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Diane’s Fall Ch. 02

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Abella Danger

This ongoing story will feature quite a few characters. So, I’ve decided to list them here at the beginning so readers have an easier time keeping up.

Diane- A thirty-seven-year-old mother of twin girls. Her life changes drastically when she is seduced and ends up submitting to an eighteen-year-old domme.

Kayla- The eighteen-year-old domme in question. She’s brilliant, driven and stunningly beautiful. She has a hunger and love for Diane and seducing sexually dissatisfied women.

Carrie- Kayla’s second-in-command on their high school cheerleading squad as well as being her submissive pet.

Aayhlia- Another cheerleader from Kayla’s squad she’s seduced into becoming her pet. Aayhlia’s Muslim heritage leaves them having to protect her sexuality carefully.

Ah Cy- The tiniest member of Kayla’s squad to submit to her. Everyone on the squad simply calls the Chinese beauty Ah.

Ms. South (Cherry)- The cheerleading coach of Kayla’s high school squad. Despite being a normally dominant lesbian, she too falls to Kayla accepting the Native American beauty as her Mistress.

Beth- Diane’s sister-in-law

Frannie- Diane’s bosses Personal Assistant

Jerry- Diane’s husband

Lena and Lana- Diane’s twin daughters.

Thanks again to Candace for taking the time to edit this for me.


.The first time Diane tasted her new mistress’s pussy was one of the most enlightening moments of her life. She approached the seductively tanned young woman with all her senses acutely aware of what was before her.

About a foot away, she caught her first whiff of the heavenly aroma, wafting from between Kayla’s legs. Diane paused for the briefest of moments and closed her eyes; she breathed in through her nose, taking in the aromatic smell. It was earthy with a hint of sweetness behind it, making her mouth water in anticipation of the taste. Before she was even aware of what she was doing, she found herself licking her lips in anticipation.

Within six inches of the treasure she sought, Diane’s head turned to the left as she kissed Kayla’s inner thigh. Light butterfly type kisses that drew a sigh from the Native American angel above her. She continued the kisses as she carefully made her way up the young woman’s thigh, interspersing long licks in between. When she could go no further, she swapped sides and began the process all over again. She wanted to take her time and be able to enjoy this entire experience, to be able to remember and recall it from memory at a moment’s notice.

When she’d reached the top of Kayla’s other thigh, she knew she was at the moment that her destiny lay before her. Rather than feeling daunted by the reality, she felt her heart lighten at the prospect. Leaning in, she ran the flat of her tongue up the length of the point where Kayla’s left inner thigh connected with her groin. The waxed surface was as smooth as silk and had no real taste though the aromatic aspect of her mistress’s pussy gave it the illusion of flavor.

Allowing her tongue to drift upwards and just above the beauty’s clit, Diane worked her way back down the other side, causing her mistress to groan in apparent anticipation of what was to come.

“You’re an awful tease, aren’t you slut?” Kayla teased with a small smile on her face as she gyrated her hips slightly.

Diane looked up coyly at the Native Goddess and said, “I want to remember every second of this Mistress, so I was taking my time and making sure I took everything in.”

Kayla smiled back at her with an unmistakable look of love in her eyes. That look told Diane all she needed to know. Kayla had waited patiently for two years for this moment, and Diane wouldn’t make her wait a moment longer. Her tongue, her lips, her fingers, and hands were now Kayla’s, and she would use them to the best of her ability to satiate her desires.

Tilting her head so she could start at the very bottom, Diane ever so slowly dragged the flat of her tongue between Kayla’s cleft up to the top. When she reached her clitoris, she diverted her tongue and pulled it in circles just around the outside of the organ, being careful not to touch it directly.

“Oh, fuck,” Kayla exclaimed as her breathing quickened noticeably. Diane felt her heart fill with pride at the thought of bringing pleasure to the woman she loved, and there was no doubt in her mind now that she did love her as silly as it seemed. After all, she’d only become aware of her twelve short hours ago. But the Diane who’d brought her daughters to a cheerleading camp was an entirely different entity than the one presently kneeling between Kayla’s legs. That Diane was content to go through life living for others but taking very little pleasure from the experience. That Diane had little to look forward to other than seeing moments of happiness in her daughter’s lives. She realized now that even in those moments, that version of Diane had just been going through the motions.

Kayla had freed her from that gorukle escort bayan life. This new Diane was born into a world of wanton lust and desire that seemed to set every nerve in her body on edge. This Diane had a world of possibilities to look forward to, a world of new opportunities and exciting experiences. This Diane had a woman who loved her and understood her needs, both sexually and emotionally, and would focus on making them a priority. And perhaps most importantly, this Diane had a new purpose in her life, and in that purpose, she’d found her happiness once again.

After making a repeated circle around Kayla’s clit, teasing it but never quite touching it, she worked her way back down. Diane paused halfway down this time to explore both of her pussy lips. Sucking each of the labia into her mouth and running her tongue all around them, inside and out.

Kayla moaned loudly and said, “God, yes, pet. I knew you would be good at this. I knew it in my heart all along. Being between my legs is where you belong, serving me is your purpose. You’re a natural at eating pussy. Fuck…”

Diane felt her clit began to pound a steady beat as the total experience of what she was undergoing began to overwhelm her senses. The amazing smell of Kayla’s pussy filled her nasal cavities rapidly, becoming her favorite scent. The sounds of Kayla’s words of love and praise, as well as her moans, were like a beautiful symphony. Her eyes beheld sights the old Diane had never imagined being able to see, but the new her found the most erotic views possible. As she lovingly looked up into her lover’s eyes, Kayla stared back with a look of total and complete abandon and lust. Both of her hands filled with her breasts, her fingers were working her nipples feverishly. It was at that moment she noticed that Kayla’s hair was down. So taken with the sight of her mistress sprawled out in the chair with her naked pussy exposed, Diane had failed to notice previously. Her jet black hair fell in waves on both sides of her head. Black as night but shining in the last of the day’s sunlight that streamed in through the surrounding windows.

It was the taste, though, that was overwhelming her. She couldn’t get enough of the juices seeping from within the beauty before her. Every time she thought she’d surely lapped or sucked up the last of them, a fresh batch would leak out of her orifice. It was at that moment an idea, an immediate obsession in truthfulness, seized her mind. Wrapping both her hands around the back of Kayla’s thighs, she pulled her bottom towards the edge of the chair. Diane then grabbed behind her knees and lifted her legs, trapping her hands behind her beautiful mistress’s knees, pushing them forward. Doing so opened Kayla’s pussy up like never before and allowed her for the first time to be able to bury her tongue as deep as she could inside Kayla’s opening.

It was Nirvana.

If lapping at the juices seeping from her had been life-changing, then tasting it from deep within the source was transcendent. Diane would run her tongue in circles and then stab it in and out, trying to collect as much of the glorious ambrosia as she could. Whenever it would begin to seep out, she would clamp her lips around the opening and suck greedily like a hungry newborn starving for nutrients.

Kayla’s hips began to tremble, her thighs to quake as she cried out, “Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m coming…”

Leaning forward, Kayla seized the back of Diane’s hair and pulled her mouth in even tighter against her pussy, her hips practically bouncing off the chair despite having no leverage. The juices flooded out of Kayla with her climax. So much so that it began to escape Diane’s lips and run down her chin. She lapped hungrily, trying to take it all in as Kayla rode out her orgasm.

When she’d tasted the last of it, she even went as far as to lower her head and clean the juices that had dripped down onto the leather chair. Finished, she sat back on her haunches and placed her hand’s palms up on her knees as Kayla had told her.

“I can’t believe that just happened. I knew you would be amazing, but I never in a million years thought your first time you could make that happen.” Kayla said, sitting up in the chair and leaning down to take Diane’s hands. She pulled the older woman up and onto her lap, reaching up and caressing her cheek.

Diane smiled at her, thrilled to be in her arms, finding herself once again getting lost in those enchantingly dark eyes. She found herself blushing at her mistress’s praise and said, “Was…was it good?”

In response, Kayla leaned in and kissed her. It was apparent right away; this was unlike any kiss Diane had ever experienced. Her husband nor any of her boyfriends had ever kissed her like this. It was consuming, and enthralling while also being sweet and oh so satisfying. Kayla’s lips were soft and demanding, her tongue elongated and forceful, and her embrace enveloping and comforting. Never in her life had a nilüfer escort bayan kiss ever enchanted Diane like this.

When their lips finally separated, Kayla said, “Good, doesn’t begin to describe what you just did. I have five pets that I’ve had lesbian sex with hundreds of times as well as sleeping with about ten other women who weren’t my pets. None of them, not once, has ever been able to make me come without touching my clit or penetrating me with something other than their tongue.”

Kayla popped Diane’s hip and said, “Get up.”

Diane jumped up, feeling a throbbing as her clit began to pound in earnest. Not that it had ever stopped, but Kayla’s command followed by the smack to her hip had inflamed her desire even further. It was an unsettling thought and one that would have been utterly foreign to the Diane before Kayla, but she had liked it.

Grabbing her by the wrist, Kayla said, “I’m about to take you upstairs to my bedroom, something I’ve never done with any of my other pets.”

“Oh…okay,” said Diane as she trailed along behind the dominating and powerful young woman.

“I consider it my inner sanctum. It’s where I go to escape when I need to think or recharge my mind. This house has two suites, and I use the other one to entertain my pets, but you’re different,” Kayla said, coming to a stop and turning towards her. Reaching up, she cupped Diane’s right cheek and said, “When I told you back at the school you were special, I meant it. You’re my submissive, but you’re also so much more. I intend for you to be my number two. And though some of the concepts may seem foreign as a submissive, I’m going to teach you to dominate those pets underneath you, and when the need arises, help me to seduce new ones.”

Kayla then turned and began to pull her up the stairs. Diane followed behind her, nearly stumbling a time or two as her mind raced at all that Kayla had just said. Her dominating other pets? Could she do that? Did she even have it in her?

They came to a set of double doors where Kayla produced a key from around her neck. She used it to open the door before once again grabbing Diane’s wrist and pulling her inside.

As Kayla shut and locked the door behind her, Diane looked around, expecting to see the room of a typical teenage girl, but that wasn’t at all what she found. There were no posters of bands or stuffed animals, no overabundance of pillows on the bed, no video game consoles, or a plethora of memorabilia from her high-school years.

What she found was sleek, it was modern, and it was sophisticated. It was something you might expect to find in an upscale New York City apartment and not a suburb outside of Boston. The king-sized bed sat against a full wall of floor to ceiling windows and faced a giant flat screened television mounted on the far wall that her husband would have lusted over to watch his Patriots on Sundays in the fall. Surrounding it on both sides was a wall of inlaid custom drawers. Diane counted twenty of them that held lord knows what inside. Right of that wall was another set of double doors and to the left was an opening leading into what appeared to be a large bathroom.

Kayla led Diane over to the large bed, and patting its surface said, “I want you to climb up here and assume the rest position. I have to head to the other suite to grab a few things. I, too, want this night to be something you will never forget.” She leaned in and kissed Diane, their lips coming together over and over. The kisses were soft yet insistent with Kayla’s plump lips almost teasing Diane with a promise of more to come.

When she was alone, Diane climbed up on the bed and turned her body facing the door before assuming the rest position. The throbbing between her legs had gotten so pronounced it felt like the heartbeat of someone who’d just ran up a dozen flights of stairs. She could feel the moisture leaking from her pussy, starting to run down the inside of her thighs. Though it usually took a bit of foreplay from her husband, something he wasn’t overly good at, Diane could often get wet enough for comfortable intercourse.

Just the anticipation on the drive over of being with Kayla had her wetter than her husband could ever achieve. What that said about Diane’s relationships, she didn’t want to consider at that moment. She had a strong suspicion already of what it said about her.

Diane considered the windows behind her. To anyone taking a stroll through the woods, Kayla’s parents, for instance, the sight of a middle-aged woman sitting naked and all alone on their daughter’s bed, would have to be alarming.

The thought of being seen under such circumstances left Diane feeling ashamed and humiliated, For a moment, she almost panicked and bolted from the room, but then the thought of Kayla entered her mind. Somehow she knew that the young woman wouldn’t have left her here like this, exposed for anyone to see if she felt there was any real danger.

Her bursa otele gelen escort bayan panic faded as new thoughts entered her mind. This situation, sitting here naked in the bedroom of an eighteen-year-old girl, waiting to be fucked by her was the behavior of a complete slut. That’s who Diane was now, rather than shaming her, it thrilled and left her feeling naughty and nasty. Those were attributes her parents had spent years browbeating her about being unacceptable in a young woman. The slightest hint of acceptance on her part of any behavior they deemed inappropriate would draw immediate condemnation.

When Kayla came back through the door, she held a designer leather backpack. She smiled when she saw Diane waiting patiently, obviously pleased with her obedience. Knowing that meant the world to the older woman. She would give this young woman any aspect of her body that she wanted. Do anything to please her that she wanted. Doing so filled the empty holes that had been present in the old Diane’s life. She had been aware they were there, but unaware of how gaping they were until Kayla had opened her eyes to who she was.

“Look at you sitting there obediently and looking all gorgeous and sexy,” Kayla said in a throaty voice, her eyes dark embers of lust.

She set the bag down on the bed and unzipped it, pulling out a mask made of leather. Next came a thick leather collar with what appeared to be embedded gold studs spaced a half-inch apart surrounding its circumference. Attached to its center was an O-ring. Diane immediately thought of how her old self would have balked at the idea of wearing such paraphernalia. The new her felt giddy in anticipation of feeling that leather as it encased her neck. The things it symbolized and represented excited her beyond belief.

The next item sent a fresh gush of juices running down her inner thighs, a set of what appeared to be leather cuffs with a chain running between them. She had always found the thought of bondage, at least light bondage, tantalizing. She’d tried to get Jerry interested in giving it a try, but that just wasn’t his style. Jerry was the type man that wanted to make love to you, even though you perhaps preferred the idea of being fucked. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that he was compassionate and caring, but if sometimes a girl might like being handled a little roughly, would that be so wrong?

It was the last item that made Diane gasp audibly, her pussy clenching at its sight. She’d attended one of those sex toy parties at a friend’s house a couple of years back, and knew what it was. The strapon that Kayla laid on the bed was more significant than any cock Diane had ever had inside her. Jerry was just over five inches on a good day, and a previous boyfriend had been her biggest at a hair over six inches. This rubber cock was every bit of ten inches and black as night. It had thick ribs running the length of its shaft and a slight up curve to its length.

Diane felt lightheaded. She was about to be blindfolded, handcuffed, and fucked by a cock twice the size of her husband. Her body shook at the thought of it, goosebumps breaking out on her flesh. She’d never needed to come so badly in her life. The near-constant level of arousal since this morning was taking a toll on the older woman.

“Come stand right here with your back to me, my pet,” Kayla ordered, pointing at a spot on the floor just in front of her.

Diane moved immediately, saying, “Yes, Mistress.”

When she was in place, she felt Kayla put the blindfold over her eyes and heard her ask, “Are you nervous my, pet?

Feeling the mask cinched tightly and hearing it’s velcro enclosure sealed shut, Diane said, “More than anything, I feel eager and excited.”

“That’s because you were born for this; it’s your purpose. Long after your daughters are grown and have left home, this will be your life, of that I have no doubt. Hands behind your back, pet.” Kayla ordered.

Diane wondered if that was true? Would this become her life once the girls were gone? Would it become more important to her than her marriage? Would she ever consider setting Jerry aside to live this life full time? And if so, what would her girls think of her?

The first cuff closing around her left wrist broke her reverie. Kalya seized her right, and soon, both were restrained behind her back. The level of helplessness she felt flushed Diane’s concerns from her mind.

Kayla grabbed both of her elbows and said, “Knees up on the bed pet, and then I want you to move forward until you hear me say stop. When I tell you, I want you to stay on your knees but lay your head forward.”

Her heart beginning to pound, Diane did as instructed. At that point, she would have done almost anything to rid herself of the infernal pounding between her thighs.

When Kayla demanded her to stop, she did as ordered. Movement on the bed told her that her mistress had joined her. She felt Kayla’s hands on her immediately, sending a shiver down her spine. One pressed on her back and the other on her stomach She leaned forward and felt her head come to rest on a pillow.

More movement behind her and then she felt Kayla’s hands low between her legs, tapping on her inner thighs. “Spread your legs more slut. Give me access to that cunt.”

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