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Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 18

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Daisy lay in her bed that night, still aching. Her holes had been used again and again that weekend, and they felt sore. On top of that, she had left the pumps on her nipples and anus until just before bedtime. Even on their timed schedule that gave her relief every ten minutes or so, they ached. She examined the swollen nubs, still obscenely large and purple, before pulling the sheet up over her chest to cover her embarrassing body. Then she spread her legs and felt, gingerly, the little bulge between her ass cheeks. Why was her father doing this to her asshole? She had thought he liked it the way it was, but perhaps this really was punishment or training or whatever he called it. It was numb and felt strange beneath her fingers. She couldn’t imagine inserting anything into it, at least not until the swelling went down.

But the very next morning, Daisy was awoken to a more insistent prodding between her legs. Her father had entered without waking her and pushed the sheet up, exposing her lower half. Now he was examining her asshole with his eyes and fingers. She winced. “It’s sore, Dad. Please don’t.”

He ignored her, as usual. She felt a finger penetrate her, and she gasped.

“Your asshole looks good, Daisy,” her father said, and she felt his finger slide back out. “You’re staying a little more swollen every time. Today you’re going to lie in bed like this until noon. Read, watch videos on your phone, try to sleep, I don’t care.”

Try to sleep? Daisy grew anxious.

Then she felt something slide inside her tender hole again, narrower than a cock but definitely wider than his finger. It was smooth and slid in several inches. Then something was placed over her anus, forming a ring around the stuffed hole. When she felt that familiar sucking sensation, she grunted. The feeling was different this time–the pressure wasn’t just on her flesh, but on the object inside her, like something was trying to pull it out of her.

As if in response to her unspoken thoughts, her father straightened up and said cheerfully, “Don’t let that come out of your ass. The cameras I’ve set up will show me if it falls out, and then you’re in big trouble, little girl.”

“But, how do I…?” Daisy looked panicked.

“You’ll have to use that tight ass of yours to hold it inside,” he instructed. “Keep those muscles flexed and you should be fine.”

Of course Daisy wasn’t fine. Not only did she have to fight the pressure that threatened to tug the object out of her when the pump was activated every ten minutes, she also had to fight her body’s natural process which would push the object out from the inside.

Her father had left her another porno mag, which only seemed to make the situation worse. Image after image of naked flesh, usually female, turned Daisy on almost to the point of orgasm–or was it the constant strain on her sphincter that made her desperately horny? Either way, the erotic images were a distraction, and once or twice, she nearly lost control of the object lodged inside of her.

Despite the danger, she found after awhile that she simply couldn’t stop paging through the magazine. One particular photoshoot made her stop and stare, wide-eyed. Two girls, one blonde and the other brunette, were in one of those play pens filled with colored plastic balls. The blonde was on her hands and knees, smiling back over her shoulder at the brunette, who was in the midst of working a bright blue ball into her asshole. There was already one inside her pussy; the green plastic peeked out from between her fleshy lips, too large for her to swallow completely.

The next page showed both girls laying in the play pen scissoring their legs, a yellow ball between their pussies. They seemed to be humping the plastic enthusiastically, as its entire surface was glistening with juices. Both girls lay back, each fondling her own sizeable breasts and giggling.

The final page of the shoot was a montage of photos, one which made Daisy nearly lose control. The blonde and brunette had been joined by a friend with long, fake red hair. The three girls knelt beside each other in a row while a fourth girl with a short black bob worked bright colored balls into all six orifices. There were several photos of the girls pushing the balls back out, or perhaps just letting escort bayan bursa them slip out. The next photo would show the girl being spanked, and the next, another ball being pushed in to replace the one that had escaped. Interspersed were photos of the girls turning their heads to kiss each other, or the black-haired girl running her tongue over the tortured flesh of a stretched pussy or straining anus.

These photos sent Daisy into a frenzy of arousal and anxiety, and by midday she was so exhausted that she cried with relief when her father told her to remove the cylinder. He also instructed her to send him a photo of her asshole, which apparently she must do promptly before anything else.

Even with the pressure removed, Daisy had to struggle not to empty her bowels and bladder onto the bed. Moving cautiously, she bent at the waist and took a photo of the object inside her. To her embarrassment, what protruded from the red swollen ring of her asshole was a makeup brush. The soft bristles poked out between her cheeks, incongruous amongst all of that erotic flesh. She took the photo and sent it, then stood and rushed to the bucket which served as a toilet. She slid the makeup brush out of her sore anus and squatted to relieve herself, suddenly and furiously, into the waiting receptacle.

When Daisy was finished, she wiped herself gingerly and sealed the filth in the bucket, pushing it into the corner. Then she returned to her bed and took out the hand mirror to examine her backside. Her anus was a bulging, swollen mess. She blushed furiously, knowing there was nothing she could do to prevent this new change.

Her father returned home that afternoon. He ordered Daisy to strip off the shorts she was wearing, although she was allowed to keep the neon pink tanktop, the one that stretched so valiently to cover her chest. He ordered her, however, to pull her tits out through the arm holes. The straps stretched across her chest and disappeared into the valley between those two mountains of flesh, making Daisy both look and feel absurd.

He ordered her onto all fours, and Daisy complied obediently, exposing her defenseless backside to him. She heard her murmur approvingly at the lingering swell between her cheeks.

Suddenly she felt something pushing against her swollen asshole. “No, no, please! No, I’ve had enough back there! Please!”

Her father ignored her, and her anus was forced open. The object was slick and smooth, like the makeup brush had been, but much wider. Even so, it slid right in. Daisy moaned as she took it, inch after inch after inch. When it felt like she was full up to her belly, it finally stopped. She sighed with relief, then turned to see what was happening to her.

Her father stood behind her, holding up a long pink tube. The tube snaked out from between her cheeks. He waved the end at her, then playfully swatted her buttocks with it. Daisy could feel the object moving around inside her bowels and she moaned. “What is it?”

“It’s a double dildo,” her father said cheerfully. “The longest one I could find. I thought I’d introduce you to it before I try to put all four feet inside your ass.” He helped her to roll into her back, the pink tube snaking out from between her cheeks and hanging over the edge of the bed. As he fitted the pump over her exposed cunt, Daisy said softly, “Dad?”

Her father didn’t look up. “Yes, love?”

She wiggled her hips a little, making the end of the snake dance. She was remembering the magazine, the one she had continued to look at even after the cylinders had been removed and she was free to go about her day. She could still see those beautiful pussies and anuses, pleasantly stuffed with brightly-colored plastic. “I have an idea. Maybe instead of trying to fit this whole thing inside me–“

When her father looked up this time, his face was dark. “Don’t tell me what to do with my daughter,” he warned. “If I want this entire thing in your ass, it will–“

“No, no, no,” Daisy hurried to reassure him. “You can put it in my…ass. That’s okay. But, I thought, maybe…maybe it could go somewhere else, too.”

“Like your pussy?”

Daisy braced herself. “Well, what if it wasn’t my pussy? What if it was…”

Her father stared at her. “Someone bursa sinirsiz eskort else’s?”

She smiled, nervous. “Would you like that?”

The pump on its timer was activated, and Daisy felt, though somewhat absently, her pussy begin to expand. She moaned. Beside her, her father continued to stare. “You really want to invite another girl here?”

“Sure,” Daisy said, “my friend Shawna would be–“


“Yeah, from high school–remember?”

Tom didn’t remember, but that was all right. He had always fantasized about two girls, and here was his daughter suggesting it. “I think that’s a lovely idea,” he said, fetching her phone. “Why don’t you call her right now?”

She begged not to, to be able to call her in private, but Tom insisted. So, as he lay between his daughter’s thighs, she dialed the number. He had insisted also that she put the phone on speaker, so after several rings, they both heard the bright, cheerful, “Hello?”

“Shawna! Hey, how are you?”

A pause. “Daisy? I haven’t heard from you in ages. Where have you been? I’ve been kind of worried.”

“I’m so sorry, Shawna. I broke my phone last Friday and I haven’t gotten another one until now. My dad was super pissed and made me work off the price of a new one.” She looked down at him, eyebrows raised, and Tom found himself stifling a chuckle. “Anyway, I was thinking we should get together. You know, like old times.”

Another pause. “Like, old times, old times?”

Tom had the dildo in his hand, and in the silence, he stuffed another inch in Daisy’s ass. She gasped.

Shawna, then: “You okay?”

Daisy: “Yeah. I was just thinking about our…old times.”

Shawna was silent for a moment. “Yeah. We had a lot of fun.”

“We did! It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen each other. I…I broke up with my boyfriend this weekend, you know.”

Shawna sounded genuinely concerned. “Oh no! I’m so sorry, honey. To be honest, I didn’t even know you were seeing anyone. You’ll have to tell me all about it over a big glass of wine and…”

Tom coaxed the pump off of Daisy’s cunt, spilling the wet flesh. He used the other end of the dildo to split her pussy lips. She was so swollen and red inside, but he forced the jelly into her tight slit all the same. She groaned.

“Oh, Daisy!” Shawna’s tone was sympathetic. “You sound miserable. When should I come over?”

Startled, Daisy looked down at Tom. He mouthed: “Tomorrow night.”

“How about tomorrow night? Are you free?”

“Definitely. I’ll be there at 7.”

She had only just hung up the phone when he pulled the snake smoothly from her bowels. Daisy squealed and collapsed on the cot, shuddering.

Daisy showered and dressed by 6. She made sure her makeup was perfect, as usual, taking extra care with her eyeliner and lipgloss. She left her hair down, falling over her shoulders in those soft, effortless ringlets her friends always envied. She wore a loose t-shirt–well, one that would have been loose on anyone else. It did hang loosely around her narrow waist, cropped just below her navel. On the bottom, she wore workout shorts, soft gray cotton that clung to her cheeks and stopped just above the natural crease of her bottom.

When Shawna came to the door, Tom answered it. He felt his cock twitch in his trousers, not so much because this girl was a beauty, but in anticipation of the night ahead. His wife had just left for the night to go out drinking and dancing with some girlfriends. They had booked a hotel room and wouldn’t be home until after brunch the next morning.

The girl who stood in front of him now was pretty, with dark hair and a nicely toned, athletic body. She wore a tank top with a plunging neckline, and what he assumed was a push-up bra, giving him an eyeful of cleavage. She also wore those cotton booty shorts he was becoming very accustomed to, showing off her rather sensational ass. A gym bag was slung over her shoulder, presumably filled with clothes and toiletries, but Tom knew there was also a bottle of wine buried in it.

She smiled up at him. “Hi, Mr. Erickson. Is Daisy home?”

He smiled back and stepped aside so she could enter the house. “She’s actually escort bayan out back in the shed. I set it up for you two girls to have a little sleep-over party out there. I’m sure you would rather not be interrupted.”

She beamed at him. “That sounds great! Thanks, Mr. Erickson.”

Tom led the way through the house to the back door. “It’s Tom. And you’re Shawna, aren’t you?”

“Yep! Daisy and I were in cheerleading together.”

They walked across the lawn to the shed and knocked.

“Come on in!” Daisy called.

Tom had hung curtains to conceal the equipment he had made, and set up the movie projector with the curtains as a backdrop to make them seem functional. He had also set up an airbed for Shawna, and brought snacks for both girls. There were candles and a few lamps. It looked like a nice, cozy hangout.

“Well, I’ll leave you two girls to it,” he said by way of farewell. “Text if you need anything, Daise.”

Daisy was sitting on the bed, Shawna standing awkwardly near the door. When the door swung shut behind Mr. Erickson, she ran to the bed and the two tumbled over, hugging each other and laughing. “This is awesome!” Shawna giggled, breathless. “Did your dad really set this up for you? He’s super cool.”

“Yeah, he’s been really great lately,” Daisy agreed. She knew their conversation was being recorded, but she wasn’t lying. Her father had been great. “Hey, did you bring wine?”

“Shit, girl,” Shawna crowed, “I brought TWO bottles!”

Whooping, she rummaged through her bag and produced two large bottles of chardonnay. “We don’t even need glasses! One for you,” she declared, handing one to Daisy, “and one for me.”

Once they had the corks out, they toasted each other and drank deeply. Then they stopped, looked at each other, and burst into giggles. “This is so awesome! But oh no, I forgot about your boyfriend. What happened?”

Daisy had concocted a silly story to explain the boyfriend. Most of it was fantasy, but she ended it with the story about going for a drive, having a few sips of whisky, and pulling up her shirt to expose herself to her startled date.

Shawna looked dumbfounded. “And he wasn’t interested? In those?” Her eyes dropped pointedly to Daisy’s chest.

“He wasn’t,” Daisy confessed, feeling guilty all over again. “Maybe they’re not that great.”

“Not that great? Girl, he’s really messed you up. They’re fabulous.”

“You really think so?” Daisy wasn’t fishing for compliments–that date had really messed her up.

“Abso-fucking-lutely.” Shawna set down the bottle. “Look, I’ll prove it. Let’s do a re-enactment. I’ll be Bryan, and you show me what you did that night.”

Daisy felt a twinge of excitement. She knew her father was listening, and that he must be excited himself by this new development. “Okay. I guess. But let me drink a little more first.”

She took a few swigs from the wine bottle and giggled. Then, composing herself, she said, “Hey Bryan, wanna see something?”

Then she reached down and grasped the hem of her shirt. She pulled it up slowly, revealing by inches the firm, rounded undersides of both breasts. Shawna was staring. Slowly, slowly, the top slid up, and suddenly one nipple popped out, then the next.

Shawna gasped. “Whoa. Daisy, your nipples look so different.”

“Really?” By now the shirt was up to her collarbone, and her enormous tits hung free. She knew her nipples were still a bit swollen from this afternoon, but she hadn’t thought Shawna would notice.

“Yeah. They’re huge.”

Daisy blushed hard. “So that is why he dumped me. They’re disgusting.”

“No,” Shawna said quickly. “No no no, I’m not saying they aren’t sexy as hell, because they are. I just remember them being much smaller.”

Daisy went to pull her shirt back down, but Shawna stopped her. “No, don’t be embarrassed. They’re so sexy. Remember that time I…you know…”

Suddenly Shawna leaned forward and took Daisy’s left nipple in her mouth. She gasped. “Jesus, Shawna, my dad could walk in!”

Shawna just looked up at her, her cheeks concave, as she sucked on the swollen nub. Daisy moaned. “Oh fuck, that feels good,” she said, and Shawna’s eyebrows shot up. The nipple popped out of her mouth.

“Wow, you talk dirty now, too,” she said softly, her tone appreciative. “I remember you always being so fucking proper.” She slid the nipple back in her mouth and continued to suck and tickle it with her tongue. Daisy sat there, naked to the waist, watching her friend nurse from her huge teat.

And then her father walked in.

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