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I have had a lot of request for some anal stories. Here is one that took place a couple of months after my threesome.

It had been a long week, and the weekend was much desired. It was almost 7:00 P.M. by the time I arrived home from work one Friday night. I was exhausted from all of the overtime I had put in that week. If I never had to make another quarterly estimation report it would be too soon I told myself, as I drug myself into the house.

“Anyone home?” I hollered out.

There was no answer. I knew Kyle and Lacey must be out with their friends, having fun. I began to wonder how long it had been since I had went out and just had fun. That required too much thinking and I wasn’t in the mood for thought.

I went upstairs to see if Kyle or Lacey were in their room, but the rooms were empty of anyone.

I walked down the stairs and headed straight to my bathroom. I knew just what I needed, a long hot soak in my Jacuzzi bathtub.

I turned on the lights and entered my bathroom. Walking towards the tub, I noticed how tired I looked in the mirror that covers the wall behind my tub. My hair was out of sorts, my makeup needed a little freshening, and my skirt and blouse looked as though they had been slept in. What the hell do you expect after a thirteen hour day I told myself.

I turned the water on to my tub and began undressing. I began with my blouse. I pulled it from my skirt, and unbuttoned it top to bottom. I let it slide off my arms and onto the floor. I then reached back and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to my ankles. I stepped out of my skirt and looked in the mirror again. My tits were smashed together from my bra, and my panties were pressed into my slit. Normally this would get me excited, but I was too tired. I reached behind me, and unclasped my bra. My tits bounced out of the bra cups, and I let my bra fall to the floor.

Not too bad I convinced myself as I gazed at my tits in the mirror. I hooked my thumbs in my panties, and slid them to the floor. I looked back at the mirror. I noticed Casibom my hips were a little wide, my stomach had a little ponch, and as I spun around to see my ass, it filled up more of the mirror than what I was expecting.

I told myself I looked good for being in my forties, having two kids, and working my ass off the past few weeks. Now I just had to make myself believe it. But not now, now it was bath time. I stepped into the water. It was a little warmer than what I was wanting, but it would be fine after I getting used to it.

I sat down in the water, and felt a warm sensation cover my slit, and asshole. It almost stung as the water covered it, but it was also energizing. I then laid back, and felt the stinging sensation cover my nipples. I reached over, flipped the switch for the Jacuzzi pump, and retreated to my world of bubbles.

Minute by minute my stress dissolved in the water. After twenty minutes, I decided to add some soap to the water. I poured just a tiny amount into the water. I had learned my lesson to add the soap after starting the Jacuzzi, not before, unless you want to have a floor covered in bubbles. I felt the water turn to a slippery feeling as the soap worked it’s way over my body. It felt so smooth.

I laid in the tub, alone in my own universe. My hands began to slide up my stomach and across my breast. I opened my eyes and gazed at my nipples through the steam. I slid my finger over my nipple. I couldn’t believe the sensation I got. My nipples were extremely sensitive from the hot water. I began to tease both of my nipples, gently pressing them with my fingers, and then giving them a slow twirl. My body begged for release. It begged me to continue.

I slid my right hand down my stomach, and then down the inside of my thigh. I brought it back up, and slid a finger over my asshole. It begged to be penetrated. I took my middle finger and pressed firmly on my dark hole. It barely opened, and greeted my finger with a warm hug. I slowly slid it in and out. As I continued, my rhythm quickened. Casibom Giriş My breaths became deep. I watched as my tits would surface the water, then submerge under the bubbles again. I pressed my finger deep into my ass, wishing it was a cock.

With my middle finger bottomed in my ass, I slid my thumb into my pussy. I loved the feeling of the hot water as it rushed in with my thumb. I pressed my thumb and finger together, and rubbed the walls that separated my love holes. With my left hand I began to rub my clit. I started out slow, but my body begged me to ravish my nub. My hand began quick circular motions on my clit. My pace grew faster and faster. I began pumping my holes harder and harder.

I could hear the water splashing around, and I began to ascend to my orgasm. My stomach was tightening, I could hear myself panting, I knew it wouldn’t be long. My breaths grew heavier and heavier. My nipples began tingling as they would enter the cooler air, then drop under the hot water. I grew dizzy, and instantly I was engulfed into a blissful orgasm. I pressed my feet against one end of the tub, and my back into the other. My body tightened as I felt my juices explode within me.

I laid completely still as my orgasm quietly left my body. After what seemed like an hour, I manage to escape my daze, and got out of the tub. I dried myself off, trying to avoid my sensitive nipples and pussy. I wrapped my robe around me and went to my bed to lay down. I grabbed a book and decided to do a little reading.

“Oh mom you smell so good” I heard a voice say.

I was awakened by a very familiar voice. I felt cool air on my breast and stomach. Then a warm feeling covered my clit. I tried to open my eyes when I felt my pussy being penetrated. I laid still as a cock slid it’s way to the bottom of my pussy. I felt my nipple consumed with a warm mouth. I managed to open my eyes and focused in on my son Kyle. I looked around and tried to figure where I was at. I noticed I was still in my room on my bed, but now my robe Casibom Güncel Giriş was open and my son was mounting me.

I wanted to tell him I was too tired, but he began thrusting his shaft in and out of me. I laid there as my body began to thank me for continuing. My clit awoke as my son’s pubic hairs would brush against it as he sunk himself deep into me. I could feel my chest grow heavy as I tried to breath. I had to take deeper breaths. Suddenly I was overtaken by my juices exploding inside me. I came so quick and hard I wasn’t expecting it.

I heard the sounds of my wetness as he continued to pump me. My ass began to beg for attention. I couldn’t ignore it.

“Kyle honey, would you go up my ass baby?” I begged.

Without a word he slid out of me. I got on my hands and knees, and braced myself. He leaned in, pressed the head of his wet cock against my dark hole, and slowly slid it into my ass. My ass ached as his cock stretched my hole. He began pumping my hole, in and out, over and over. Occasionally he would sink his cock back into my pussy, and then penetrate my asshole with my pussy juice as lubricant.

“Cum up my ass baby!” I screamed. I desperately wanted to feel his explosion up my ass.

“Your ass is tighter than Lacy’s pussy mom!” Kyle said with joy in his voice.

A minute or two had passed as I felt Kyle’s cock start to stretch my asshole even more. My dark hole filled with pain. I forced my face into a pillow, and bit my lip so as I wouldn’t scream from the pain. Kyle rammed his cock up my ass until I felt his balls press into my pussy.

“Eeehhhh!” I screamed into the pillow.

There was a slight pause, and then I felt a warm honey like feeling consume my ass. I felt Kyle’s cock pumping his juices into my ass. He grabbed my tits as his hips began humping me out of control.

“Uunnggh, ungh,oh Mom I can’t stop Cumming, your ass is, uunngggh”

His cock finally emptied itself, and Kyle slowly pulled his cock from my ass. It fell limp as it passed my opening, and then I heard the drops of his cum dripping onto the sheets. I stood on my knees, and a thick gush of my son’s semen flowed down my inner thigh.

I cleaned myself off and laid down. I awoke the next morning to find Kyle laying next to me. I just had to have seconds.

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