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Dance of Seduction

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There is a knock on the door. I smile and rise from my chair across the room. At last we will be meeting again. I glide to the door, feeling the nap of the carpet beneath my bare feet. All my senses are heightened, knowing you are on the other side of that steel door. I feel the cool blowing of the AC vent on my face as I go by, the swish of the hem of my robe across my thighs, the soft, intense sound of Vivaldi on the CD player, the coolness of the metal door knob under my hand. I take a deep, calming breath (what a waste of time) before opening the door.

You stand before me now, leaning against the door frame, one foot crooked over the other. A small, sly grin teases me from your handsome face. My heart stops for a few beats, and the calming breathing I’ve been doing turns to the mist of lust as your eyes make a slow appraisal of me. The grin is slightly larger by the time you’ve come back to my eyes, and I smile back at you, having made my own survey of your body.

“What is it about your eyes that make me want to take off all my clothes?”

“What is it about you that makes me want to save you the trouble by doing it . . . with my teeth?” You counter, as you step toward me, putting your arms around my waist, stepping me back into the room and pulling me close. You use one foot to close the door behind yourself. Rather than kissing me, you bend your head a little lower to nibble on the side of my neck.

“Mmmm – maybe its not just your eyes . . .” I manage to breath out as my heart rate quickens. I run my hands around your waist and up your back. “Oh, you feel so good.”

Your hands are moving over my butt, the silky fabric of my robe warming and flowing over my skin. You pull me close for full-body contact, and my hands come around to hold your face as I kiss you. Beyond the need for softness, I attack your mouth with all the power of my lust for you. My tongue enters quickly, sweeping through your hot moisture and wrestling your tongue with passion. Our lips grind together and you groan deep in your chest. My fingers snake behind your head, pulling you down to me, trying to rise up off the floor to be closer to you.

Your hands squeeze my butt and pull me to you with the same fierceness, grinding our hips together, forcing your hard cock into my belly. I come up for air and throw my head back in victory.

“Ah, I needed that kiss so badly.” I declare.

You bend your head again and start biting my neck. As my hands take over the sweet chore of keeping our hips together, kneading your hot rear and holding you close, your hands move up my back, one hand moving around over my shoulder. Your fingers brush my ear as they pass, sending shivers of anticipation down my spine.

“You like that ear contact, don’t you, Cat?”

“Any touch of your skin on mine, my darling, wherever you choose to singe me.”

Your fingers pause and slowly trace the shape of my ear, your tongue following behind in a heated path. You start to suck on my earlobe as your fingers take their feathery torture lower across my neck, over my collarbone to the path of my cleavage. You pull your head back to watch as your fingers tease down between my breasts, pulling my robe open a little further.

Liking the suspense you’re building for yourself, you slowly sneak one finger under the edge of my robe.

“Ahhhh, lace. You know how I love you in lace, Cat.” You sigh the words with the breath you’ve been holding. Your warm fingers untie the knot at my waist and part my robe completely. You finally see my black lace bra, embroidered with red roses, and matching black lace panties. “Oh, Cat. You are so hot.”

You run one hand down my belly and over the front of my lace panties, searing a path of heat across my midrif.

“Oh, that feels so good” I murmur as my hips start to sway to the rhythm of your touch.

“Yes, Escort bayan Cat, it does feel good.” you growl. Your hand now purposefully goes to my backside again and pulls me into you, grinding our hips together again. Again we kiss, hungrily this time, sucking and licking with tongues and lips and soft scrapes of teeth. Your hands are pulling and squeezing my rear, feeling the heat of me through the lace. My hands are all over your back, exploring, squeezing, caressing, massaging. I move my hands to your waist, tugging your tshirt up.

“You need to take this off, Baby,” I murmur into your chest as I start to sneak my hands under. Running my hands up your chest, I drag your shirt with them. You lift your arms above your head and lean over slightly so I can finish removing this barrier. I toss your shirt aside and rain kisses all over your chest. You shiver slightly and I giggle. You pull me close to you again, pressing my breasts into your chest, and we both enjoy the contact.

“Mmm, Cat, this is good. That lace has just the right texture.” I move my body seductively against yours, running the lace on my breasts over your nipples. I am rewarded by another shiver.

“Yes, I can see that you like it.” I smile as I thrust out my wet tongue to flick one of your hardened nipples. I lick a few times, and then suck fiercely for a bit, ending with a light scrape of teeth. You groan and pull my hips closer into yours. I leave that nipple and give the same attention to the other.

I pull away, then, so that I can take care of your jeans. Pulling and tugging, I soon have your belt unbuckled and your fly open. Rather than let me take off your jeans for you, as is our custom, you step back and remove them, kicking off your shoes at the same time. Then you sit in the chair by the desk and remove your socks. Now totally nude, you look up at me and smile again.

“Did you bring any music for us, Cat?”

“Of course I did. I come prepared, don’t I?” I walk to the dresser and change the CD on the small player I brought. Santanna fills the room.

You chuckle. “Yes, SMOOTH is perfect, Cat.” You shake your head slightly “you are amazing.”

I start to dance for you now, swaying my hips, feeling the latin rhythm of one of my favorite songs. Turning away from you, I build suspense and give you a rear view. I glance over my shoulder now and then to see you smiling, your hands twitching slightly on your thighs, itching to get moving.

For the second verse, I turn to face you and dance closer. I move my hips around, independently from my shoulders, using everything I’ve ever picked up from my crazy forays into belly dancing, latin dancing, just having fun in front of mirrors. I run my hands seductively over my own body, alternately throwing my head back and staring intently at you, my audience of one.

You watch me, mesmerized. I can see in your face an intensity that you seldom get. You even lick your lips once or twice, but I’m not sure you realize you’re doing it. Your hands are grasping the arms of the chair, now, looking whiter around the knuckles. I dance closer, tugging at your hands to get you to release them. The music flows on to another hot, latin song and I continue to undulate in front of you. I move your hands up my body, giving you silent permission to touch me while I dance for you.

My feet are now between yours on the floor, and I’m moving so that my legs touch yours on either side. Your hands run up and down my body as I continue to dance. I sway and move and turn, giving you my back, my sides, my front all in turns. I love the feeling of your hands on me, and you are obviously enjoying my performance. After a while you put your fingers under the waistband of my panties and slowly pull down, taking them off for me. I step out of them, still dancing, and you toss them aside.

You grab Bayan escort my behind and still my dancing, bending your head down, tongue out, to lick my pubic hairs. I gasp at your first contact there and grab your head to steady my suddenly shaky legs. You pivot me around you to sit me on the desk beside you, and move your chair to face me. The music plays on while you lean forward and spread my legs wide. I lean back and look down at you, marvelling at the wide grin you have. You bend over and start to lick me. Long, strong strokes across my whole pubic mound. Then you allow your tongue to part my lips, stroking hard and firm to get your tongue where you want it. You reach up with both hands and push my thighs further apart, almost roughly. Then you start licking my slit up and down.

“Oh,” I manage to breath out, “oh, gawd, that feels good.”

“That’s the whole idea, Cat.” You grin up at me. “Just lean back and let me pay you for a wonderful dance.”

I throw my head back, chuckling, then gasping as your move your tongue up to my clit and start licking me in earnest.

“I like this method of payment!” I’m fairly humming now, matching the roaring you’re causing in my body. With tongue, lips and teeth you continue to work me, following my gyrations diligently. I orgasm before you’ve even entered my vagina, surging my hips upwards into your face, grunting and moaning and yelling.

You squeeze my backside as you continue to build sensations for me. Your fingers are flying all over me. I lose track of what is where as you bring me to another climax, and another. Fingers have found my G-spot at last and are pulling me along with their firm “come here” movements. Your mouth is still devouring my lips and my clit, and my brain has lost higher function as I let myself fly off into orgasmic ecstasy over and over again. Your efforts pay off royally as I start to squirt, climaxing hugely all over your face and hands and chest.

Moaning and writhing, I sit up and slide off the desk onto your lap, laughing as I realize how hard you still are. Finding some strength, I kneel briefly, my knees on the chair on either side of you, and then lower myself onto your hard cock. We sigh/moan in unison, finally feeling that exquisite relief of joining. Using the support of my knees, I start to ride you. Slowly, I go up and down in your lap, holding onto your shoulders.

Your hands are still moving. You squeeze my backside, then move up my back, bringing your hands around front to cup my breasts, still in the black lace bra. You bend your head to lick along the edge of the lace, then nibble right over my collar bone and your thumbs flick my hardened nipples. Your hands move around to my back again and release my bra. I’m still slowly moving up and down your cock, muscles already clenching for another orgasm. You remove my bra and toss it aside. Then, lifting one breast, you take it’s nipple into your mouth.

Screaming, I orgasm again, coming down hard on you, filling myself with your hard cock, every pelvic muscles clenching in beautiful, mind-numbing sensation. We both feel the surge of wetness in your lap. You suck on my nipple, flicking a tongue over, then leave that side with a light scrape of teeth that has me groaning again. You lift the other breast for the same treatment as I start to move again. Lick, flick, scrape, you are taking care of my breasts and nipples so thoroughly, back and forth between them.

“Cat, this is so good. You feel so hot tonight.”

“I don’t know what it is,” I respond, “I’m always wild, but something about your touch today is sending me further over the edge than usual.”

“Let’s move to the bed, Cat. I want to take you from behind.”

“Ahhhh, you know I can’t say no to that, Lover.” I climb off your lap and bend over to give your cock a well deserved lick and kiss.

“Oh Escort my” you gasp at my tongue work.

“Oh? You want some more of that?” I teasingly ask. You lean forward to grab my breasts as I lean forward again, getting down on my knees in front of you. “Can we take some time for this?” I settle onto my heels and take your cock in my hands, poising my mouth over the head, waiting for your permission.

“Yes, Cat. Please . . . “

I lower my mouth and start to suck. Stroking you with one hand, I fiddle around with your balls, then spread your thighs further. Sucking you deeper and deeper into my mouth, I am tasting my own cum all over you. The smell is intense and arousing and I lower my head further and further over your cock. You have gotten me so worked up I can’t take things slowly. I lick and suck and stroke you more quickly, feeling your hands on the back of my head.

You scootch out on the chair to give me better access as I take you deep enough to feel you in my throat. Wanting all of you, I open my throat, relax those muscles and take you deeper. My lips caress your balls now, and I am drooling all over you. You feel so good and taste so good, I start to pump my mouth on you, humming to give you that buzz. I look up at you watching me and see the smokiness of your eyes. I know that you are getting close, and I’d love to have you shoot down my throat. You, however, have other plans. Groaning, you pull yourself out of my mouth and bend over to kiss my deeply.

“You are so good at that, but I want to be in your pussy, Cat, NOW.” We move quickly to the bed and I crawl on, getting close to the head of the bed and the wall, posing for you on all fours. “Mmm, yes, Cat. Just like that.”

You climb behind me and run your hard cock up and down my swollen pussy. I look back under my arm to watch you.

“You are still so wet!” you say softly, almost to yourself.

“You look so hard and delicious. Please don’t build the suspense any longer.”

You look up at me, startled that I’d speak. I smile at you and you stop moving your cock, placing it within my thick lips right at the entrance to my cunt.

“Is this what you want, Kitty?” You ask unnecessarily as you thrust deep and hard into me.

I throw my head back and shout some meaningless sound. “Yes!”

“Tell me you want it, Kitty. Tell me!” you demand, already moving slowly in and out of me.

“Yes, I want you in me! Deeper, Baby. Harder!”

There is no more teasing, no more building suspense, no more playing around now. We both know we can’t stop. You pound hard into me, knowing it’s what we both want. I push back into you with every thrust, wanting you deeper and harder inside me. Your hard cock is filling me, pounding into my G-spot with all the force of your strong thighs and my arms in counterpoint. You thrust and thrust, pulling me back into you by my hips. I push, matching every thrust, groaning and shouting for more. Soon I can push no more, and I reach out one hand to the wall to give you some resistance. Pounding and thrusting, you continue on, making me orgasm again and again around you. Clenching, squirting, groaning, I feel the tension building in your cock. I know you are close.

I lower my chest and reach out to the wall with both hands, giving you a slightly different angle and greater resistance.

“Fuck me, dammit! Harder!” I shout to you.

You shout and shout again, pounding me. You pull my hips back and back and back, pounding, shouting, pounding.

“Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” you shout finally in ecstasy, pulling my hips into you hard as you fill me with your hot jism. I orgasm again around you, adding to the juice as I squirt explosively over your thighs. You are still coming as my muscles milk your cock. On and on it goes, for what seems like at least 5 minutes, maybe 10. We both make noises of amazement as your orgasm winds down, and we collapse onto the bed. Your arms come around me as I turn to snuggle into you.

There are no words necessary as we silently carress one another, drifting off into a nap of after glow.

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