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Mom’s Titfuck Ch. 03

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Previously: After an amazing titfuck from Jeff’s mom and a blowjob from his sister, Jeff is taking his sister up to his room where his mom, Nancy is waiting topless on the bed.


As the door opened and Amy stepped in, she looked at her impossibly huge titted topless mom on the bed grabbing her boobs and moaning.

“Jesus Christ mom,” shouted Amy. Shocked as ever she stared in disbelief at the site in front of her.

Jeff calmly walked in behind her.

“Why aren’t you shocked Jeff?” Amy asked startled.

“Calm down dear, this was all part of the plan,” explained a calm Nancy. “I wanted Jeff to bring you up here so I could show you two a few things.”

“But mom…” Amy tried to question.

“Don’t worry darling, this is fine and our feelings are natural to want to pleasure ourselves and make sure you know how to please a man and I want to show you. Together, the 3 of us are going to have a lot of fun and pleasure. Besides, Jeff has already fucked my incredible 36K tits and I need this…you need this and telling by Jeff’s erect and throbbing cock, he needs it.”

Amy did admit she found the idea of her huge breasted mom and big dicked brother in the same room quite exciting and she did want to learn about these things before college. Her legs were trembling with excitement and horniness now as she watched her brother and mom undress.

“I take it by your silence, you’re on board with this Amy,” Jeff smiled.

“You have to get naked too and show off your massive breasts as we’ll need them soon,” said Nancy while she rubbed her clit.

A kinky smile of horny anticipation crept over Amy’s face and she got undressed. She took off all her clothes and joined her already naked mom and brother on the huge kingsize bed. All 3 were horny, naked, ready and excited.

“Alright darling, first thing I’m going to show you is how to give a good blowjob.”

“Mom, she is already good at that, she gave me one downstairs before we came up here. I shot quite a lot of cum in her mouth and on her tits.”

“Wow, OK darling, good job Amy, Nancy proudly exclaimed. I’m glad you have started learning, but I really need to suck on his cock so Amy why don’t you join me in licking and sucking Jeff’s balls or would you rather shove your huge titties in his face and have him lick your nipples?”

“I think I will start by getting my nipples sucked and then take care of his balls,” suggested Amy.

Nancy positioned herself between Jeff’s legs as he lay down in the centre of the bed. Amy offered her 32HH tits to her brother by leaning over his face. He carefully grabbed 2 huge fleshfuls of his sisters enormous tits and started sucking and licking her nipples.

“Mmmmmm, Jeff my nipples are getting hard and…oh, wow I’ve never had them touched or sucked before. It…ah…ah…feels good, please don’t stop,” moaned Amy.

Jeff was in boob heaven and his mom hadn’t even sucked his cock yet. He groaned and continued mauling his sister big boobs, smashing them around his face, licking the sensitive nipples and moaning around them. His cock stood erect, hard and angry waiting for his mom to give him a blowjob.

Nancy grabbed Jeff’s throbbing 10 inch cock and from the base of his dick to the head she slowly traced her tongue up and down the thick shaft and swirled it around the sensitive cock head. She loved teasing him and by his muffled moans knew he was loving it.

Nancy continued the assault and tease on his cock with her tongue and slowly sucked and kissed the sides of his dick. While she did this, she took her long-manicured nails and gently stroked them down his sensitive thighs and continued very slowly to his groin.

Jeff moaned at this new sensitive feeling on his legs while his cock was being worshipped.

“ahhhhh…fuck…mom that’s so good…ahhhh!” His body slightly tensed at the immense pleasure he was getting.

Her gentle tickles down his leg caused great enjoyment throughout his body and made his cock throb harder. Meanwhile his face was covered in the immense titflesh of his sister. He was grabbing more and more handfuls to get his hands all over her tits but failed. They were just too big for his hands and even bigger than his head.

Nancy lifted her head off his dick and said, “Amy, darling, why don’t you come here and lick your brothers’ big balls?”

Without a word she lifted herself up and positioned herself right between her brothers legs and lay on her stomach, squashing her fat tits to the bed. Nancy now moved herself to the side of his dick and in one smooth movement spread her mouth and fat lips over his dick.

“ahhhhhhhhh…fuck…ah…yeah…mom that’s too good,” said a desperate Jeff. “Please don’t stop…fuck your mouth is tight…and wet!”

As Nancy slowly tried to take more of his enormous dick, Amy started licking and gently sucking his balls while tickling the insides of his thigh with 1 hand. Nancy went down his long cock with her hot mouth slowly savouring her sons cock for the first bedava bahis time. She got about 7 inches deep while his cock head touched the back of her throat. While holding his cock so deep already in his throat, she forced herself to take more. Slowly and confidently she swallowed more of his cock.

Jeff writhed in pleasure at having a blowjob, ball sucking and licking and gentle nails tickling him. It was all too much and he was constantly groaning.

“Well done mom, your mouth is helping drive Jeff wild, said Amy. He can’t stop moaning.

I wonder if he will pass out from all the pleasure?”

Nancy didn’t answer and continued to try deepthroat her son’s huge member. She finally got down to 8 inches which was a personal best for her. She found her rhythm and now bobbed her head up and down on his dick. She was loving this and loved taking care of her son. Wet sounds filled the room as Nancy sucked on her son’s huge dick.

She sucked his cock hard with all her mouth strength and went a bit faster now moving her head up to the sensitive head and back down 8 inches deep and slightly gagging on his giant member. She swallowed so much of his cock, you could see the outline of it in her throat.

Amy licked his sensitive ball sack all around and occasionally came up to kiss the base of his thick cock. While her mom was giving him a blowjob of his life, she focused on his scrotum, inner thighs and sensitive area between his ball sack and asshole. She licked it with her hot wet tongue, and this caused Jeff to shake with pleasure and tense his body.

Nancy was now using 1 hand to give him a hand job down his slippery pulsing cock. Up and down she twisted her soft hands while following her hands with her hot mouth so no area of her sons cock was left untouched.

“God…fuck yes…I can’t…Jesus…this is so good…please don’t stop,” begged Jeff.

Pleasure tears were rolling down his face as his cock, balls and thighs were being pleasure by 2 gorgeous horny woman.

After about 15 minutes of cocksucking, moaning, writhing and kissing it was time for Amy’s next lesson. Jeff meanwhile lay panting on the bed recovering from the over stimulation of his dick.

“Amy, do you know what a titfuck is?” Nancy asked.

“Um…I’ve heard of it before mom, but don’t really know what it is. I’m assuming it’s when you put a penis between your boobs and you massage it with them?”

“Yes darling, that’s quite correct. But you need very big tits like yours and mine to give a proper titfuck. And what’s better than a titfuck? A double titfuck! And seeing as we have 4 huge boobs we are going to use them on Jeff’s cock until he comes in our cleavage.”

“Sounds amazing mom, lets do it.”

Jeff was even more hornier if that was possible at hearing his mom and sister discussing a double titfuck. He waited in horny anticipation for it to begin. Nancy begun to explain.

“Now usually you need lube for this but as I have swallowed most of his dick, it’s covered in my spit, so we don’t need any. Amy you come here to this side, yes just here and I’ll be opposite you. OK, now that we have our tits on his legs, watch me.”

Nancy pushed her tits and engulfed Jeff’s huge dick between them, trapped on the outer edges of her massive boobs.

“Amy, now lift your tits up and push them around his cock until they mash into mine.”

Amy did as she was told and lifted her huge tits and pressed them around Jeff’s Cock. Her hard nipples pressed into her mom’s nipples and Jeff’s cock was right in the middle of 4 gigantic tits pressing his wet hard cock from all sides. He moaned with lust and grabbed the sheets on his bed.

The titfuck was about to begin.

“Now Amy, go in time with me, drop your boobs down while pressing them hard against my tits, that’s right. Keep his cock between our boobs. Our 4 boobs pressed together has made a cleavage for Jeff to fuck and eventually come into.”

4 boobs massaged his cock from the base to the top of the head that was barely visible lost in the abundant amount of tits. Up and down slowly he felt the soft but firm and warm tits massage his dick. The squishy tits of his moms 36K and his sisters 32HH tits was too much for his poor cock.

Precum poured out of his cock which lubed it up even more.

Jeff looked at the horny sight in front of him. His mom and sister were worshiping his cock with their tits. He felt every inch of his cock drive through the massive cleavage they created. Every now and then his cock would slip into the cleavage of his mom or sister. When this happened, they squeezed their tits at the base and that pushed his cock back to the edges of the 4 tits. They continued playing a sort of ping pong with his cock while Jeff moaned and shook on the bed.

Pleasure tears were streaming down his face now as his cock was assaulted by the virgin boobs of his sister and the massive mounds of his mother.

Now Nancy grabbed her daughters arms and hugged her close making the titfuck casino siteleri even tighter around Jeff’s cock. The precum continued to spill out into their cleavage. Up and down the over stimulated cock went pumping through hot and slippery titflesh. Now Nancy started lifting her boobs up and down and alternatively when Amy dropped her boobs to the bottom, Nancy brought hers to the top. They were in a good rhythm now.

“Fuck mom, fuck sis, this is the best feeling I’ve ever felt. Mom those tits are incredible…ahhhh…fuck…it’s too much, I can’t hold back!” Jeff screamed and threw his head back. He was seconds from coming and desperately tried to make it last longer.

Nancy and Amy were loving this sexy sight and were wet and horny. They wanted to see Jeff spurt and spurt he would. As Amy now matched the rhythm of her mom’s tits around Jeffs dick they went harder and faster with their firm tits wrapped around his cock. Up and down the tits banged and massaged the throbbing cock while tons of precum covered the tits.

“This is it…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!!” Tears continued streaming down his face as Jeff cried out. His cock erupted into thick hot fast jets of cum, and as it did Jeff screamed in pleasure as the tits continued fucking his prick as he came. 10, 11, 12, 13, jets of hot cum exploded, each stronger than the last until after about 20 streams of hot cum that covered his moms and sisters’ tits it slowly dribbled out.

“Ahhhhhhh, shit…ahhh please…no more” said an exhausted Jeff. His spent cock was slowly and gently getting massaged by the thick nipples of his eager sister.

“Well done darling” said Nancy. She slowly got up and smiled at Jeff lying exhausted, spent and satisfied on his bed. His eyes were closed and he was panting from sexual release. Amy, why don’t you go clean up, I think Jeff needs to rest.”

Amy left to go shower, happy, horny and satisfied at the job she did to help make her brother come. Meanwhile Nancy cleaned off the cum from her tits and lay spooning Jeff who had now passed out. Her massive tits pressed against his back while her other arm held his chest.

They slept like this until the morning.

The next day, Jeff woke up alone in bed. A smile crept over his face as he remembered the nights activities. His sister came in with a hot breakfast of bacon and eggs.

“Morning bro! I absolutely loved pleasuring you last night and finding out how I can use my huge boobs on you. I love you and I really want to do it again but you need some energy…and protein so enjoy it.”

“Thanks Amy, I love you too,” said Jeff as he sat up and admired his beautiful and busty sister.

“Moms gone out to do some shopping and will be back later. I’m just going to chill around the house so if you want to play some more…let me know. I’m keen to learn.”

“Wow, OK sis, I will do. I just need to eat this amazing breakfast and will see you downstairs later.


Nancy’s cellphone rung.

“Hello?” the buxom mother answered.

“Hi Nancy, it’s Janet here from Yoga, how are you?”

“Hi Janet, good and you. What can I do for you?”

“Well I need a bit of a favour. I’m moving homes soon as you know, and I’ve got to do a bit of general housework and some moving of a few boxes. I know you said Jeff could help with this and of course I’ll pay him well. Do you think he could come around tomorrow? It would be much appreciated.”

“Sure Janet, I know he would be very willing to help you out. Should I tell him to come around to yours at 9am?”

“That works! Thanks again Nancy.”

Both women hung up the phone and Nancy continued her shopping. When she got home, she spoke to Jeff.

“Darling, Janet called me today and said she needs help moving some boxes and general work around the house. I just KNOW you would love to help out another busty single lady, so I accepted on your behalf if that’s alright. I know she will pay you well…if you know what I mean.”

A smile formed on Jeff’s face. “Sounds good mom, thanks for the hookup and I really appreciate it. Janet has some massive boobs so I’m keen to see them again. Maybe something more will happen.”

“Well I know from Yoga, her husband left her about 2 years ago and has been looking for a younger man to fool around with. I’m sure it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you could fool around. She’s only 38 and her boobs are insanely huge and they’re all natural too.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Jeff sighed. “How big do you think her boobs are mom?”

“I’m not sure but they could be as big or bigger than mine. She’s got a big bum too so you will definitely have a lot to look at, you naughty boy.”

Jeff was delighted. He had to see how the day went and would plot his move accordingly. Any chance to perv at or possibly fuck or fool around with a busty blonde made his mouth water.

The next day Jeff arrived at Janets house. bahis siteleri A huge 6-bedroom mansion that she got in the divorce along with enough money to live on very comfortably for the rest of her life. Jeff admired the huge black gates at the entrance.

He pressed the buzzer and a few seconds later a polite voice answered. “Hi Jeff, come right inside, I’ll open up.”

The large gates swung open and Jeff walked through them. Janet opened the door and Jeff was not prepared to see what was in front of him.

Standing before Jeff was a blonde busty bombshell. Busty doesn’t even describe how big her tits were. They stuck out from her chest which was covered in a thin Tshirt. Her beautiful golden straight hair fell to about her shoulders and below her giant boobs looked like an incredible ass in tight jeans that stuck out almost as far as her tits did.

This was a wet dream come true. She was absolutely gorgeous, and Jeff wondered why any man would leave a woman like this.

“Nice to meet you again, I’m Janet. I know your mom from Yoga as I’m sure you know. Thanks for doing this.”

She eyed him up and down and felt a stirring in her lower regions. Here was a young handsome man doing housework alone with a sexually frustrated hotty. Jeff couldn’t stop staring at her tits. They looked so huge he thought she would topple over. That thin Tshirt and straining bra didn’t help matters for Jeff who felt his cock getting hard.

“Here let me show you what needs to be done.” They stepped inside.

“I’m selling the house and need a few touch ups done here on this door. It needs to be painted at the top where it’s chipped. See that?”

“Yes I do,” replied Jeff. He continued staring at her ass now as it swayed. It looked like each cheek was fighting with the other one and there was a lot of jiggle as she walked.

She continued to show him all the work that needed to be done.

Janet led him up the winding staircase.

“Now in this room was my ex-husbands old things. He never came to collect them and no longer wants them so whatever is in here, you’re welcome to keep.”

“Thanks Janet, that’s very kind of you. I will sort this out, no problem.”

“And anything you don’t want, please move those boxes outside the room, I will donate them to charity. You can leave them there.

Right, I’m off. If you need anything, please let me know and please help yourself to anything from the fridge.”

Jeff got to work and quickly and easily finished all the maintenance in a few hours. Janet didn’t come check on him but thought he should go sift through her rich ex-husbands stuff that was on offer. I’m sure he could find something valuable.

He entered the study and looked around. He noticed a few boxes on the floor, some trophies from golf, some signed posters and sports memorabilia and books. He got to work and opened the first box. Just old junk, golf balls and pens. He opened the 2nd box, more junk. Then, out of the corner of his eye he spotted another box in a half-opened cupboard.

He went over and opened the cupboard. There were some suits, more books and 1 sealed, unnamed box on the floor. Jeff lifted the heavy box and put in on the floor and opened it up with some nearby scissors. It popped open and to his shock and joy he found dozens of porn magazines, dvds and even some old video tapes. He smiled as he opened a few magazines. They were all big busted superstars of the 90s, 2000’s and even some current ones. All big boob porn. What an amazing find he thought. He got a bit lost in looking at the magazines before he heard high heeled footsteps coming towards him. He quickly put away the magazines and stood up pretending to work.

“Ah, Jeff you were so quiet, I thought you were finished. You’ve done an amazing job on all the maintenance I asked you for. Thank You!”

“I am Janet, and you’re welcome,” smiled Jeff.

“So Jeff find anything you like in here.”

Jeff’s heart was beating fast and he still had half a hard on from the dirty magazines. “I might take the suits and sports memorabilia if that’s ok. The rest I will leave outside, but…um…there is a small problem with 1 of the boxes.”

“What is it, is it broken?” Janet asked.

“No, it’s just that um…I don’t think you can give it to charity.”

“Why not, what’s wrong with it?”

“Well Janet, it’s full of um…dirty magazines and videos of…women…naked women…doing…I mean looking…I mean they are very large chested,” stuttered Jeff.

Janet was a little shocked but her pussy was starting to get wet as she thought of a plan to seduce Jeff. She laughed kindly.

“Oh those! I forgot about that. I just don’t understand why he would watch big boob porn when he had these huge naturals right in front of him.” She held up her impossibly natural tits.

“He was more interested in those busty bitches than his wife’s giant breasts.”

Jeff was stunned into silence. He just stared at her as she lightly touched her massive chest.

“Yes it’s crazy!” stammered Jeff. His heart was beating faster now with horny anticipation. He looked down at the floor to hide his fake embarrassment.

“So you like big boobs then Jeff,” Janet inquired.

“…I guess…yes I do,” he pretended to stammer.

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