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Authors Note: These stories are based on my life experiences. If you haven’t read the first part of my story, I’d suggest that you do so… The names (or most of them) have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. By the way, in case any of you are wondering after the end of this story, the answer is: “Yes, Cheryl is still a part of my life – even if we aren’t roommates anymore.” She also claims editorial rights on the content too!! ? BTW: I do promise that we girls DO eventually go to Wreck Beach – it’s just that as I started to put our story down in print, I realized we needed to tell the whole story…

As I was writing…

It was right at that instant I knew I was going to get naked somewhere in public – I loved the feeling of the guys stares. Without warning I reached up to my bikini top, untied the top string, and let it drop. The guys gasped and I laughed — and oh, I almost came in my bikini bottoms… The first guy reached up almost involuntarily and cupped by breast, and thumbed my nipple and sighed. I could see the bulge growing in his shorts and I knew this was getting out of hand quickly…

50 feet away I could see Cheryl’s hand at her mouth in a gasp of disbelief…

I gently disengaged the guy’s hand, lifted it to my mouth for a soft kiss and whispered “Down Tiger – perhaps another time… You ever go to Wreck?” I asked him. When he shook his head, I told him “Maybe you should, like next Saturday if the weather is good! Oh, and my name’s Katie…”

His eyes flicking between my nipples, and my eyes, said “I’m Dave, it was GREAT to SEE you Katie.”

“I hope I see you again Dave.”, I turned and began wading back towards shore.

I could see Cheryl laughing as I walked up the beach towards her… As soon as I was within hearing distance she call out, “You little tease! I can’t believe you just flashed those guys! You are, without a doubt, the craziest girl I have ever met!”

I could feel the stares of other guys around us – I’m not sure if they had seen me flash, but I knew they could see my nipples through the sheer material of my pale yellow un-lined bikini top. The thought of it made me warm and wet, in spite of the cool breeze off the water. ‘Damn I am really starting to love this feeling’, I thought to myself.

“Oh, my God, Cher, I swear, I almost came in my bikini bottoms – well not really, but what an incredible rush to flash my tits for those guys! And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet girl!” I exclaimed. “And don’t forget your part of this dare too. Remember, I said, if I will, you will! You haven’t forgotten that part have you, Cher?”

Cheryl was still giggling and shaking her head in disbelief as I sat down beside her on my beach towel. “I remember my part of the dare”, she said, “I just didn’t really think I would have to go through with it so soon. In fact, to be honest, I’m not sure that I have the guts to follow through. I’ve never done anything like this before, but you – I know you have flashed your body through see through T’s before. I’ve see you after the soccer games through the years getting bolder and more brazen. And last year, after we won our league championship, I’ll never forget seeing you dancing through the girl’s change room buck ass naked.”

Now I got a little more serious… “But those times I’d either done it with at least some clothing on, or in the girl’s in the locker room, and it was only around the girl’s.” I explained. “I’ve never actually intentionally bared my body in front of strangers before, either — up until just now, that is! Cher, I’ve got to tell you, it turned me on like you wouldn’t believe. I absolutely have to do this again! Maybe not here – but I think the joke you made when we were on the bus of going by Wreck Beach was actually a great idea. I’m sure I could do it again in front of others who are at least as undressed as me. And I know I would keep it off for a while too.”

“I don’t know”, Cheryl started, “and don’t take this the wrong way – It’s not that I ‘m a lez’ or anything, but I think I get as turned on as you do just watching you. To be completely honest I’m a little bit of a voyeur. I love watching if you know what I mean…” She paused…. “Well, since I being completely honest, let me put it this way — I loved seeing you completely naked in the change room – and here on the beach going topless in public was a rush for me too. I’m just worried about this going too far…”

I looked at her confidently “Hey Cher, don’t worry about that… I know when to stop.” (at least I think I looked confident). I know for sure that deep inside I wasn’t that confident I really did know when to stop.

Curiously, (no-pun intended), I was also surprised, and more than a little intrigued by Cheryl’s admission that she liked watching me. I lay back on the beach to think about that for a minute or two…

It was Cheryl who resumed the conversation. “I do know that when I saw you naked for the first time in the locker room shower I was shocked at how you didn’t mind showing your body – in fact, Casibom every time we were in the locker room after that, I always tried to sneek a peek at your gorgeous body.”

As I lay back quietly thinking, Cheryl’s last comment made my own thoughts race through my head ‘I’m not gay’ ‘But I have always gotten turned on by girl-girl scenes and erotic stories’ ‘I know I like guys too’ ‘Am I bi?’ ‘Maybe’ ‘Is Cher bi, or at least bi-curious?’

The more I thought about it, the more I remember seeing Cher watching me. ‘Interesting, very, very interesting.’

Cher started again, “And then after the big soccer game when you went dancing naked through the locker room – with me and with the rest of the team getting up and dancing half clothed too, I still get soooo turned on thinking about that day.”

‘Damn, I thought to myself, if she doesn’t shut up, I’m going to either kiss her, caress her, or start playing with myself right here on the beach’ In fact, I could feel my wetness soaking out of my crossed legs. I still didn’t answer – because I wasn’t sure what to say…

“You know Katie, when I got home that day I have to admit I frigged myself like crazy. I spent the next two weeks thinking constantly about watching your tight little body naked, wet and dancing around shamelessly.”

“That’s when I realized I love to watch you, Katie.”

I glanced over and saw a dreamy look in her eyes. I knew, I just knew, she was seeing me naked in her daydream. That was it! I had to tell her… “Cher, if you don’t stop talking about this right here, and now….”

Cheryl immediately interrupted me, “Katie, I’m so sorry – I hope I haven’t scared you, I’m a lez, really, well I don’t think I am, it’s just that seeing you naked turns me on so much.”

“…Stop Cher, STOP you interrupted me!” I explained, “I was going to say, if you don’t stop talking about this right here, and now, I swear I am going to strip naked and start frigging myself right here on the beach… You have me sooooo turned on I don’t think I can even stand up…” I whispered to her…

That was when she smiled and laid back “God, Katie that feels so good to have told you – I didn’t know how you would react – I was sure you loved being watched, but I wasn’t sure what you would do or say if you knew how much I love watching you.”

“Cher, PLEASE change the subject, I swear I’m leaving a wet spot on the beach! So, tell me what did you say to those guys? “

“I told them you were wearing a see though bikini on a dare, and that part of the dare was to stand face to face-to-face to guy you didn’t know. I also told them you were an exhibitionist! And then I asked them to help you finish the dare.” She paused… “Katie, we make a perfect pair – you’re an exhibitionist, and I’m a voyeur…”

“Cher, you won’t believe what I told them when I was flashing them…” I told them they should try going to Wreck Beach some time – in fact I told them to try going next Saturday. Which is a damn good thing – ’cause that when we are going to the beach too. Oh, and Cher, that’s when you are going to pay up on your half of the dare as well…”

“Katie, are you serious? Do you want to do this??”

“Oh, Cher, more than you can imagine…”

“Look here come those guys…”

I looked up at them as they approached, “Hiya Tiger, it’s nice to see you again…” I laughed.

Dave smiled and nodded “It is great to see you too Katie, I see you are drying out a bit – too bad I liked the wet look…”

I looked down and realized he was right – the yellow nylon my top was made of was drying out quickly. ‘It’s a good thing my legs are crossed, or he would notice my bottom isn’t drying anywhere nearly as quickly.’ I thought. ‘Damn, I am absolutely soaked down there…’

“So, are you going to introduce me to your friend?” I asked Dave.

“Sure this is Chris, one of my roommates, we share the lower half of a small rented house not far from here – there are actually three of us, there is another guy who’s back at the house still unpacking his shit… And who is your friend?”

“Oh, sorry I saw you talking back on the beach I thought perhaps she introduced herself then – This is my best friend and roommate Cheryl. We are sharing a dorm on campus. I did see you talking together earlier didn’t I?” I asked and smiled playfully…

Dave grinned, and replied, “Oh yeah – we were talking earlier. She gave me few pointers about you and your top – and I damn glad she did too. I just was in such a hurry to find out if she was telling the truth I forgot to introduce myself… Quite rude of me in fact, particularly given how gorgeous Cheryl is…”

Cheryl, who had been sitting back listening and watching our flirting exchange, smiled at Dave’s compliment, and responded, “Why thank you very much… I was beginning to wonder if you noticed. It’s kind of amazing how the thought of a woman’s bare, or nearly bare breasts can stop some men from thinking at all…”

Dave laughed, and then responded, “Oh, I Casibom Giriş didn’t stop thinking, it was what I was thinking about that changed… And besides, if Katie here is good for her word, I’m hoping to start thinking about it more too… Well Katie, should we really be at Wreck next Saturday?”

I smiled back sweetly, and teasingly responded, “Well Dave, I can’t say for sure – but maybe you should find out… You might get quite a surprise”.

With that I stretched out my arms and legs, and parted my legs a little. I knew if anyone looked, the wetness between my legs would be visible. I saw Cheryl looking down, and both Dave’s and Chris’ eyes followed hers. I spread my legs a little further and then like a gymnast I tucked my feet behind me and stood up.

I moved toward Dave and we both engaged each other in a hug – In doing so, I make sure my hard little nipples pressed against his bare chest… ‘Mmmm this really had some possibilities’, I thought. ‘But if I don’t get out of here, I am going to wind up screwing these guys before the afternoon is over.’ And while that thought turned me on enough to almost allow my fingers to go muff diving, I wasn’t ready to go this far so fast… I was then that I noticed Chris staring hungrily at my body too. ‘Oh, oh, this could really be trouble!’ I thought – and then smiled an inner naughty smile…

I glanced down at Cheryl and noticed three things all at once:

One, she was beginning to get a bit red from the sun;

Two, her eyes had that glazed over look that I had noticed earlier when she started talking seriously about my exhibitionism and her voyeurism; and,

Three, her hand was resting on her mound, and her middle three fingers were pressing it gently.

As soon as she saw my eyes wander over her body she withdrew her hand, but not far – I could see the dampness at the bottom of the ‘V’ of her bikini bottom. I knew it was time to go…

“Dave and Chris, it was great to meet you, and we’d really love to stay, but Cher and I have dinner plans with my parents…” (I lied)… “Perhaps we will see you next weekend?!?” With that I released Dave from my hug, and turned and gave Chris and equally tight hug… I felt his hand graze my ass, as we hugged, and goose bumps ran up my arms… ‘Oh, how I wanted both of these guys’ I thought. I slowly trailed my hand across his ass as I released him. The look of shock on his face was priceless!

I could hear Cheryl laughing as she watched.

With that I turned and reached down for Cheryl’s hand helping her to her feet…

We quickly packed our stuff – and I pulled on my T and tied my wrap around me as Cheryl did the same. We said our goodbye’s and headed for the bus. The bus was along in minutes, and there were only a few people on board – all sitting towards the front. An couple in mid-thirties, and a group of 4 teenage boys. We chose a seat near the back, and for the first few minutes we rode wordlessly back towards our dorm building.

As we were riding I noticed Cheryl’s hand slip down to her crotch, under her sheer wrap, and then under the purple spandex of her bikini bottom. Then mesmerized, and more than a little shocked, I watched as she began begin a rhythmic pulse under her suit. She stared directly at me as she fingered her clit.

In what was probably the largest understatement of the year, I whispered, “Oh my God Cher, you really are turned on, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea Katie,” she whispered back, “As soon as I touched myself on the beach I felt a need to get myself off, and — ohhhhhhhhh, god” she muttered. She spasmed lightly and then withdrew her hand and reached over and took my hand in hers — I could feel her slippery wetness on her fingertips. “Shit, that felt good – I needed that!”

I stared at her in disbelief – after all, this was Cheryl, beside me. Beautiful, but as far as I knew, relatively innocent, Cheryl – and she had just masturbated, in front of me, in public, on a bus! I looked around and no one on the bus seemed to have noticed anything.

Still continuing to stare into my eyes and almost as if reading my thoughts, she whispered to me, “Sorry if I freaked you out at all, Katie, but I really, really needed to do that right now – in front of you – and here in public. I know I can do anything now…”

‘While she may have claimed not to be a lez, she didn’t say anything about being bisexual’ I thought…

I lifted her hand to my mouth. I could smell her musky scent – not surprisingly, it was different from mine… I put her finger tips to my lips, and then tasted them lightly with the tip of my tongue — she was salty, sweet and absolutely yummy… I licked her fingers gently and I heard another moan beside me – I knew she just came again…

“So, my sweet,” I whispered, “you are not just a voyeur, you are an exhibitionist too, and unless I miss my guess, you are also more than a little bi-curious too, hmm???”

“Oh yes,” she whispered back, “oh yes”.

This was going to be an interesting Casibom Güncel Giriş evening for both of us.

Within minutes of our little exchange the bus was at our stop.

I stood, and gently helped Cheryl from her seat – holding her hand as I helped her up.

We disembarked the bus, and made our way to the dorm – never letting go of each other’s hands along the way. I noticed a few stares, but for the most part nobody even notice us walking together. Within minutes we were together in our apartment.

As soon as I was in I stripped off my T and my wrap – throwing them both in a corner. Cheryl’s joined mine at almost exactly the same time.

I pushed the door closed behind me, and I pulled Cheryl close, with her back against my front, she molded her body against mine… My fingers began to roam… Although I had never been with another woman before, and from her earlier comments, I figured Cheryl hadn’t either, it seemed so completely natural to run my hands over her warm skin.

She moaned as my hands worked their way over her smooth soft belly.

I slid my hands upwards and cupped her breast through her top… “Should I undo it?” I whispered in her ear… A quite, sexy, soft, “Ummm, hmmm” was her only response. My hands reached up and untied the top of her bikini… I leaned away from her body for a second and I pulled it undone as well. I let go of the strings and her top dropped to the floor. My hands found to her breasts once again.

It was a strange feeling, holding a woman’s breasts in my hands – familiar, but so completely different. Foreign and definitely taboo from all of my upbringing, but at the same time wonderfully satisfying – and unbelievably exciting. I felt her nipples harden at my delicate touch. Different from mine – but the reaction was the same – and I could tell she was loving it too. Her hands cupped mine as I flicked, and played with those hardened little nubs. She pressed back into me – luxuriating in the feel of my body against hers.

I could see our reflection in our full length hall mirror, and it looked sooooo sexy…

I kissed softly at her neck, licking gently and tasting her salty skin with my tongue.

I pressed forward against her, pressing my crotch against her ass.

My hands slipped from her breasts, and worked there way down her soft belly towards the draw strings of her bikini bottom. As I watched in the mirror, I could see her hands had remained on her tits and continued to playing with her nipples.

Without asking I pulled each of the strings and her bottom came away… Once again in the mirror I surveyed her body as the bottom fell away. “My god, you are gorgeous Cher,” I murmured in her ear… I marveled at this beauty that I held in my arms — given freely to me, without question.

One of my hands slid around her front and down to the neatly shaven lips I could see in the mirror. She was drenched, I could feel her juices coating my fingers, her slippery wetness oozing from her… I pulled my hand tighter and began to stroke her clit… Within seconds I felt her shake and she cried out softly, “Oh Katie, please let me touch you…”

Between soft kisses on her neck, I managed to tell her, “I need to get naked too, my sweet…” “Oh yes, you do.” she purred in return…

Not waiting for her hands to do the work I pulled the drawstrings of my top and let it fall between us… Now, my nipples and breasts were poking into her back… I dropped my hands to my side to pull my bottom drawstrings… If too fell to the floor…

‘Unbelievable’, I thought to myself, ‘I never would have dreamed that I would feel this sexy, this sexual, this sensuous to be naked with my best friend.’

Cheryl turned in my arms and our lips met for the first time. To call it a kiss would be wrong — It was a long, non-hesitating, deep, lip crushing, tongue teasing, press of flesh that lasted for close to 20 minutes. We simply stood and melted together…

It was Cheryl whose hands that made the first move — sliding down between us, they grazed over my mound and to my lips… She moaned as they gently touched my wetness, and then began to probe me… I gasped as her index finger found my clit… Still standing together she began to rub gently in circles… I almost fell over from the pleasure.

Slowly she pushed me down onto my bed, and began licking my nipples. Immediately, both they and I responded to her ministrations. My nipples became rock hardened, flaming red, areas of incredible sensitivity. I virtually melted at her touch – laying back and taking in this wonderful sensation. Then, hungrily, her mouth began to trail kisses down my body. I knew where she was going – or at least I hoped I knew where she was going, but the thought still shocked me. Her lips trailed wet kisses from my inflamed nipples, down my belly, to the top of my mound, and then past to my equally trimmed bush. They found my wetness, and then my lips, sucking each softly – tasting me, coating herself in my juices, and then finally her tongue and teeth found my clit. I could barely stand it – little pulses of pleasure raced through my body making me squirm and shake uncontrollably, as this young, and presumably inexperienced, woman made me cum lightly over, and over, and over again…

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