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Mother: Domination

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We stayed in bed snuggled together, until we both had to tend to our morning needs. I put my long t-shirt back on and met mom in the kitchen, as she was preparing tea. She had always preferred earl grey tea over coffee and I had followed suit. The kettle was on the stove, as she was leaning over the counter looking through our recipe album trying to decide on what to cook for breakfast. She had thrown on a similar baggie t-shirt that let the bottom of her ass cheeks peak out and showed off her amazing breasts. I smiled as I walked up behind her and hugged her gently.

She moaned into my touch, as she leaned back into me and said, “Any ideas on what you would like to eat, baby girl? And by that I mean actual food.”

She said that last part teasingly referring to my feasting on her pussy when we had woken up earlier. She shoved her ass back into me as we both giggled. She then turned around and I hummed as I laid my head against her chest, continuing to hug her as I thought. As I was thinking, I suddenly asked “Mom, not that it really matters to me, but how did that start last night? All I remember is waking up and…sort of…”

I was unable to finish my question or the description, but thankfully mom cut in and said “I think you mean that you woke up humping my leg, rubbing your wet pussy up and down my thigh, and rubbing your mother’s clit.”

I nodded, embarrassed and said “Yeah, that.”

She laughed and soothed me, saying “Never be embarrassed for last night or this morning. It was wonderful. But to answer your question, you started that last night, young lady. I woke up to my beautiful young daughter molesting me in my sleep, naughty girl that she is. I’m just glad I had you sleeping in bed with me, I think we both really needed the release. Plus, now we have the rest of the weekend to ourselves. Who knows what we will get to do to each other.”

She then kissed me deeply, as we let out hands roam over each other’s bodies. I moaned into the kiss, again thinking of what was to come. We broke the kiss, and I again laid my head against her chest as she held me close. We finally decided on omelets and busied ourselves with gathering the ingredients. We had chosen our preferences and added them all together in a big mixing bowl, while the pan warmed up on the stove. I took this opportunity to tease her peaking ass cheeks, as she tried to concentrate on mixing up the omelets.

Huffing at my behavior, she said over her shoulder “Haven’t I always taught you not to harass me while I am cooking, you dirty horny girl?”

I giggled at her as I continued to caress her lovely pale ass, saying cheekily “But mom, you aren’t actually cooking right now. You’re just mixing. Besides, I’m really not doing anything.”

She turned around and mock glared at me, as she handed me the mixing bowl and said, “Ok, then Ms smart ass, you pour the omelets in the pan and I’ll pour us some tea.”

I smiled bashfully, as I took the mixing bowl from her and walked to the stove. I poured the mix into the pan and made sure everything was evened out as it settled and began cooking. I heard her pouring us some tea and place the kettle back on the stove. I wasn’t really paying attention to her, so I jumped and yelped when mom suddenly placed her hands on my ass cheeks and gripped them tightly in her hands. She then leaned forward and whispered huskily in my ear, “You bad naughty little girl. Playing with your mother’s ass as I’m trying to prepare our breakfast. Maybe I should give you a spanking. But then again, maybe I should do something else. Now you be a good little girl and mind the omelets. Don’t let them burn or mommy will be upset. You don’t want to make mommy upset, now do you baby girl?”

I felt my pussy become extremely wet, as she said this all in her most sexual voice in my ear. I breathed out, “No, mommy. I don’t like making you upset. I’ll be a good girl.”

Mom moaned deeply as she ground her crotch against my ass. She then bit my ear gently and said, “Mmmm…I do so enjoy it when you are naughty, but right now you need to concentrate on cooking.”

I mumbled out an affirmative answer, as I felt her slide her body down until she was on her knees behind me. She flipped the bottom of my shirt up, exposing my ass to her. I sighed as I felt her lips place ender kisses across my ass cheeks. I moaned loudly as I felt her lightly bite each cheek. I forced myself to continue to watch the omelets, as I felt her warm breath against my skin. I flipped the omelets over in the pan, as mom then spread my ass cheeks and ran her tongue from my dripping wet pussy, up across my asshole, and ending at my tailbone.

She moaned as she brought her tongue back to my asshole and began licking and teasing my puckered hole. I breathed in deeply as I enjoyed her warm wet tongue licking my asshole. I then squeaked when I felt her tongue sliding into my asshole. I moaned out a surprised, “Mom!” as she forced her tongue deep into my ass. I had never felt anything like this before. I knew that some girls at school Escort bayan had tried anal sex with their boyfriends. Some of them had admitted to enjoying the experience and some had hated it. No one I had spoken to had ever had any experience rimming or being rimmed. I had seen it done in porn and I had enjoyed watching two girls get off from having their assholes tongued, but I had never thought that I would be enjoying it this much or that my mother would be moaning in pleasure as she stuck her tongue up my asshole.

I again forced myself to check the omelets and found them to be almost ready, but I refused to say anything that might make mom stop what she was doing. I cried out when I felt her slide a hand between my legs and begin to finger my pussy and rub my clit, as she continued to rim my tight young asshole. I will admit to being slightly jealous of her. I found myself wanting to see what it was like to rim my mom. I closed my eyes and pictured my face pressed between her lovely ass cheeks as I pressed my tongue deep into her asshole. I imagined the sounds she would make when I tongue fucked her ass.

I brought myself back to the present by shear force of will and took the omelets off the stove once I realized they were done. I left them in the pan so they would stay warm, as I was able to now fully enjoy this new pleasure my mother was giving me. I let out another moan, as her tongue delved even deeper into my ass than before. Her fingers were slowly fingering deep into my pussy as she continued to rub my clit. I involuntarily pressed my ass back into her face, desperate for more depth. Mom moaned deeply, as she began to lick my insides from side to side and up and down.

I threw my head back and moaned deeply, as her talented tongue drove me insane. Mom was right, there was a lot that I didn’t know about pleasing the female body, but I was very interested in learning everything mom could teach me. I felt my asshole clench around her tongue, as her fingers hit my g-spot again. Mommy was really good at finding my special spot. I had never been so stimulated in any of my sexual encounters, as I had when I was at the mercy of my mother’s talented tongue and fingers. I moaned out again as she gently pinched my clit between her fingers.

I felt so hot and dirty, as my mom continued to rim my asshole deeply, finger fuck my wet pussy, and rub and pinch my clit. I felt my knees shake and had to grab onto the counter for stability, as my pleasure skyrocketed. I licked an bit my lips and closed my eyes, as my orgasm built quickly. My breath caught in my throat and I whimpered pitifully, as mom withdrew her tongue from my asshole and let go of my pussy and clit. She then stood up behind me and grabbed us two plates and forks, as she acted like nothing had happened. I stood there panting and almost crying in need of my denied orgasm, as she placed or omelets on plates and grabbed us some napkins.

She then handed me my plate nonchalantly and stared at me, as I gaped at her with wide eyes. She stood there holding my plate out in front of me and finally said, “Come on, sweetie. We need to eat these before they get cold.”

I tried to form any sort of argument or complaint, but my lust clouded mind could only make me whimper out “But…but.”

She continued to look at me pointedly and I felt my mouth fall open in protest, confusion, and a little bit of hurt as I continued to stare at her with wide eyes full of astonishment. I finally huffed and grabbed my plate and mumbled, “That’s just mean, mom.”

I then walked past her and grabbed my tea cup, in route to the dining room table. I swear she smirked at me, as walked sullenly to the table. I sat down in a huff and began eating without another word. She sat down across from me and began eating, casually drank her tea. I felt my face go red in embarrassment and anger at the thought of how turned on I was right now. The fact that she had denied me my release just added to my frustration. Mom finally said with a knowing smirk on her face, “Now if you eat all of your breakfast, mommy will give you a nice dessert.”

I glared at her without speaking and stabbed another bite of my omelet, as she smiled at me like she was offering me a lollipop for finishing my Brussels sprouts. I was about to orgasm and she damn well knew it. She was playing with me and I didn’t like it one bit. She arched her eye brows at me and said, “Now don’t glare at me, sweet heart. You teased me while I was fixing us breakfast. You shouldn’t be surprised that I could and would fight back. Now, stop acting like a brat and finish your breakfast. Mommy has a very wet pussy for you to lick as soon as you are done and have cleaned up the kitchen.”

I blushed and dropped my head, realizing that she was right. I finally mumbled out, “Yes, ma’am,” as I continued to eat. I pressed my thighs together tightly, trying to suppress my horniness. Mom smiled at my behavior and we continued to eat in silence. Finishing, I grabbed my plate and cup and walked into the kitchen. I began Bayan escort to rinse off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Mom came up behind me and hugged me from behind, saying “That’s my good girl. I’ll be in the living room, when you get done in here. Don’t be long, my pussy is soaking wet right now. And I want my baby girl to show me how much she loves mommy’s wet pussy.”

She then bit the back of my neck gently, causing my pussy to quiver as a shiver ran up my spine. I breathed out, “Ok, mom.”

I went as fast as I could through the kitchen rinsing the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. I then wiped off the stove, before trying my best not to run out of the kitchen to get at her waiting pussy. I stopped in my tracks, when I was mom lounging on the couch completely naked, with her legs spread wide, her pussy exposed, as she slowly stoked a finger through her pussy lips. I felt my knees shake as I attempted to walk towards her gorgeous body. Mom then stopped me in my tracks as she held up one finger, signaling me to stop. She looked at me with lust in her eyes, as she ordered “Take off your shirt. I want to see your beautiful body.”

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and stood there completely naked and on display for her. I didn’t try to cover up. I just stood there with my hands at my sides, waiting for further instructions. My eyes roamed over her naked body, admiring her gorgeous breasts and hard nipples, and gazed unblinking in pure lust as I watched her slowly working her finger up and down her pussy. She then held up her finger again and pointed down, saying “I want you to crawl to me on your hands and knees.”

I immediately dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to her. I stopped again and waited, when she again signaled me to stop with one finger in the air. She was making me so hot right now, as she ordered me around. I had never thought that I would get off on being a submissive, but I could feel my pussy grow even wetter as I waited for further instructions. Mom looked down at me at her feet, as she continued to slowly stroke her finger up and down her pussy lips. I licked my lips wishing that it was my tongue and not her finger. She finally asked me, “You want mommy’s pussy, don’t you baby girl?”

I nodded submissively, as I answered “Yes, mommy.”

She tilted her head and asked, “Yes, what?”

I immediately caught on and answered, “Yes, I want your pussy mommy.”

She turned her face into one of suspicion as she said, “I’m not sure I believe you, baby girl. I should make you prove that you want mommy’s pussy.”

I thought that she was going to make me beg to lick her pussy, which I was more than prepared to do. But she then rolled over and got up on her hands and knees on the couch, with her ass pointing right at my face as she said “Well, I think you should kiss mommy’s ass to prove you want my pussy.”

She then wiggled her ass in my face, causing it to jiggle erotically. I happily leaned forward and placed kisses to both of her lovely ass cheeks. She hummed to herself approvingly and then said, “No, not good enough. You need to go deeper, if you want to prove it to me.”

I gazed at her lovely ass and readily leaned forward to spread her ass cheeks, exposing her puckered hole. I felt my mouth water in anticipation. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but her asshole was just as pale as the rest of her skin. I figured she would be hairless there too, as she had taken me to my first waxing when I had complained about hair stubble when I was only fourteen year old. She had mentioned at the time, that she preferred to wax as opposed to shaving. She said it keeps you nice and smooth. I remember her hinting that she waxed everywhere, and I now saw that to be true. I suddenly felt glad that I had kept up on the full body waxing ever since, as I thought back to mom rimming my hole.

I was a little hesitant, because I had never done this and I was slightly fearful of bad smells or tastes. I was too far gone in my own need, so I leaned forward and gently trailed my tongue over her asshole. I blinked when I realized that her pussy juices must have dripped down across her asshole, as I recognized her sweet taste instantly. I smiled to myself, as I suddenly launched myself forward and plunged my tongue deep into my mom’s asshole. I placed my mouth around her asshole, as my tongue delved deep inside her. I moaned when I felt her asshole clamp down and quiver around my tongue.

Mom moaned deeply, as she felt my tongue slide up her asshole. She smiled to herself in the knowledge that her sweet daughter was enjoying tongue fucking her puckered hole, as much as she enjoyed reciprocating. My hands gripped her ass cheeks tightly as I pressed my tongue as deep inside her asshole as I could. I tried to mimic mom’s tongue movements in my own asshole, so as to make her feel as good as it felt to me. I was moaning deeply as I tongue fucked my mom’s asshole, feeling her press her ass back into my face. I smiled knowing that I was doing Escort a good job, even for the first time I had done this.

I began to gently caress her ass cheeks with my fingers, as I held them splayed wide open. I felt her ass cheeks pressing against my face and enjoyed the moans that I heard coming from her, as I enjoyed delving my tongue deep into her asshole. I suddenly realized that I wanted her to keep talking. I loved it when she talked dirty to me, but I wanted her to degrade me for licking her pussy and asshole. I wanted her to say all the things that an outside onlooker would say if they saw me on my knees moaning in pleasure as I shoved my tongue deep into my mother’s asshole. My pussy dripped and quivered when I imagined mom calling me all sorts of names for having the audacity to enjoy tongue fucking my own mother.

Mom moaned deep and loud, as she said “Oh, baby girl. I love what a fast leaner you are. Mmmm…your tongue feel so fucking good inside me. Do you like tongue fucking your mommy’s asshole, you dirty girl?”

I moaned out an affirmative answer, as I refused to withdraw my tongue from her delicious asshole. I loved the feeling of her asshole clenching around my tongue, as I shoved it in and out of her puckered hole. Apparently mom thought that it was time for a change, because she suddenly stood up off of the couch and stood over me. I looked up at her naked body and whimpered, because she made me stop. She then ordered me forcefully, “Lay down on the floor on your back, you dirty girl. It’s time for you to lick mommy’s pussy.”

I laid down as I was told, and watched her walk over to my head and step over me so that she was standing astride my face. She was standing facing my head with her back to the rest of my body. I moaned pitifully, as I looked at her delicious asshole and wet pussy. She then lowered herself onto my face and knelt down so her thighs were on either side of my head. She held up her finger signaling for me not to move, before I could move to begin licking her pussy. I was surprised that I remembered that this was how she would tell me to stop when I was a child, and that from all this time she could hold up a finger and look at me forcefully and I would stop whatever I was doing until told otherwise.

I could smell her scent and feel her wet pussy lips rest against my nose, as she held me completely still with nothing but a look and an upheld finger. I felt like I was powerless against her and I loved it. I looked up into her eyes with my most pleading look that I could muster. She held my gaze with a hard stare, as she asked me “Do you want to lick mommy’s pussy, baby girl.”

I answered in my most pleading tone, “Yes, mommy. Please let me lick your pussy. I’ll do a really good job, and I won’t stop until you cum. Please, mommy.”

She smiled domineeringly down at me, as she stroked her finger over my forehead. She finally said, “Well, you have been a good girl. You ate all your breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, and licked mommy’s asshole very nicely. But, I think we need to discuss what happens to naughty little girls who tease their mommy’s. You see, when you play with mommy’s ass cheeks but don’t drop to you knees and show mommy how much you love me, it makes me think that you don’t know who is the head of this family. So from now on whenever you are home alone or I am the only other person here, you are to be completely naked. You are to be prepared to do whatever I say whenever I say. You are not allowed to touch yourself, have someone else touch you, or touch anyone else in a sexual way unless I give you permission.”

“Mommy loves you so much, but I can’t have you growing up to be some stuck up skank like some of the girls at your school. You will be courteous, well behaved, and most of all you will do as you loving mother says. I am going to show you how to properly pleasure all of a woman. For that I will instruct you in the proper way to worship a beautiful woman’s body. I will show you what a woman enjoys to do to a young lady and what she likes a good girl to do to her. You are already well behaved as it is, but you do have a habit of teasing and then not following through. A proper young lady always follows through. If you make mommy wet or if I am turned on by something you do or say, then it is your obligation and pleasure to see to mommy’s needs and desires.”

“So far you have done a very good job of this, but now I am going to teach you the finer and more specific ways to please a woman. Now, are you prepared to do what mommy tells you to do?”

I nodded emphatically as I quickly answered, “Yes, mommy. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.”

God I was dripping wet right now. My pussy felt like I was about to cum just from hearing mom say she was going to make me her sex slave. I was so turned on right now, that I would probably agree to anything she told me to do and thank her for it. Mom continued to look down at me and smiled warmly, making my pussy quiver just from her silent approval of me. I smiled sweetly up at her, though she was unable to see it because my face from my nose down was still covered by her wet pussy. I felt her pussy juices dripping down onto my face. I guess her little speech and my submission had really turned her on as well.

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