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Sugar Daddy’s Delight Vol. 02

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Author’s Foreword: By design I don’t have many readers while I teach myself to write on Literotica. Moreover, I fully express my socially and politically incorrect PoV along with the ‘correct’ ones. Responding to comments and private emails suggesting a continuation of this tale I had a few hours and here it is. The usual caveats apply: precise language is the norm, lots of psychology, no exciting sex scenes and I don’t read correspondence from Anons. Read the story at your risk or choose someone else’s submission. One needs to review or re-read or read the first time my first volume of this story for the story below to make sense. Hope you enjoy this submission and thanks again to Literotica for the opportunity. I hope readers enjoy the finale of Caldwell family saga.


Martin Caldwell was on Lufthansa flight 972 making his way across the Atlantic to DFW. The Stockholm trade show had been an unqualified success, as these things go, and made some sales calls afterward and booked several purchase orders. He smiled when he read a text from the CEO of his company – “you are in! The board voted 100 percent when the proposed VP of Sales vote came up. Congratulations.”

But there was no jubilation in Martin’s heart as he wiled away the hours over the water musing to himself, “My ex- wife, Helen, will meet me at DFW airport, and not Dimple, my take-me-to-heaven lover for the past 13 months. So, I grew to care too much for the 20-year-old Dimple to saddle her with a 56 YO man by asking her to extend our relationship – even though I loved her madly. But aging and thrill-seeking at the same time don’t go well for the middle-aged. It was time to say ‘good-bye’ to my paid lover. Also, when Helen told me, ‘I never got over you, Martin, in spite of what happened once I began having an affair. My youth is fleeting, and a new line appears on my face every day. I will make up for the pain I caused both of us if you will give me one more chance so we can become senior citizens together holding hands. Our two children and grandchildren will bring us much happiness together as well.'”

The steward served Martin a snack and chatted for a moment. Then the bone-tired traveler continued musing to himself, “Helen knows, now, that even though she still attracts the 20-something studs, experience has taught that fucking stud ‘boys’ is no more than a fleeting and cheap thrill. She even learned that all important lesson that sexual bliss is 99 percent in the brain – not the bed. That recent college graduate, who was a crackerjack real estate salesman, taught my ex-wife that lesson well. Helen, with her classically beautiful face, tells me that she now knows she shot herself in the foot by having an affair with him. But, seriously Martin, had she and I sat down and agreed on some mutual changes in our work days, would I have cut back on my hours – would she have? It seems Dimple for me and the salesman for her was a wake-up call for both of us. Our hard lesson of life learned is that an initially cheap thrill is never worth the final price.”

After the landing approach to DFW announcement had come over the speaker, Martin continued his private soliloquy, “The hard question is, did I ever begin to really, really love my purchased lover, Dimple, for the past 13 months? No! But, why do I continue to ache for her intermittently? My rational thinking process tells me that she is gone forever so move on…, but there she is in my mind – youth, energy, focused, and two or three times quicker on the uptake of new complex information than me. And, Oh Mercy! Mercy! How passionate. Stop this, Martin,” as the aircraft wheels smoothly made contact with the DFW runway.

After the frustrating experience in Immigration of having his samples and display panels examined by goons, who had no idea what they were examining, the control officer stamped his passport and screamed, “Next!”

The weary traveler staggered through the door into the public waiting room pulling his loaded luggage cart. There stood his lovely ex-wife smiling warmly, dressed to the nines, and more beautiful than he had remembered her in their 27 years of marriage.


The day after Martin Caldwell landed in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Martin’s son, Marcus (Mark) Caldwell, was also meeting an airplane. He paced the floor six hundred miles West of Dallas in the baggage claim of Midland Airport.

Glancing at the clock, Mark visualized Dimple Washington’s face and Greek-statue body. Although Mark was now a seasoned and capable and well-paid salesman who radiated self-confidence when making sales and maintenance calls, he kept pestering himself with romantic questions? “Will Dimple and I learn to love each other? Will she find happiness with me? Does she ever miss my Dad after him being her sugar-daddy for 13 months? Does she constantly think about him – or does she think about me, since she pointedly asked to bunk with me? She will be treated and complemented like a virtual, ‘Helen of Troy’ in the oil field. Will she become attracted to the tuzla escort capable, fit, and horny men who will lust after her day in and day out in that environment? Should I be jealous?”

Later, her flight number began flashing and suddenly, Mark reverted to his ‘old’ self and started visualizing his Dad and Dimple fucking passionately. He jerked himself to attention and said, “No! Their relationship is a done deal – what they did was not unlike my fucking the dozen or so women in my environment since high school. Don’t go there, Mark! Their relationship is over and play your cards right, and yours and Dimple’s relationship is just starting. Oh to be in love with each other so that no more fucking around is necessary or even desired.”

Dimple walked into baggage pickup area dressed for success. She spotted Mark and smiled broadly, and felt pride that the smile returned her was warm and genuine. The first thing Mark saw was her dazzling white teeth and short hair in a page boy cut as her picturesque smile seemed to light up the entire baggage claim area. Even with small boobs and a country-looking face, several eyes turned to study her perfect Greek-Statuesque body. Dimple was unusual in that she radiated good mental and physical health, that complemented her constant presence of mind. And did I say, she graduated after completing the toughest degree plan in Texas at just under 4.0.

She only proffered her hand and said, “Thank you for meeting me, Marcus.”

He then hugged Dimple’s neck and kissed her cheek family-style, careful not to press his body to hers. Looking directly into her eyes, he said, “Thank you, Dimple, for opting to bunk with me – and your standing here is proof that dreams do come true! My only goal now is to make you enjoy life with me for as long as you wish. In fact, your arrival has made today into the biggest social event of my life in the oil field, Ms. Washington.”

The traveler thought, “Mark knows I hate lies and liars, and he wouldn’t deliberately lie by overstating his excitement, so he is probably sincere. He has so far decided to stop squandering his youth and has already made a very BIG step in that direction in the past year. But, is his transformation completed?” She smiled warmly and replied, “Thank you, Marcus. While packing I had trepidation about renting a room from you, but based on its description and the good things your sister told me about the major re-hab you performed on yourself, I thought, ‘why not?’ Your father’s being my former sugar-daddy was another factor that I questioned because I have no use for anyone who has thoughts of an incest connection and finds it exciting. That sort of thing is a complete turn-off for me. But, none of these fleeting observations and questions were deal-killers. Also, I have got to live somewhere, and I concluded,’ Mark would be a good roommate.’ Besides that, I can still kick your ass if you accost me. Ha ha. From then on I looked forward to our adventure which begins as of right now.”

Noticing the star-struck look in his eyes, she squeezed the silent young man’s bicep and continued, “Wow, you are doing some physical labor – is it all gym work or are is some of your firmness from your field job?”

He smiled, suddenly relaxed, and said, “About 50-50 – you know I didn’t tell you at the company Christmas party, but the tailor took my Tux in an inch in the waist and let out an inch in the vest so I could button it. Yes, I handle heavy equipment and get my hands dirty working – and all the while my mind must remain focused for the type of analysis I must do – more on that later. I will explain the whole process in time so that when you are running Royal Dutch Shell, maybe you will give me a purchase order to equip ever pump-jack the company owns. Heh heh.”

Dimple replied, “I like that attitude. You sound like your Mom – ever the salesman – and you are, so far, a dream-come-true to me, Mark. Would you help me get all my luggage and move into our new home?”

Architecturally the apartment complex itself was just a cookie-cutter, a semi-luxury type that is popular among professionals in energy towns – access to each unit was via an external steel mesh stairway. The furnished units had satisfactory furniture for Dimple – it wasn’t the high-dollar pieces like those that decorated Mark’s father’s Condo, but it was functional and comfortable. Mark had opted to rent a three BR unit so that initially, visiting techs from his company could sleep there.

Later he was in the process of sizing down to a one-bedroom unit after the rollout of the new controller proved stable and dependable and sales were picking up.

When the surprised lonely heart Mark received Dimple’s unexpected phone call stating that she was assigned to the Permian Basin and wanted to rent a room from him, he was transported to heaven. So, Mark kept the three bedrooms, two and a half bath apartment. He opened a room door and said, “I just moved into this smaller room with only a shower in its bathroom after you göztepe escort called wanting to bunk with me. That left the master bedroom for you, Ms. Washington. Right this way!”

Dimple was pleasantly surprised at the large size of the MBR and even more so when she walked into its bath and walk-in closet. She noticed that the bedroom had a keyed lock that Mark had installed and then looked at him and said, “Marcus, this is so over-the-top of you, how much will this apartment share cost me?”

He stated the market rental price after he factored in utilities for the Master Bedroom.

She said, “Wow! I will be able to save some money after making a payment on my junior year college loan. Thank you. I accept. So, will you help me put all my worldly possessions in here?” The two brought in and arranged her bags on the MBR floor, she said, “And now will you excuse me for an hour so I can unpack?”

It was ten o’clock on Friday night, and the new roommates were exhausted from grocery and linen and kitchen utensils shopping. They sat on the couch enjoying a glass of wine together, and Dimple said, “Well, day one of our adventure is over,” as she raised her glass to Mark and continued, “To success as roommates – you and me.”

Mark tapped hers and said, “I will drink to that.”


Back in the DFW airport, Martin Caldwell took one look at his ex-wife in Terminal D International Arrivals public waiting room and froze. His first thought was, “Helen is beautiful, although I had forgotten that because of the shock of her divorce petition served me nearly two years ago. She is still petite and has those marvelous boobs that I had forgotten. But, Helen is a lady and makes a lot of commissions and well-heeled young gentlemen still call to invite her to very expensive places. My hope is that she removes herself out of the ‘available’ category and, in time, loves me again. The craziness of the past two years for both of us should have passed by now. I never stopped loving her, even during the year Dimple was my paid, live-in lover and housekeeper.”

Helen said to herself, “Even exhausted after a flight from Northern Europe; Martin looks like Mister Success in his wrinkled suit.” She smiled broadly, raised her arms to grasp him and said with a gigantic smile, “Caldwell, I have been watching the calendar every day in your absence. Welcome home, Dear ex-Husband.”

Martin grasped her tightly in his arm and just held her, looking into her eyes. The first thing he said was, “I had forgotten just how good your boobs feel pressed against my body – thank you for meeting my flight. I want badly to kiss you properly, but I want to wait until I wash the sawdust out of my mouth. Thank you for remaining a beautiful lady in every sense of the word.”

She said, “You know I am a ‘plan-my-work-and-work-my-plan’ type person, but if you spend some quality time with me I promise to slow down and live – if you will promise to do the same.”

He said, “Well, I learned during my flight that the board confirmed me VP-Sales so trips like this will be taken by others, trust me. You will see so much of me until we grow weary of each other if you will allow it to happen.”

She kissed his cheek and said, “I will need to see it to believe it. Let’s load your show-luggage into my car and drop it off at the plant and then I will take you to your Condo if you dare to invite me inside?”

Martin said, “The place should be spic and span.”

Helen Caldwell drove up to her ex-husband’s condo complex and helped him unload his suitcases. She turned to him and said, “I propose that you shower and sleep until you feel like a million dollars and then call me. I will come running, and we can talk about us then. O.K.?”

Martin smiled and said, “You talked me into it, and I will call later.”


In Midland the morning after her arrival, Dimple stretched in bed remembering that she had slept soundly as she now awoke refreshed. She then noticed the room door was closed but unlocked and remembered that she forgot to lock it before retiring.

She showered and quietly opened her door. She passed outside Mark’s door, peeped inside, and found him still soundly sleeping. Ten minutes later, the smell of fried bacon permeated the apartment, and she returned to Mark’s room and lightly knocked. When she heard no sound, she cracked open the door to watch him continue to sleep. She studied his devilishly handsome face and noted his morning woodie and thought, “Is it possible that a 23-year old has the wherewithal to focus his life and lessen the destructive moral conflicts he will have picked up earlier? Hell! Martin says he was in his forties when he finally pulled himself together. Mark can grapple with reams of information and turns on the charm when making sales calls, so I must always be cognizant of whether or not I am talking to the ‘real’ Marcus at any given time.”

She tip-toed to his bed and stood looking down at him. Hearing her, he turned over only to display üsküdar escort his tenting a couple of blankets and a comforter. She smiled and said, “Wake up sleepy head, as I am putting the waffles in now. You said we have lots to do today.” She closed the door behind her.

At the breakfast table, Mark wanted to pinch himself to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. Dimple sat adjacent to him, smiling, as she spooned berries onto his waffle and said, “I cooked the bacon crispy – if you prefer it less cooked, I will do that next time. When you cook for me, mine is always crispy!”

Mark said, “Sold. What is on our agenda today – keeping in mind that Monday is show time at your workplace where you begin your new career. Excited?”

Dimple said, “Yes! The first thing I must do is get your car serviced and make certain I can operate it.”

Mark smiled and said, “Done. At least as far as the servicing goes, but you could chauffeur me for a day or so to get the lay of the land. I could also take you by a Shell operating lease where we have our controllers installed on many pump jacks – except the strippers. You could examine the operation up close while I describe the technology.”

She replied, “Excellent. By ‘stripper’ you mean for each unit of oil production, eight or more units of injected water is required, right?”

Marcus said, “Yes, Ms. Petroleum Engineer, and I had forgotten you are already well versed in oilfield language.”

She said pleasantly, “Yes, but only if it came from a published text.”


Helen Caldwell sat in her office in the afternoon with a weekender bag packed and in her car. While she awaited her ‘date’ with her ex-husband, she did show one property as a response to a phone inquiry. The prospect was waiting for her at the advertised home. After she had presented that home to the candidate buyer, she then returned to the office.

Since there was free time, Helen called her son, Mark, in West Texas. His voice brought a huge smile to her face, “Hi Mom.”

She replied, “I know this is a work day, but I just wanted to tell you that I met your Dad at the airport two hours ago and dropped him off at his Condo. Martin needs about 20 hours of sleep, which is what he is doing now, but he feels good and looks good and had a successful trade show followed by making several sales calls – Oh! The board has confirmed your Dad as VP-Sales.”

Mark said, “That is great. Mom! Changing subjects, guess who is driving my sedan of which I am a passenger as we speak – and it’s not one of the field Techs.”

Alarmed that her over-sexed pride and joy son might have become involved with one of those ‘shit-kicking’ Cowgirl ladies, she had heard so much about over the years, said, “I have no idea. Please tell me.”

Mark said, “Say hello to Dimple Washington, my new roommate!”

There was a full minute of silence on the line. Helen’s thoughts were: “What will this do to my attempt to create a relationship with Martin – if my ex- pines for Dimple down deep, then my and his repairing our riff won’t be possible, but if he did break it off clean, in fact, turn off his feelings, then maybe.” She replied, “Mark, put the phone on speakerphone so I can say, hello to Dimple.” In perfect salesmanship manner, she said, “Greetings, Dimple. It is an incredibly small world in that Shell has properties all over the globe and yet, you landed in Midland. I hear that West Texas is a wild area, so you and Mark, please take care of each other. “

Dimple said, “We both fully intend to do just that.” She then said, “Mark is convinced that I motivated him to turn his life around, and I will take care of my ‘student.'”

Helen replied, “Yes, of course, and that also means you will remain a part of our extended family at least until and unless Shell moves you somewhere else. Also, good luck in the first position of your career, Dimple, and I expect to see you two wearing cowboy boots when I see you again.”

Dimple laughed and said, “Maybe. It is very nice to talk to you, Helen. Please tell Martin, plus your daughter, Susan, and grandchildren I said, ‘Hello.’ And, I look forward to visiting – especially tell the children.’ As for fashion, I can not promise to wear boots.”

The three-way conversation lasted fifteen minutes, and they said their goodbyes in a very upbeat mode.

The young couple arrived at a Shell Operating Lease some 30 miles from Mark’s apartment. He had sold and installed the pump jack control equipment for six of the most productive wells on this lease as a test. Jackrabbits that had been frightened out of their hiding places by their vehicle entering the empty lease area, greeted the visitors when they drove down the dirt roads. The laughing Humans spied a hawk gliding overhead looking for ‘lunch,’ when Mark said, “Life in action is all around us!” The two roommates stopped at a nearby pump jack unit and exited the car.

Dimple clasped Mark’s hand because of the shock of seeing the largest pump jack she had ever seen when she stood beside him. After one typically would have turned loose, Mark felt her gently squeeze his hand after she should have dropped it. The over-sexed and horny Marcus (no pussy in seven months) immediately tented his trousers with an erection as his response.

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