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Born to Be Ch. 01

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Welcome to my first forte into Strap-on based romance :3

The Following Contains: Surprisingly, not futa. I KNOOOWW I begged for this to be a futa on femboy story, trust me I tried XD but I still think it came out good. The story is a tall black amazon woman pegging the fuck out of a tiny little white girly boy. And this story will also explore feminization later on but not in chapter one. That’s why it’s in this category for eventual crossdressing. Working our way up to that xD But otherwise I hope you guys enjoy!

Read along and maybe if it’s requested enough I can make a futa version of this one day x)


“So…this is it.” Ashley stood in the doorway, a suitcase in each hand and a backpack slung over his shoulders. Slowly, he took a few careful steps forward, large blue eyes scanning the area around him. The space was just one large open room, the hallway from the front door lead into the kitchen in the closest left corner with a single island counter. No walls separating rooms, the only noticeable things dividing the areas was the floor. The kitchen was hardwood tiled, and the living space had a fluffy grey carpet.

Only one doorway which lead to a restroom on the right wall, Ashley wandered over to it and looked inside to see that it too was pretty small. Just a corner shower, toilet and sink, no extra space, which was fine for someone tiny like himself, but still.

He walked forward a little more so that he could set his bags down in the center of the studio apartment. Slowly looking around some more as the reality of the situation really began to set in. “Well…welcome home.” He spoke to the empty space, shrugging off his backpack and tilting his head up to the ceiling.

Recently, Ashley had just turned eighteen and graduated high school, much to the pride of his parents. He was their only child so he was a bit babied by them all the way through, but after he was finished in school, they wanted to help him get his own start at life as quickly as possible. So he picked a neighboring town, and with a large lump sum of money loaned to him by mommy and daddy, he moved out here. Packing his bags and ready to begin life as his own man!

He thought that he was going to be nervous, that he was gonna break down the moment he stepped inside and immediately call his parents, begging them to pick him up. But he wasn’t scared, he felt…invigorated. His arms raised up at both of his sides and he began to spin around slightly. All this space, even though it was just a two-room studio apartment, all of it was his, he didn’t have to share it with anyone. His own living space…it was crazy. He felt so grown up!

Ashley smiled, a big heart melting expression that showed off his shiny white teeth, he started to giggle. Spinning a little faster, not trying to make himself dizzy, just having fun.

Finally starting his own life in the big city. “Woooo!” He cheered, stopping his rotations after a few extra seconds, his feet stumbling a little but managing to catch himself through his fit of giggles. Only to look towards his open front door and see a man standing in the doorway, not entering the room, just looking in it, phone in hand, appearing to be just passing by in the hall and happened to see Ashley spinning like a weirdo. “Oh! Oh umm…uh-” He stepped back, tripping over one of his suitcases and knocking it over, nearly falling down himself. “Whoa! Oh God…ah…” He righted himself and stood upright, folding his hands in front of him and clearing his throat.

There were a few seconds of awkward silence between Ashley and the stranger after that, but thankfully before his face flushed to a noticeably deep red, the man looked back down at his phone and continued down the hall.

The boys chest decompressed at that, “That…was embarrassing.” Ashley thought, biting his lip to prevent himself from giggling at his own stupidity. Then quickly skipped across the room to go to his front door and shut it, locking the dead bolt and latching the chain. Then spun around to lean his back against the door, cheeks still a bit pink and large goofy smile keeping them that way.

He squeaked almost like a little girl, still unable to contain his excitement. Everyone who lived with their parents their whole life looked forward to this moment, when they finally got to live under their own roof, their own rules. Now of course Ashley had a little help with the loaned money, but he was still ecstatic. He could style the apartment however he wanted! It may be small, but it was his, and he was gonna make it look good!

Tomorrow his furniture was going to arrive, another little going away gift from the parents. All of his bedrooms stuff, and a few other items from his parents’ home were going to be shipped in a truck and delivered here. But for tonight all he had was what he brought in his bags, which fikirtepe escort consisted of toiletries, his clothes, some snacks and a laptop. So he’d be roughing it a little on his first night, but he didn’t care, it felt like he was just beginning his own adventure!

Sitting himself down by his bags, crisscross applesauce, he opened one of them up to begin unpacking a small amount of his belongings. Mainly his snacks and drinks to fill the cupboards and fridge with, but also his blankets to lay out where he was going to sleep on the floor tonight.

Again, this didn’t bother him, in fact his big goofy smile stayed on his face while he unloaded one item after another from the first bag. All of his food was neatly organized and separated into little baggies, he laid them out around himself while removing some cheese and crackers to munch on as he worked. Picking out his blankets and placing them gently in the corner for where he would mock up his makeshift bedding. Then removed his cans of diet soda, juice boxes, pajamas, and the little sack which contained his leftover money.

But the last item stopped him in his tracks, and he held the little black, zip-up pouch in his hands. Looking over it for a few seconds before unzipping it to look at the contents inside.

Before he left home, his father helped him open up a bank account so that way he had access to a debit card and some money to start out with. And the little green plastic card was in there along with a little clip of hundred, and twenty-dollar bills so that he may have some cash on him as well.

In the bank account, Ashley had around five thousand dollars, again a generous donation so that he had a decent start on his own. And in cash, he carried about two thousand, which may seem like a lot to the uninitiated, but he was a smart boy.

Out in the real world, a thousand dollars is not a lot of money, his little studio apartment cost eight hundred dollars a month on its own. Not counting bills, food, and transportation, since Ashley didn’t actually even have a license yet despite being eighteen. He usually took a bike, a bus, or an Uber to get everywhere when his parents weren’t available for a ride. So realistically, he had enough money to last himself a few months without earning a single dime. But obviously, Ashley didn’t want to live on his own for a while then have to come crawling back to his parents begging for more money or to take him back home.

He would need a way to replenish it in order to be self-sustaining. Which meant…

“I’ve gotta get a job!” Ashley said determined, jumping up and dashing back into the bag with his clothes and sifting through what he had available. He currently was dressed in just a comfortable t-shirt and jeans, so if he was gonna go job hunting, he wanted to look nicer.

Thankfully, he chose a big city to live in, so the job pickings should be pretty plentiful. He wanted one not too far away, something within walking distance to save himself cab money. And it would get him his daily walk for exercise, gotta keep the glutes in shape!

He dug through the garments and picked out a long sleeve shirt and some slacks, not too overly professional, and not too laid back. Then threw off his clothing, still feeling the adrenaline of today pumping through him. The only mirror available was in the bathroom so he didn’t get a good chance to look over himself. Instead he used his phones camera to check his appearance to make sure he looked good.

Big crystal blue eyes, long eyelashes, fair smooth skin, and long black hair that he had to brush a few of the loose strands behind his ears. Then hopped on one foot to put his sneakers back on after slipping into the pants. He grabbed his keys, got his money bag and clipped it to one of the loops in his pants, something else he’d need to buy at some point, a wallet, he mentally added to the to do list. And lastly his phone, then headed to the door, confident and ready to take on the world.

“Okay big new home…show me what you’ve got!” He thought excitedly, throwing open his front door and letting it slam closed behind him.

Three Hours Later:

“Welp…you showed me…” Ashley plopped his behind down on the public bench, heaving a massive sigh, putting the straw for his drink into his little lips and began to suck. Pulling the skinny milkshake up through the plastic tube and into his mouth.

Today had started with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and energy for Ashley. He practically ran out of his apartment building, looking forward to his first ever job hunt and quickly went to as many local stores and shops as he could possibly find. Checking on his phone every now and again to see what places were hiring close enough.

His first choice was an obvious one, the large general store and food mart. It seemed like an easy win to the boy, they were hiring in places like this all the time. And when Ashley arrived at the automatic glass gebze escort doors, he saw just what he was looking for. A ‘Now Hiring, Info Inside’ sign taped right up front, his high on life attitude persisting with the thought that he was gonna get a job with his first try!

He’d look good in a cute blue vest too!

Only the moment he entered and was greeted by one of those way too friendly people who welcome you, he stepped up to an empty table with a large poster board leaning on it. Written across the front were the job opportunities available, and as Ashley scanned the text, his peppy demeanor, slooowly subsided.

‘Manager position, must have experience.’ “Well, can’t do that one, I’ve never even had a normal job before.”

‘Overnight Stocking, must be able to lift upwards of eighty pounds, and be able to operate heavy machinery. Ex: Forklift.’ Ashley glanced down at his arm, namely his bicep, reached over to it and gave it a squeeze. Rather than feeling any muscle at all, it felt like he was squeezing a plastic bag filled with vanilla pudding. “Okaaay…add work out the upper body to the list.”

And lastly, ‘Pharmacist.’

Ashley rolled his eyes and spun on his heel, bust number one.

The next place he tried was a local sandwich shop, Ashley loved fresh deli food, and loved to cook! So he thought it would be fun to try it out and he would know the basics of preparing meals. Only as he approached the ‘Help Wanted’ sign, he read the requirements they had listed beneath it. ‘Uber eats driver! Deliver food for a-” He didn’t even bother finishing reading the sign. Bust number two.

His next choice was another very common one for all first timers, fast food. Only problem was, Ashley hated super unhealthy, greasy foods from places like that. He stood outside the store for a few minutes, debating on whether or not he should actually go inside and inquire. Again, he knew his way around a stove, so he was sure he could get a position as fry cook or something like that. But he just couldn’t stomach the smell of being surrounded by such artery clogging burgers. So he considered it bust number three, only planning on using it as a last resort and kept searching.

But after that, bust number three turned into four, five, six, and seven. At one point Ashley’s legs were beginning to get tired from walking around for so long, he was sure that he’d be successful in his endeavor and be home already earlier this morning. But now, he was very quickly losing his upbeat outlook on today.

Everywhere he tried, he was unqualified, too inexperienced, or he couldn’t meet the specific weight limit requirements. He cursed his frail body for this, Ashley tried his best not to think about it most of the time since he was so self-conscious about this topic. But…he was really tiny.

Barely reaching five feet tall with his frame, and the last time he weighed himself, he only came in at ninety-six pounds. A damn gentle breeze could tip him over if he wasn’t expecting it, so every physical job was ruled out almost immediately.

So now here he sat, having just purchased his milkshake and sipped it slightly depressed. “There has to be somewhere I can work in this town!” He slumped in the bench, his feet kicking over the edge since he was too short for them to touch the ground. “I really don’t want to work for fast food…I’ve gotta find something…anything!” He sucked more of the creamy white fluid into his mouth. Gulping down the sweet vanilla flavor, and glanced back and forth down the street. Where hadn’t he tried yet? There were many random citizens walking back and forth around them, most likely all of them having jobs and going about their lives without a care in the world. Ashley watched some of them glumly, sipping his treat and thinking of what he’d have to do if he couldn’t find some place to work. “If today’s a failure I can always try again tomorrow. Something might open up, I mean, it’s not like I need to get a job ASAP or my apartment will explode.” He thought zoning out as he watched a lady walking down the street, “I just really would’ve liked to have gotten one today…” The woman entered a building, the automatic sliding doors parting for her and as she disappeared from sight Ashley managed to blink and zone back in.

She had entered a rather large, white building, big silver colored sign in the pattern of a crescent moon hung up over the front doors. And along the shape was text reading, ‘Lunar Lifters Fitness Center.’

It was only about a hundred feet or so away from where Ashley was sitting, and it was one of the places he hadn’t seen yet, nor had he even heard about. But he was already considering taking a look inside to perhaps up his physique with a membership, when another woman walked out of the gym. This one however, was holding a sign…

She walked to the side of the automatic doors and up to the plate glass window, where she lifted the sign up and pressed it to the içerenköy escort glass. Taking some tape out of her pocket and strapping the sign onto the window before turning and heading back inside. And it was like a sign from God himself was just tractor beamed down in front of Ashley.

He got up off the bench and jogged over to the establishment so he could read the sign better, ‘Help Wanted! A fun work environment where you can get fit and make friends! Walk in interviews! Positions available — Receptionist, training available. Equipment Manager, custodial duties. Yoga instructor, experience preferred, training available.’

“YES!” Ashley nearly jumped for joy as he read the ad, this was just what he needed. Ashley didn’t mind a desk position like a receptionist, and if training was available, then he was sure he could learn the ropes fast. Heck, he’d even apply for equipment manager too, if it was just cleaning and not lugging things around, he had no problem with it. Cleaning up was another one of Ashley’s habits that he took pride in being good at. The yoga instructor job though…he’d probably have to pass on that one.

Regardless, he chugged the last of his milkshake down and threw the empty paper cup in a nearby trashcan, and headed inside. Nearly skipping through the sliding doors, he entered the building and was instantly hit with a whoosh of climate controlled, cool air. So much so that his hair actually blew back when he first walked in.

In addition to that though, the building itself was even more impressive from the inside. It was huge! Ashley had never actually seen a fitness center with a second floor before, but this place had one, attached to the first floor by two flights of stairs on either side of the first floor. The walls were simple white, but all of the pillars and most of the equipment had a chrome or silver color scheme to it. The ceiling easily stretched up to maybe three stories high, with its large rotating fans and industrial lights illuminating the area. There was also what looked to be perhaps a skylight of some kind right in the center of the ceiling, appearing to be in the shape of a full moon.

It was impressive, and a healthy amount of people were spread about on the various machines, ab coasters, treadmills, stationary bikes, the works. This place probably cost a fortune to have a membership at.

Hope filling Ashley’s heart again as he looked back and forth for where he could apply. To the left of the entrance, he saw the woman from outside, working her way around a curved desk to sit behind it in front of a computer. “Okay, here we go!” He took a quick breath and started over to her, trying to look confident in his approach.

Before he could even make it to the desk though, she had looked up and spotted him approaching. She smiled, “Hi, welcome to Lunar Lifters! How can I help you?” She brightly asked, batting her long eyelashes at him, her own brown orbs glittering in the light. She was a rather curvy woman, with shoulder length brown hair and tan skin, quite attractive actually and Ashley had to remind himself what reason he was here as he got closer.

He walked up, carefully putting his hands on the edge of the desk, almost rolling his eyes at how it was up to his chest even though he stood on his tip toes to see over it. “Hi um…I just saw you posting the sign up outside, and I was wondering if I could have a walk-in interview about the receptionist job? Or even the equipment management?” He offered her his own bright smile, flashing the shiny white teeth he had.

The lady’s eyebrows raised as Ashley spoke, she looked back to the front door. “Wow, that was fast.” She laughed, “I didn’t realize posters work that quick! Um, yeah of course! I’m pretty sure you can, I’ll have to call it in with my boss and see if she’s ready cuz I mean…well, you just saw me do it. I literally just got the green light to put up the sign.”

Ashley smiled a little sheepishly, “I’m sorry, I just was sitting outside and I’ve been job hunting all day and…”

“Oh no, no honey don’t worry about it.” She flashed her own sweet, white smile, “I’ve been dying to get some help out here anyway.”

“Yeah?” He leaned a little more comfortably over the desk.

The lady nodded, “Mhm, I’ve been the only receptionist out here for weeks, ugh, freaking driving me insane.” She groaned, “Some people I don’t mind but way too many are idiots I can’t handle. I need someone to pawn the stupid people off on.”

Ashley recoiled a bit, “Oh so that’s all I’d be good for?”

“Nooooo, I’m just teasing!” Both of them shared a little laugh, “Here let me call my boss, she’s who you’ll have to talk to for the interview.” She picked up the wireless phone on the desk and dialed in the speed dial for the main office. Ashley comfortably waiting for what the result was.

Only before she got an answer, there was suddenly a whistle from behind Ashley that made him flinch. “Damn girl…” A masculine voice spoke as two men walked by the desk, heading to either another machine or possible the gym showers. Ashley froze and felt his cheeks flame up as he realized who that was directed towards, slowly turning his head to look at whomever just catcalled him.

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