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Alia and Dion Ch. 01

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Ever since Alia and Dion were kids, they always seemed to have an uncanny bond. Some attributed it to them being twins, while others shot the idea down since they were fraternal twins. but everyone was in agreement that they shared a deep bond. Even though high school they stuck together. only their true friends understood why the never went their separate ways, though no one knew the true story:

Until Now

It all started one fateful night when an 18 year old Dion was walking back to his bedroom. As he passed his sister Alia’s room, her heard a soft moan emanating from her nearly closed door. A look of concern washed over his face as he looked in the direction of his parent’s bedroom across the house. He really wished that they were home, just in case his sister was seriously sick. As he heard another soft moan he figured that he would be more than capable to take care of his sister, he softly pushed the door open and called out to Alia.

“Alia, are you alri-” Dion stopped in shock at what he saw.

Alia lay on her bed stark naked, her legs splayed and her freshly shaven pussy glistening in the low light, her lithe 18 year old body undulating as she fingered herself. Her bright green eyes were closed, and Dion watched with a held breath as she took two fingers out of her cunt and lifted them to her mouth to taste her pussy juices, purring as she licked them clean.

Dion felt his face smoldering in embarrassment that he had walked in on his sister in the most intimate of acts. Although at that moment he didn’t want to admit that it was an arousing moment, even though the prominent tent in his sleep shorts said otherwise. Alia moaned again as she inserted her two fingers back into her swollen cunt. Dion blushed even harder and tried to hurry out of her room. He cursed softly as he tripped over a stuffed toy and heard Alia’s startled gasp.

“Who’s there?” She asked, a thread of fear in her voice. “Dion, is that you?”

“Ye-Yeah sis, it’s me,” Dion stammered, looking away. “I thought that you were upset or something.”

“Oh, yeah well,” Alia stuttered, blushing herself. Her nipples were still perky, jutting above her C-cup breasts like triumphant flags atop a mountain peak. They hardened even more at the mere thought of her attractive brother watching her jill off.

“Well,” she said, a naughty idea arising in her head. “I’m still feeling a bit scared. would you come over here and keep me company?” She was amazed at her brazen actions as she slid her hands down bursa escort bayanlar her flat stomach to her waiting cunny. Dion had turned at her statement and watched as his sister petted her pussy.

“Close the door Di,” Alia commanded, her voice husky with arousal and anticipation. Dion started to protest but Alia cut him off sharply. “Damnit Dion, close the fucking door and get your ass over here.”

Dion gulped as he walked over to her door and closed it, locking it for good measure. How many nights had he lain in his bed fantasizing about his sister and her amazing body, stroking his 7 inch cock. The vivid images always flowed through his mind before he found himself cumming all over his own stomach. Now here he was, walking towards his naked twin sister as she slowly finger fucked her cunt. Alia propped herself farther up on her pillows, removing her fingers to rub at her clit, her breathing labored. Dion slowly reached out his hand and softly touched her cunt. Alia’s breath left her in a rush as she felt his cool fingertips touch her engorged flesh.

The scent of her sex hit Dion’s nose and whatever inhibitions that he had felt were gone from his mind as lust overrode his brain. His fingers dove into her cunt as he lowered his head to her pussy, his tongue flicking out to tickle her clit. Alia groaned and bit her lip, her hands moving upwards to cup and fondle her breasts, her thumb and forefinger pinching and twisting her nipples. Dion’s fingers curled upwards as he thrummed his fingers against her G-spot still lapping away at her clit. Alia felt the tell tale swell of feelings in her loins as Dion took her engorged clit fully into his mouth and sucked on it. She moaned softly as Dion’s fingers picked up the pace.

“Oh god Dion,” She panted, her back arching. “keep it there please!” Dion looked up at his sister’s body, watching her eyes go blind before she tossed her head back. She muffled her scream by biting her finger, her teeth leaving red marks in her tender flesh. She opened her eyes slightly as she felt Dion remove his fingers from her still pulsing pussy.

Alia watched him undress in the dim light, her eyes raking over every inch of his exposed flesh, from his broad shoulders to his trim swimmer’s waist. She bit her lip as she gazed at his uncut cock, a litter pearl or pre-cum welling at the tip. Alia sat up and crawled over her bed to where he stood watching her every move. She palmed his cock and smiled, purring again as she lowered her head bayan sarisin escort bursa to lick off the pre-cum off of his cock head and took nearly all of him in her mouth.

Dion groaned, the warm wetness of her mouth pure bliss to him. Alia’s tongue swirled around his cock head, and shaft, wetting as much as she could. He gazed at her pert ass which was held up in the air for all to see. Before he could contemplate spanking his sister’s naughty ass, she delved the tip of her tongue into his slit, lapping up his pre-cum and wanking his cock to milk more from him. Alia couldn’t wait any longer. She lifted her head from Dion’s cock with a wet POP and leaned back, spreading her legs wide and propping herself up on her elbows so that she could watch.

Dion looked his sister in the eyes as he rubbed his cock up and down his sister’s slit, gulping as he felt her warmth surround his tip. Properly lubed with Alia’s arousal, he slowly slipped his cock into her pussy, groaning as he velvet flesh engulfed his member. Alia threw back her head as he slid fully inside of her. He was so big, filling her completely. She could feel his cock pulse and twitch with every heartbeat. She moaned as she felt Dion’s mouth descended onto one pert nipple, suckling and licking it as he slowly moved inside of her. Alia sighed at the feeling of her brother inside of her, grinding her hips upwards to meet his thrusts, which gained a growl from Dion as he bottomed out. Alia wrapped her legs around Dion’s thrusting hips, using the strength in her legs to pull him deeper.

“God Alia, you little slut,” Dion groaned, looking down at her heaving chest as he gave one hard thrust into her.

“And you’re point is what?” Alia sighed back, laying on her back and drawing Dion with her, kissing him and letting their tongues dance. After a few kisses Alia arched her back and groaned.

“God Dion, quit being nice and FUCK ME already!” To illustrate her point, she dug her nails into his ass and thrust up hard against him squeezing her sheath around his cock for good measure. Dion gave a shout as her nails dug into his flesh and he began to pump away, Alia’s rails raking up and down his back only spurring him on. Alia tightened herself around him again, feeling her second orgasm building. She curled up against Dion’s body, biting his neck as her nails clench his ass.

“Oh God Dion I’m gonna cum again!” Alia groaned, her whole body tensing.

Dion felt her body clench as he pounded away. “cum bayan esmer escort bursa for me lil sis, you nasty, slutty whore.” He quickened his pace in time with her heavy breathing, raising himself up both for leverage and to watch Alia’s face. With a muffled scream a few moments later, alia cam again, her back arching and her eyes closing; her thighs fell apart and trembled with the power of her orgasm.

“Jesus,” she panted, wetting her lips slowly.

Dion grinned. “You aint seen nothin yet!” Gently he pulled out of his sister’s dripping cunt and lifted and turned her onto her stomach, her legs and ass falling off the side of the bed. He slid his cock into her deeply in one powerful thrust.

“Ohhh… fuuuckk… Dion Alia cried out, her hips and thighs shaking. Dion gripped her hips and thrust hard, deep and fast, the slight curve of his cock hitting her spot dead on. With a hiss, Alia came again, this time squirting her girl cum all over Dion’s balls and her bed as well as her floor. Dion’s cock twitched as he felt his own orgasm building.

With a growl he grabbed Alia by the waist with one and and lifted her upper body so that her back was pressed against his chest. Alia gasped and moaned at the change in angle, her head falling back to rest on Dion’s shoulder as Dion began to move inside of her once more. Dion lowered one hand to Alia’s pelvis to hold her hips in place while the other hand slid up her taunt belly to cup and pinch her breasts.

“God sis, I’m gonna cum in your hot snatch!” Dion groaned, two fingers slipping lower to rub her clit, the nub already swollen.

“Please Dion, fuck me and cum in me please1” Alia breathed, pinching her other nipple causing her pussy to clench. With that Dion flew over the edge, pistoning her, grunting and panting; occasionally kissing or biting his sister. He could feel his orgasm nearing, and as Alia came again, her teeth setting in again, he thrust upwards within her hard. With a shout his seed spilled inside of her womb, gushing hot into her. Alia purred as she came, grinding her hips against Dion, her muscles milking his cock for every last drop of cum. Finally Dion released her, letting her crawl back to the head of her bed.

With a wicked grin Alia lay backwards and spread herself wide as Dion climbed into her bed as well. She indicated for Dion to watch her cunt and with a smoldering gaze he complied. Alia concentrated and pushed. Slowly but surely, Dion watched his little sister psuh out all of his spunk.

“God Sis, you’re such a bad girl,” Dion breathed. He leaned down and started licking up his cum and swirled his tongue around her clit until Alia came again, begging for him to stop. Dion relented and gave his sister a deep kiss before tucking her into bed like he used too and got dressed before returning to his room.

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