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Five Things I Like (About You)

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He was forced to say her name three times before she responded and even then it seemed as though she was rising up from the deepest depths of some uncharted body of water to do so. On her back and spread across the bed before him, her eyes were closed and her small hand was cupping a tiny vibrator against herself and over her panties. She was moaning softly with her bottom lip tucked into her teeth.

He laughed to himself and called her gently once more. Her eyes fluttered open and a warm blush spread across her face. She was flush from self-pleasure and her bent knees, spread unevenly, afforded him a clear view of the moist little spot resting at the gusset of her tiny lace panties.

“On your stomach now, baby,” he instructed.

A small frown skittered across her face at the request. He knew exactly why. She was close and when she got this close she got selfish. But tonight was about him, at least for right now, and he wanted her on her stomach.

“But,” she started in breathy protest.

“It’s my birthday baby,” he chided. “Don’t you want to show me my gift? No one says you have to stop what you’re doing.”

A small smile bloomed on her tiny, pink mouth and she shyly rolled over onto her tummy.

“Up on your knees. That’s it, just a little.”

Keeping her knees spread she tipped her ass up in the air and presented herself to him. The view was spectacular. She wore opaque thigh-high stockings which were pure white. The delicate white ruffles at the top were his favorite part and they matched the trim on her little lacy panties. The panties were white as well except for the decadent lavender ribbons at each side holding them onto her rounded hips in fat, perfectly tied bows. His cock stirred at the thought of tugging at those bindings with his teeth and watching the wisps of lace flutter the floor.

“Look at me Princess,” he said and she dutifully turned her head to look back at him over her own shoulder. His view of her upturned feet, ass, arched back and the small, round face peering out from the mop of dark brown curls was well known, but never got old. Her small palm was still holding the pink mini-vibe and moving in tight little circles against her mound.

He stepped forward and put his hands on her ankles near the edge of the bed. He tugged her roughly towards him and smiled at her soft ‘ooof’ of surprise as she quickly recovered the position he had told her to take for his pleasure. It was the least she could do for him on his birthday.

“Are you my gift, baby?” He put his hands on her either side of her hips and trailed little circles softly with just his fingertips. He watched goosebumps play along her skin. “Shall I unwrap you?” He didn’t wait for her reply. He took hold of the satin bows at her hips and began to slide them down slowly. The cool purple cloth played beautifully along her pale skin, but he couldn’t help but be distracted by the prize he sought.

The lace moved smoothly over the curve of her ass revealing his gift, a tiny princess plug. His cock lunged at the sight.

He took a step back and admired the view. Scraps of expensive French lace stretched taut between her thighs and held resolutely in place by delicate lavender ties. These rested immediately above the ruffled hem of her thigh-highs. Her small stockinged feet hung just off the edge of the bed in front of him. There wasn’t another trace of clothing on her tight little body. And the best part? Thanks to the smooth toy she wielded between her legs, which was no longer separated from her wet little pussy by the panties, her backside was slowly swaying back and forth in time with her own breathless coos and sighs.

But her eyes snapped open at the sound of his belt being unbuckled and his zipper undone. She watched as he spread the waistband of his trousers and pushed them over his hips. It was his turn to smile to himself as he watched her rapt attention and the tip of her pink tongue dart out to run along her bottom lip. He adjusted the growing bulge in his boxers and ran his hands over himself while keeping his eyes locked on hers.

“See something you like?”

She nodded her head and reached her right hand down and a little lower to get better purchase against her wet little folds. A low moan escaped her mouth. He put his hands to either side of the elastic at his waist and pushed his shorts down just far enough to expose his rapidly hardening cock.

“Do you want this cock, Princess?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Oh yes,” she panted.

“Are you sure?” he teased. “It’s getting so thick and you look so tight and small.”

With that he began to stroke himself for her slowly. He knew just how to make her crazy with long, slow, lurid movements. His hips pushed forward towards her with each tug. She began to whimper quietly, her hand between her legs beginning to lose coordination. He knew she was getting close. He could smell his girl’s thick lust and see it spreading down from her tight little gash.

“What do you have to do to earn this cock?”

“Oh, oh, oh,” she panted, unable to articulate an answer immediately. She bit down hard on her lip and opened her mouth to speak but only a series of high-pitched little sighs escaped. He chuckled at her and continued to stroke himself with his right hand while his left slipped down to cup his own tight balls.

“Come on, baby. That wicked little mouth of yours does tremendous work.” Here he paused briefly as a small grunt stole his breath. “Say it. Tell me what you’re going to do for me. Now. Say it.”

“I’m going to come for you,” she cried out. “I’m a good girl and good girls always come first.”

“Yes Princess,” he agreed. “You’re going to come for me. Twice.” He smiled as the small flare of panic and frustration crossed her tight little features. “Two times and then you get my cock.”

He took a step forward and put his left hand on her ass. She groaned at his touch and the hand on her toy seemed to shift into overdrive. His palm rested against her tailbone and his fingers easily spanned most of her lower back. His thumb settled on the princess plug and gave a gentle little push.

“Oh, god!” she cried.

“You look perfect, baby” he told her. “That’s it, keep that back arched for me.”

She did exactly as he asked and began to keen softly when he took hold of the tiny plug and tugged on it in time with her own hips grinding forward against her hand. The plug was her newest toy and all he had requested for his birthday. Even in the midst of coming with her legs spread before him she blushed at the memory of slipping it in for him. When he began to run the head of his cock up and down her inner thighs, sliding it through her sticky wetness she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I’m coming! Oh fuck, oh, please!”

“That’s it,” he growled. “Beg me for your pleasure. Let me watch you come while I play with the toy in your perfect ass.”

Low, guttural noises tore through her chest and up out of her mouth. He had to bite down hard on his own lip to hold back as she continued to rub the little vibe against her wicked little clit through her orgasm. His own tempo on his cock sped up despite his efforts to pace himself. He had very little control when it came to this rapturous creature before him.

She didn’t so much toss her toy aside as she simply let it slip from her fingers and fall to the duvet while she settled herself. She continued to pant and grind her hips as he watched her.

“One down, one to go,” he reminded her quietly as she looked up at him from the bed.

“How,” she began but had to stop and catch her breath. “From the same position?” she asked, her small face still flush with pleasure.

“Ladies’ choice,” he answered as her eyes strayed to his raging cock eagerly straining towards her.

She patted the bed beside her and smiled at him sweetly. He turned and sat at the edge and lay back, their bodies parallel but not touching, him flat on his back and her curled sweetly towards his increasingly restless form. Reaching down she brought her legs together and pointed her toes towards the ceiling and began to shimmy out of her panties.

“Leave the stockings,” he said, resting his palm on her knee.

“Of course!” she exclaimed in mock consternation. “I know what my boy likes”. With that she began rising up on to her knees and moving to straddle his groin.

He groaned and gave a knowing little laugh. “Does my girl want to grind out her second orgasm?” His hands settled on her hips as she moved his cock to lie flush against his belly between their bodies. She looked down into his face and brought the tip of her finger to her lips and slipped it into her mouth. She paused bashfully and he looked up at her with a question in his eyes. Before he could ask she began to move up his body and then spun around to face his feet. She placed her hands flat on his chest and positioned her glistening little pussy over his mouth. His eyes locked onto the tiny jewel nestled between her tight little ass cheeks.

He could almost hear the flush blooming across her face as she whispered, “I want to grind this one out, but not against your perfect cock”.

She settled a bit lower and muffled his deep growling sounds with her dripping little pussy. She moaned his name and added, “Ladies’ choice after all”.

She began to move.


This is for waffle-factory in gratitude for this as well as all the pancakes and beautiful skies. Thank you all for reading, always.

September 2014

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