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Crystal the French Maid Ch. 02

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You kneel at my feet and gaze up into my eyes. You realise that there is nothing you can do. You know that you must obey and that part of you wants to obey, to be made to do things that you have only dreamed about. Recognising the surrender revealed in your eyes I give you an evil smile and nod. “Very good Crystal, I can see you are ready to do as you are told. Now I want you to beg to suck my cock.”

Very nervous, in a small voice you stammer “M-m-ay I please Sir?”

With an exasperated roar I shout “I said BEG slut and do it in a nice loud voice.”

Humiliation strips away another layer of resistance and you crumple slightly. Gathering yourself you begin again in a firmer voice “Please Sir, I’m your cum slut whore and I want to suck your cock. Crystal really wants you to use her mouth like a cunt whilst she sucks you.” You are shocked at yourself for even knowing some of these word, let alone saying them.

For my part I am satisfied that you have achieved the required level of pleading and begging. “Very well Crystal you may proceed. But if you don’t do it well you will be punished; most severely. Now get on with it!”

You look at my manhood, revealed by my open robe, only half erect but already large. Unconsciously you lick your lips. You lean forward and gently run the tip of your tongue around the head of my prick. Already a drop of pre-cum has appeared and you happily suck it up, relishing the salty taste. You open your mouth and take the head of my cock deeper into your throat. You can feel me swell and grow in your mouth. Knowing that you are giving me pleasure has the effect of turning you on further, making your clitoris tingle. With my own growing arousal I start to push my cock deeper into your mouth, almost making you choke. Eager to avoid further punishment you try and relax to accept the extra cock meat that is being forced down your throat.

Without warning I stand up, with my cock still in your mouth. I reach out my hand and entwine it in your hair. “Are you ready to earn your money now Crystal? I’m going to fuck your face and you will love it!” As good as my word I start to thrust my cock into your wet mouth. Almost immediately the head of my Pendik Yabancı Escort cock begins to jam against the back of your throat, causing you to gag. You try to pull away from my invading member but, ready for your reaction, I tighten my fingers in your hair and prevent you from getting away. I shove my cock deeper into your abused mouth. Looking down I can see your cheeks bulge obscenely as my cock head pistons between your lips.

With speed born of necessity you open your mouth wider to take my demanding prick. Soon you find yourself coping with your mouthful and realise that you are deep-throating me. In one small part of your mind a tiny voice is protesting, screaming at you to stop. But every other part of you is screaming in a different voice, a voice that cries “MORE” Your tight, hard nipples, dripping wet cunt and the cock in your eager mouth are your only focus. A rhythm builds and soon you can feel my swollen balls slapping against your chin.

As my excitement grows I withdraw my cock from your mouth, leaving a string of saliva and pre-cum from my prick to your lips. Gazing down at you I ask “I am going to come soon Crystal and I want you to tell me, do you want my spunk all over your face or in your mouth so that you can drink it? Tell me what Crystal wants.”

A few short hours ago such a question would have caused you to react in disgust. But in that time many things have changed and now you are fully into your submissive fuck slut role. You guess at the answer that is required of you and answer “Crystal wants a little of both Sir. Shoot some in my mouth so I can taste it and then the rest all on my face. Would you like that Master?” I nod with satisfaction at your answer and you eagerly take my cock back into your mouth.

Excited by the submission you have shown in your answer, and the ease with which you resume deep throating me, I soon start to feel my orgasm approach. Sensing this you pull back but continue to stroke my shaft. I reach down and gently tilt your face up to receive my spunk. You can feel my erection pump in your hand and at close range you see my cock head swell and the eye open. Then with the power of a volcanic eruption Pendik Yeni Escort a stream of sperm explodes from my straining penis.

The first few spurts of jism are delivered straight into your mouth, splashing against your tongue. As the power of my orgasm wanes I move closer to your upturned face to ensure you miss none of the spunk. The rest of my seed splashes in a string across your nose and cheeks, the warmth of it seeming to burn your skin. A powerful final spurt sprinkles drops of come in your hair. Overcome by the power of my orgasm I slump back into my armchair whilst you remain kneeling between my knees. Once you know that I am aware of you again you open your mouth to show me the sperm that is pooled there. Obscenely you poke out your tongue, covered in my sperm. Then, staring me straight in the eye with your mouth still open, you swallow all the salty goo with a loud gulp. With one finger you almost absent mindedly scrape up a few random drops of come with a finger and suck it down. “Have I pleased you Sir? Will you punish me more now?”

I laugh out loud at your questions, a laugh with an edge. “When you entertain my guests tonight I have no doubt that we will find some fault with you. I doubt you will escape discipline of some type.”

Your mind whirls with many thoughts after my statement. What had you let yourself in for? The possibility of more punishment gives you shivers. But shivers of fear, or of excitement? A renewed throb from the moistness between your thighs answers your own question. Puzzled and afraid you ask “Guests Sir? What sort of guests and how will I be expected to entertain them?”

Again an evil laugh accompanies my reply. “I have a number of friends who share the same interests as me. They are gathering here tonight and expect my hospitality to be up to it’s usual high standards. But I intend to surpass myself and you will be the main reason that I succeed. You are my sex toy now Crystal and sometimes I like to display my toys; or share them with my friends.” Noting the slightest trace of protest in your eyes I continue. “You will have no more right to refuse to play than any real toy. They will order you and you will obey. Pendik Masaj Salonu But some of my friends have rather bizarre tastes and as well as you have performed just now, I think you will try to rebel or object at some point tonight. Of course it will be useless but it will give us the opportunity to really enjoy ourselves with you.”

Changing tack slightly I begin to question you. “In order to predict what things you will bridle at I would like to learn more about your sexual experience. I have the proof that you suck cock well and I’m sure you are a good fuck. But have you ever slept with another woman?”

Shocked, you give no answer. Swiftly I reach down and give one of your nipples, still engorged with lust, a swift tweak. “Answer slut!” I hiss.

“N- N- No Sir” you stammer.

“Ever been buggered?” I whisper. You hesitate, not sure of the meaning of the word, suspicion drawing an icy finger down your back. Seeing your doubt I ask again “Crystal, have you ever been ass fucked?” I say the last two words with tremendous relish.

Your suspicion has been confirmed and you start to react. Half rising from you kneeling position you nearly forget your submissive role. “Not that you Sir!” you cry. “It hurts too much!” You rush on, words tripping from your mouth “An ex-boyfriend tried to put just one finger in my bottom and it hurt soooo much. Please don’t make me do that, please!”

I roar with delight at your protest, and your admission. “How delightful! An anal virgin. I am going to enjoy this.” Dismayed tears start to well in your eyes. I look down at you with an expression that almost appears to be pity. “Don’t be upset Crystal, I will make you a deal. I promise that you will not be buggered, unless you specifically ask for it to happen.” Slightly reassured you look up at me, whereupon I continue. “But believe me Crystal you will ask for it. In fact I’m sure that eventually you will beg me to fuck your ass, just like you begged to suck my cock. What’s more I believe that you will love it.”

To hide your slight feeling of relief you lower your eyes. You know that what I have said can not be true, you would never sink that low. But you still have mixed feelings about this evening, wondering what is going to happen to you. As if reading your thoughts I tell you. “I want you to prepare yourself for my guests. Go to your room. I will send people to assist you. You will obey their orders as if they were my own. Do you understand? Then go!”

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