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Competition Cups Ch. 02

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The alarm went off at 6:00 A.M. and Jeff got out of bed. He quietly slipped into the bathroom and got into the shower. He came out 10 minutes later seeing that Brittney was still asleep. He smiled and thought that he would have fun with waking her up. He took both of her Triple Ds in his hands and began to massage them.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney, still half asleep, “Keep going baby.”

He then began to squeeze her big boobs and started kissing her neck.

“Ok, Ok,” she giggled, “I’m awake, I’m awake.”

Brittney sat up and gave Jeff a quick kiss, “Last night was fantastic.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff, “Why don’t you get in the shower and I’ll make breakfast.”

“Ok babe,” said Brittney, pulling her pajama top off and letting her huge bra encased bust bounce free.

She then got out of bed and bounced towards the bathroom. Jeff went into the kitchen and started cooking eggs and sausage.

He was just finishing preparing breakfast when Brittney came out of the shower, “Jeff, have you seen my top. The one that makes my boobs look huge.”

“Um, wouldn’t that be all of them,” said Jeff as he set the table.

“Very funny,” giggled Brittney, who was standing in the bedroom doorway in her bra and thong, “You know which one I’m talking about, the one with the laces.”

“Check the closet,” said Jeff. Brittney went back into the bedroom and a few minutes later she came out in tight pants and a red top that laced in the front.

“Mmm, smells good,” said Brittney squishing her huge jugs into Jeff and kissing him.

“But do you think you could help me with my top,” she said pushing her shoulders back and her large breasts out, “The laces keep coming loose.”

Jeff grabbed the strings on the front of her top, gently pulled them until they were snug and tied them.

“Ohh, much better,” said Brittney, jiggling her massive mounds from side to side.

Jeff gave her a quick kiss, “C’mon let’s eat.”

They both sat down and started eating.

“I’m gonna drop you off at the casino on my way to the gym,” said Jeff.

Brittney gave a small smile to which Jeff replied, “We’ll take the back road.”

Brittney looked down at her big boobs with satisfaction but then saw that the lace on her top had once again come undone.

She cupped both boobs in her left arm and re-laced the front of her top. She then thrust her tits out and tied the laces together as tight as she could causing her rack to bulge so much that it looked like it was going to burst through.

“There,” said Brittney, cupping her huge breasts with both hands, “What do you think babe.”

She giggled at Jeff’s reaction because he sat there with his jaw hanging open.

He quickly snapped out of his daze and finished eating.

After cleaning up they headed out of their apartment and took off in their car.

Like last night Brittney had to hold her chest, not to just control her bouncing rack but to make sure that her top didn’t come undone again. Since she was a waitress at the Rising Sun Casino, Brittney had to look her best and make sure that her huge boobs were displayed properly. It was because of those huge tits that Brittney would make up to $200 in tips and working two consecutive shifts was worth it. Her second shift was always more enjoyable because that was when Jeff would come in to serve as a bartender. And whenever Brittney would say that she felt hot, Jeff would bounce an ice cube off the bar counter and down into her top.

Just then Jeff stopped the car in front of the casino.

Cupping her jugs, Brittney turned to Jeff, “How do I look.”

He kissed her, “You look sexy like always.”

“Thanks babe,” said Brittney, she then got out of the car and headed into the casino.

Jeff then headed off towards the gym for his workout with Chris and the team.

On his way to the gym, the thought of proposing to Brittney entered his mind again. He loved Brittney and he knew that she loved him. So love wasn’t the problem. The problem was that he only had two years left as a wrestler and during that time anything could happen. He could end up getting seriously injured and he didn’t want to be a burden for his girlfriend. But then there were the positives of proposing to Brittney, two big positives, her left boob and her right boob. As Jeff neared the gym he remembered when he met Brittney for the first time.

It was during his junior year of high school at one of his wrestling meets. Latoya had brought Brittney with her to see Jeff wrestle.

As he stepped off the mat after winning his match, Brittney went over to introduce herself.

After being congratulated by his coaches and teammates Jeff went over to the dark corner behind the bleachers to cool off. Brittney came up behind him and tapped on his shoulder.

When he turned around he bumped into her large breasts.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” said Jeff as he turned red with embarrassment.

“It’s ok,” said Brittney, as she blushed, “I’m Brittney, Brittney Adams”

“I’m Jugs,” said Jeff, “Oops I mean I’m canlı bahis Jeff, Jeff Brooks.”

Brittney giggled at Jeff’s comment, “You looked amazing out there. And you look amazing standing right here.”

“Well thank you,” said Jeff, “You look pretty amazing too.”

“Oh really,” said Brittney as she stepped closer to him, her big boobs inches away from his chest, “What do you think is amazing about me?”

“Well,” said Jeff, finding it hard to keep his eyes off her huge tits, “You have nice eyes and beautiful hair.”

“Anything else,” she said pushing her shoulders back, “You can tell me.”

“Well um,” said Jeff as he sweated nervously.

“C’mon,” she whispered, thrusting her massive mounds out, “Tell me.”

“Your boobs are really huge,” said Jeff, his crotch starting to bulge.

Brittney took a look at his bulging cock and smiled, “Looks like you’re pretty big yourself.”

She then grabbed is throbbing dick, “I can already tell that you like me and I like you so why don’t we skip the first date.”

She then pressed her huge breasts against him, “And we move onto other things.” “Ok,” said Jeff, regaining his composure. After getting changed, he took her to his apartment and after a memorable night they had been inseparable ever since.

“We just bumped into each other that night you took me to see him,” said Brittney to her friend Latoya, “Literally, he bumped into my boobs.”

Latoya laughed, “Well after running into a pair like yours girl no wonder you two have been together so long. Has he asked you to marry him yet?”

“I don’t think it’s crossed his mind yet,” said Brittney with a gloomy expression, “I do love him and if he were to ask me I would say yes in a minute.”

“I’m telling you man. Britt is crazy about you,” said Chris as he and Jeff finished their workout by riding the cardio bikes, “I mean how many other girls you know that fall in love with a guy who bumps into her huge tits the first time he meets her.”

Jeff had to admit it; Brittney did fall in love with him after he bumped into her.

“Alright, alright,” said Jeff, getting off the bike, “I’ll let fate decide. The season’s over in a few weeks right?”

“Right,” said Chris.”

“Well, if I win my next three matches,” said Jeff, “I’ll propose to Brittney.”

“You’re on,” said Chris, extending his hand, “Shake on it.”

They did.

“Alright man, I gotta head to the casino,” said Jeff grabbing his bag. He headed out of the gym, got into his car, and drove off towards the casino.

Irritated Brittney stormed into the kitchen, “I can’t take it anymore.”

“What’s wrong,” asked Latoya.

“Those idiots at table 5,” said Brittney, crossing her arms under her huge boobs, “One of them tried feeling me up while another almost got his greasy hand down my top.”

“They’re drunk,” said Latoya, putting her hand on Brittney’s shoulder to comfort her.

“They’re just lucky that Jeff wasn’t out there to see them,” said Brittney.

“Now don’t say that,” said Latoya, “You know that Jeff would knock them out if he saw them doing that to you.”

Jeff had just entered the casino restaurant as Latoya exited from the kitchen, “Latoya have you seen Brittney?”

“Yeah she’s in the kitchen, upset because of those idiots. They tried to feel her up,” said Latoya motioning towards the patrons at table 5.

Jeff glowered at the three men, “Go get a security guard.” He then quickly walked over to them and slammed his fist on the table.

“What’s the deal man,” said one of the drunken guys.

“What’s my deal,” said Jeff grabbing the guy by the collar, “I heard that you three were harassing my girlfriend.”

One of the other two stood up, “Dude, chill out we were just having fun.”

“By playing with her huge tits,” said the third guy and all three of them roared with laughter.”

Jeff then grabbed the guy by the shirt and shoved him back into his seat. All three of them got up and were ready to fight when a security guard arrived with two police officers.

“Officers could you please escort these men out,” said Jeff, “They harassed one of the waitresses.”

The police then escorted the three guys away. Jeff then sat at the table.

“Go get Brittney, tell her that she’s needed at table five,” he said, winking at her.

“You got it,” said Latoya and she rushed off to the kitchen.

Frustrated Brittney was in the back of the kitchen adjusting her bra cups and trying to wipe the grease stain off her top when Latoya came in.

“Britt,” shouted Latoya.

“I’m back here,” she said. Latoya came to the back of the kitchen, “Britt you’re needed at table 5.”

“No way,” said Brittney with a look of disgust on her face, “Not after what they did.”

She pointed to the grease spot, “Look at what they did to my top.”

“Relax,” said Latoya, “I’m sure that it can be cleaned.”

“By the way, security escorted those guys out,” she said with a wink, “I think you’ll be surprised if you go out there.” kaçak iddaa

Brittney rushed out of the kitchen to see Jeff sitting at the table. She smiled and ran over to him, her huge tits bouncing wildly. Jeff got up from the table and Britt shoved her huge rack into him giving her boyfriend a long kiss.

Jeff went behind the bar and Brittney started taking orders as the lunch rush arrived. Rushing back and forth between the kitchen, bar, and tables caused Brittney to really get worked up.

“Five shots of vodka,” said Brittney, her massive mounds heaving with each breath.

Jeff gave her a worried look as he poured the drinks, “You ok babe?”

“Yeah,” said Brittney, fanning her big jugs, “Just a little overworked.”

“This should do the trick,” said Jeff as he bounced two ice cubes off the counter and into Brittney’s top.

“Mmm,” Brittney quietly moaned, as she grabbed the drinks, “My melons needed a little chilling.”

Jeff couldn’t help but moan at the comment to which Brittney flashed him her seductive smile, “Try to keep it in your pants until we get home babe.”

“Ok,” said Jeff as he secretly held a cold liquor bottle to soften his growing erection.

By the time that their shift ended Brittney had collected another $200 in tips which she quickly stuffed into her cleavage.

She then went over to Jeff and placed her huge boobs on the bar counter, “Care to loosen me up.”

Jeff smiled and pulled on the laces of Brittney’s top.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney, adjusting her cups, “Much better.”

“Let me finish up here,” said Jeff, giving her a quick kiss, “Then we’ll head home.”

“Sounds good babe,” said Brittney as she reached into her cleavage, pulled out the wad of cash and gave it to him, “Hold onto that.”

Once everything was put away Jeff went over to Brittney who wrapped her arm around his, pushing her huge rack into his arm, and they headed to their car and drove towards their apartment.

Taking the back road from the casino was much better because there was no traffic.

“Mmm, oh god, yes,” moaned Brittney as her huge breasts bounced uncontrollably in her top.

They were almost to the end of the back road when they heard a loud snap that almost caused Jeff to swerve off the road.

“Oh god,” moaned Brittney really loud, as she held her large boobs.

“My bra just broke,” she giggled, “I guess my big bouncing boobs were too much for it.”

She then reached into her top and pulled out the now useless bra which she dropped onto Jeff’s crotch.

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff as he struggled to maintain control of the car.

Brittney giggled and let go of her massive mounds, letting them bounce free, “Mmm it feels so good that my big babies are free.”

Jeff then turned off the back road onto the city streets and a few minutes later into their apartment complex. Getting out of the car, Brittney kept her boobs cradled in her left arm as she and Jeff went up to the apartment.

Once inside Brittney went into the bedroom and came out a minute later in a new bra and tank top.

She went over to Jeff who was sitting at the table drinking a Pepsi and placed her huge rack on the table, “You know babe, my big bouncing boobies got me really worked up in the car.”

She had the lustful look in her eyes as she inched her huge jugs towards his hands, “Why don’t I slip into my bikini and we can have some ‘fun’ in the hot tub.”

She then bounced into the bedroom and came back out minutes later in her black bikini.

Jeff went into the bedroom and slipped his trunks on.

They then headed down to the hot tub behind the complex. The best thing about the hot tub was that it was totally private because Brittney and Jeff were the only ones who used it and they kept a cooler filled with drinks behind it. Jeff went behind the hot tub, grabbed the cooler and brought it onto the deck. He then slipped into the hot tub with Brittney and she cuddled next to him. Brittney’s huge boobs, being all natural, floated in the water between them.

“Babe, do you ever wonder what it would be like to be married,” asked Brittney.

“I’m sure that it would be much like how we are now,” said Jeff, “Why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason,” said Brittney, looking completely innocent.

She then moved in front of Jeff, wrapped her arms around his neck, and started kissing him.

Jeff moved his hands up through the water and cupped her large floating tits.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney, as her boyfriend rubbed and squeezed her big jugs, “I love it when you massage my big babies.”

She then arched her back and untied her top. Pulling her top away she pushed her huge naked breasts into his hands.

Jeff moaned as he fondled Brittney’s massive mounds.

Brittney looked down at Jeff’s bulging cock through the water and smiled as an idea popped into her head.

She pulled off her bikini bottoms and started massaging his growing erection in his trunks, “You know babe you do have a match later this week kaçak bahis and I know that you can’t wait to see my big bouncing tits in my top.”

She then pulled Jeff’s 7 inch hard cock out of his trunks, “Let me give you a personal workout.”

She then positioned herself over his throbbing dick and lowered herself until it was inside her tight shaven pussy.

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff as Brittney moved her pussy up and down on his cock.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as she rode his throbbing cock, “I can’t wait until you win your next match babe. I might bounce so much that I might break my bra.”

She then whispered in his ear, “My ‘big’ bra.”

Jeff moaned as cum started spurting from his throbbing cock into her pussy.

“Mmm,” said Brittney laying her huge rack against his chest, “That’s it baby. Give me all your love.”

Jeff continued to moan as his cock continued to spurt cum into her pussy.

Brittney started riding his cock faster which caused him to moan louder as his dick erupted in a torrent of cum.

“Oh God, Oh Yes,” gasped Brittney as she started to climax, “Mmm, don’t stop baby.”

Jeff gave out one huge final moan as he emptied his cock into Brittney’s pussy. He then laid back against the edge of the hot tub.

Brittney, overwhelmed with pleasure, collapsed against his chest.

“Oh baby,” said Jeff breathing heavy, “That was incredible.

“Mhmm,” was all that Brittney could say as she recovered from her orgasm.

“I love you Jeff,” said Brittney as she began to get sleepy.

“I love you too babe,” said Jeff as he too began to get drowsy.

Jeff woke 5 minutes later to a pleasing sensation. He couldn’t see Brittney in the hot tub because she had gone underwater and had just started to suck his cock.

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff, who then pulled her head up out of the water.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, wiping her lips, “Hey sleepy head.”

She grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler and rinsed her mouth out, “I’m kinda hungry.”

“Well why don’t we head upstairs and eat,” said Jeff.

Brittney gave him another kiss, “Sounds good to me babe.”

They got out of the hot tub and Brittney wrapped her arms around his neck, “Carry me home my prince.”

Jeff smiled, picked up his girlfriend, and carried her up to their apartment.

When they got back into the apartment, he laid Brittney on the bed.

“I’m gonna make us some pasta,” said Jeff giving her right boob a gentle squeeze, “Why don’t you get changed.”

“M’kay,” said Brittney, untying her bikini top.

She then got up and went into the bathroom.

Jeff then headed into the kitchen and started cooking.

Brittney came out of the bedroom in her tank top and shorts.

She went into the kitchen, pressed her large tits into Jeff’s back as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed his cheek, “Mmm, smells good baby, I can’t wait to eat.”

She then moved her hands down to his crotch and whispered, “And I can’t wait for dessert.”

While they were eating Jeff’s eyes traveled to Brittney’s enormous cleavage as it reflected against the table.

Following her boyfriend’s gaze she smiled, “Enjoying the view babe.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff.

Putting her fork down, she cupped her large jugs, “Maybe I should design another top for the meet.”

She then bounced them in her hands, “After all I know how much you love looking at my big boobs when I wear my tank top.”

They both finished eating, Jeff keeping his eyes on Brittney’s boobs. Brittney cleaned off the table and came out of the kitchen thrusting her tits forward and stretching.

Jeff moaned softly as he watched Brittney’s boobs bulge in her tank top.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, licking her lips, “Looks like it’s time for dessert.”

She walked over to Jeff, got on her knees, pulled his cock out of his trunks and started rubbing it.

“Ooh baby, your big dick felt great in between my big boobs last night,” said Brittney as she moved her hand up and down his hardening cock.

Once it was fully erect, she placed her luscious lips around it and began to bob her head up and down.

Jeff began to moan and breathe heavy as Brittney began to suck on his 7 inch cock.

He ran his hands through her silky brown hair as her head continued to go up and down on his throbbing dick.

Brittney started rubbing her tongue along his shaft as she continued to suck causing him to moan louder.

She then pushed her large soft breasts into his legs.

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff really loud as his cock erupted into Brittney’s mouth.

“Mmm,” moaned Brittney as she started sucking on his spurting cock faster.

“Oh God, Oh Yes,” moaned Jeff, “Don’t stop babe.”

Each suck on her boyfriend’s dick brought more cum into her mouth and down her throat.

Jeff moaned once more as his dick emptied into Brittney’s mouth, “Oh God.”

Brittney then finished up by sucking and licking his cock clean.

“Mmm,” said Brittney, licking her lips, “Thanks for the treat baby.”

She then went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

After cleaning up from dinner, Jeff and Brittney sat on the couch and watched a movie.

“Baby,” said Brittney and Jeff answered, “I’ve been thinking.”

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