close and quietly came out of the closet. He tiptoed to the bathroom door and saw his wife had begun fingering herself. James left the house with the look of total awe. He knew he would enjoy watching his wife but he didn’t realize how much.

After fingering myself to another orgasm, I got dressed and went to start supper. All of the days events going thru my mind; so by the time my husband came home I was wet all over and dying to show him something new. I grabbed his hand and led him to our room for an intense fuck before dinner.

We had just got in bed when Ami called and asked if I could get with her on Thursday of the next week. I agreed and wrote down the information she had given then hung up. James asked who called and I told him wrong number. I went to bed with another wet spot between my legs.

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