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My Brother, My Lover Ch. 04

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The rain had stopped by the time Nathan and Callie got back to the apartment. The sky above them looked clear as if it had never rained. Callie was eager to get inside and show Nathan just how much she loved him. Not only like a brother, but a lover.

Putting his car in park, Nathan rushed to run around his car and open up Callie’s door. He held her hand as she got out of the car. He wanted to kiss her right then and there, but knew there were peering eyes bound to catch them. They kept quiet as they headed up to the apartment.

Callie felt her pussy wet from her unbelievably erotic orgasm. She watched her brother nervously fumble with the keys as he opened the door. She took a deep breath as he stepped aside to let her in. This is it! Callie knew it was time to let her brother love her.

Callie stood in the hallway hearing Nathan close the door behind and locking it. He turned the lights on. She closed her eyes as he put his arms around her from behind. His body felt so strong, so good against her petite body. “I love you Callie,” Nathan whispered in her ear as he pushed her hair aside letting his lips brush against the back of her neck.

Nathan’s hands were on her shoulders and she reached with her own hands to place them on his. “I-I love you too Nathan,” she said nervously. His hot breath was gliding on her skin so gently. His lips kissed her skin tenderly and Callie could feel her brother’s cock hard as he stood behind her.

She felt him slide his arms around her waist holding her tight. Nathan loved the way his little sister felt. She felt so fragile and innocent. He could smell the light touch of her perfume as the aroma dazzled him. He was finally getting his fantasy to come true. He had her to himself, finally.

“Callie, I want you. I want you so bad!” Nathan spoke softly.

Callie felt Nathan turn her around to face him. He looked at her childlike face. Her skin felt so flawless as he cupped her face. He leaned down to kiss her. Her lips met with his and they shared an intense kiss. Callie let herself go, accepting her brother’s kiss once again. It was his kiss that had left her wanting him more.

His tongue slithered in her mouth as they touched tongues exchanging saliva from their eager mouths. Callie and Nathan both moaned while they kissed so erotically.

Callie wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she was kissing her own brother that got her so turned on, or the fact that she was truly in love with Nathan. Nathan didn’t see Callie as his sister, Escort bayan he saw her as a beautiful young lady that wanted him. And he wanted her.

Callie broke their kiss and tightened her hold she had on Nathan’s waist. “Nathan, let me make love to you.” Callie didn’t believe it herself that she was speaking out her true feelings.

Nathan’s eyes widened. His little sister wanted to ride his cock! She actually wanted to slide her pussy up and down his aching cock. Oh fuck that was hot! Nathan grabbed his sister and lifted her up in his arms. Callie gasped at first taken by surprise.

“Let’s go to my room,” Nathan said as he carried her.

In his room, Nathan kicked off his shoes and moved towards Callie like a mad man. Callie didn’t resist her brother’s touch. The siblings kissed with hungry kisses and Callie was losing her herself more with Nathan than with any other man she’d ever been with. Not that she’d had many lovers, but the ones she had, could not compare to her brother’s loving touch.

Callie pushed Nathan towards his bed. She wanted to have his cock in her right away. She’d been keeping all her feeling to herself but tonight she was going to let him know everything she felt for him.

“Oh Nathan! I wanna see your cock!” Callie blurted out putting her hand on his cock over his pants.

“Get it out of my pants sis.” Nathan said in a lustful rage.

Nathan just let himself fall back on the bed with his hard cock showing through his slacks. Callie stood above him looking shy but very curious. She zipped down his pants and pulled out his aching throbbing cock.

Callie looked down and her eyes grew wide looking at her brother’s cock for the first time. It was everything she’d fantasized it would be. His thick mushroom head was slimy with precum. The glow of his precum was making her mouth water. She stepped back and took her sandals off. She let her own shaky hands pull her panties down.

Nathan watched his little sister get on top of him. Her body felt so light, so beautiful. She leaned down to kiss him softly as his hands brought down her spaghetti straps from her dress. Her amazing breasts fell out right away. They were a small c-cup size. Callie’s nipples were big and thick in a dark pink color. Nathan reached up to put one of his sister’s breasts in his mouth.

Callie tossed her head back moaning as her brother sucked her nipple. She could feel his tongue flicking on her nipples. She was so ready for anything he was willing to give her. Bayan escort It’s been such a long time she’d had a boyfriend. She’d never really had a chance to make love to a man she really loved. But now she was here with a man she loved with all of her heart.

Callie could feel Nathan’s cock twitching as he sucked her nipple. His precum was getting all over her legs but she didn’t care. She loved his brotherly juices on her. Though she kept wondering what his cum would feel like inside her.

“Mmmm yes! Suck my nipples bro,” She rasped out.

Nathan moved from one nipple to the other taking turns sucking on them. He cupped each breast with one hand as he kissed them. Callie looked down as she watched her brother kiss her breasts. His mouth was hungry for her tits. Nathan couldn’t take any more.

“Callie, fuck me. Fuck my cock sis,” He said roughly.

Callie tossed her hair to the side and lifted her body up enough to get Nathan’s big cock ready to go inside her. She grabbed it with her hand and felt it pulsing as she lightly stroked it. Nathan put his hand over hers as she looked at him.

“Are you on birth control, or do you want me to wear protection?” Nathan asked in the heat of the moment.

Callie just gave him a devilish grin. “I’m on the pill bro.”

“Oh fuck! God I want you Callie! I want you!” Nathan moaned anxiously.

Callie straddled him and slowly slid her tight pussy on her brother’s cock. “Mmmmgggghhhh,” she wailed loudly as her brother’s cock was piercing her tight little hole. She could feel her brother’s manhood creeping inside her, opening her up.

“Yes baby, that’s right fuck big brother’s cock. Do it Callie. I love you!” Nathan was holding on tightly to her waist.

“Oh I love you Nathan. I love you so much!” Callie was now shrilling loudly as she finally got all of Nathan’s cock in her.

She started moving her hips around seductively savoring the feel and length of Nathan’s cock. Nathan had never felt a tighter pussy than this. She seemed so innocent, yet she knew damn well what she was doing.

Callie slowly began to grind her pussy on her brother’s cock. God he felt so incredible! She could feel the veins of his cock massaging her inside. Moving her body faster she was now on a rampage fucking Nathan’s cock.

Nathan held on to her breasts pinching her nipples as he felt his cock being smothered by his sister’s warm juices. Her pussy glided gracefully up and down his long shaft. He felt each stroke of her Escort pussy pulling his skin up and down making him want to explode hard in her.

Callie was feeling the sensation of her brother’s cock as she rode it. She couldn’t believe she was finally here, making love to him. Her pussy was now adjusting to his size and more letting her enjoy this wonderful lovemaking.

“Yes! Oh that’s it! Keep riding me baby!” Nathan was breathless.

“Mmmmm your cock feels so good!” Callie exclaimed as she fucked her brother’s cock harder now, pouncing her pussy so hard making his balls move up and down. She’d clench her pussy on Nathan’s prick making him want to lose control.

Nathan suddenly felt his balls tighten with sperm ready to shoot out into his sister’s pussy. He was going to cum hard, he just knew it! He shut his eyes tightly for a few seconds as he was starting to release his cum.

“Mhmmmmm Callie! I’m cumming! I’m fuckin’ cumming!” Nathan groaned loudly.

Callie accelerated her speed and felt her brother shooting out his cum all inside her. She felt her body jolt for a minute as she took Nathan’s shot of cum. It was incredibly sexy.

Nathan felt as if he was shooting out gallons of cum. He’d shot out at least 6 times long angry ropes of cum. He’d been wanting Callie for days now and now he saw what she could do to him.

“Oooh yes! Put your seed in me bro. Ooooh I have it me! Look I’m taking it! Oh fuck!” Callie felt her own body tense. She was reaching an amazing climax right there on her brother’s cock.

Nathan felt her pussy clasp his dick hard and her body shook madly. She looked at him as she came. “Yes baby, cum on my cock. Fuck yes!” Nathan grabbed her breasts harder feeling her nipples erect more as she was finishing her orgasm.

Callie felt herself weaken after an intense orgasm. She laid her head down on her big brother’s chest. She could hear his heart beating rapidly. She was so out of breath and spent. Nathan just ran his fingers through her hair as he held her close to him. “Your amazing Callie,” Nathan murmured.

Callie moved looking up at him. “I love you Nate. I think I love you more than I’ve ever loved any man.”

Nathan swallowed hard. “Callie I want to be with you. I don’t think I want any other girl.”

Callie kissed his lips lightly. “I’m scared Nathan. What if we fall deeply and madly in love?”

Nathan didn’t respond. He just stroked her pretty face and let her lay her head back on his chest. “It’s too late Callie. I’m already deeply and madly in love with you,” He finally responded.

Callie sighed brushing her lips on his chest. She was fearful of what the future had in store for them, yet she was so intrigued by being her own brother’s lover.

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