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Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02

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A few hours later I woke up and realized that I had fallen asleep. Julie must have also fallen asleep as she was still in my arms. I tried to get up with out waking Julie but that wasn’t possible. She woke up and quickly put on her nightie so she could walk me to the door.

When we entered the living area we found Steve kneeling on the floor naked with his upper torso laying on the coffee table. Tessa was right behind him and she was slowly moving back and forth as if she was fucking him from behind. When they saw us Steve asked if we wanted to join in. Julie told him not to be an ass as she pushed me toward the front door. When we were out side I tried to kiss Julie but she turned and all I got was her cheek.

When I woke up the next morning I received a call from Julie telling me that Professor Williams had returned and I was expected to be in his office by nine thirty. I thanked her and tried to talk to her but Julie told me she was to busy and we would talk later.

I worked all day with Professor Williams and I had lunch with him and the Dean. It wasn’t until late in the day that I finally caught up with Julie and asked if she wanted to go out to dinner with me.

She told me that she had laundry to do since she didn’t get much done the night before. When I asked if I could come over and help her she told me I was the reason she did get anything done the night before and she thought I should stay home so she could get her laundry done.

We did go out dancing on Wednesday but there was something missing that I couldn’t put my finger on. Our relationship started to cool considerable from then on. We were still friends, we went out dancing and we had dinners together, but the intimacy we had shared was gone. Oh we still had sex, well she gave me blowjobs like she did before but there was something missing in those as well. They came to a stop as well a week and a half later. We never repeated the dildo scene and I for one missed it. I started to believe that was when our relationship started to die.

But things were starting to get really hectic after that Wednesday. On Thursday I got the inspection report and I was told that the house needed renovation desperately but as far as structurally the house and the out buildings were more then structurally sound.

After I talked to the inspector I called Julie’s house and talked to Steve about his friends in the trades. When I told him what I wanted we agreed to meet at the house on Sunday with his friends so I could show them what I wanted.

On Saturday I went to the owner and after several beers and a lot of talking we agreed on a price of eighty-five thousand for the house and all the property. He was the one to suggest a lower price because he liked that I was going to live in the house and I was keeping the land intact.

Noon on Sunday I got together with Steve’s friends at the house along with Steve Tessa and Julie. I bought a couple of cases of beers and sandwich stuff so we could make a day of it. We kicked around a lot of ideas on what to do with the house and where we could make bathrooms. We finally decided on taking the bedroom that was next to the master bedroom and making that into three bathrooms one was for the master bedroom one was going to be a powder room for guest and the other was going to be connected to one of the other bedrooms. It wasn’t a perfect idea but it was the best we could come up with.

The kitchen was easy, as it was so bare we could do anything we wanted. The rest of the house would stay pretty much the way it was except for putting on doors to the bedrooms and repainting the entire house. The electrical problems were the hardest to solve as all the walls were made of adobe. The best the electrician could come up with was channeling the walls so he could run the wires he needed. That would mean I would need a mason to make the channels and he would also have to fill them in afterward. I told them all I would give them thirty-percent bonuses, if they could get me living in the house by the time school was in session. Of course that only meant I had a shower, a place to put my bed and some where to cook my meals. The rest could be done later.

For the next six weeks I spent all my free time working on the house. The only time I took off was when the jeep was finally ready and Julie and I took it out into the desert to try it out. We had a great time and it almost seemed like the magic was back until we got back to Phoenix. Then it was the same distance I felt before, only now it seemed worse. I was getting to the point where I couldn’t stand to be around Julie. Not because I didn’t like her but because I missed what we once had.

It all came to a head on Labor Day weekend. The kitchen was complete and the master bathroom was mostly complete. There was enough electrical work done so I could live in the house. I decided that it would be a good weekend to move my things in. I didn’t have much and most of what I did have wouldn’t Pendik Olgun Escort work in my new place. So Julie and I went shopping for a new bedroom set for me as well as a kitchen table so I had somewhere to eat.

After bringing home my purchases and with Julie’s help we set them up. We were sitting across from each other in the kitchen having a beer when I asked, “Can you tell me where I screwed up. Was it the dildo thing?”

Julie looked down at the table and said sadly, “No it wasn’t that. Actually it wasn’t anything you did. I just figure that our relationship couldn’t work, So I lost interest. I’m sorry if I hurt you but I know we could never have what you wanted.”

“I don’t understand how everything was going so well and the next moment you decide it won’t work.”

Julie finished off her beer and opened a new one before she said. “I just knew you would hate me and I couldn’t live with that, not again.”

I took the seat next to her took her hand in mine and said, “There is nothing that you could do or say that could make me hate you. When I said that I was falling in love with you I meant it. Not only was I falling, but also I fell in love with you. Then came that dildo thing and it all ended. I’m sorry I told you I liked it, I wish we never done it.”

Julie kissed my hand and said, “Ted it has nothing to do with that. It’s me. I’m the problem. And if I told you the real reason you would hate me and I don’t want you to hate me. I love you too much for you to hate me.”

Now I was really confused how could she love me and not want to be with me. What could be so bad about her that I would hate her? I didn’t say anything and the silence hung in the air like a fog. Finally Julie said, “You deserve an explanation, but I want you to promise me that you won’t hurt me. You always struck me as a man that would keep his word no matter what. Now promise me that you won’t hurt me or call me rude and nasty names.”

I put my hand over my heart and said, “I have never hurt another person my whole life and I will not start now. Also I never like name calling it does little good. If you must hear it, I promise not to hurt you or call you evil names.”

Julie pulled her hand from mine and said, “Remember what you said after I used the dildo on you.”

I knew the whole thing started that night and I knew it was about me telling her I loved what she did to me. So I said, “Yea I told you I loved it.”

Julie smiled but it was a sad smile then she looked like she was going to burst into tears any second before she said, “What you said was. I’m glad you’re a girl because if you were a boy or a real T-girl then I would be gay because I love this too much. I don’t think I could handle being gay.” I was surprised that she had remembered it so well. But before she finished tears were pouring out of her eyes as she continued, “You see the problem is I’m not a real girl, I’m a T-girl and you would hate me for me it. That’s why I decided to cool our relationship because you would never want me because of what I am.” Julie then jumped up and ran out of the house.

That was one I never saw coming. I had run all the possibilities over in my head and that wasn’t one of them. But looking back I don’t see how I missed it. No that wasn’t true either I didn’t see it because I fell in love with a beautiful girl, a very sweet and beautiful girl. That was what she was and she still is.

I only though about it for a few minutes then I remembered that Julie didn’t have her jeep. I picked her up at her house and I had to drive her home. I walked out of the house and looked for her but she was no where in sight. So I got in my truck and drove toward the main road.

Julie didn’t make it very far as I found her half way down my road that led to the main road. She was on her knees crying hysterically. I stopped my truck and got out, but before I could get to her she covered her head with her arms and screamed, “Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want just don’t hurt me.”

When I got to her I took her hands in mine and said, “Julie honey I’m not going to hurt you. I can’t hurt you. I love you too much. Now come back to the house so I can take care of you. Your knees are bleeding.”

Julie just knelt where she was and said, “You can’t love me, you said you can’t be gay. Just take me home please.”

I helped her up to her feet and said, “Your right I can’t be gay because I love a beautiful sweet girl. Come lets get you home.” I took Julie over to the truck and got her into the passenger side before getting into driver’s side. I made a U-turn and drove back to my house.

When Julie saw where we were headed she said, “I meant my house.”

I took her hand in mine and said, “I’ll tell you what. Let me get those knees taken care of while we talk, then if you still want to go home I’ll take you.”

When I got back to the house I helped Julie out of the truck and into the house. I sat her down Pendik Sarışın Escort at the kitchen table before getting her a soda, as I wanted her sober at least for the time being. I then got a wash cloth and a towel.

While I started washing her knees I asked, “Is this why you wanted to know if I was gay.”

Julie giggled and said, “No. The reason I gave you was the truth. I don’t like gay men. Most of them are assholes to girls like me. But then so can straight men. I really wanted to know why you didn’t hit on me. I guess I was being a little conceited.”

Once I had her knees cleaned up I washed off her face and asked, “What was it about me that you liked?”

“First I was attracted to your honesty and the fact you didn’t hit on me. Most of the teachers we interviewed hit on me and most of them were married. You were different. You never treated me like I was beneath you. Like you were smarter then I am. You always treated me like what I said mattered.”

“I gather Tessa is a t-girl too?” I asked I was pretty sure I knew the answer. She did look kind of masculine.

“Yes she is and so are all the girls that go to the club we dance at.” Julie told me.

I kind of figured that out after seeing the porn tape. Some of those girls looked too much like men, not to be. I sat in the chair next to Julie took her hand in mine and said, “I’ll take you home if you want to go but I would really like it if you stayed the night. In fact I would like it if you moved in with me.”

Julie gripped my hand and said, “Are you sure. I don’t want you doing anything your not comfortable with.”

“The only thing I’m not comfortable with right now is not having you by my side. Besides I want the kind of loving I can only get from you.”

Julie smiled and we kissed. The kiss seem to last for an hour. When she pulled her lips from mine she said, “I think you should take me home?” When she saw my confused look she said, “I need some clean clothes theses are a mess.”

On the way to Julie’s house she told me of her life. The reason she was so paranoid that I would hurt her was because her father beat her when he found her wearing her sister’s clothes. She did have two boyfriends that also beat her when they found out she wasn’t a real girl.

She also told me that the last time her father caught her he ripped off the dress she was wearing and threw her out of the house in only her panties and bra. She was only sixteen and he refused to let her back in. Her mother gave her train fare and told her to come to Phoenix and stay with her mother. Her mother understood that Julie was different and so did Julie’s grandmother.

The first thing her grandmother did when she got here was to buy Julie her own wardrobe. She also taught Julie how to be a girl. She took Julie to a psychologist and he deemed that Julie was a girl trapped in a man’s body. He started her on hormones and advised her to get breast implants, which she did. But Julie didn’t want to go all the way. She was told by other transsexuals that having her penis removed and a vagina constructed was expensive and painful and the sex wasn’t that good. So she stopped changing herself after the breast implants were in.

Julie took on the name of a dead cousin who passed away several years earlier so she could get a driver’s license. She finished high school and went to college at the college we work at. She lived with her grandmother till she passed away three years earlier then she let Tessa move in with her. She had known Tessa for five years by that point.

When we stopped at Julie’s house she had me wait on the sofa while she went in to shower and dress. I tried to get her to let me shower with her but she said that she wanted the first time I saw her to be special. It took her about an hour to get showered dressed and a suitcase packed before she was ready to leave.

When she came out of her bedroom she was wearing a short denim skirt and white halter-top. The white top made the dark tan of her skin glow. Her hair was down with lots of curls and it seemed to shine like polished silk. I was actually hoping she would be dressed prettier but she still looked wonderful.

Julie came to me and said, “I’m going to drive my jeep to your house just so I have it. Can you stop and pick us up something for dinner and I’ll meet you at your house.”

I knew I didn’t have a thing to eat at the house, as I was just moving in so I said, “I wasn’t hungry for food but I should get some groceries so we have something to eat.” I gave Julie a key to my house and said, “You’ll need this I’ll be there about an hour after you get there.” Julie took the key and we kissed.

Afterward I took her suitcase out to her jeep seeing she insisted that she take it to the house. I was shock to feel how heavy it was seeing that it was only a mid-size suitcase. Even if it was packed full it shouldn’t have weigh half as much.

It took me just about an hour to fill Pendik Şişman Escort a shopping cart with groceries and get them into my truck. When I got home I saw that Julie’s jeep was in the same out building that my jeep was in. My Jeep had sat in there ever since I came back with Julie on the only weekend that we took it out. Now I hoped we would be taking it out a lot more.

When I came into the house loaded down with groceries Julie was nowhere to be seen. I called out her name but she didn’t answer me. Once I had all the perishables put away I went into the bedroom to see if she had fallen a sleep waiting for me.

When I walked into the bedroom I was shocked by what I saw. The room normally is very dark, as the windows don’t let in a lot a light. To top that off the sun was just starting to set on the other side of the house putting this side in complete shadows. I had several lamps in this room but those were all off. Still the room was ablaze in warm candlelight. Julie had places candles all around the room and they were all lit. While I was at the supermarket Julie had made the bed and at this moment she was lying on it with one hand holding up her beautiful head.

She looked radiant in a white corset that held up her ample breast. The corset also made her look smaller then she was and the white stockings made her legs look longer with the aid of the garters that held them up. She was also wearing a satin thong and a set of pearls. Her dark rich skin made the white of her outfit look that much whiter. She looked like she could sprout angel wings at any moment.

Without thinking about it, I went to her sat on the bed took her in my arms and kissed her. We kissed for a long time and it wasn’t until Julie started to pull off my shirt did I realize I need a shower bad.

I pulled my lips from her and said. “I’m going to take a shower. Please don’t move, don’t do anything. Just stay the way you are.”

Julie pouted and said, “Please hurry I don’t know if I can stand it if you take too long. I’ve waited for this night since the first night I met you, Please love hurry.”

I hurried all right. I took the fastest shower I ever took and I shaved as close as I could. After dousing my self with deodorant and cologne I finally walked out of the bathroom. Julie had not moved as I had asked and this time when I went to her I lay on the bed next to her and took her in my arms.

We kissed for a long time as my hands moved over her body, as I tried to memorize it just though touch. My hands caressed her shapely sides that were being held in by the corset. My hands also felt her breasts that I had kissed and sucked so much of when we had dated. My hands moved down to caress her firm shapely bottom and when I first touched it Julie purred a moan that told me she enjoyed what I had done.

Unlike all the other times that we had been together where Julie dictated what we were going to do, this time I was the one in charge. This was just how I wanted it. I wanted to make love to her and I wanted her to receive all the pleasure I could give her.

Once my hands had explored her tender body my mouth took its turn. I released her lips and started kissing her cheeks before moving to her neck and her ears. After leaving a couple of love bites on her neck I moved down to her full firm breasts. I made love to her breasts till Julie was moaning almost constantly and her nipples were red and erect like little erasers.

I then started kissing further down her body till I came to the junction of her firm thighs. Her satin covered crotch showed no sign of what laid inside. Instead of removing her satin thong I started to kiss and lick her left silky smooth thigh. I licked and kissed her leg all the way down till I took her toes into my mouth and suck on them through her stockings.

Julie seemed to love this as she moaned and squealed almost continually. I did the same to her other foot before licking and kissing my way back up her right leg until I was kissing and licking her satin covered pelvis. Even with my tongue I couldn’t feel what was hidden with the exception of a lump at the very bottom of her pelvis.

The thong that Julie was wearing had two clasps, one on each hip that held the waistband of the thong in place. I unsnapped the clasps and gently pulled the front of the thong down. At the bottom of her pelvis I saw what looked like a lump of flesh. When I tried to remove the thong Julie kept her legs together but raised her hips so I could slid the thong out of the way.

Ever since I started to lick her satin covered pelvis I could feel the tension in Julie. She also watched every move I made. Now that the thong was out of the way she couldn’t hide what she was any longer. I forced her legs apart and gently pulled her penis and she testicles out from between her legs.

At first her penis looked small as it was still in flaccid state. It was a little more than three inches long and about as thick as a quarter. Once I had it out it started to grow longer and thicker.

To coax it along I took the head in my mouth and started to lick it. I immediately heard Julie say, “Oh god he’s really doing it.” When I looked up at her face her eyes were closed and there was an angelic smile on her face.

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