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Big Dicks

I knew what was happening as soon as I felt the first twinge of pleasure. I’d prepared for this, of course, but I could never get used to how sudden it felt at first. No warning, no warmup, just a wave of horniness that just didn’t seem to go away.

Shaking, I stood up from my desk and began to take off my clothes. I was in the middle of a Netflix series, and had finally caught up to where all my other friends were. I had done my best to avoid reading any spoilers online, and was about to watch the next episode. But I guess my body had other ideas on how it wanted to spend the evening.

My bra fell to the floor near my panties as warmth continued to overtake my body. My pussy dripped with wetness, my nipples hard as stone. Sweat clinged to every corner of my body as I made my way to the closet in the corner of my bedroom.

Only once a month did I ever have to wear this…thing. The sensations it gave me were better than any lover, any sweet candy. I’d long considered wearing it more often, but I felt it would ruin the sensations for when I actually needed to wear it.

Throwing open my closet door with my sweaty hand, I pawed through the coathangers until I found it. At first glance, it looked like a corset you would find in some fancy lingerie magazine. No one my age would’ve ever worn something like this unless they were trying to show off, or unless they had to. In this case, I fell into the latter category.

Holding the corset against my body, its rigid structure rubbed against my erect clitoris. I let out a barely contained yelp as it almost threw me over the edge. But I knew I wouldn’t able to do that without this contraption. Undoing the back, I glanced at the inside of the corset.

Two implements, one for each breast, were positioned right where my nipples would go. In my crotch, dildos would slide right into my pussy and ass, while a vibrating strip was located right in between those dildos. Another small vibrator could be found right where my clit would go.

It seemed like sensory overload at first glance, but it was the only way to contain the massive throes of pleasure and heat that women like me went into nowadays. My grandma could remember the days when women didn’t need to worry about things of this magnitude…only some mood swings and some blood once a month, and that was during a good month.

I didn’t have time to think about what went wrong from then to now. I just needed relief.

The corset was designed to hug every inch of my torso, while leaving my thighs and legs free. To that end, the corset was opened from the middle strip, where a flat vibrating strip lay. I threaded my legs on either side of the strip, and began to slide the dildos into my pussy and ass. Up to now, they had both been gushing with liquid and juice. Once the dildos were inside and the corset was pressed firmly against my body, it would cease to flow so recklessly.

Higher up my body, I affixed the corset above my breasts, slowly guiding two suction cups onto each nipple. They were meant to keep themselves lodged onto, and inside, my boobs. This was the hardest part, as I had to be very careful and gentle. Doing it with hands wracked with pleasure made this even harder. But I was able to insert them up to their base, firmly pressing the corset under my boobs and pushing them up, while revealing the top half of my boobs, arms, and everything above them.

The sides of the corset attached themselves around my hips and sides as I pressed them together. I’m not sure how it worked, but no amount of tugging, recklessness, or excitement would cause this corset to come apart until it was time. The last connection was made to the back, wrapping behind the small of my back and just under my armpits, completing the circuit of pleasure.

To call this a corset was misleading; it was nothing like the actual corsets worn by women of old, meant to force the body to look a certain way. These devices could only be called corsets in look only; their true function was far more primal than anything the cruel mistresses of yesteryear had ever planned. I remember getting mine in middle school, going with a bunch of my friends. We were too scared to go alone; walking into the store as a pack was another step towards adulthood, like getting my first phone or getting my driver’s license.

Some girls customized their sets, as they were often whispered and rarely spoken aloud, with so much glamour and glitter, you would have no idea what they were wearing. Rich teens with their family’s credit card would get full bodysuits that completely encased them in vibrating, suffocating bliss. They would completely cover everything below the neck, massaging every inch of their body. Others preferred form over function, going to town with the most revealing and glamorous designs, while still getting the job done. Rave girls would colorize every curve, Casibom every accent of their set, and others had theirs crafted with satin lining. A friend of mine heard of a girl who had lights added that would pulse whenever she came.

I preferred something simple that got the job done, while still allowing me a fair amount of movement and flexibility. A poorly tailored set would leave their wearer rigid, stuck in the throes of pleasure and be unable to bend over and do much of anything. My set provided that sense of flexibility while still conforming to my body and providing my body with much needed satisfaction.

My reverie was interrupted by the vibrators activating across my body. In my boobs, in my slit, in my ass, and right at the bottom, my holes were treated to a pleasant massage. I was fortunate that my waves only ever happened at night. Some girls had theirs in the morning, or were even woken up in the dead of night by a wall of horniness. A few of my closest friends have theirs right in the middle of the day; they have to plan their schedule around the possibility that they could bend over and start masturbating at any moment.

The golden rule was that it only happened once every month. Once it happened, you didn’t need to worry about it for the rest of the calendar month. These cycles and waves didn’t actually hold themselves to our calendar. The actual science behind it was too confusing for most people (myself included) to understand, and very rarely did people have it twice in a month. It’s like having a full moon twice in one month: not impossible, but not common enough to worry about.

Once it was on, it wasn’t going to come off until their job was done. This lasted a few hours on average, but could take longer depending on the person. I saw some YouTube videos of girls stuck in their sets for days. It wasn’t that these things were trying to hurt their wearers. They were saving these girls from themselves. These horny college girls were riding waves of pleasure, and just couldn’t seem to find relief. When they did come off, though, they needed to be cleaned, washed, and charged before getting used again. It tended to smell after being close to a girl literally pumping sex out of her body for hours at a time.

That’s another thing about the sets: they were controlled by a computer that monitored the wearer’s vitals, seeing how horny they were, and trying to push them to the edge of orgasm as often as possible. That was the only way for the wave to subside: constant and persistent orgasm. This was easier for some than it was for others. I got the short end of the stick here, and I needed a good deal of warming up before I could get there. Others were pretty quick, in and out within 30 minutes. The orgasm had to come from the suit, or from some kissing action. No rape, though. Every set could detect if that was about to happen, and could repel a troublemaking frat boy with nothing better to do. It’s never happened to me, but I’ve seen on the news what happens to pricks who think they’re above these girls. It’s not pretty. This also applied to attempts to take off the suit by someone other than the wearer, in order to get right inside the poor girl. Every set did it a little differently, though there were some basic functions that every manufacturer had to include for it to get approved.

I was about to hop into bed and ride my orgasm out when I heard an insistent knocking on my bedroom door. Odd enough that someone wanted to see me, even odder that there was anyone home. I shared a house with several friends, and I’d thought they were all going out to see a movie. Opening the door, I was greeted by the trembling sight of my roommate Anna. She was completely naked, juices pooling on the floor beneath, and fingers deep in her snatch.

“Can’t find set. Need help. Please.” She was breathing heavily, and was having trouble focusing. I could see she wasn’t going to make it much longer. Bad enough that she couldn’t find her suit, worse that it looked like it had been a while since her wave had started. The scent of her juices and sweat on her body were pungent, reminding me of how I was a few minutes ago.

Sparing no time, I grabbed her hand and took her into the bathroom we shared. I didn’t carry an extra set, and I wasn’t going to barge into one of my roommate’s closets to see if they had one. There was an unspoken rule about wearing someone else’s set, like wearing their jewelry or a similar dress. Anna’s feet slapped on the tile floor loudly, already soaking wet. There wasn’t much time left, and I only had one chance for this to work.

Turning to the bathtub and turning the faucets on, I rummaged through my personal drawer in the bathroom and grabbed the largest dildo I’d never used. My nickname for it was ICED: In Case of Emergency Dildo. This was my step 1 of my personal solution to the problem Anna Casibom Giriş was having. Giving the dildo to her, she snatched it out of my hand and stuck it right up her pussy, letting out a guttural moan as she did so. It was larger and thicker than anything I would dare put in me normally, and I had always hoped I’d never need to use it. I guess I’m not technically using it, so it’s still all right? Anna slid the dildo right up to its hilt quickly, sliding it in and out while the ridges and thickness did their job.

Anna still hadn’t come, but this dildo would help.

The bathtub was half full and steaming with warm water. Taking Anna’s hand, I guided her into the steaming water. It was positioned in the corner of the room, and I positioned her body such that she was facing away from where I would shortly be, outside of the tub. Anna’s body came to rest at the bottom of the tub, while the suction cup on the dildo stuck itself firmly to the bathtub floor. She wasn’t going to go anywhere. Not if I could help it.

Standing up and stepping out of the bathtub, I took another glance at my roommate’s nude form. I’d never really gotten the chance to appreciate it before. Her full breasts sported nipples hard as diamonds, which were slowly becoming submerged under the bathwater. Her ass was also a sight to see; though it was underwater, the memory of it lingered in my mind. Anna’s shaven pussy had beckoned for attention that I gladly provided.

I moved behind Anna’s body, getting on my knees and as close to her as possible. I began to slowly guide my hands over her shoulders, firmly massaging and pressing down. I mirrored my hands on either side of her body, providing as equal pressure as I could apply to each shoulder and arm. Anna moaned deeply, as the dildo inside her continued to work its magic, while her hands played with her clit. Finishing with her arms, I gently cupped her breasts, emitting a sharp squeak from her lips. I couldn’t see her face, but I could imagine she was enjoying this. My hands played with her boobs, twirling her nipples and kneading them as I would knead bread. I finished my job here by tightly pinching her nipples with my fingers. She rose up on her legs, lifting her entire body with a loud gasp.

I took this opportunity to pull her up the rest of the way and extract the dildo resting inside her. With a hard tug, I pulled it off the bathroom floor, and inserted the thick end right into her ass. Anna slammed her ass right into it, suctioning the dildo to the wall and forcing her body up to its hilt. I didn’t know how she was able to do that…

The bathwater was up to her neck by now, and I got up to turn off the faucets. I took another look at my roommate, lost to pleasure and horniness. It was making me horny too, and I hadn’t even realized that my own orgasm was just about to hit.

I didn’t even have time to get to my bedroom before it hit me like a train, the orgasm I had been waiting for ripping through me like a tsunami. It was everything I’d ever wanted, and more. I was writhing on the floor, immersed in the sensations and feelings.

Everything and nothing made sense. The moment of orgasm often seemed to transcend everything the human mind could understand, being so empty and full at the same time. Hot and cold. Fast and slow. It was every confusing thing ever, all thrown together into one moment.

I don’t know how long I was on the floor. I remember hearing a beep, and feeling my corset disengage from my body. The seams undid themselves, dildos deflated and retreated, and my wave was coming to a close. Collecting my set in my arms, I went to leave the bathroom, but was stopped by an abrupt groan.

I’d almost forgotten about Anna, still masturbating and waiting for her chance to come. I’d done everything I could to help her, and yet her eyes pleaded for more. What could I do? I could go back to my room and go to sleep. Or I could let all those haphazard fantasies of mine come to life. How many times had I wanted to snuggle up to Anna and really eat into her?

I was torn. Conflicted. Would something happen to me if I did this? Would I go through another wave? I didn’t know what to do. Turning to Anna, seeing her eyes clouded and lost. Her hands furiously gnawed at her pussy, her whole body riding up and down the dildo.

There was no choice. I knew exactly what to do.

I tossed my set onto the bathroom counter and, totally nude and covered in dried up sweat and sex juice, joined my roommate and friend in the bathtub. I didn’t consider myself a lesbian, bisexual, or anything like that. But this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

There was the issue of taking advantage of her lust-addled body, making sure I respected and loved her body, and didn’t do anything that either of us might regret. I moved my body close to hers, Anna’s face breaking out into a Casibom Güncel Giriş smile, and I grabbed her body in a wet embrace. Our boobs collided, jiggling in the water and splashing around. My arms were wrapped behind her back, and my legs straddled her hips. She’d moved forward from the dildo, and the two of us were in the middle of the tub.

I looked deep into her eyes, seeing lust, passion, and a twinge of relief. That was all I needed to see, before moving my lips in on hers.

Anna’s saliva rolled into my mouth with her tongue. The taste was exquisite, filling, like nothing I’d ever had before. My pussy clenched with the taste as bathwater lapped up to my face and neck. My eyes looked deep into Anna’s as we embraced and kissed, the violence of it all sending water in all directions. Our bodies rocked back and forth for what seemed like ages.

I took my hands and grabbed Anna’s ass, clenching and rubbing it. She met this display of pleasure with one of her own, grabbing my own butt and mirroring my movements.

I’d lost all sense of time, giving in to the warmth and pleasure Anna provided. How long had I been missing out on this? How had I not known this other world existed within my own apartment?

Feeling Anna grab my body tightly, I could tell she was about to orgasm. Violently. She peeled back from the kiss and buried her head in my partially submerged boobs, moaning as her wave came crashing to an end. I held onto her as she braved the storm, rubbing her back and keeping tight around her legs.

Anna dug her body into mine one last time, then I felt all the tension leave her body. Looking up at me, her eyes had returned to normal, now satisfied, content, and tired. She quietly whispered “Thank you,” before grabbing me by my hips and lifting me out of the bathtub. My legs were still wrapped around her hips, and my arms behind her back, securing me to her. Her arms coiled around my torso, lifting me with ease. I hadn’t known Anna was ever this strong…Did she work out?

Stepping out of the bathtub, and dripping wet with both water and sex, Anna took me into her own bedroom. What was she planning?

Coming to her bed, Anna gently leaned forward onto it, and my back fell into her deep blankets. Water from all corners of my body soaked through her sheets, though Anna didn’t seem to mind. I stared at her nude form towering above me. Content with her handiwork, she left the room, leaving me alone in my wetness. I was too sore to move a muscle, so I just relaxed. Not even my eyes wanted to move anymore. I just wanted to stay still.

I didn’t hear Anna come back into the room, but I did feel her sliding my set into my crotch very abruptly. It was a lightning bolt in my stupor, but wasn’t enough to break it up. Sealing up my slit and ass, Anna closed up my sides and plugged into my nipples. I didn’t feel the pleasure as strongly as I had before…it was dulled, like it was happening to someone else.

But something was different this time. Different from the other times I had worn my corset. I felt milk leaving my breasts, flowing through the frame of the corset. I felt a trickling sensation in my clit and ass. It was making me feel full; not in a bloated way, but in a way that left me satisfied.

It took me all my strength to lift my head and look down at my body to see why: this wasn’t my corset. I recognized the pattern, the texture, the colors as belonging to Anna’s. I was wearing Anna’s corset. And in the same glance, I could see she was wearing mine as she continued to adorn me with aspects of her own wardrobe.

Arm-length gloves, encapsulating every from my fingertips to my shoulder, were slid onto my prone body. Full-length leggings, ending in padded socks, found their way onto me. The seams for these articles connected to the corset quietly, locking me in.

When it was all connected together, I felt a slight vibration begin to pulse throughout my body. Every inch of skin felt like it was being caressed and touched and loved and every other physical sensation. But it was everywhere. If my body hadn’t been drained, I would have been convulsing and arching my back. Instead, I was silently and gently taking in the sensations being offered to me.

No, not offered…forced. But I was so happy with this. With this care. With Anna. With pleasure. What could be bad about that?

Anna tucked me under the blankets of her bed, taking care to move my body as little as possible. My halted breaths mixed with the sound of moving sheets. When done, Anna turned off the lights to her room, giving me one last glimpse of her physique before it was plunged into darkness.

She closed the door, making sure I heard the click of the lock. Soaking and vibrating in darkness, I felt her climb into bed with me, embracing the right side of my body. One hand played with where my pussy was firmly closed off, and the other tweaked my buried nipple. These attempts at sensations only served to frustrate me, pushing me to an end I would not reach.

“You know what they say…” I heard Anna whisper. “A girl needs to have some rest and relaxation every so often.”

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