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Mom Knows Best Ch. 02

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What an amazing night, John thought to himself as he lay in bed between mother and daughter. He couldn’t sleep and he let his eyes wander over the sexy bodies of Mary and Mary Beth. Just scanning his eyes over their sexy figures made him hard again and he thought about a second go with the twosome, but decided against it. It was late and he needed to get home. He did not want to be there when Josh got home Sunday morning.

He sat up and pushed his way down the length of the bed trying not to wake Mary and her daughter, Mary Beth, as they dreamed on each side of him. He made it out of the bad and dressed before waking Mary. John told her he was leaving but had enjoyed dinner, the wine and the entire evening.

He promised to try his best to get photos of Mary Beth cheering and Josh playing football this season and then kissed her good night.

Mary smiled when he mentioned the photos and thanked him for the most exciting evening she had experienced since college.

The week crept by for John as he tried to get his work done at the newspaper. He was constantly thinking about the 40-year-old Mary, her hot 18-year-old daughter and the night of sex they had shared.

John could not wait to see Mary Beth again. He was 23 and if she wasn’t in high school he would be dating her. As it was, he did not feel comfortable dating a student despite only a five year age difference. He was so eager to see her young taunt body and her large bouncing breasts again that he decided to attend the pep rally at the high school rather than wait until the football game that night.

When he walked in the gym at the school, Mary Beth pointed at him and then whispered something to a dark-haired cheerleader sitting beside her on the first row of bleachers. The other girl looked in his direction with wide eyes, smiled and looked back at Mary Beth. They whispered back and forth making John feel uncomfortable.

Mary was there too, sitting in a section reserved for parents, and she motioned for John to come over. She asked him how he was doing and they chatted casually about nothing in particular. The band marched in playing the school fight song with the football team in tow and John excused himself so he could take photos right — after agreeing to meet Mary for dinner again this Saturday night at 6 p.m.

The pep rally was like any other. The cheerleaders performed cheers as the band played various songs followed by short speeches from the captains of the football team for that night’s game. It lasted all of about 20 minutes, but John enjoyed every second.

Mary Beth looked even better than he remembered in her short dark red cheerleading skirt and white bloomers. The tight lycra top hugged her large breasts, but did not keep them from bouncing as she jumped and kicked her long tan legs into the air.

He wanted her right then and there. The way she looked at him when she held her hands in front of her breasts shaking her pom-poms said it all. She wanted him too. She even rubbed her hands against her breasts a few times while shaking the pom-poms and winked at John.

He took several photos with the newspaper’s digital camera and couldn’t help but zoom in tightly on Mary Beth’s white bloomers when she kicked her legs up high in the air. He had to stop taking photos after catching her camel toe nicely framed by her tight white bloomers in one photo. He was hard and had to look away and stop taking photos.

After the pep rally, Mary Beth jogged over to John with the dark-haired cheerleader and introduced her as Jessica. She said Jessica was her best friend and she told her everything. The way her eyes grew wide and the smile on her face when she said “everything” let John know Jessica knew about last Saturday night.

Jessica was blushing as she looked up and down John’s body. She was shorter that Mary Beth standing about 5-foot-3 with muscular legs and a great bubble butt that jutted out from her waist straining against her bloomers. She had a dark complexion and small perky breasts. Her brown eyes were light and made her jet black hair even more amazing as it curled under around her neck. Jessica’s hair was chin length and it framed her face perfectly, especially her full puffy cheeks.

Mary Beth talked to John as an equal. She called him by his first name — seeing no need to call him Mr. Walker. She asked how his week had been, who he thought would win the game that night, said she and Jessica were working on an English paper together, and a million other things as the crowd slowly vanished from the gym.

The cheerleading sponsor, Mrs. Miller, interrupted Mary Beth and told her and Jessica to come into the locker room that it was time to get the goody bags ready for the football players. As soon as Mrs. Miller stepped back into the locker room, Mary Beth leaned forward, standing on her tippy toes and kissed John on the cheek and said, “See you at the game.”

The two young cheerleaders then jogged off the basketball court toward the locker room as John watched their asses bounce and sway until they disappeared into bonus veren siteler the locker room.

The game was a blowout with Josh scoring three touchdowns in a 35-0 win. John took several photos of the game, the cheerleaders and the band. He got one very good photo of Josh’s third touchdown, the last one of the game, in which Mary Beth was in the background jumping up and down on the sideline cheering on her brother.

Back at the office, John showed the photo to his editor and convinced him to run it in color on the front page of the newspaper. He explained that the player running the ball and the cheerleader in the background were twins and it would be a good stand alone photo for the front page that would get people to buy the paper so they could read the story about the game on the sports page. His editor agreed.

The next night, John drove to the Tillerman’s for dinner with 10 extra copies of the newspaper for Mary and her twins.

Mary met him at the door with a cold beer and was wearing a short tight-fitting skirt that showed off her long, slender legs. Her light brown hair was up in a ponytail setting off her high cheekbones and green eyes.

Mary thanked John for the newspapers and said she really appreciated the photo on the front page. She said this with a twinkle in her eye.

Mary explained that Josh was again spending the night at a friend’s house and Mary Beth had spend the night company. She told him that Mary Beth had talked about him non-stop since last weekend and said she had no problem with him dating her daughter if he wanted to. Mary, however, quickly added that she would be jealous if her daughter got John all to herself.

They were interrupted as Mary Beth came bouncing down the steps in another pair of tight cheerleading camp shorts and a bra with another bra in her hand. Jessica was chasing her wearing sweatpants and nothing else.

Mary Beth was holding Jessica’s bra and laughing as her fellow cheerleader chased after her. Jessica’s small perky breasts did not bounce, but jutted out away from her petite frame with what appeared to be hard nipples. Jessica froze and covered her breasts with her hands when she saw John in the living room. Her cheeks turned bright red as she blushed.

Mary quickly scolded Mary Beth and told the two teenagers to go get dressed for dinner. Mary Beth raced up the stairs. Jessica stood there biting her lower lip, embarrassed, before turning and racing up the stairs taking two at a time. Her sexy bubble butt pressed into the fabric of her sweatpants as she raced after Mary Beth. There were no panty lines and her ass looked sexy as Hell — making John hard as he watched her go.

“They can be such silly girls,” Mary said bringing John back to reality. “Make yourself comfortable while I set the table.”

A few minutes later John was sitting at the table with Mary and a mountain of food before them as the girls came down for dinner. Mary Beth kissed John on the cheek and said hello as she sat down beside him still wearing her cheer shorts, but now with a T-shirt as well. Jessica sat across from them wearing her sweatpants and a T-shirt.

Dinner was fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, salad and sweet tea followed by ice cream for desert.

The food was delicious, but John could barely taste it. Jessica kept staring at him from across the table while Mary Beth sat beside him reaching into his lap and rubbing the palm of her hand into his crotch. He tried to eat and was able to clean his plate, but Mary Beth’s fingers were having an effect on him as she rubbed his hard cock through his blue jeans while Jessica stared at him smiling and biting her lower lip.

At one point, John reached down to wipe his hand on the napkin in his lap after finishing off a chicken breast only to have Mary Beth take his greasy hand and place it in her lap. She pressed it hard into her tight shorts and he began to slide his finger up and down her pussy through the thick cotton fabric leaving a smudge of grease.

Mary either didn’t know what was going on or did a good job of acting as the two cheerleaders slowly seduced him. Mary Beth mentioned the English paper she and Jessica were working on as she seductively ran her tongue across a spoonful of ice cream. She asked John if he would read it and point out any mistakes saying that since he was a writer for the newspaper he could really help them.

Mary said that sounded like a good idea and asked John to please go ahead and help the girls while she cleared the table.

John followed Mary Beth and Jessica up to Mary Beth’s bedroom with his cock still slightly hard. Mary Beth closed the door behind him and then handed him their paper as she climbed up on the bed and sat down next to Jessica.

“The paper is supposed to be a short story,” Mary Beth said with a sly grin. “The teacher said to write about something we know about to make it better.”

John began to read the paper and his cock grew ever more stiff. The first paragraph was about two teenage cheerleaders bahis who were close friends and eager to learn more about their bodies. The paper said they had made a pact to help each other learn more about their bodies and sex no matter what it took.

The second paragraph mentioned French kissing and how neither of the girls had ever done it, but were willing to help each other learn.

John thought the paper was inappropriate for a high school English class and was about to tell Mary Beth and Jessica until he looked up from the paper and saw them. Jessica was topless sitting on her feet with her knees bent in front of her. Mary Beth was also topless and playing with her full young breasts as she kissed Jessica. The kiss was slow, but Jessica seemed to want anything but a kiss from her friend. Jessica was sitting perfectly still like a sculpture made out of mahogany wood with her eyes squeezed shut. Her dark skin was perfectly still as Mary Beth’s hands left her own breasts and began to massage Jessica’s perky small tits. Her tits were pale in contrast to the complexion of the rest of her body due to obvious tan lines.

Mary Beth did not seem to mind Jessica’s stillness and reached down and began to rub her own pussy through her shorts as she fondled her friend’s breasts as they kissed.

John was shocked and turned on at the same time. He watched Mary Beth’s mouth and could see glimpses of her tongue as it darted deeper inside Jessica’s mouth. Jessica just sat there.

Mary Beth turned and met John’s gaze.

“She’s not a very good kisser,” Mary Beth said as Jessica finally opened her eyes and began to move again. Jessica slowly covered her breasts with her hands as Mary Beth crawled across the bed toward John.

“Show her how it’s supposed to be done John,” Mary Beth said as she slowly lunged up toward John. She grabbed his shirt in her hands and pulled him down toward her.

John let himself be pulled toward Mary Beth and kissed her. Her young sweet tongue and lips tasted of the same cherry lip gloss as before and the memories of last Saturday night along with her kiss made his cock spring to life.

John watched Jessica as he kissed Mary Beth and felt Mary Beth reach down and begin to undo his pants. She took his cock out and began to slowly stroke it as her tongue intertwined with his.

Jessica arched her back and placed a hand behind her for support as she leaned back so she could see John’s hard cock in Mary Beth’s hand. Jessica began to rub her perky little breasts and then slid her hand down inside her sweatpants.

“Mmmmm,” Mary Beth purred. “That’s even better than I remembered. Show Jessica what a good kisser you are John.”

John sat down on the bed between the two girls and looked at Jessica. She was acting either shy or scared and John didn’t know which one it was. He leaned toward her and she surprised him by leaning toward him. John placed his fingertips on her cheek and slowly pushed it back until his hand was nestled in the short dark hair on her neck. He pulled her toward his lips and kissed her slowly. Jessica responded with a surge of energy. She pushed her face into his and kissed him deeply. This was not the same type of kiss she had given Mary Beth.

They kissed deeply with John running his fingers through her hair. Mary Beth took advantage of the situation by pulling John’s jeans off as she watched Jessica kiss him. The two girls made quick eye contact and Mary Beth winked at Jessica. The wink was a cue and Jessica followed it by taking off John’s shirt while she kissed him.

Now nude, John sat on the bed kissing Jessica and could feel Mary Beth stroking his hard throbbing cock.

Jessica broke off the kiss and looked sheepishly at John.

“The next paragraph isn’t written yet. We thought maybe it could be about giving a blow job and how the two girls practice with a banana,” Jessica said.

“Yeah, but who needs a banana when we have this,” Mary Beth added as she leaned forward and planted a small kiss on the tip of John’s cock.

Mary Beth pulled off her shorts revealing her young tight pussy before dropping onto her knees in front of John as he stood beside the bed. Jessica pushed herself across the bed to get closer for a better view as Mary Beth looked up into John’s eyes with one hand on his chest and the other holding his throbbing cock in her fist. She placed a finger on John’s muscular chest and slowly slid it down his body as she bathed his cock with her tongue while staring into his eyes.

Meanwhile, Mary finished up the dishes downstairs in the kitchen and walked up the stairs to check on the girls’ progress on their paper. She paused outside Mary Beth’s bedroom door when she heard John let out a long slow moan.

Mary pushed the door open a crack and her pussy was immediately wet as she saw her daughter on her knees sliding John’s thick cock over her shiny lip gloss covered lips into her warm wet mouth. Mary Beth was reaching down between her legs and rubbing her tight little pussy as she sucked John’s cock. Her deneme bonusu fingers moved slowly up and down her wet slit matching the rhythm of her mouth as it teasingly glided John’s cock into her mouth.

Jessica was on the bed watching and playing with her small perky nipples. Jessica removed her sweatpants and her dark bush was neatly trimmed and moist from her excitement. She licked a finger and then placed it against her clit rubbing it hard with quick movements.

Mary had been a widow for several years now and during that time has learned how to pleasure herself. She has a vibrator but prefers to use her fingers when she masturbates. Right now, she was extremely turned on as she watched these two young vixens tease and pleasure themselves and John.

After years of finding ways to satisfy herself, Mary had begun to notice women more and appreciate their bodies. She does not consider herself a lesbian or bisexual, but has found herself admiring beautiful women more and more often. She figured it is because she has come to know her body better and now she has a new appreciation for a woman’s body.

At the moment, Mary was appreciating the full-breasted figure of her daughter as she sucked a man’s cock. She watched Mary Beth’s lips slide back and forth over his cock as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy while her breasts swayed back and forth.

Mary reached down and rolled her tight skirt up revealing her wet panties as she spied on this naughty sex scene. She pushed her panties down and off and began to finger her soaking wet pussy following her daughter’s timing perfectly.

Mary Beth massaged John’s balls with her hand as she sucked his hard cock into her tight wet mouth and watched her friend Jessica play with her own wet pussy.

Jessica was laying on her back with her legs spread wide and head tilted to the side so she could watch Mary Beth suck John’s meat as she fingered her pussy. Mary Beth decided it was Jessica’s turn to suck John and released him from her tight wet lips with a “pop.”

John turned so his shiny wet cock was inches from Jessica’s face and watched her as she slowly reached out and touched it.

“Come on, suck it Jessica. It’s real yummy,” Mary Beth urged her.

Jessica tentatively took it in her hand and brought it to her lips. She kissed it awkwardly at first and then, after realizing she liked the salty taste with a hint of cherry lip gloss flavoring, slid it into her mouth.

“Roll your tongue around it,” Mary Beth said coaching her friend.

Jessica did as told and John let out a loud moan of satisfaction. The moan gave Jessica all the encouragement she needed and she sucked him faster and deeper into her mouth while holding his cock with both hands.

Mary Beth was watching closely and hated being left out. She was still horny and wanted in on the action. Her mom was also horny and wanting to join the fun as she took off her shirt and began to fondle her ample breasts while fingering herself faster and faster in the doorway.

Mary Beth couldn’t take being left out anymore and climbed up on the bed. She tried to lick the side of John’s shaft as Jessica pumped it in and out of her mouth. John’s cock, however, was moving too fast for Mary Beth to get her tongue on it.

She looked down at Jessica’s body and after a split-second pause reached out and began to play with her friend’s perky titties. She went from rubbing and pinching her nipples to sucking them. She was playing with her pussy, slowly rubbing it as she sucked her friend’s breasts. Her pussy was wet and she looked down to see if Jessica was wet too.

Not only was Jessica’s pussy wet, her clit was swollen and poking out of her hood — throbbing. Jessica was ignoring her pussy with both hands on John’s cock and balls as she began to deep throat him.

Mary Beth decided to help her friend out and started to rub her pussy while tonguing her titties. Mary Beth enjoyed the feel of Jessica’s wet pussy on her fingers and the look in Jessica’s eyes, when she first touched her wetness, gave her chills.

She decided to take it a step further. She got on her knees with her round firm ass in the air and buried her face between Jessica’s legs. She lightly flicked the tip of her tongue across Jessica’s swollen clit and liked it. She used her fingers to spread Jessica’s pussy open and ran her tongue up and down her young tight slit finishing each stroke off by pressing her tongue into her hard clit.

Mary couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched her daughter tongue her best friend’s pussy. She froze in horror the first time Mary Beth tasted Jessica and then her horror turned to lust.

Mary rushed into the room completely nude and buried her face between her daughter’s legs. She put the tip of her tongue on her daughter’s tight asshole and quickly ran it down onto her pussy. Mary Beth looked back and flashed a horny little grin at her mom.

Mary had never tasted pussy before and now here she was tonguing her own daughter’s young, tight, soaking-wet pussy. Mary Beth was tasting her first pussy too as her tongue jammed in and out of Jessica’s slit. Jessica was also enjoying a first taste. John’s cock was the first she had ever had in her mouth and she loved it. She also loved the feeling of Mary Beth’s eager warm mouth on her aching pussy.

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