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Don’t Let Me Stop You

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Chance is a wonderful thing. Just like that it makes things happen and you find yourself heading off in a completely unexpected direction.

I had two weeks holidays coming and I hadn’t had any intention of going anywhere. I was just going to stay at home, get a few odd jobs done around the place, nothing important.

Then a mate of mine broke his leg. Actually, he broke both legs. He was having a parkour race with another mate of his. Jumped a fence intending to land on a roof and found out that the building he was going to land on had been pulled down the previous day. An unexpected drop of about fifteen feet cost him the race and broke both his ankles.

How does that affect me, you’re wondering? Well Jamie had a holiday booked and paid for, and as it was starting the next day there was no way to cancel and get his money back. Knowing I was starting my leave he gave me the holiday for a token amount. So there I was, heading up to a boarding house at a very nice lake to enjoy a couple of weeks of fishing, hiking and swimming.

I rolled up to the boarding house, and it was a very nice place. Decent rooms, decent beds, and best of all, a decent cook. There were a number of other guests there, but not many, being the off season. Everyone seemed eager to be out and about and willing to enjoy themselves.

Except one. There’s always one, isn’t there. This one was a teenage girl. Young woman, actually, as I’d give her age as eighteen, pushing nineteen. She was staying there with her mother, who seemed to be a bit of a fitness fanatic. The mother would be up early, eager to go swimming, hiking, find a game of tennis, whatever, as long as it kept her busy. And away from her daughter, I suspect.

Dianne, the daughter, didn’t want to come on the holiday. The weather was either too hot or too cold. It was too dry or it was raining. There were mosquitos and other bugs. The lake was too cold for swimming. The hills were too steep for hiking. There were bears and snakes in the woods, and she wouldn’t be surprised if they ran into a pack of wolves.

You name it, and the little brat had a complaint about it. She got real snarky with me at one stage. We were having dinner, and a very nice meal it was, but Dianne was still bitching about it. Eventually I suggested that if she was so dissatisfied with everything she should speak to God about it, Him being the man in charge. I even offered to introduce her to him personally if she didn’t shut up for a while. Like I said, she got real snarky.

The next day I was up before dawn to do some early morning fishing. I came back for a late breakfast and then headed up to my room to change, as I had intended going on a hike. While I was changing I couldn’t help getting the impression that something was different. Then it struck me.

My wallet was missing.

I never mentioned my job, did I? I work for a company that makes electrical gizmos and one of the gizmos we make are little tracking devices. And when I say little, I mean little. They’re tiny little things that just give out an impulse when you query them. Only good for about fifty to a hundred feet, but damned useful if you want to find something easily. We’re allowed to have some of these gizmos to take home and test and help find uses for them.

I have one super-glued to the TV remote, another on my car-keys and another in my wallet. I have a seeker attached to my keys and one I just keep in the car. I picked up the one attached to the keys, activated it and checked where it was pointing.

Down the hall about two rooms, on the opposite side of the hall to my room. Now, in theory, I suppose I should have rung up the police, explained the situation and had them come and take a statement and get a warrant or whatever and eventually they’d go in and recover my wallet.

Alternatively I could try the handle, find it unlocked and walk in, fuming.

Sitting on the bed is pretty little Dianne, in her undies and çapa escort with my wallet next to her and the contents spread across her bed, barring the cash that she had in her hand, counting.

She jumped to her feet with a squeal of shock when I so rudely barged in, snatching up a dress to try to cover the charms that were spilling over the bra.

“My wallet, I believe?” I said, quite calmly, oddly enough, because I was seething. The little brat was really asking for trouble, and I was longing to give it to her.

Dianne totally ignored the wallet and what I’d said. She just started yelling at me. This was her room. How dare I barge in like that. She’d have me arrested. Get out immediately.

She was standing there, almost dancing up and down while yelling at me, when her mother came in to see what the hell was going on. She frowned to see me standing there with Dianne clad only in her undies, gave me a very cold look and demanded I explain myself.

I pointed to the wallet and money scattered on the bed.

“My wallet and things. Your sweet little daughter snuck into my room while I was out and helped herself.”

Dianne’s mother looked at the wallet on the bed, saw the guilty look on Dianne’s face and looked as though she was going to explode.

“Give it back, now,” she said, fury plain in her voice.

Red-faced, Dianne dropped the dress she’d been clutching to her and hurriedly scrabbled the wallet and contents together and handed them to me. I swiftly sorted the things out and slipped them into my pocket.

“What do you want to do about it?” asked Dianne’s mother, a bleak tone in her voice. If I wanted to be nasty, Dianne could be in severe trouble and she knew it. Dianne was starting to realise it too, as she suddenly looked distinctly nervous.

I gave Dianne a cold look and addressed her mother.

“I’m not going to do anything. She’s your daughter and that makes it your problem,” I said. “Mind you, I’m horribly tempted to just put her across my knee and tan some sense into her.”

Her mother brightened right up at that.

“You know, that’s a wonderful idea. Don’t let me stop you. I’ll leave you two together to sort this out while I go on my hike. I’ll warn Mrs. Baker to ignore any squeals or yells coming from this room. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

Before Dianne or I could say boo, Dianne’s mother was out the door. I noticed that before she closed it she pressed in the little stud on the handle so that it would automatically lock when it closed. She apparently didn’t want anyone disturbing us.

Dianne stood looking at the closed door, mouth open, not believing her mother had just walked out like that. Then her eyes swivelled to me, standing there and smiling in what she probably thought was a nasty way.

“If you try to lay a finger on me I’ll scream so loud that everyone in the place will come running,” she snapped.

“Go ahead,” I said moving towards her. “Your mother is out there explaining that you’re getting your bottom spanked, and the way you’ve been acting everyone will be listening and cheering. If you want to amuse them, scream away.”

By then I was standing right next to her, sort of looming over her. She swallowed and tried to edge away a little. It occurred to me that she was really quite an attractive young woman when she wasn’t complaining. Especially dressed the way she was, or wasn’t I should say.

Her lack of clothes came to Dianne’s mind about that time. She glanced down at herself and went red.

“If you’re going to insist on beating me, I trust you’ll have the decency to wait until I finish dressing,” she snapped out.

“Oh, I insist,” I told her, “but it would be a sheer waste of time putting on slacks or a skirt. I’d just have to pull them down when I put you over my knee.”

She went pale and flicked a glance at the door. I could see her weighing up her chances of making a break for it, so I forestalled istanbul escort bayan her by sitting on the bed and taking her arm. Holding her firmly in front of me with one hand, I reached for her panties with the other.

“It will be easier to take these down before you bend over,” I told her, and before she could protest assisted her panties downwards.

Dianne’s face switched from white to red in an instant as her hands snapped to cover her pretty little pussy. She was still stunned and relatively unresisting as I tugged on her arm and directed her to bend over my knee.

I suspect that she did not believe that I would actually do this to her, although that belief may have taken a bit of a battering when I unclipped her bra, letting her breasts spill free.

“You looked silly lying across my knee with just a bra,” I told her. “Erotic, but still a trifle silly.”

With that I delivered a nice hard spank to her bottom. That’s when it finally sank in that I was truly going to spank her. She gave a squeal and started struggling, or trying to, anyway. My hand was firmly on the small of her back, holding her in place, and all she could really do was wave her arms and kick her legs.

Neither waving arms or kicking legs got in the way of the next spank, which was just as vigorous as the first and drew just as loud a squeal. A couple more spanks and squeals and Dianne was suddenly regretting her light fingers.

She’d finally given up on the struggling, just jerking when my hand landed and trying to keep her mouth closed so that she wasn’t giving me the satisfaction of hearing her squeal.

I didn’t need the sound effect. Dianne’s rapidly reddening bottom and compulsive little jerks were proof enough that my message was being driven home. She did start silently crying after a while, but I think that was more self pity than real regret for her actions.

Finally satisfied that I had delivered an appropriate punishment, I called the spanking to a halt. Sitting there with my hand resting on her bottom, I had a few quiet words with Dianne.

“That is the end of your spanking,” I said. “What comes now is because it’s something I want to do, and you can refuse to participate if you want to.”

With that my hand moved from the small of her back to her chest, closing over one of those lovely white globes she had. At the same time my other hand slid over her bottom and pressed between her legs, urging them to part and give me better access to her love mound.

Dianne, apparently, was having no part of it. She squealed indignantly, braced her hand in my lap and started to push up. Then it must have dawned on her just what her hand was pressing on, because she snatched it away with a squeak and collapsed back over my knee.

Slipping back onto my knee help Dianne’s legs part a little more, with me taking immediate advantage and slipping my hand between her thighs to cup her mound. Dianne squealed again and closed her legs, but this just had the effect of pressing my hand more tightly against her.

Finally she managed to find her tongue.

“Do you seriously expect me to let you maul me and have sex with me after the way you just treated me?” she asked in an indignant voice.

“Not expect, as such,” I murmured. “I was sort of hoping to convince you.”

While this was going on my hands were gently squeezing breast and pussy, stirring her up and hopefully exciting her sexually.

“Not happening,” she snapped and tried to scramble up off my lap again. Unfortunately, and I was in no way to blame, she again pressed her hand against me to give herself a push. This time her hand closed over what she found, and she apparently forgot to push.

“You’re not putting this thing in me,” she snapped, but she stopped trying to wriggle off my lap and neither did she let go of her prize.

That’s the way things remained for a few minutes. Me playing with Dianne’s lovely breasts güngören escort and my fingers also exploring her pussy, dipping in between her lips and at times sliding deep into her. Dianne defiantly telling me that there was no way I was going to have my wicked way with her, while at the same time holding on to my cock as though it was a life-ring and she was sinking.

Several times while explaining why I was wasting my time and should just let her up she squeaked and lost her train of thought. My trespassing touch was starting to brush against her clitoris, arousing it from slumber.

Finally I swung Dianne off my lap and stood her before me. My hand still played with her mound, but the other had to relinquish her breasts to go behind her and pull her closer.

“I mean, we don’t even like each other,” she was explaining to me.

“I don’t know,” I told her. “You have a couple of very nice points going for you.”

With that I urged her even closer, taking one of those point into my mouth and biting gently down. She squealed again when she felt my teeth lightly scraping against her nipple, and sort of sagged against me, allowing me to coax her closer and straddle me.

At some time my zipper had unzipped itself. I didn’t undo it, and I’m quite sure that Dianne would emphatically deny doing so, but it had happened, and Dianne’s hand managed the transition of clutching me through my trousers to actually holding me firmly in her hand without missing a complaint or protest.

I leaned back to lie on the bed, and this just naturally raised my erection into a more commanding position. With Dianne already straddling me, it only took a minor adjustment to have my cock take its commanding position underneath her, spearing up and sliding neatly into her pussy.

Dianne leaned down until her breasts were hanging low and just brushing my chest while my cock pressed up into her. Not very far in, but enough to get her attention.

She finally shut up about how we couldn’t, we shouldn’t, what a nerve I had and she wasn’t that sort of girl, and by pushing herself to sit upright she firmly demonstrated that she was that sort of girl by easing herself fully onto my cock, wriggling slightly to encourage it to go deep.

From that point on Dianne stayed silent. Verbally, that is. Her little squeaks and squeals of excitement were entirely involuntary, and didn’t really count. She had apparently decided that now she was in a position where she was being ravished (I know she was on top. Her words, not mine.) she would just have to put up with it.

She put up with it in fine style, bouncing enthusiastically upon my poor little willy, apparently trying to beat it to death. Fortunately, I was able to defend myself ably, doing my best to bludgeon her pussy into submission.

Once we came together, our duel started out hot and fierce, and continued that way. Dianne was driving herself down onto my cock with great enthusiasm, and I was reciprocating, thrusting hard upwards to welcome her.

The trouble with sexual activity of that intensity is that it can’t last. The sheer energy we were pouring into it made our climaxes come that much faster, and it wasn’t long before I could feel Dianne succumbing to my onslaught. To help her along her way, I found myself firing into her, hard and fast, the hot flood crashing through her remaining defences, leaving her screaming soundlessly.

When she had recovered somewhat, Dianne turned on me again, demanding to know if I was satisfied with the way I had abused her, and suggesting I leave her to recover in peace. I shook my head.

“While I’ve made a start in getting to know you, there are so many questions left to ask. Like, how do you enjoy a long slow loving? Or can you enjoy sex without the spanking? What position suits you best when you’re being ravished? How would you react if I bared your bottom and spanked you in public?

No, it seems that we’ll need to see a lot more of each other over the next couple of weeks.”

Dianne glared at me. “There is no way you’re going to bare my bottom and spank me in public,” she told me bluntly.

Interesting, isn’t it. No comments on the other things I’ve implied I’m going to do.

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