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Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 21

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Lana Rhoades

Diary of a Cock Sucker. Chapter 21.

In which our hero needs a shower.

I spend the day at work looking forward to the evening where I have a reprise with my companion of several days ago. We met on a bicycle club group ride some weeks ago and have seen each other a few times since. We agreed several days ago that we would have dinner tonight at my place where a vegetarian meal is on the agenda. I reflect with some confidence that this will very likely be followed by the first visit to my bed. As I am walking to my car, I reflect again on the session with Thad as I have several times since the event earlier this week. His youthful energy and enthusiasm were a treat and I have noted that the session marked something of a turning point in my cock sucking career. I am roughly ten years his senior and to date, all of my cock sucking experiences have been with men at least my age, and the vast majority older. Thad is almost a generation younger than me and I reflect about experience, attitudes, and the future. To say the least, I was impressed with his responsiveness and enthusiastic powers of recovery. And I reflect with regret that it is unlikely that I will see him again, such is the pattern of anonymous male sex. So it is with considerable surprise as I approach my car that my cell phone rings and when I answer, the voice announces that ‘this is Thad. I was wondering if we could hook up today’.

Well this is a surprise I remark to myself. I respond that that would be nice but that I have an engagement tonight. He answers with some urgency that he has been busy with practice all week and that he really wants to see me. There is a long pause. I respond that I have only an hour to which he responds enthusiastically that perhaps I could pick him up at his school and drop him off later at his home. He adds that normally he takes the bus, so this would work out great for him. His school is more or less on my way and so I agree to swing by and pick him up. I arrive in my SUV, the bicycle transport vehicle of choice and Thad is waiting and hops in. He greets me and offers a thanks for picking him up. It seems intuitively obvious to me that he wants a blowjob. I could take him to my apartment but that would be out of the way and I am pressed for time. It happens that there is a parking garage more or less on the way to his home and these facilities are the very definition of anonymous sex playgrounds, so I head in that direction. I ask him about his week and he explains again that he has been ‘super busy with practice for the big game tomorrow’. But he goes on to add that he thinks all the time about ‘what happened the other day’. I suggest that since he has called me, he has thought about what happened with pleasure. Yes, he responds. And that you want more I ask. Yes, he responds.

I ask rather bluntly if he has beat off since that day. I am curious about his ability to discuss sex and talk about what he likes and wants. To my question he blushes but responds yes. I ask if he beat off thinking about what happened. More blushes but again he responds yes. I ask if he beat off thinking about getting his cock sucked. Yes he responds, and adds, ‘also the other thing’. I reflect that that means that he liked the cock play, as certainly did I. I ask how many times he beat off thinking it. He blushes again but does not answer. I ask if he beat off that day, after he left the video shop. He blushes yet again and answers that he did, he could not help it. I ask how many times. He responds that he beat off twice that night, both times thinking about what we did. And today I ask? Not today he responds, or yesterday. He goes on to add that he wanted to very much but was busy with school and practice and then exhausted when he finally got home. He adds that he wanted to call me and was glad when I answered.

We are near the parking garage and so I tell him to show it to me, that I want to see it, to see how interested he is. I already know how interested he is as he is tenting his nylon athletic pants. I watch traffic as I need to make some turns, but I hear the rustle of fabric. When I next look over, he is nude from the waist and his cock is rock hard, sticking straight up. The sight of him takes my breath away and it requires all of my will power to negotiate the car into the parking garage. As I ascend the floors, I reach over to grip his cock in my hand. I caress the shaft with my fingers. He is rock hard and the texture of his organ is like a velvet sheath covering an anvil. I gently squeeze the shaft in my hands and pump up and down on it, reveling in the experience of playing with his cock. I find a secluded corner and park the car. There is light enough to see well and I look over at him. His beautiful organ is jutting from his belly, throbbing in urgency. I ask again if it has really been two days since he did it. He responds that it has. I reach over to him and slide my hand under his balls and squeeze gently. He emits an enormous gasp of pleasure at this touch and I observe that his cock quivers, no doubt from him clenching with pleasure. I observe to him that after two days porno his balls, which I am fondling in my fingers, must be very full. He gasps that they are.

I lean over him and bring my hand up from under his balls, my fingers very gently stroking the underside of his shaft. I slide them up and down on his organ, just my fingertips teasing the skin of his shaft. I am leaning over him with my face a foot above his erect cock, my fingers doing a light teasing caress on the rock hard shaft. My forefinger teases over the sweet spot of his cock under the head, a feathery teasing caress. My finger teasing is all a preliminary to what I want more than anything else in this world at this moment. And that is to take this lovely organ in my mouth and suck the very life out of him. But as I am gazing in rapt wonder at this electrifying sight, I hear a sharp exclamation from him and in that same instant he ejaculates a huge burst of semen that splashes against my face. Instinctively I react by pulling back but such is my surprise at this development a second burst of semen erupts from his cock and splashes on my face before I can move more than a few inches. I wrap my hand around his shaft and squeeze it as he pumps more semen out of his cock, emitting a long series of ‘oh, oh, oh’. I grip his cock firmly in my hand and let him finish. At last be bursts out an exclamation of what I can only surmise as relief and his climax is over. There is semen everywhere, all over my face, in my hair, his belly and chest, my hand holding his cock, still quite firm, and the seat of my car where it has run between his legs.

I have a roll of paper towels in the car that I keep for dealing with the bicycle. I reach in the back seat and fetch the roll, removing a few sheets. I wipe the semen out of my eyes and look at him. I am not amused and tell him rather sharply that it is rude to fail to announce that he is going to do that. He apologizes profusely adding that he could not help it, it happened before he knew it, that it felt so good, had been so long, was so looking forward to it, etc, etc. Actually I am impressed by his performance and reflect again on the energy and enthusiasm of youth. I reflect back on the times that at his age, I could barely get it out of my pants before I was shooting off. Still, he could have told me he was cuming. It is not as though I would have put a cork in it. I give him some paper towels and he begins cleaning up. He has semen on his sweatshirt that will require some explaining. But of course, that is his problem. I suppose that mothers of males his age develop a tolerance for finding semen in odder places than the front of her son’s sweatshirt.

We finish cleaning up, where the cleanup act takes longer than the sex which was over in less than two minutes after I turned off the car. But I suspect that round two is in the immediate future as to no surprise at all, he is still firm. Not the rock hard rigidity of before, but a nice fullness that reflects that there is more where this mess came from. I tell him to take off his sweatshirt which he does. He is nude in front of me and just as breathtakingly gorgeous as the last time in the video booth. His body is slim with muscles clearly in evidence under the pale skin. I reach a hand over and caress his inner thigh, sliding my fingers up and down over the smooth skin. His cock is full but not hard, rather lazily flopping from side to side. I anticipate sucking him off in a few minutes and I have no doubt that he wants this also. But for the moment, there is the entirely enjoyable visual spectacle of his statuesque nudity and the no less enjoyable opportunity to caress his magnificent young male body. I reflect on statues done by the ancients, glorifying the male nude. This boy could easily have served as the model; such is the elegance of his body and subtle musculature, to say nothing of this gorgeous male organ.

I ask if he has a girlfriend to which he responds no but that he did. I ask if he did it with her. He blushes slightly and responds that they made out but nothing more, that she let him once but it did not work and that then she would not let him again. And then they broke up. He goes on to relate that he is ‘not so good with girls’. I try to reassure him that it is all about experience and that he should not be discouraged. I ask about sex with other guys. He responds that a couple of times some friends jacked off watching some porn. I ask if it was girl porn to which he affirms. I ask if he watched his friends climax. He blushes again and says that he did watch, that he found it exciting to see them shoot off, that watching made him climax.

I ask if he wants to climax again. All of this time, I have been caressing his body, my hands sliding over his thighs and belly. I let the backs of my fingers caress against his cock shaft. To my question, he answers yes. I ask him what he would like me to do. I am leaning next to him with my face close to his. My hands are caressing up and down his chest and belly and occasionally my fingers slide over his cock. He has never fully deflated after his climax japon porno and by now his cock has evolved from full to standing up nice and hard. I slide one of my hands under him and grip his ass cheek, squeezing and kneading the flesh. With my other hand, I grip his cock, squeeze it and slide up and down on it. He murmurs that that feels good. I ask again what he would like me to do. ‘Do it he says’. I ask what he means. ‘You know, do it to me’. Tell me I say to him, tell me what you would like me to do; I want to hear you say the words. I continue sliding my fingers up and down on his shaft, a teasing caress of the skin. His cock is mesmerizing, long and perfectly straight, the head a beautiful mushroom shape. I move down and brush my face on his belly, caressing the skin with my cheek. His cock is standing tall right in front of my face. I can see the ridges on the shaft. I am still sliding my hand up and down on his cock, teasing the skin of the shaft with my fingertips. More sighs of pleasure emanate from him until he finally gasps out, ‘oh put your mouth on it, oh, oh, oh suck me’.

I move down with my face over his cock. I open my mouth and move lower. He has been rhythmically arching his hips up as though the air above his cock were an orifice that he could fuck himself into. Now my lips are open wide and he thrusts himself up into my mouth. I do not close my lips on his shaft quite yet and the sides of his cock brush against my lips but with no friction. The occasional touch of my lips on his cock apparently drives him into a frenzy and he begins thrusting his hips faster. I hear him moaning and muttering, ‘please, oh please’, as his hips thrust faster and higher. I press my lips very gently on his cock shaft and he jerks and spasms at this new and clearly rapturously pleasurable sensation. I hold my lips on his shaft and let him fuck his cock which he does with great energy. I have one hand on has ass cheek and the other on his thigh. I feel him shaking and it occurs to me that this is going to come to a conclusion very soon. Almost before I can complete this thought he goes rigid, I hear him moan, and I feel his cock spew a flood of semen into my mouth. I move my hand from his thigh to his cock, gipping the base of the shaft firmly and I pump rapidly on it. He emits another gasp of pleasure and spews more semen into my mouth. I continue pumping on his shaft until his jerking ceases. I then put my hand back on his thigh and let him soak his cock in my mouth, bathing in semen.

As I hold him there in my mouth, I reflect that he probably ejaculated while trying to enter the girl. A common problem for the young male, so arousing is the prospect of a conquest. In the present case, he lasted about thirty seconds the first time and from the time my lips closed on his shaft, not more than sixty seconds the second time. Eventually he emits an exclamation of satisfaction and relief and I feel him relax, his climax concluded. I withdraw and sit up, looking at him. His cock is still full. My mouth is full of his semen and as I gaze upon this beautiful young body, full of strength and power, I swallow his cum. I reflect that swallowing his cum is all the more pleasurable with his beauty and youth and strength on display before me. And he is still full. I have swallowed the life essence of him but he retains some portion of his male strength and power. I know that this is only a reflection of his youth but I cannot let go of the symbolism of his erection on display before me.

We have been parked not twenty minutes. And such is the ways of the young male that he has twice rapturously climaxed. He is dressing and it is time to go. I start the car and we depart the parking garage. On the way out he asks if he could come over to my place to ‘hang out’ some time. I reassure him that I would like that. And there is no doubt that I would. He goes on to tell me that he thinks a lot about ‘that other thing we did’, and he would like to do that again. That other thing refers to the cock play and rubbing our cocks together, and the remembrance makes me hard. I reflect that over the past half hour I have been mostly hard and that I would very much like to hang out with my young companion, young Thad, young full of cum Thad, young irrepressibly hard Thad. I reflect that I would very much enjoy finding out what lengths would be necessary to finally wear down his seemingly irrepressible erection. I ask about his schedule, practice every night except Sunday and Friday and games on Saturday. I drop him off in front of his home and we agree to hang out Sunday evening.

I make my way home to my apartment, leaving the windows of the car open to air out the inside. The car reeks of semen and male sex, as do I. I go inside, strip out of my clothes, and take a long shower. I wash his semen off of my face and hair, reflecting fondly on how it got there. But I cannot remove the taste of him from my mouth, the taste of his cum, the sensation of his cock in my mouth. I am rock hard, standing there in the shower thinking about him and the events of the past hour. I lezbiyen porno reflect that his call, the two climaxes, and my entering this shower have all taken less than ninety minutes. My date will arrive in thirty minutes and there is preparation to complete. But I cannot resist a few agonizingly pleasurable moments of caressing my rigidly hard cock in the shower, reliving the moments just completed, his spurting cock, and the mouthful of his semen. I can still taste his cum, the sensation of his organ in my mouth overpoweringly real.

I greet my date and we set about overcoming the predictable awkwardness of the not yet but tacitly understood soon to be sexually committed relationship. We are to cook together and since this is a vegetarian meal, there is a good deal of chopping and slicing to perform. And that means a good deal of moving about in the confines of the modest sized apartment kitchen. Eventually we just give up the tension, embrace, and kiss, the seal of the promise to come. Without knowing it, S** shares the taste of Thad’s semen which to me seems to scream of male sex but which she seems not to notice. My companion S** is divorced and has children. For her, the bicycle and the club rides are her principle social outlet as the remainder of her time are committed to either work or dealing with her children. Of course she has made an excellent choice in the bicycle. Besides the obvious advantages of good health and physical fitness, men outnumber women roughly ten to one. So if a woman is looking for a man, the bicycle clubs are a good place.

We relax and chat with wine, the food preparation complete but not yet ready for consumption. My companion is a couple of years older than myself, reasonably attractive, and quite bright. She has an education and works in the IT industry. She has two children whose father abandoned the family several years ago after a turbulent period of marriage. She receives no support. She seems to have a remarkably good attitude about all of this, I suppose bolstered by her relative prosperity owing to her education, intelligence, and good looks. Our talk is mostly about bicycles, bicycle riding, and mutual friends made through the bicycle club events since that is our principle association and history. I have found her to be a strong rider, nothing like a bicycle racer of course, but one of the many that regularly attend the bicycle club rides where a competitive attitude drives the rider to excel and improve. I should imagine that she is thinking about what is to come later since as a divorced single mom, I should think opportunities are not readily at hand. I assume she finds me physically attractive and I suppose there is the inevitable consideration of me as a potential mate. I flash back to earlier in the day with Thad, the archetypical example of anonymous male sex, no dinner, no small talk, no decisions to be made, just sex. But for tonight, there are preliminaries to be dealt with, first dinner, and then sex.

Dinner is a great success, vegetarian food lending itself to many humorous anecdotes about saving the cows, pigs, and chickens. And bolstered by the wine, our spirits are high. In my case, I want to fuck. It has come down to that very simple objective. I want to spread her thighs, slide into her, and fuck. And at this moment, our mutual touching and caressing has convinced me that she shares the same view. We make a few minutes work of the cleanup and by mutual unspoken agreement, we retire to the bedroom. The evening has been sufficiently gregarious that we need waste no time in silly preliminaries, so we both undress. This is only modestly awkward and soon we are in bed together, both naked, and grappling in passion. And here it is that the flashbacks to Thad make an appearance in my evening. S** is an attractive woman for a 30ish mother of two who slaves her way through many miles on a bicycle for recreation and mate hunting. The operative point here being the ‘for a’ qualification. What woman can compete with an exquisitely beautiful male body? The answer without any qualifier is none. And yet biology and social conditioning lead to S** and I in bed together, she passionately aroused for me, of that there can be no question. And for me, I want to plant my seed in a woman.

To be sure, I am aroused as well. S** is naked in bed with me and very aroused. I mount her and slide in with ease, finding her wet and eager. We begin thrusting and I roll my hips on her, pubic bones rubbing and grinding. To my delight, she quickly reaches a very satisfying climax and we repose, joined together in mid coital bliss. Mid to the extent that I have not climaxed yet as at the height of her passion, I found myself comparing her somewhat fleshy thighs to the rope-like definition of Thad’s slim legs. And I grip her fleshy ass in my hands and though I find this erotic, I cannot resist the comparison to the iron hard buns of the young Thad. We lay copulated for some long minutes while she recovers from her orgiastic delight. As I anticipated, this has been a long anticipated event for my companion and she is in no rush to uncouple. Indeed, her ardent desire is that we continue, that view reinforced by her enthusiastic gripping of me. Soon enough we are off on round two and S** comes to a second shattering climax in which I contribute a load of my semen in a great blast of pleasure and relief.

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