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Taking My Busty Undergrad Home

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I’d been a professor for fifteen years, and spring break had yet to lose its luster. It was always at the perfect time in the semester – just when I needed a break – and it always felt so good to get a little taste of summer. This year, one of my students made a slightly odd request: she asked if she could come home with me for spring break.

“Aren’t there friends you could stay with?”

She shook her head, biting her puffy lower lip. “All my friends are going to Mexico, but I can’t afford it.”

“How about home? Couldn’t you go home?”

Marie shook her head again, fighting back tears. “My family is in the process of moving out of state, and it’d be too hard to crash with them. Please? I have so much work I need to do.”

Every once in a while, I meet an undergraduate who isn’t completely clueless, and Marie was one of them. She’d been in two of my courses – an introductory biology course when she was a freshman, and a reproductive biology course the spring of her junior year. Even now, as a senior, Marie came to my office hours frequently to discuss biology, and to generally chat. (“You made me fall in love with science,” she told me once.) She was bright, and somewhat flirty. I had to imagine she was popular among her classmates – I hate to be crass, but her body is incredible. We talk about symbols of fertility in my courses, and I have to resist using her as an example. Long, shiny red hair… beautiful, curving hips… two enormous breasts that pushed against the tiny sweaters she wore in a way that made me short of breath.

“Alright,” I said. “I’ll have to call my wife. I’ll let you know during class tomorrow.”

Marie smiled and thanked me, then turned away. I try not to look at students, but I couldn’t help but notice how incredible her ass looked. She was wearing high-waisted, white shorts and a tiny white t-shirt. The shorts came down just below her ass – which was amazing, completely out of this world. I shook my head to break out of my daydream and called my wife.


The next Friday, Marie and I were leaving campus for my home in a nearby neighborhood. When she walked toward the car with her duffel bag, I marveled at her wavy red hair, tied up into a long ponytail, and her blue eyes sparkling. Her body was… I felt so bad thinking about it – she was well over 18, of course, but I was her professor. That didn’t mean her body wasn’t incredible to look at. Her breasts were so big, riding high and proud, stretching her little t-shirt so tight I wondered how it didn’t tear down the middle. They bounced and jiggled as she skipped toward the car. She was wearing a bra that created amazing cleavage, and somehow I could still see her nipples. My eyes traveled down to her slim, tiny waist, then those shorts where that ass was being contained by spandex.

“I can’t tell you how much this means to me,” she said, getting into the car.

“Of course, it’s always nice to be able to help out a student,” I said.

It was about a fifteen minute drive.

“So do you and your wife have kids?”

“Yes, we have a son who’s 19, he’ll be coming in tomorrow.”


My wife Margaret made lobster for dinner. Marie slurped it up, juices covering her lips. She smiled at me. Margaret didn’t seem thrilled about Marie crashing our spring break, but I also didn’t think it mattered much to her. Margaret and I met when we were in college – so, so, so many years ago. I fell in love with her because she was intelligent and practical. She was simple in dress and in her living. I practically had to beg her to let us install a below-ground pool in the backyard. Over the years, the spark between us has faded, but we still have sex once or twice a week. I’ve stayed fit, swimming and lifting weights and running. So has she. I’ve always tried to convince her I’d like to have more kids – I’m only 40 – but she’s never been interested.

Marie wanted to go for a swim after dinner, and I told her she could swim whenever. I wasn’t expecting her swimsuit – it was pure white, and very revealing. I got an incredible hard-on when I saw her bouncing down the stairs from the guest room. Her massive tits were too much for a bikini… The tiny triangles hardly covered her breasts, and they spilled out on all sides.

I’m not sure if my wife saw me staring but I couldn’t help it.

“You guys wanna join me?”

I gulped. My voice shook as I said I would come out in a few minutes. Margaret said she was going to bed. In our bedroom, I got undressed facing away from her, hoping she wouldn’t notice how my cock had grown to its full length.

I walked down the steps into the pool, where Marie was jumping around, swimming back and forth. I stood in the shallow end, watching her swim about. After a few minutes, she swam up to me. I tried not to stare at her breasts bobbing in the water.

“Thanks bebek escort for letting me come stay here,” she said, her shoulders glistening in the moonlight.

“Of course,” I said.

“I wish I could do something special to thank you,” she said, swimming closer. I gulped. She was so fuckable…

“Oh, we’re happy to have you.”

She smiled and swam away.


The next day, our son Jason came home from college. His jaw dropped when he saw Marie spread out on the couch in a tiny red sundress, her enormous breasts pushing against the tight fabric. I could tell he wanted to make a move.

Later in the day, I heard them splashing and playing out in the pool, and when I stepped up to the window, I saw him holding her by the waist, tossing her around. She was laughing and screaming “Jason!” Her giant tits were jiggling and shaking in the sunlight. My erection was painful and I started to rub it through my jeans. All of a sudden, I knew I needed to have her. My son could warm her up if he wanted.

That night, I fucked my wife more vigorously than I have in years. I was thinking about Marie’s huge tits and tiny waist the whole time. I was thinking about pushing my son out of the way, and divorcing my wife, and scooping up my hot undergrad and moving away with her. As usual, Margaret didn’t let me come inside her. Once I was close, I had to come by pulling out and masturbating into a tissue, and then I had to toss it out immediately.

The next morning, Margaret left for work early, and I decided to stay in bed. She’d been in a bad mood the past few days. I had to think it was Marie’s presence…

I was shocked to hear a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said.

It was Marie. She was just wearing her bikini – why take it off when swimming is all you do all day?

“Hi there,” I said, sitting up and rubbing my eyes. She came toward the bed and jumped on it, coming toward me. I almost laughed at the site of her enormous breasts jiggling in her tiny bikini. I forced myself to look away.

“Have you gotten a chance to get your studying done?” I asked. She smiled, showing the adorable gap in her front teeth.

“Of course! I don’t have much. Except for your class, of course.”

“Ah, right. Well I hope you don’t find it too unreasonable of an assignment.”

“No, it’s great. It’s easy,” she said, spinning the end of her long red braid around her finger.

“Good, that’s good to hear. How are you doing?” I asked, wondering what she was doing in my room.

“I just wanted to figure out a way to express my… thanks for letting me stay here,” she said.

“Marie, don’t be silly,” I said. “We’re happy to help you.”

She looked down for a minute, then she looked up at me and smiled brightly.

“Do you like my bikini? It’s my roommate’s. That’s why it’s a little small.”

I shifted under the covers, trying to hide my growing erection. Her bikini was indeed small—the white fabric could hardly contain her enormous breasts. Her nipples were pushing against the triangles. And her beautiful, tight, firm ass was completely exposed in the thong bottoms.

“It’s very nice, Marie,” I said.

“You don’t think it’s too small? I usually wear an F cup, but my roommate is a C.” She gestured to the undersides of her breasts, which were uncovered by the bikini. Then she cupped those giant globes in her hands. She jiggled her left tit, and then the right one.

“Well… I think…” I stuttered.

She smiled wide. “I guess it covers them up enough.”

She continued to test it out, adjusting the top and pulling the strings. She tugged at the triangles. She was putting on quite the show, jiggling her enormous boobs for me. I was transfixed, no longer concerned that my cock was at its full length.

I couldn’t believe what was happening – here I was in the bed I share with my wife, watching my favorite student play with her big boobs in front of me. I had been stealing glances at her body during office hours for what felt like forever – Marie loved showing off her astounding curves in short shorts and low-cut tops and tight little sweaters – but I had never openly stared like this. She was enjoying herself greatly.

She glanced down at the sheet, where my cock was making a tent. Then she crossed a line we’d never be able to uncross – Marie tugged the triangles of her bikini all the way down so I could see her hard nipples. And she started to rub them.

“Do you like this?” she said. Her eyes were gleaming with desire. She reached down into her bikini bottoms and started rubbing herself, swinging her hips and bouncing her boobs up and down.

“I shouldn’t be watching you do this,” I said, in one last-ditch effort to save myself from what was about to happen. “It’s wrong.”

“I istanbul escort know you want to show me that big cock of yours,” she said.

I groaned. She was right.

She pulled the sheets back before I could stop her and gasped. I was naked. “You have an incredible cock, professor,” she said as she started to wrap her small hand around the base.

“Please don’t,” I gasped. She started to jack me off, every stroke making her tits bounce more – which made her giggle, an infectious little laugh that made me want to shove my dick in her mouth. Her braid was tickling my thigh. Marie’s nipples were rock hard and a rosy red color. I could cum just from looking at them. I put one hand on her upper thigh and I was about to put my other hand on her boobs, which were bobbing up and down rhythmically, when we heard the downstairs door open. Then we heard steps. We locked eyes and she gripped my dick hard in panic.

“Get off,” I whispered. She did, hastily rearranging her bikini, and skipped out of the room. A few minutes later, I heard Margaret coming up the stairs.

“I forgot some papers,” she said, walking through the door as I was covering up my erection with a book.

“Oh,” I said. “I was just getting up.”

“Wait, I want to talk to you for a minute,” Margaret said.

“What’s happening?”

“It’s Marie,” she said. “I think she and Jason might be… well… you know.”

“Margaret,” I said. “Come here.” My wife sat next to me on the bed.

“We have to trust them.”

“Alright, I just… I don’t trust her,” Margaret said, her face in a pinch.

“Why not?”

“I think she could stand to cover up more, is all.”

“Margaret,” I said. “I thought you were more progressive than that.”

“I am. You know I’m not a prude. But it seems like she’s teasing him.”

I thought about our son and Marie in the pool and wondered if he’d tried to cop a feel.

“I just wish she would buy a bigger swim suit.”

“Margaret,” I scolded. “Don’t be so old-fashioned.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said. I looked at my wife in her plain outfit, her flat tits hidden under piles of fabric. I smiled at her.

“She’ll be gone in a few days,” I said.


On Tuesday, we had a barbecue at the house. All our friends came over, and some of our son’s friends, too. Marie wore tiny little denim shorts and an itty bitty crop top. Her midriff was exposed, and so was the bottom quarter of her ass. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so those stiff nipples were on display. She looked so fuckable all night, her big tits and bouncy ass looking perfect in her slutty outfit. Every time the wind blew, I hoped her top would fly up and treat us to a peak of her giant tits.

She spent the whole night with my son and his friends. They were obviously obsessed with her. Picture this: five young men, giving one huge-titted young woman drinks and teasing her and asking her questions all night. I was shocked they didn’t throw her in the pool. She sat on Jason’s lap a few times, his arm wrapped around her hips. A few of my friends made comments about my young student. I was simultaneously pissed off and turned on.

We all got drunk. At the end of the night, Margaret was so drunk that she passed out on the couch. Marie laughed at her and at my son, who was just as drunk, stumbling down to his room in the basement. She helped me stay up late and clean.

“Thank you so much,” I said. “I’m surprised Margaret got that drunk.”

Marie giggled and popped open another beer for herself. “Some girls just can’t handle their alcohol,” she said playfully. Part of me was offended for my wife, another part of me (a bigger, longer, harder part of me) was incredibly turned on.

We ended up finishing cleaning in the living room where Margaret was passed out. Marie gently pushed her onto her side. “That’s the safe way,” she whispered. Then she walked toward me and put her arms around my neck. She kissed me and I kissed back, grabbing her tiny waist hard. We made out for what must have been ten minutes before I came to and realized my wife was just feet away from us.

“Come on,” I whispered. “Let’s go.”

I carried my student up the stairs. What followed was the best sex of my whole life. When we got into the master bedroom, I flicked on the lamp and gentle light filled the room. I peeled her crop top and her tiny shorts off and she stood in front of me, her perfect form a sight to behold. Her tits were like two huge melons on her small frame, her pink nipples jutting out.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the minute I laid eyes on you,” I grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me.

“I know.”

“The minute you came into my office hours,” I whispered in her ear. Her breasts were mashed against my chest.

She pushed me onto beyoğlu escort the bed and climbed on top of me. I was sitting up, propped up by the pillows on the bed. She whispered in my ear, “You just relax, okay? I want to do everything here.”

Marie scooted down to kneel between my knees. She unbuckled my belt and took my shorts off. Then she grabbed my thick cock with her warm hand.

“This is where we were interrupted the other day,” she giggled. She started out slow, then pumped faster and faster.

“Does that feel good baby?”

I groaned. She kept pumping my cock with her hand. I’d never experienced this much pleasure from a hand job. The next thing she did will replay in my brain forever. She reached over to my bedside table, squirted some lotion into her hand, and spread it on my dick and in between her tits. Then she wrapped those soft, heavy breasts around my dick. She slid her tits up and down on my dick, something nobody had ever done to me before. She sped up and slowed down a few times, bringing me just to the brink of coming and then pulling back. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m gonna come,” I gasped.

“Come on my tits, baby,” she breathed, looking up at me and smiling. The sight of my huge dick between her tits, my cockhead poking up every second, made me see stars. I came harder than I ever have, my jizz pulsing out onto her tits and face in ropes.

“Be mine,” she said, rubbing my cum into her enormous tits. “Be my boyfriend.”

“Anything you want, baby,” I said. My thoughts were not on my son or my wife. They were on my new woman, my wonderful slut whose sweet little hands were squeezing her huge, jiggling tits.

“I’m your man,” I said as she straddled me, her boobs pressing against my chest. My cock was soft, but hardening as she held it in her hand and whispered in my ear: “You’re my new man… You’re going to love me. You’re going to fuck me every day. You’re going to fuck my tits every day.”

When I was hard again, she poised her tight pussy over my dick and slowly lowered herself onto me. Marie yelped and whimpered as her pussy walls stretched to accommodate my cock. I grabbed her tiny, tiny waist with both hands.

She started to move up and down, her tight pussy squeezing my dick. It felt fantastic. She moved slowly at first, her torso undulating with desire.

“You’re going to give me a baby,” she whispered in my ear. Blind with lust and the feeling of her enormous tits pressing against my chest, I nodded. Marie was the most amazing person I’d ever met. Call me crazy, but I was willing to give up everything for her. Forget my wife. Marie was everything, I thought, as she started to speed up, bouncing up and down on my dick. I couldn’t believe how long I was lasting. I gripped her ass as she went even faster, bouncing so wildly that her tits were jiggling out of control.

I groaned so loudly as I came inside her, no longer caring who might hear. Marie came too, moaning and yelping happily. She collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her.

“Let’s sleep in tomorrow,” she said, smiling.


We did sleep in the next day – I only woke up when I felt Marie’s wet mouth wrapped around my cock. What a sight it must have been when Margaret walked in on us: my busty, bright undergrad, kneeling between my thighs, slurping on my hard dick before deep-throating it right in front of my wife. Margaret shrieked at the top of her lungs for Marie to stop, but Marie just kept going. She was like a little vacuum cleaner, sucking and sucking. Her huge, firm tits hung down and her nipples bounced rhythmically against my thighs. When Jason came up to see what the fuss was about, he looked most disappointed about the fact that his chances of fucking Marie were out the window. Margaret kept screaming at me and Marie until she realized it wasn’t going to stop. She left the room. After I exploded into Marie’s mouth, we fell asleep again.

The dust eventually settled. Margaret moved out, and Marie moved in. Two months before her graduation, Marie came into my office hours and told me she was pregnant. We fucked right then and there on my desk in celebration. I loved seeing her in her cap and gown, my baby growing inside of her. We once feared what my colleagues might think, but they are so happy for us and our growing family – research assistants fight for the chance to babysit for us. And sometimes even now, pregnant with our fourth child, Marie will stop by my office hours for a quick tit fuck or blow job. Her tits have gotten so much bigger from pregnancy but she still wears her old bras to tease me. The sight of her flesh swelling out over the cups gives me an instant hard-on.

I haven’t seen Margaret since we finalized our divorce, but Marie tells me she sees her at the grocery store sometime. I can only imagine… Marie bursting out of a short dress and pushing a double stroller, the pride and envy of the town, while sad Margaret buys her meals for one. Jason still comes over all the time. He is my son, after all, and I know he has a soft spot for my new wife’s big tits. Maybe we’ll let him play with them on his birthday.

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