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Curious No More Ch. 07

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Trying to get out my experiences – but they just keep happening! Thanks for all the feedback!


I went down to my apartment and slid into bed. I was tired but still restless. It was quite a night and I lay there thinking about what we had done. As the memory of him fucking me from behind came into my head and hearing him call me his pussy and fag, my cock reacted and started to get hard. Even after the amazing sex I had just had, I needed to release a bit more ‘tension’. I started to play with my cock and it got hard instantly. It didn’t take me long before a shot another load all over my hand and stomach. As I lay there, linking my fingers clean, my phone buzzed. I checked it and saw that it was a message from Sam.

It read ‘See you soon my little Fag. I look forward to making you mine even more. xxx’.

I responded, “Yes you will. Good night sir.”

I sent it and then typed another message;

“Your fag. XXX”


The next day I woke up with a bit of a sore ass and a lot of a hard cock. Waking up guilt free to the previous night’s encounter can do good things for one’s moral. I quickly checked my phone and felt almost disappointed that Sam hadn’t messaged me overnight but quickly got over it when I realized I had to get my day going and get some work done. I went into work and started my day, with my sore ass a nice reminder of what I had been up to the night before. When I broke for lunch I noticed my phone had a message on it.

“What are you doing tonight? How’s your ass? LOL”

My dick started to get hard just at the thought of seeing Sam again. I quickly typed back, “You? Sore but good”

A few minutes later my phone buzzed again, “What time are you available? I have a few things to do this afternoon but free after 3”

I eagerly typed back, “I can be ready around 330ish. That work?”

Sam responded right away, “See you then”

It was almost 1 and I was pretty sure the next two hours would be a waste as I’d be consumed by the thoughts of Sam and his dick. I hurried back to the office and finished up what I needed to get done before leaving just before 3. It was Friday and everybody would leave early. I got home and prepped myself, taking a shower and making sure I was nice and clean. I felt my hole and even though it was a bit tender, I was still able to slip a finger or two in and my cock responded naturally. I came out and got dressed, my cock semi hard the whole time. At just after 3:30, Sam messaged me, “All set”

I didn’t even respond and just went up to his place. I knocked on his door and he opened it wearing sweat pants and a loose t-shirt. He smirked at me and slyly said “Hello”.

“Hi,” I answered back and stepped in. As soon as he closed the door, we grabbed each other and started making out. We started to rip each other’s clothes off and went straight to the bedroom moaning and breathing heavily as we stumbled in our embrace, pawing at the others hard cock.

“You’re a bit eager, aren’t you?” Sam said as we got into his bedroom.

“Yesssss. I could barely focus at work.” We had fallen onto his bed, with me under Sam, kissing and biting each other, Sam holding my wrists in his hands. We had taken everything off except our underwear. Sam reached down and tightly squeezed my cock through the underwear and I grabbed his head and pulled him down for another deep kiss.

“I need you to fuck me again.”

“I can’t wait to fuck you again. I’ve already got another big load waiting for you. How much time do you have?”

I kissed him again, “I don’t…” and again, “have to work…” and again with my hands running through his hair, “till Monday…”

Sam moaned, “Mmmmmmm. Fuck yeah. That might be enough time, but you need it now, don’t you?”

“Yessss. Pleasssse.” I moaned more and more as we kissed and rubbed our dicks together through our underwear. His skin was so warm and tasted amazing. I pulled his underwear off and let his 8 inches pop free which I immediately grabbed.

“Takes yours off dude. Now.” Sam looked me in the eyes again as he said it. I let go of his dick as he propped himself up so I could pull my underwear off which he helped with by using his foot.

We were now fully naked, deeply kissing with our tongues exploring the inside of each other’s mouth and our hard cocks rubbing against the other. My hands grabbed his ass and pulled him closer as I wrapped my legs around him.

“Fuck me, I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Of course you have. You’re a cock slut, right?”

“Yessss. I’m a cock slut. Your cock slut.” I knew how this game worked. I loved this game. I’d admit pretty much anything. I loved being told to admit things that were ‘taboo’.

Sam grabbed at the condoms that were waiting on the dresser. Before he opened it though he handed me the lube and told me to get myself ready. I squirted some onto my hands and started massaging it into my ass. I squirted more onto my fingers and worked it deeper into my hole, fingering myself.

“Yeah, Casibom babe. Work that pussy for me. Get it ready for daddies cock.” Sam had ripped the rubber open but stopped to watch me get my hole ready for him.

It was so fucking hot. I felt like a girl, getting ready to take a cock for her man. I was slack jawed and aching for Sam’s cock and just moaned as I kept applying more lube.

“Fuuuuuck, you look so hot fingering yourself. Good man.”

I started to work the lube as deep into my hole as possible with two fingers and then trying to push a third into myself. I loved the feeling of pleasuring myself for him and played with my hole looking him in the eyes. He leaned down and we kissed and moaned into each other’s mouth. He had sheathed his cock in the rubber and I pulled him over on top of me and wrapped my legs around him. We continued to make out while I reached for his cock and lined it up with my hole. I used the lube on my hands on his dick and felt him hit my center. He slowly pushed it in without stopping until his balls rested against my ass. I had taken it all in one stroke. I grunted against the intrusion trying to adjust to his size. It was a beautiful mixture of pain and pleasure.

I started to rock my hips against him and we started to develop a rhythm. My legs were spread wide for him to take me. My arms wrapped around him while also pulling him deeper into me. We continued kissing, rarely breaking our lip lock. We barely talked, just grunting and moaning into each other’s mouths. It was like we had done this a thousand times.

I could already feel my orgasm starting to build. He was hitting my prostate and with each bump of his cock, the feeling grew little by little. Whenever he would slow down to adjust his position or rhythm, I would almost feel frustrated as my orgasm would back off. Is this how my girlfriends felt when they were starting to build towards an orgasm and had it taken away?

We both seemed to be getting near to cumming but Sam was in total control and never got too close while also keeping me in a constant state of ‘so close’. He grabbed both my wrists and held my arms down and bit and licked my neck which I absolutely love.

“Don’t stop, I love my neck being kissed!”

“I can tell…” Sam said and then deep kissed me again. “I want you to flip over. I want to fuck you from behind.”

He pulled his dick out of my hole and I felt the coolness hit my pussy from his heat not being there. I flipped over and presented my ass to him again and I could hear him lubing his cock up again and then he applied some more lube to my ass again.

“Your ass feels amazing,” Sam said as he squirted more lube into me, “You were made to take cock, man.”

“Ohhhhhh. Yessssss.” I muffled a moan as Sam found my spot and worked it with his fingers. I was ass up and head down into his bed, arms spread, clutching at the sheets again.

I finally felt his heat line up with my willing hole again and I pushed back into him.

Sam liked that, “Yeah babe. Give that pussy to me.” He pushed back and slipped in even easier than earlier. All the extra lube and working over he had already given my hole made it slide in like a hot knife into butter.

His hands grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. It felt amazing and so vulnerable. I was completely his hole to use. Sam started to piston into me and really fuck me hard. Our grunts filled the room.

He was hitting my spot again and my orgasm was building faster than when he had me on my back.

“Unhhhhh. Don’t stop. I’m getting there…unh…unh…unh…unh.”

“Fuck yeah. Want to cum in you…unh…unh…unh…unh…unh…”

I was slamming my ass back into him and his hands were now gripping my hips, pistoning his cock back and forth into me. It was probably the most vigorous I had ever been fucked. My ass had become very accommodating to Sam and I wanted my reward for that work – I wanted him to cum.

“Cum Sam! Cum in me!”

“Fuck yeah! So close!”

“I want it man…I want you to cum…pleeeease!”

“So close…unh…unhhh…”

I could feel his dick get bigger, “DO it man! Unh! Give me your load! Unh!”

“Here it cums slut! Take it!” Sam grabbed my hips and pressed his cock deep into me as I felt his cock expand and fill up the rubber. He pulled back and then slammed forward again, unleashing his seed as deep into me as I could take it. His cock pulsed and I was so close to cumming but couldn’t quite get there without touching myself. I reached under to jack myself off, but Sam told me to flip over. “I want you to cum with me in you; start training your pussy to recognize how good it is to have a cock in there.”

Sam pulled his cock out and I flipped over and he immediately shoved his sheathed cock back into me as he was still hard as a spike.

“Unhhhhhh” I moaned as felt myself fill up again with his cock. Sam leaned down and kissed me deep as he worked my cock with his hand.

“Cum for me man, cum like the little gay boy you are.” My cock responded and I could feel Casibom Giriş it happening as an orgasm built up within me. Sam worked his cock around my hole, grinding against me and kissing me, while my hands rubbed his back and held him tight. His hand worked my cock and then it hit me, just a huge rush and I grabbed Sam tight, as I exploded all over my stomach and chest, moaning into his mouth, orgasming all over his cock.

“Yeah babe, I can feel your hole squeezing my cock. You feel so amazing. So hot man.”

“Ohhhh,” I moaned into his mouth as I pulled his head down to kiss him again. “Fuck, I love cumming with you in me!”

“You love cumming with a cock in you, that’s all. You’re just a little cock slut.”

“MMmmmmm. Yes, I am,” and kissed him again with my legs now wrapped around him. Even though I had basically squeezed him out of me when I came, I could still feel his cock nestled between my ass cheeks and my cock was still rock hard as we rubbed my cum between our bodies as we lay there. It felt sexy as fuck.

He eventually rolled off of me and we lay there catching our breath. He scooped up some of my load and fed it to me before rubbing the rest into my skin.

“You cum a lot. That’s hot.”

“Thanks. I’ve always had big loads. Did you blast a big load?” I reached down to grab his dick.

“Let me check,” Sam said and sat up to pull his rubber off. “What do you think?”

Sam held up the rubber and the head of it was filled with his thick creaminess – a massive load indeed.

I loved getting fucked raw, but knew I had to be safe. I asked Sam about his last raw fuck. “When’s the last time you fucked bareback?”

“My last long term boyfriend. A couple of months ago. You?”

“The guys I played with originally. It felt amazing. So hot. So real. Totally scared the hell out of me though. I got tested afterwards, but it was a stupid choice. I got caught up in the moment and I felt pretty safe with them, but still…” I paused and reflected.

“I know what you mean. It feels so amazing. I got tested after my last boyfriend just to be safe. I always felt like although we were open I didn’t always trust his wrapping abilities outside of the relationship.” Sam laughed. Just when it almost seemed to be veering towards a serious talk, Sam asked, “Want to smoke a jay?”

“Yeah!” I propped up on my elbows and looked down at my naked body. I was still splattered in my cum and my mind enjoyed the thought that I was doing something very taboo so easily. I felt comfortable with Sam and if he wanted to get high and fuck my ass all weekend, I wanted him to. He was such a relaxed guy and when he got up to go get his weed, I took another look at him – He was very hot.

“Are you going to clean up?” He turned to ask me.

“Nope. I’m ok if you are?” I grinned at him.

“…yeah, that’s totally ok.” Sam smiled back at me. I’m pretty sure he knew I was open to being his all weekend. That in particular, my ass was open to his cock.

I could hear Sam cleaning up in the bathroom and then came back into his bedroom with a small box. He opened it up and pulled out his weed and pipe. He packed the pipe and lit it up and took a hit before passing it over to me so I could enjoy the sweet smoke.

We passed it back and forth and I moved a bit closer to Sam, letting my leg rest against his. Sam flashed that grin of his, “You are so subtle.” My cock started to get rigid. I smiled at him and played naive, “What? Can’t I stare at your cock without you thinking I want it?”

“You can do more than stare at it. Suck it like the cocksucker you are.”

I was rubbing his thigh and then reached in to grab his flaccid but growing cock. It felt warm in my hand and I started to lightly stroke it. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and I got down on my knees and held his cock up to lick it. I looked up at him and he took a big hit from his pipe before holding it up to my lips, “One more for you.”

I took a big pull on the pipe and held it in before exhaling and then getting back to his cock. Sam put the pipe down and rested back on his elbows as I went to work on his cock. I squeezed some precum out of him and licked it up before smothering it around his cock. Although my mouth was dry, I was able to get enough precum from him to start a very wet blowjob. I loved hearing the noises of me slurping at his cock.

I was able to get all the way down his cock and fully deep throat him and as I did, he moaned, “Mmmmmm So natural for you. Good job cock sucker…” I took pride in making him moan. I kept working his cock, licking it, sucking his balls, deep throating him, which got easier each time I did it. He put a hand behind my head and guided me. I felt so good, serving him from my knees.

I popped off his cock and jerked it with my hand, looking at him and his glazed eyes. I licked it again as more precum leaked out. “Dude, you are such an amazing cocksucker. You were made to suck cock on your knees. I might have to share you.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned. The thought of serving more Casibom Güncel Giriş than one cock was a huge turn on.

“You want that cocksucker?”

I deep throated him again and moaned a yes with his cock in my mouth.

“Soon babe, but you are my little fag right now.”

“I want you to fuck me again,” I said as I let his cock release from my mouth. “I want to ride you. I love riding cock.”

“Like a good fag,” Sam laughed.

He lay back onto the bed and I straddled him. I let his cock slide between my cheeks and I leaned down and kissed him, letting our tongues swap his taste. I tried to tease him with his bare cock between my cheeks as I wiggled my ass all over his cock but if I did that too long, I would be the one that probably just let him in bare. It felt amazing.

“Ooooh god, I’d love to fuck you raw,” Sam whispered in my ear before biting my neck. I instantly got rock hard and let his cock slide up and down my cheeks. I was so close to trying to put my hole on his dick and pushing down when Sam brought me back to reality, “But we can’t babe. Get a rubber on me. I want to watch you ride me.” I moaned a disappointing sound but I was glad that he wasn’t going to take advantage of me.

I grabbed a rubber from his night stand and rolled it over his rock hard cock. Sam played with my ass and applied some more lube to my eager hole. I lined my ass up with his cock and pushed down as my jaw grew slack and I let out a moan as his cock spread me open again, “Unnnhhhhh. Fuck you feel so good. I love your cock.” My eyes were closed as I focused on the sensations coming from my hole. I could feel him entering me, an inch at a time. I was absolutely falling in love with the sensation of a cock entering my ass for the first stroke. There was simply nothing like it – The tightness of my ass being broken down, the feeling of a cock owning my hole, the realization of me getting fucked by a man.

Sam had his hands on my ass and hips, pulling my cheeks apart and he also moaned at the feeling of my ass enveloping his cock, “Mmmmmm you fucking look so hot dude. So slutty. Fuck yeah!” Sam pushed his hips up causing me to take a quick breathe as I was still adjusting to him in this position. He felt way bigger and I was completely resting on his hips, all my weight centered on his cock through my ass. I finally opened my eyes and he smiled at me.

“God, you are hot,” I said and leaned down to deep kiss him.

“Ride my cock, slut.”

I started to slide my hole up and down on his hard cock, trying to make my strokes as big as possible without him falling out. I would change the rhythm and Sam would rock his hips into me filling his room with the sounds of our heavy breathing, grunts and moans.

I held myself up with my hands on his shoulders, occasionally leaning down to kiss him deeply. We were both high causing the sensations to feel as they could go on and on. My cock was rock hard and swaying to our motions with my precum leaking out of it. I didn’t want this to end because the sensation was so amazing and it certainly felt like we could fuck forever.

Sam sat up and twisted us around so that his legs fell off the bed and I straddled him with my legs and arms wrapped around his back. We deep kissed in this position as we continued to rock back and forth into each other. Our breathing picked up and Sam looked me in the eye, “Do you want me to cum in you?”

“Yesssss,” I answered as he continued to push his dick into my hole. I had zero inhibitions left at this moment.

“Say it.”

“I want you to cum in me…”

“Say you want me to cum in you ‘Daddy'”

“Ohhhhh fuck! I want you to cum in me, Daddy!” I almost yelled it at Sam. I started to almost bounce in his lap and Sam was holding me from under my ass, helping lift me up and down on his cock.

“Get on all fours,” Sam said and then kissing me before I climbed off of his lap.

I hurriedly got back on the bed and pushed my ass up, spreading my arms out while looking over my shoulder, “Fuck me Sam. I want you to cum in my ass…please, Daddy?”

Sam was applying more lube to his rubber covered cock, “You want my cock, fag?”

“Yes, Daddy! I need it!” I felt Sam line his cock up with my hole and then pull my ass cheeks apart and slide it in causing me to moan again.

“MMMMmmmmmmm fuck! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me please!”

Sam grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard, turning my large frame into a literal rag doll. I let him hammer my guts and our breathing picked up, increasing till all you could here were our hips slamming into each other and grunts and moans.

“Here it cums, man! Take my load, fag!” Sam bellowed at me.

“Do it! Cum in my fag ass, daddy!”

Sam drove his cock deep into me one last time from his frenetic pace and I could feel his cock get hard and then expand, “Unnnnhhhhh. Yeah man, take it! Take daddies load!” Sam was holding me tight to his hips but he didn’t need to as I was pushing back into him.

“Cum in me! Fill me up! I love it…so good!” I said between my heavy breathes. I could still feel Sam pulsing in my ass, flexing his cock. My cock was still hard and red, looking almost angry yet covered in my precum. Sam must have known I needed release because he told me to keep pushing back so he could take care of me.

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