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On the Loveseat Ch. 12

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Hello Readers. I know this chapter has been long in coming and I apologize. It was surprisingly slow to write; real life has an irritating way of interrupting authors. In addition, this is a much longer chapter, due to the content and reader votes, who overwhelming prefer longer over shorter chapters. As always send your comments and suggestions, I can only know what you like if you tell me!

Note: There is a summary of the story at the beginning of Chapter 10 for long-time readers to refresh their memory. New readers, I would hope you read the entire tale!

Now, onto the story!

Next I woke, I found the bed empty on one side of me. I turned to the other and found Aunt Jess still sleeping peacefully. There was a pale early morning light only bright enough to make the curtains glow. Mom must have gotten up to get Johnny and Jojo up and ready for our little voyage. When I listened closely, I could vaguely hear footsteps upstairs. I then realized and hoped I had closed my bedroom door so my brother and sister wouldn’t realize that I wasn’t in my room! The sounds upstairs grew somewhat louder.

I heard a sound next to me and saw my aunt open her eyes and look at me with a smile.

“Good morning handsome. How’s my favorite nephew this morning?”

“I don’t know, mom’s getting him up right now.” I quipped.

“I meant you Jeremy.” She pushed down the blanket enough that I could see her bare tits. My eyes were riveted there.

She waved a hand before my face. I turned to look at her eyes.

“Even with all this, you still shouldn’t say you have a favorite, Jess.”

“I know, but how can I not?” She sat up with her pillow against the headboard. “We have some time. Do you want more time with your auntie?”

“That’s a silly question and you know it. Of course I do. We can’t get too loud though. Or take too long. Johnny may take forever to get out of bed, but I don’t know when mom got up.” I cautioned.

“Can I get a morning shake?” My aunt almost giggled.

“Sure thing! However, the pump may be a little slow this morning. I just had it flushed out last night.”

Her almost-giggle became a loud snort, a hand coming up to cover her face.

“I’ll just have to see what I can do with it!” Aunt Jess said as she pulled the blankets off both of us. My eyes were pulled back to her exquisite figure. Her eyes lit up when she saw me staring.

My dick was still sleeping, but my aunt was able to rouse it in very little time. Her vacuuming mouth pulled my blood into my rising penis as she grabbed the base in one hand and the other found my balls. The bobbing of her head, her lips wrapped around the shaft, and her tongue swirling around my cockhead had me as hard as I had ever been. Her ability to take me deep into her throat so easily also astounded me still.

“I was telling mom awhile ago, that between her tongue and your throat that you two would make the greatest cocksucker ever.” I wasn’t sure I should bring up my comparison to Aunt Jessica. I must have had a thing for being in a hole.

“Jenny has a great tongue?” She asked after pulling my dick out of her throat.

Okay, definitely not the response I had expected.

“Oh yes. She can’t deep throat like you, actually she can’t really do it at all, but she does do things with her tongue while she’s blowing me that are just incredible.” I gushed. “But so is what you do.”

“Oh, you like this do you?” And she proceeded to take my dick back down her throat. She hummed as she kissed my pubic hair, keeping me like that for far longer than I thought was possible. I didn’t want her to choke on my cock! But the sensation was amazing! She pulled back off me, trailing long globs of thick saliva. She sucked them and me back in her mouth.

“Shit, Aunt Jess! I don’t know how you do that, but I love it!” I gasped out as she continued to bob up and down, her lips going from mushroom head to the base of my cock on every stroke.

She gurgled in her throat as she rose up and then pushed her head down. This was far different from my normal morning blowjobs, but by no means any less. I could tell my aunt had taken my comment about mom’s tongue to heart as she was using hers more than usual. It wasn’t as good as mom’s, but then mom couldn’t engulf me the way Aunt Jess could either! I would just have to enjoy them each for their unique individual skills.

In less than ten minutes, Aunt Jess had gotten me from soft to hard to aching and ready to burst!

“Oh yes! I’m going to cum Jess! Suck my cock! Oh shit!”

I managed to unleash a torrent of cum into her suctioning mouth and down her esophagus. My hips left the bed as she kept up her base to tip sucking throughout the entire time I was shooting my thick streams of cum into her. Even when I thought I was empty, my sexy aunt still managed to coax one more stream from my balls. I sank deeper into mom’s mattress when Aunt Jess’s lips finally left my shiny clean cock. It still stood proudly, but only because tuzla eve gelen escort it hadn’t realized that it was done yet. I felt literally sucked dry!

There was suddenly a loud commotion in the hallway. Aunt Jessica and I both froze for half a second. I looked at her, then the door.

“I hope Aunt Jessica is awake! She’s been in bed a long time! I hope she is covered up because Johnny and Jojo want to see their aunt!” Mom’s voice was extraordinarily loud as she gave us warning.

I sprang from the bed, still naked. I looked around the room quickly. A number of places to hide were spotted, evaluated, and discounted as too obvious, all in the matter of a nanosecond. I threw my aunt a robe so at least she’d be covered. I would just be caught standing naked in the middle of mom’s bedroom!

“Under the bed, Jeremy!” Aunt Jess whispered loudly as she whipped the robe around her body.

It was cliché, but I dropped to the floor and wriggled under the bed on the opposite side of the bed from the door.

The door opened and my raucous siblings rushed the bed. I could see their smaller feet and then mom’s that were unmoving near the door. The bed squeaked as my brother and sister climbed on the bed. After a few minutes of morning greetings and, I assumed, hugs all around, Aunt Jessica climbed off the bed with the kids, and the three of them crossed the room to where mom’s feet still stood. Mom was still there after the other three went down the hallway in a tumult of noise. I poked my head up and saw mom staring at me. I stood and her eyes surveyed my still naked form. She had a twisted smile as she stared.

“Put something on and sneak upstairs. You need a shower before we go. I’m going to make breakfast while you and Jessica get dressed.” Mom said in her ‘mom’ voice. I saw she was already dressed, appropriately for a visit to her mother, in a flouncy black dress covered in a multitude of tiny flowers in a variety of types and colors vaguely similar to polka dots without being so plain. The loose ruffled sleeves to her elbows helped the motherly look that was betrayed by a fairly low cut front that only revealed pale skin but no cleavage. A few months ago, I would have paid no attention to her in this dress, but as I pictured what lay hidden underneath …

“Quit staring and get moving!” She said sternly, but I could detect the smile she was hiding. She turned quickly causing the hem of the dress to swirl around her knees. I swore I saw a wiggle of her barely visible ass as she left the room.

I pulled on my boxers, gathered the rest of my clothing, and paused at the door to look out. No one was visible; everyone’s voices were heard in the kitchen. I quickly darted down the hall and up the stairs. I eyed my bed as I entered my room. If it hadn’t been for the expectation of more sex, I would have told mom that I would stay home while she and my aunt dropped the kids off. Well, and the fact that I really did want to see my grandmother. This made me think of what she would say about me having sex with her daughters. This brought what we were doing a bit closer to heart. Not that I would stop what we had started!

A cold shower woke me fully. I dressed in loose shorts (for easy access!) and a tee shirt. I almost skipped wearing underwear, but I just couldn’t do it. I returned downstairs to find the others getting ready to eat. Aunt Jessica was wearing a soft blue sundress with only thin straps over her shoulders. The prospect that she could be bra-less enticed me. I noticed Johnny might have glanced at her once or twice. She had sandals on her feet, which I now saw that mom was wearing also.

There were only scrambled eggs, plain pancakes, and bacon as the choices, but there were quantities enough to fill us all, even me who was trying to stock up on energy for the long day before me. The only sounds were Johnny and Jojo chattering nonstop about their two days spent with grandma. I was almost jealous of them. Until I looked to mom or Aunt Jess that is! The smiles they gave me let me know the thoughts that were in their heads were similar to mine!

Aunt Jess and I cleaned up the kitchen while mom had my siblings collect their backpacks with clothes for tomorrow and any assorted items that each had deemed important to take. All I needed was my hard dick! A last minute check and we were out the door.

Grandma Sharon lived about ninety minutes away, depending on traffic on the highway. It was close enough that we had gotten to see her plenty of times throughout the year, but just far enough away that it made it a special trip. Mom drove, all of us in her car, she and Aunt Jess in the front seats with Jojo, Johnny, and me in the back. The journey went quickly as there was little traffic this early on a Saturday morning. I occupied my time with my siblings playing the alphabet game twice (finding something that starts with A, then B, and so on), a couple games of twenty questions, and calling out any of the tuzla otele gelen escort out of state license plates that we saw. I even saw a Hawai’i plate that I joked about it driving across the ocean floor to the mirth of my brother and sister. Johnny seemed really stumped as to how it really could have gotten here. I left him guessing.

We arrived mid-morning just as my siblings’ excitement was beginning to fade. My anticipation on the other hand was growing. Mom pulled the car into Grandma Sharon’s driveway and the car had barely stopped when Johnny opened his door and he and our sister piled out. Grandma opened her front door just before the two would have slammed into it. We spent half an hour chatting, mostly mom and Aunt Jessica talking with grandma. I noticed their demeanor towards me had become completely different around their mother, as if Grandma Sharon could tell they’d done something wrong like naughty young girls. Little did grandma know how naughty her daughters really were!

As we were about to leave grandma realized that I wasn’t staying also. She looked disappointed and I felt bad. I told her that I’d had plenty of times visiting grandma and that now it was Johnny and Jojo’s time. I promised that once I had graduated I would make a point of coming to visit her this coming summer. This cheered her up somewhat and I think she understood that having their much older brother there would interfere with the younger kids’ fun. After hugs and kisses all around, mom, Aunt Jess, and I were soon back on the road.

Mom and Aunt Jess had switched front seats for the drive home, at least for the start of it. I sat by myself in the back, knowing it wouldn’t last very long, as we only had to make a show for grandma and the kids as we left.

Aunt Jessica suggested before we were down the street that we should just find a motel or cheap hotel nearby and just spend the weekend there so we wouldn’t have to drive back and forth from home. Mom asked her about her plans for teasing me during the drive. Her sister merely replied that we would have more time alone this way. I had to agree with my aunt’s thinking but I would miss my bed, or rather mom’s bed. We would just have more options if we were at home. We wouldn’t necessarily lose anytime during the drive, as there was much we could still do while we drove. New wild ways to have sex with Aunt Jess and mom! Mom said she was almost tempted to agree with her sister, but finally said that she didn’t want to be cooped up in a motel all weekend just to get a few extra hours. The deciding factor was the fact that we’d brought no change of clothing; showing up back at grandma’s wearing the same things we had on now would make their mother highly suspicious. More than she always was already.

Mom had Jess pull over before getting on the highway so she could get in the back seat with me. I was surprised that mom wanted to be the one to start things off; Aunt Jess was the bolder one. Although it had still been mom’s hand in my lap that started everything! I wondered if mom hadn’t planned this by driving all the way to grandma’s, so it would appear reasonable for Aunt Jess to drive on the way back. I wouldn’t have thought it of mom mere months ago, but I hadn’t known what a sex-crazed woman she was then either! Added to the fact that she’d let Jess have sex with me last night, and had given us time this morning to do whatever, she obviously felt it was her turn now! That was fine by me!

“Don’t go wearing him out before we get back to your house Jenny! Save some of that big beautiful dick for me!” Aunt Jessica said looking into the rearview mirror at us.

“You already had a shot at him this morning!” Mom retorted.

“We really didn’t have time to do much before you came barging in with the other two.” Aunt Jess complained.

“Just keep your eyes on the road and try not to kill us and you’ll get more time with Jeremy.”

I felt like an order of pork roast that the two women were protesting over. A pork roast with a growing hot dog as mom ran a hand over my meat!

“I already blew him this morning, so you’ll have to do more than that!” Aunt Jess bragged when she saw her sister’s hand.

“Oh, I plan on it!” Mom said in a tone that spoke volumes.

As she continued to rub my hardening cock, I placed a hand on her thigh and caressed it softly. I moved up the smooth skin, not letting the fabric of her dress slow me at all. Mom brought her other hand to my crotch and began to work my shorts undone. When she had my dick standing tall, she stroked it gently, her fingers barely grazing my warm skin. My hand had pushed aside most of her dress below the waist as I massaged her pale inner thigh. They parted more than slightly, the dress falling aside to reveal that mom had no panties on!

“Mom!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“Jenny! You sat there talking to mom without panties on? What a bad girl you are!”

“Just as bad as my sister is!” Mom giggled with tuzla sınırsız escort sex dripping in her tone.

“You know it!” Aunt Jess answered just as sexily. “Move a little to the left Jeremy. I can’t see your cock!” She said as she adjusted the rearview mirror.

“Just you keep driving and don’t worry about back here!” Mom scolded her.

“Not likely!” Was the response.

I expected mom would now suck me as she could never seem to get enough, but she surprised me by lifting her ass and pulling her dress over her head!

“Holy fuck mom! You’re naked!” I blurted out loudly.

“Jeez Jenny!” Aunt Jess exclaimed just as loud.

Mom merely moved over and hunched over to get on top of me, guiding my erect cock into her already damp pussy.

“Oh yes. That feels so good.” She said like warm honey. Like the warm honey that it felt like my cock was now buried in!

“Move over! I want to see you ride that cock!” Aunt Jess begged. I lifted mom’s hips as well as I could and slide a few inches to the left.

“Better?” I asked.

I was going to have mom bounce on my dick in the back seat and I was making sure her sister could watch. I could only hope a cop didn’t see us positioned like this, as it would be very obvious what was happening! I’m sure there is some kind of law about fucking your mom in the back seat of a moving vehicle with your aunt watching while she was driving!

Mom did start to bounce on my dick, slowly at first, clearly wanting to take her time. That was fine by me as I was already prepared to start rationing the number of orgasms I would have, to make sure I lasted until tomorrow night, which seemed so far away right now!

“Ride him Jenny! That looks so hot!” Aunt Jess’s eyes appeared in the mirror. “That’s something I’ve never done in any backseat, even back in my ‘slut’ days of high school!”

“You weren’t a slut Aunt Jess, you were just well-sexed!” I commented.

“Is that the PC term nowadays?” She asked with a slight laugh.

I reached around mom’s body to grab her tits, squeezing them roughly, and pulling her pink nipples.

“Oh yeah! Pinch my tits! Pull on them while your big cock fills me up, Jeremy!” Mom moaned.

I could only do as my mother told me!

I made no effort to move my hips or ass, letting mom ride me at her own pace, I just enjoyed the woman bucking on my lap. She had her hands on the two front seats as she worked up her tempo. I worked at staying hard and not letting myself get too excited. Mom was starting to breathe heavily and her even rhythm became rough. I glanced around out the windows to distract myself as I felt tingles from below.

Aunt Jess was driving a bit slowly as she constantly glanced in the mirror at us; other cars were zipping by us in the next lane. That is, until I saw one car go by not much faster than us. I saw it slow, appearing to be in reverse as it fell back next to us. I could see a young couple; I presumed them to be married, glancing over at us.

At mom as she bounced in my lap!

I smiled at them, thinking they would move off when their voyeurism was noticed. They only fell back further until their front side window was even with our back window. I waved innocently. The young woman in the passenger seat waved back, a wide grin on her face.

“Wave mom! We have spectators!” I said softly, even though with the closed windows of both cars I couldn’t be heard.

“What? Where?” She cried out but didn’t stop her irregular tempo. She looked to the side and saw the man and woman wave at her, lecherous smiles on both faces.

Mom surprised me again when she lifted a hand off Aunt Jess’s seat and waved back. The couple laughed and both of them gave us thumbs up before speeding away.

“If I knew we’d have a show, I would’ve charged admission!” My aunt quipped. I did notice that she had sped up a little herself.

A few other cars paused as they passed us, speeding up when they saw us looking back. Aunt Jessica swerved in her lane a little as her attention was distracted from the road ahead. I saw she only had one hand on the wheel. I guessed where the other was. So did mom.

“Quit playing with yourself and drive straight Jess!” Mom bitched between harsh breaths. She was working herself into quite a state!

“I’m going to pull over so I can try that!” Aunt Jess’s breath wasn’t all that regular either.

“Not yet! I want to cum first! I’m getting close!” Mom’s grip on the front seats had her hands white.

I had distracted myself well enough that I was barely more than just hard. I know it defeats the purpose of fucking your mom if you don’t even let yourself get excited by it, but I knew there was so much more to cum, so to speak. Right then I was merely a fleshy dildo for mom to fuck herself with until she orgasmed. Then I hoped to give Aunt Jess her turn and that we didn’t get home before she could cum too.

“Oh God! I love your dick in me Jeremy! You’re going to make mommy cum so hard! So fuck-king hard!” She bellowed.

I wasn’t going to do anything; this was all her own doing! However, I’d take the credit if she was going to give it to me!

“Fuck me mom! Ride my big dick! Make yourself cum all over my cock! Come on and fuck me mom!” I could at least encourage her, couldn’t I?

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