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Rest Stop Management

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My name is Robert Patrick and I am the youngest Director for CDOT (Colorado Dept. of Transportation) at age 27. I have responsibility for all the rest areas in Colorado and hope to be head of CDOT by age 40. My wife is a regional manager for Bank of Denver and tracking exceptionally well in her Career for age 25. Last year we brought home over $250k and are on track to top $300k this year.

I met Marie in college at U of C. I was a senior and she was a sophomore. I took a position with CDOT right out of school that allowed me to travel and make it to Bolder regularly to visit her while she finished her degree.

We are both runners and in excellent shape. I had just begun training for my first half iron man. So, I was adding in the swimming and bicycling to my training regimen. I’m 5′ 10″ tall and about 175 lbs. Marie is 5′ 6″ tall and 121 lbs. She has beautiful brown eyes and jet-black hair, cut short and professional. She is very attractive with high cheekbones and a smile to die for.

She grew up in bolder from an affluent family. They own several properties in Boulder and are big in real estate. Her dad and I get along great since we are both focused and driven. He had a plan with his real estate career that he followed to success. I have planned my life and stuck to the plan since junior high.

I did not foresee working for CDOT, but business management was my focus and CDOT is a business and boy did it need managing. I was currently struggling mightily with the project manager at the rest area on I-76 in Julesburg, just over the line from Nebraska.

It is a Welcome Center and Rest Stop and had been closed for over a year for remodel. The project was months overdue and $3.6 million over budget. The facility/project manager has been a pain in my ass ever since I moved into this roll. He was buddies with my predecessor who final got reassigned after 3 successive projects that were all poorly managed.

The reason I would not have pictured myself working for CDOT, is illustrated well by my predecessor. His ass should have been fired, but that never happens in government jobs. He just got reassigned to go fuck things up somewhere else. When he retires a nice fat pension will follow. This is why I always thought the private sector was the way to go. If someone doesn’t perform they are out. Simple.

Marvin Welsh was the thorn in my side that needed to be cut out. But you practically have to catch them in the act of murder to get someone removed. Thus, my early morning visit to the new Welcome Center. It was due to open in 12 days on Monday July 30th.

I suspected he was logging hours that he was not actually working, I needed to document it but needed some evidence to justify an official investigation with surveillance. The surveillance cams on site seemed to be conveniently going offline in the mornings and evenings when he should be clocking in and out. I thought a surprise visit or two as the opening approached would aid in gathering evidence.

The rest stop was three hours from my house, so I had to leave by 5:00AM to arrive at 8:00AM, the time Marvin should be there. My bet was he would not be. Marie was not a happy camper with my 4:15 AM alarm time. And when I went to bed a 9:00 she did not join me. She crawled in about 10:30PM and rolled out as I was heading out the door at 5:00AM on the nose.

“Good Morning,” she said groggily.

“Morning Sweetness,” I replied quietly. “Sorry to bother you this morning but I gotta go deal with Marv today. I think he’s letting things slip again.”

“You gotta stop this early rise shit. You know I like my banker’s hours,” she said smiling. “Actually, I was gonna try to get in ten miles this morning, so this is perfect.”

She walked over to kiss me good bye. She was wearing a tiny little tank top pajama top and a red lace thong panty. I pulled her close and gripped her little bubble butt with both hands. She had a cute round ass, rare for runners, and zero body fat. She was firm and silky soft at the same time. I never tired of the feel of her skin.

“I am so lucky you said yes,” I said kissing her deeply, morning breath and all.

“I could feel that ass all day long,” I thought to myself.

“Gotta go sweetie, I need to get there early and bust his ass,” I said giving her ass a love slap.

“Kicking ass in an $800 suit. You are the man Honey. Don’t be too late, Sweetness needs some loving’ tonight,” she said in a sultry voice.

“Oh Baby, I’ll be here with bells on,” I said smiling and blowing a kiss as I walked out.

As I drove, I thought about her perfect little ass. I fantasized often about fucking that ass, but she was not into that at all. Once in college with the aid of some serious alcohol I got her to try it. There was nothing but pain for her no matter how slow or how fast I moved, even after baby oil for lube. She said I was just too damned big.

Apart from that little difference in likes and dislikes, our sex life is good. She can be adventurous in other ways. She gives good head and is not afraid uzun konulu porno to swallow, although the frequency has steadily declined since college. Most importantly she fucks like a Tasmanian Devil, fast and furious and loud. I love it! I could not wait until this evening.

Traffic around Denver was crazy slow for 5:00AM. I was getting frustrated as the delay was at least 45 minutes, when finally, I reached the accident, an overturned semi. The highway opened up after that putting me there at 8:27, almost a half hour later than anticipated. I had to pull past the entrance as the concrete barriers blocked it from the public. I pulled up to the exit lane and backed up to the chain-link gate.

There were several trucks pulled off at side of the road next to the exit lane. Truckers always found every nook and cranny to park overnight, even at a closed fucking rest stop!

There were no cars in sight, so my buddy Marv was not there. Things were looking good. As I unlocked the gate, I noticed someone outside the main building. “Damn, he is hear,” I thought, until I got closer. It was an unknow man in his 40’s or early 50’s sitting on a bench out front. I parked and walked toward him.

“Good morning sir, how are you today?” I asked politely.

“Morning,” he mumbled looking away.

He had brown hair, well-trimmed, wearing a white button-down dress shirt and navy dress slacks. He looked like a business man, not one of our crew, but I thought he might be a manager of some kind.

“Are you part of the team working on this project?” I asked

“A, no, I’m just meeting a colleague here.” he said pulling out his cell phone.

“How did you get in here? This center is closed.” I asked sternly. “Who exactly are you meeting?”

He shuffled nervously looking at the phone but did not respond.

“What’s your name sir?” I asked yelling. “Are you trolling a closed visitor center trying to get your rocks off? (He stood up mumbling.) Hello, closed! Nobody here, no cock to suck today!” My voice echoed through the visitor center.

“A sorry, I didn’t realize…” he said walking away.

I grabbed my cell phone and put it on picture mode. “Hey!” I shouted.

He stopped and turned around. I snapped a pic. “Don’t come back you fucking perv. You’re on the list!” I screamed loudly.

After the three-hour drive, I really had to piss, so I headed for the men’s room fumbling for my master keys and talking to myself. “What the fuck Marvin, where the fuck are you and where the fuck is security!”

I turned the corner ready to unlock the retractable metal gate to the rest room, but it was open, and the light was on. “WTF Marvin are you in th…”

I stepped in and there was a large black man at the urinal, that startled the hell out of me. He was apparently pissing, and he rocked forward and back bouncing his belly against the top of the urinal. He was breathing like Darth Vader and growling to himself.

I beelined for the first stall passing him on my right. Upon entering the bathroom there were 6 urinals on the right, sinks on the left and stalls further back on the right. As I passed him, I saw dark blue work pants and a white collared short sleeved work shirt. His pants seemed to be hanging three quarters of the way down his huge bulging ass, his belt arching down and around.

His head was shaved except for a round circle of black hair on the top of his head about 1/2 inch high. He was thick as a barrel but looked solid with biceps thicker than my thighs. He turned to look over his shoulder and I saw a grey goatee, narrowly trimmed and a scowling look.

I ducked into the stall and locked the door. I undid my pants to set on the toilet, giving him time to clear out. I felt vulnerable as I pulled down my pants, but thankful for the door between us. I sat a long moment and continued to hear his breathing and grumbling. The silence was a bit uncomfortable, so I began to release my bladder with a sigh.

Then he flushed giving me a feeling of relief. He would be leaving. “Where the fuck was security!” I asked myself. “Marvin is a dead man walking!”

The grumbler washed his hands. (Shocking!) and I could hear him walking toward the door. I took a big sigh of relief, when suddenly he stopped, and I could hear him coming my way. I got my phone ready as he stopped outside the door and shuffled like he was trying to see in.

“Dude, not trolling, move on. I run this place and I…”

The lock mechanism started moving. I reached for it just as the door barreled open and I raised my hands to push but he moved me like a plow through snow, knocking me back and slamming me against the toilet back.

He wiggled his huge body past the door and slammed it closed, simultaneously bringing his left boot up between my legs causing me to flinch in anticipation of great pain. He was like a 275-pound ninja, masterfully gripping my pants and underwear with his heal and stomping my $800 suit pants to the floor, effectively pinning my feet xhamster porno and legs to the floor.

With no success moving my legs, I turned my attention back to the cell phone, which he quickly snatched from my hand with his thick meaty hand. He looked like a fucking mountain standing in front of me. My heart felt like I just finished my ironman in a photo finish.

Not sure what I hoped to accomplish if I was successful, I tried to stand up. A large paw to the chest and I collapsed back down. The paw slid like lightning to my left shoulder where a paralyzing pain shot through my neck and shoulder.

“Relax,” he growled. “And you’ll get out of this OK.” (He slightly relaxed his grip.)

“Security will…Ah!” I yelled as pain shot through me again.

I could not budge against his weight.

“If I want ya to talk, I’ll tell ya!” he said upper lip snarling.

“Please I’m married… AH!” I stopped with another shot of pain.

His power was super human.

“You scarred my bitch away…”

“I have money! I’ll pay, but please don’t…Ah!” I thought he would crush my clavicle.

“How much you got?” He asked easing a bit.

I got him talking, I could see my way out of this. His white shirt had black pocket flaps but no name tag.

“Let me get my wallet, it’s in my jacket pocket,” I said holding the jacket open with my left hand, so he could see there was no gun.

He slipped my cell phone into his left shirt pocket, while I reached my right hand in and pulled out my wallet.

“I have $200 cash just…”

He snatched it out of my hand and pressed his right boot into my chest, holding my body against the backplate and his back against the door. (State of the art enforced doors. Nothing but the best.) I struggled to breath as he examined my wallet.

“There’s $400 in here. How much you want me to have?” he asked staring intently at me.

His leg felt like 200 lbs. by itself.

“$400 of course,” I said just needing to get out alive.

“Can’t hear you” he said tilting his head, brown eyes glaring.

“I’ll give you all $400, please!

“Wow, No one’s ever paid that much to suck my Cock,” he said enthusiastically. “Thanks Robert Patrick.” this sounds like fair compensation for chasing off my cock sucker.”

I tried to protest but pressed harder on my chest.

He read my address from my driver’s license, as he continued through my wallet. “What a hot little wife you have Robert. Is she home right now?” he asked looking like he was pondering the possibilities.

I jerked forward resulting in a rib shaking counter stomp that knocked the wind out of me again.

“It’s Ok Robert, I’m just kidding, you’re all I need. Now, I just need the rest of my compensation.” He said calmly.

“Please,” I whimpered throat and chest still throbbing.

I could not believe he was that strong and that nimble. He pulled out my business card and shoved it in his pocket.

“What’d you say Robert?” he asked loudly, removing his boot and standing with both feet on my pants.

“Please!” I yelled, feeling a great relief in my chest and back. I sat back upright flexing my back to relieve the strain. I hoped for some bit of compassion

“You’re so polite, but I already told you I would let you suck my cock,” he said happily and then bent down getting nose to nose.

As he bent forward I leaned back away. I put my hand out to keep him away. His thick round belly felt like steel, I could not believe how firm it was. As he got close, his breath smelled like stale booze and cigarettes.

He leaned in and whispered in my left ear with his right hand back on my shoulder for the death grip. “I’m tired of messing around. We both know I could snap you like a twig Perty Boy. So now you’re gonna use that perty mouth and perform your bitch duties. You really shouldn’t a chased mine off. (His hot breath sent chills down my spine as his lips ever so gently brushed my neck.) The only question now is do you want me to cum in your mouth or not Robert. (I shook my head.) “That’s fine, if you’re not ready for that today, OK”

I was trembling looking up at him pleadingly. He untucked the front of his shirt and pushed his pelvis toward me. It seemed like forever he just looked at me with the expression that said, “Well?” I tried to stop shaking but without success.

When his expression switched to one of aggravation, I reached up and undid his wide black belt. It was thick, like him. A warm smile came across his face.

I told myself. “It will be over soon. Just get through this. Think about Marie, do what you have to do to get home to her today!”

I had to pull hard to get his pants to yield enough to unbutton them. I unzipped them and pulled his pants flaps apart, revealing royal blue bikini briefs.

“You’re doin’ fine Perty Boy, Unwrap the package,” he said softly.

I slid my fingers into his waistband. The heat on the back of my fingers felt like a warming oven and I could feel xnxx porno the kinky black hairs on his belly as I pulled them down over his flaccid cock. A strange sense of pride came when I realized, his cock was smaller than mine.

His cock was accordioned and pointing dead ahead, about 3 inches long, but it was about an inch and a half in diameter. I was 6 inches soft and 8 and a half hard. (Marie had helped me measure it.)

“Take ’em down Robert,” he commanded calmly.

I gripped the sides and pulled his pants and underwear down to mid-thigh.

“All the way Perty Boy,” he said firmly.

As I leaned forward to push them further down, he seemed to press his legs apart making it more difficult. As I struggled I pushed them down wiggling my body to get them free. He gripped the back of my head and pushed himself against my forehead. His balls pressed into my eye sockets as his pants cleared his knees and dropped. They were warm and moist from sweat and his scent was strong and musky.

I sat back up looking at his naked lower body. His thighs were thick, muscular and riddled in black kinky hairs. His cock still soft and pointing at me, but the accordion effect was lessened. He had a large triangular bush that went to his underwear line, with a less dense smattering of hairs on his lower belly. His cockhead was dark pink and his shaft much darker.

As he stood there waiting, I thought maybe if I jacked him off, he would be satisfied. So, I reached for it, only to have my hand slapped hard. “Kiss it with that Perty Boy mouth!” he commanded.

I felt helpless against the mountain of humanity before me. “Just get through this…” I thought. I reached to grip his cock first but got my hand slapped again.

“Mouth!” he said more agitated.

I leaned in slowly and pressed my lips to the tip.

“Mmmmm, soft lips Perty Boy,” he sighed.

I opened and pushed him in further. His tip was moist causing my to hesitate, thinking to myself. “Oh fuck, I think that’s pee.”

I fought the urge to wretch, as I put my tongue out under his head sucking him in to my mouth. There was a salty bitter taste to him as he slid across my tongue.

“Oh shit, you gotta soft tongue too Perty Boy,” he said as his voice deepened.

I could feel him start to stiffen and decided to get this over with quick. I sucked hard and pushed my lips all the way to his bush, feeling his hairs on my upper lip and on my chin from his balls. I pulled out quickly to the tip, stretching him to about 8 inches and repeated.

“Easy Robert!” he said pulling himself out of my mouth. I wanna enjoy this a little,” he said caressing my face with his thick callused fingers.

His cock was now semi-hard, hanging down, curving to the right and up at the same time. His head was smooth and glistening. It waved in the air, as he breathed slow and deep and loud. It raised up with a pulse of blood and then settled back down pointing a little higher.

“Are you ready to start again, Perty Boy?” he asked calmly.

I nodded.

“What’s that?” he asked holding a hand to his ear.

“Yes!” I said angrily.

“Yes, what Robert?” he taunted.

“I’m ready to suck your cock s…” I said almost adding sir to the end.

He leaned back in and whispered with the right hand on my shoulder again, “Call me Big Daddy,” he said gently caressing my shoulder.

“I’m ready to suck your cock Big Daddy,” I said softly.

“I can’t hear you Robert. Tell me what you want and use your manners please,” he continued in a loud firm voice.

“I want to suck your cock Big Daddy, Please!” I blurted, as he stood back up straight.

“Excellent Robert,” I don’t even miss my old bitch anymore.

His cock was now pointing straight at me with the tip curled up and right. I reached for it and got another hand slap. It raised up again getting a little stiffer, with a drop of pre-cum forming on his pointy tip. My cock head was rounder and blunter than his. His was much longer in proportion to his shaft.

I pressed my lips against his tip getting a taste of the creamy juice. It was initially sweet with a bitter aftertaste. I pressed the head into my mouth stopping as my lips hugged the hood of his cock head. My tongue pressed against his tip. I held his tip in my lips moving my tongue from side to side. Then, I took him in again to the balls, this time pushing on my throat as he stiffened. His hand caressed the back of my head.

“Yeah, that’s good Robert, you’ve sucked cock be… (He tensed and pulled my head back yanking his cock out looking at me. A huge glob of saliva dribbled down my suit and tie.) “Teeth and cock should never touch Robert!” he said sternly. “Understand?”

I nodded quickly as the hand moved back to the shoulder.

“Yes, Big Daddy,” he said in his best school teacher voice.

“Yes, Big Daddy!” I said obediently, just needing this to end! So, I opened wide and took him back in my mouth, his cock glistening with spit. My spit…

“That’s so good Robert… You can suck my cock anytime you want. Oh yes… Now wiggle your tongue when you suck. Mmmm, Yeessss.” he sighed breathing deep.

I kept my head moving in a slow and steady pace, while he ever so slightly rocked his hips. His hand moved back to my head. I kept my tongue constantly in motion as he had commanded.

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