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Dear Santa Ch. 02

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David sat looking out the window as the plane landed. He was waiting for Jynx to return to her seat next to him as he felt the planes first wheel touch down.

Just before the other two wheels touched the runway, Jynx returned to her seat and belted in. Suddenly David felt the plane go into a slight skid. Turning to Jynx, he took her left hand in his right one and just held it.

Her fingers were cold within the encompassing warmth of his large hand, and she linked their fingers. She looked out the window to David’s left, and saw the piles of snow that had been plowed from the runway.

“It’s snowed a lot in the last few days. It looks as if it hasn’t stopped since the night Glenda and I left. Was that only a day and a half ago? It seems like weeks.”

“I know it does, honey; and I’m really sorry you had to get that phone call. It’s one of the most dreaded calls a wife can get if her husband is in my line of work. It is my fondest Christmas wish that you never have to receive another call like that. Ever.” David roughly cleared his emotion-laden voice, just as the overhead speakers crackled to life.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. As you can see, we have approached the disembarking gangway. The crew and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for flying with us, and your faith that we’d get you to the gate safely. Have a very Merry Christmas, and the Happiest of New Years. Please come and fly with us again.”

A chorus of cheers and loud applause filled the compartment as the Chief Flight Attendant came and stood in the aisle beside Jynx. She then ushered Jynx, and then David, from their seats. The ambulance, and the limo, waited near the gangway. The doctor had apparently called ahead to the Captain, telling him just what arrangements he had made to meet them when they landed.

Jynx helped David shrug into his heavy coat, then she and Glenda made to follow behind him, and in the wake of the Chief Flight Attendant, to the door. The door was opened from the gangway by two male members of the ground crew, and a blast of cold air swept up from under the belly of the plane, making Jynx shiver and close her eyes against the snow that had been caught in the up draft.

The ground crew members escorted David to the waiting ambulance attendants, while James came running forward to meet, kiss, and escort the ladies to the waiting limo.

“It’s glad I am you’re ‘ome, ladies. Dis snow ain’t quit since da night you left. Thank goodness Missy ‘ad dem ‘eat strips put in under da pavement. Dey’ve kept the driveway nice and clear, Missy.” James couldn’t help grinning as he tucked his arms around both ladies and escorted them to the waiting limo.

The warmth enveloped both ladies as they entered the car. Jynx sat back against the leather seat, but not before she’d raised the partition between from and back seat. She closed her eyes as Glenda situated herself in the passenger seat up front.

Jynx couldn’t stop herself from wishing D could have been sitting with her in the limo, but she understood the need to get him to hospital for a wound check before going home to Lake House.

The ride to the house was a quiet one. James was concentrating on the roads, which were, by now, more slick than when he’d come to meet the flight. Glenda was content to sit next to her man, thus allowing Jynx the chance to catch some sleep. For she was secretly hoping that David wouldn’t feel like sleeping when he got to the house later.

As she thought about David and their making love later that night, she felt the familiar surge of wettness seep into her panties. Thinking about David and how good he was going to feel as he slid his length inside her once again, always made her get wett. She’d been too long without his hardness filling her, and she ached to feel him right now.

With the partition between front and back closed, she was completely shut-off from any prying eyes and she could let her hand stray to the hem of her skirt.

She lifted the hem until her creamy thighs were exposed. The air brushed against the warmth of her, and she shivered as she began to spread her legs further apart. She immediately slid her right hand under the waistband of her panties and down across her smoothly shaved mound.

She could feel her heat rising from her womanhood as her fingers strayed ever nearer to her ready, slightly swollen pleasure bud. How she ached for David to be doing this with his fingers. She wanted to feel him spreading her lips further apart as he pushed two fingers into her sopping honey-pot, then slowly withdrawing them to see her nectar glistening on his fingers. Jynx quickly sucked in a breath of air as she imagined David driving them back into her; going deeper with his next stroke.

Slowly she started making little circles atop her pleasure pearl as she inched her fingers ever closer to the slit between her lips. With her left hand she spread her lower lips further apart letting the cool air sneak Escort bayan into her. She loved the feeling of the outside air as it rushed into her hot tunnel.

Her right hand started to make the circles wider, as she intensified the pressure on that little bud. Quickly, she changed hands so that she could slip the fingers of her right hand into the wettness that was now running from between the lips of her pussy.

She sank a little lower into the seat spreading her legs as wide as she could; then sank the two middle fingers of her right hand into her pussy. Her back arched from the seat and her hips sank downward as she pushed her fingers deeper. This is just what David would do, as she imagined him sinking his cock into her on the ride home, and not her poor finger substitute.

She could feel the limo change direction and knew they were on the road that led to the turnoff for her driveway. Mentally she calculated that she had about another fifteen minutes to make herself cum.

“Oh David,” she quietly breathed into the air of the silent backseat. “My darling. Make sweet love to me. Drive your hardened cock into me, please! Drive it deep.”

With each quiet sentence that was spoken to her absent lover, she drove her fingers deeper and faster, rewarding herself over and over with the accompanying squish that usually told the lovers when she was ready to have him spend his load into her waiting depth.

She quickly shoved a third finger into the mouth of her dripping pussy, and made herself cum just as she felt the car make the turn into the top of the driveway.

“Damn!” she muttered low. She knew she had barely five minutes till they reached the front door. She bit back the groan that theartened to escape between her slightly parted lips.

Jynx quickly straightened and after flicking the switch for the window the back was assailed with the crisp, cold, snow-laden air. She half stood and straightened her clothes; all scent of her sex having flown out the window on the first blast of air. She put her leather gloves on to mask the scent of her essence that still clung to her fingers.

She heard the wheels grind to a stop and knew they were at the front door. She heard the front doors open and close and suddenly James was opening her door and reaching in a hand to usher her out.

“Welcome ‘ome, Missy. It be nice to ‘ave you back. I be very glad to know that Mr. D be ok. He gone to ‘ospital and then be ‘ome tonight, yes?”

James’ grin flashed white and Jynx gently brushed his cheek with a friendly kiss before she could answer his question.

“Yes, James. David will be home in a bit. The ambulance will bring him from hospital after they have done a wound check and changed the dressing. I can’t wait to have him home, safe, sound, and in one piece.”

It was at this moment when Jynx stopped talking and looked at the front of the house. She stood, with her mouth slightly open, in silent awe. The house was awash with white lights, from top to bottom.

“Oh James!” She whispered. “It’s beautiful! When did you do all this?”

“When I get back from droppin’ you and my Glenda at da a’rport dat night. Quick now Missy, inside.”

James ushered a stunned Jynx up the front steps, and into the blessedly warm hall of the house. The parquet of the floor was a welcome sight; but it was the living room that held her eyes. She was slipping out of her coat as she walked across the polished foray floor, stopping just short of the Dusty Rose carpet to slip from her shoes.

There, before a well-stoked and roaring fire, stood the 9 foot Douglas Fir that she had only just started to decorate the night that fateful call came through.

Now the tree glistened and gleamed in its holiday ornamentation. James had finished decorating it for her.

She walked across the carpet to the tree and inhaled deeply of its scent. The fresh fragrance filled the room with one of the smells she had always associated with Christmas; that of a freshly cut tree, scenting the room as if she was standing in the depth of the forest from which it had been cut.

The tree glistened with white lights, glass ornaments, frosted and clear; blown and spun. There were ornaments of pink, mauve, ice blue, navy blue, burgundy, gold, lavender, white, and ivory; maroon, fuschia, dusty rose, and a deep purple.

James had even hung the beaded chains in scalloped loops, just the way she liked. Upon a closer look, she saw the pink, burgundy, and mauve satin ribbon “icecicles” and the matching bows at the end of the branches.

“This is just the way I was going to do the tree,” she thought. Turning to James, she ran across the carpet and hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek soundly.

“Oh James! It’s beautiful! Thank you so very much for this oh so very thoughtful homecoming! I couldn’t have done a better job myself.”

Jynx reached up and wiped away the tear that ran down her cheek, almost unchecked.

“Aww, Missy!” James Bayan escort said comfortingly. “I wasn’t going to let you be down. You was so upset by da phone and all. And what with my Glenda ‘avin to go wif ya, I was not gwon to let you come ‘ome to a cold and un’appy ‘ome. No way!” James cleared his throat to remove the sudden rush of emotion.

Glenda came in carrying a tray of coffee and sandwiches just as the sound of the doorbell echoed into the hall from the alcove. James scurried cross the floor to answer it.

“Aah! Mr. D! Come in, come in! Welcome and Merry Christmas!” James ushered David in and closed the door, barely in time, as Jynx came running and skidding across the floor into David’s out-flung, waiting arms.

“David!!” she squealed. “You’re home! Come see what James did while his Glenda and I were away.”

David couldn’t stop smiling as he and his future wife walked across the hall and into the fire-lit living room. He stopped just inside the doorframe and looked up, quickly pulling a stunned Jynx into him and kissing her deeply and soundly.

“Just keeping with tradition, honey,” he grinned at her slightly shocked expression. Jynx followed his glance upward to the top of the door frame. The newly-engaged couple hadn’t even noticed that James and Glenda had silently slipped away, leaving them alone in the room.

“Do you want a coffee, D?” she asked against the mouth that was only a few bare inches from her own.

“Not right now honey, no. What I really feel like doing, is taking you to bed. I’m aching for you. Can’t you tell?”

“Mmm, yes. I felt your hardness the minute you kissed me. Take me to bed, David; or loose me,” Jynx quipped as she felt David rub his hard cock against the “v” between her legs.

“Race ya!” he called out, making a dash down the hall for her room. Laughing gleefully, Jynx ran behind her future husband.

Glenda and James, who had disappeared into the alcove outside the kitchen, heard the lovers’ laughter and grinned. They too made their way to their own room as James ran his hand along his lady’s rear, eliciting a soft chuckle and moan in response.

Inside Jynx’s room, David had made short work of divesting her of her skirt, vest and blouse. She now stood before him, clad only in her panties. She had taken her bra off just before the plane had landed. That’s where she had been; in the lavatory. David realized that the scent of her sex was strong.

He knew their need for, and of, each other was strong. It had been months since he’d sunk himself into her, and his cock ached with its fill of his love juice. He felt harder than he normally was, and he knew Jynx, this little minx before him, was the reason.

He held her head imprisoned against his shoulder with his left hand, which was now free of the sling he’d had to wear on the plane. Using his right hand, he hooked his long index finger into the band of Pink silk that Jynx wore, and pulled. The last barricade fell to the floor in a pool.

“Undress me, minx,” he whispered against his lover’s half open lips. “I want to be inside you and I can’t wait much longer.” Taking her left hand, he placed it, palm side in, against his raging hard on. They felt it jump at the merest touch of her fingers.

Jynx’s hands flew through their task, and soon David stood, naked and erect before her. She ran her hands down his torso, loving the feel of his skin against hers. Softly she encircled his sac and felt him open his legs, ever so slightly, to accommodate her hand so her fingers could reach her quest.

He moaned softly into her slightly open mouth and as she started to massage his balls, his tongue filled her mouth. His right hand slid along her soft skin to the apex between her legs and he nudged her legs apart with his knee and quickly slid two fingers inside her dripping tunnel.

He felt her muscle grip along the intrusion and pull his fingers in ever so slightly more. He stood there, sliding in and out of her, with his middle fingers buried inside almost to his palm.

Slowly, he nudged her to walk backward, and Jynx stopped when she felt the side of her bed behind her knees. She leaned back so she could watch her lover move his hand within her, making her wetter for the long, hard cock that stood out in front of him as he moved it back and forth across her lower belly.

Lovingly and gently she grasped that steele rod, encased in soft skin that felt like velvet, and inched it toward her love tunnel. David tried to slide himself from her grasp, but she closed her grip ever so gently. He watched her as she shook her head, silently saying “no”.

“Sexy? Turn around and lean forward. I want to slip into you from behind. It’ll be easier, and I can get deeper. I want to feel your wettness surround me and swallow me.

“As I was in the E.R., I ached to be inside you as you rode home. I had been dreaming of it.” Jynx slowly lifted her right hand until it was just under his nose.

David took her fingers Escort into his mouth and his tongue started lashing and salving them. He could still taste, although it was slight, the residue of her cum. His eyebrow arched in silently asked question, and she only gave the briefest of nods in reply. He slowly withdrew her fingers from his mouth and spoke.

“Turn around Sexy. Please. We’ve got the rest of tonight I know, but I’ve got to be in you, right now.”

With that said, he stepped back, and helped to half-lift her from the bed and turn her so her graceful back was facing him.

“Spread wide, honey. I want to be balls-deep in you.” Jynx, who was still standing against the side of her bed, leaned forward, and then slid up onto the mattress just a bit so that David could slide his hard member into her velvety wet sheath with ease.

David had been gently stroking his cock in eager anticipation of sinking it into his lover’s pink hole. Swiftly he spread her legs as wide as he could, and stepped closer to her wet well.

He positioned the head of his cock against her wett slit, and slowly began to part her lips as he fed himself into her.

“Oh God! honey,” he breathed as his cock began to sink further and further into her. “You are so wett! Oh baby!”

David groaned as he quickly drove his cock into his fiance’s womanhood, only barely hearing the gentle squish which told him she was ready for him.

Their breathing soon became laboured and ragged from their movements as he moved in and out of her, and she rode his cock. David leaned slightly forward and reached around his lover and began to tease her pearl.

It didn’t take long before the lovers were soon rewarded with another squish as David felt her juice surround his hardness, run down his shaft, and form a pool on his balls as he continued to pound into her pussy, albeit somewhat mercilessly.

David halted briefly in his drive to slip a finger into Jynx’s dripping well. He slid it alongside his hard cock, and gently began to massage her “G” spot. Jynx squirmed beneath him as she raised her hips to allow him to reach deeper within her.

David moved agonizingly slowly as he pulled his finger from her, and inched it toward the small puckered star that lay before him, begging for attention. Jynx held her breath as she felt David’s hand move in and out of her. She could barely contain her urge to move under him as he continued with his labour of love.

Softly he continued bathing her star in her juices. Then he reached into her, wetting his finger again and again, and he quickly repeated this bathing of her star. When he was satisfied that it was ready, he positioned his finger up against the opening of her rear and gave a gentle push.

He felt a slight resistance, and then give a little. Then, and he pushed again. As he pushed against it the second time, his felt his finger slide past the tight barrier. At the exact same time, he pushed his cock deeply into his lover’s pussy and was rewarded with her deep groan.

“OOhh, David! You feel so good. Don’t stop honey. I need you as much as you need me. Fill me soon, please.” David was never able to resist his lover anything when she begged him so sweetly.

He felt Jynx’s hips buck against his double penetration and knew she was close to climax. He began to move his finger and his cock in unison, rubbing his shaft repeatedly against the slick underside of her clit. He felt the finger that was in her small star rub along the chasm. It grew slick with its climax and soon was able to insert a second finger.

Jynx’s voice barely registered on David’s brain, so lost was he in the mutual giving and receiving of love and gratification.

“Now David! Now! Please! Cum now! Now! Now! I’m cumming! Cum with me.”

Jynx’s pussy was so divinely wett, the scent of her sex filled the air, and David’s brain. David gladly obliged and began to drive his cum-filled erection deeper into her. He could feel her, opening deep within, as he drove in and out of her, keeping perfect unison with the driving strokes he was making with his fingers.

“Are you ready, Sexy? I’m going to cum.”

He barely had time to finish speaking before he was spending himself into her. He could feel each and every shot of his cum as it left his sensitive cockhead.

He slowly eased first one and then the other finger from her posterior. Still he continued to feel his cum shoot into his lover. She squirmed beneath him as he drove himself in and out of her.

Feeling the last few spurts empty into her, David leaned forward and reclined his torso on Jynx’s back. They were both totally and completely spent.

After their breathing returned to normal, David half raised up and kissed the middle of his lover’s back, and placed a small lick on that spot, just before he felt himself begin to ease out of her pussy. He then climbed onto the bed next to his fiance, who was not too far from sleep.


“Mmm, yes honey?”

“Merry Christmas! I love you. What a way to bring in Christmas!”

The lovers nestled toward each other and were soon fast asleep as the snow continued to fall, making a cold, white blanket that covered Lake House.

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