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A Christmas Fairytale

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It was December 23rd, the day Jo was finally going to meet ‘her’ Kev. They had met on the Internet a few months before and despite the rather large age gap Jo knew she wanted him and hoped that he felt the same.

They were to meet in the town centre and as Jo stood there at 6pm shivering she could see the twinkle of the Christmas lights around her, she felt magical, Christmas decorations always made her feel this way and she truly hoped that the rest of the night would follow this magical theme.

Suddenly a tall figure in the distance caught her eye, instantly she knew it was him, even from the rather blurred photo she had seen of him she knew.

As he walked towards her a huge smile appeared on his face and she knew that she was grinning back even though the whole seen seemed rather surreal…”Jo?” he said “yes Kev it’s me” he walked closer and put his arms round her as he pulled her into a very tight, warm hug before pulling back and kissing her gently on the lips…

‘Bang, Bang’ could they really hear fireworks or was it their imagination, after all she had just had the most perfect kiss of her life…

As they turned they saw the most magnificent fireworks, it was the cities Christmas part and the reason they had agreed to meet in town. He wrapped his coat around her shivering shoulders and took hold of her hand as they walked towards the celebrations.

She had never felt so happy in her life, she knew that he was the one after only a few weeks of talking, they laughed at the same things, they porno indir had the same taste in music and enjoyed the same hobbies..

As they walked hand in hand through the streets she could not help smiling to herself and through the corner of her eye she could see him looking at her and smiling, she squeezed his hand and he pulled her to a stop, pulling her close and kissing her, parting her lips with his tongue as he kissed her deeply and lovingly.

They were now in the centre of town watching the firework display with their arms around each other occasionally staring deeply into each other’s eyes…As the display drew to a close they wandered around the various stalls, buying candyfloss and playing the games as though they were 2 lovesick teenagers. As it came time for the celebrations to end, they wandered off hand in hand towards the car park. As they reached the car they pulled each other close and kissed and kissed, they were on their way back to Jo’s house when Kev went to change gears, accidentally brushing Jo’s thigh.. She couldn’t help wondering whether it really was an accident but the one thing she did know was that his touch sent shivers down her spine and she could feel herself becoming rather moist.

As they pulled up and entered the house Jo immediately dragged him upstairs, she had never felt the way he made her feel and she wanted him so badly it hurt…She kicked off her shoes and turned on the dim lights to reveal a romantic glow in the room…as she began to hug rokettube him she unbuttoned his shirt and slid her arms down his to pull the shirt off, her fingertips stroking his arm gently.. He responded by unbuttoning her blouse and gently running his fingers down her chest and onto her tummy, which made he wriggle with delight, he pulled her close feeling her breasts pressing against his chest as he stroked her back gently, paying particular attention to the small of her back as her sighing gave him the distinct impression that she enjoyed this very much.

He soon reached down and unfastened her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor, revealing her skimpy silky panties, which were starting to get very wet.

He pushed her backwards onto the bed and knelt down at the side of the bed, he pushed her panties to one side with his fingers and began to stroke her pussy, occasionally tickling her clit to make her moan loudly, as she became wetter he pushed one finger inside her which only made her moan louder…God she was going to cum already if he carried on like this, Kev also realised that this was the case and began to pump his finger in and out, before adding a second finger, his movements became faster and harder and before she knew what was happening her body started to shake with an amazing orgasm.

When the orgasm finally subsided she sat up and pulled his trousers to the floor followed by his boxers leaving his very large hard cock standing to attention in front of her…as she stood seks filmi up to pull him close she dropped her own panties to the floor and began stroking his back and running her fingers through his hair …as he had told her on one of their many late night chats that this was a real turn on for him.

Yet again he pushed her back onto the bed, fondling and caressing her breasts paying equal attention to each breast, he sucked each nipple until it became hard and he nibbled them, sliding each nipple through his teeth, which gave an amazing sensation…as this want enough he began to kiss and lick his way down her tummy…By this time she was nearly ready to cum again and she wanted to feel him inside her, she pulled him close and hugged him indicating that she was ready.

He slid his penis into her waiting hole, moaning as he did so at the feel of her warm, wet tight hole enveloping his large penis, he began to push deep inside her with long slow strokes rubbing her clit with each stroke…he gradually began to increase the pace, still staying deep inside her and she got closer to coming with each trust of his penis…as he got faster still she could tell he was ready to blow and she wanted them to come together and share that most wonderful feeling together for the first time, she arched her back to allow his penis to rub her clit even more, in what seemed like seconds she could feel her muscles again tensing and as she did so she could feel the first spurt of his warm cum filling her, the more she felt this the more she came, tightening her grip around his shaft until they had both been completely satisfied.

As they lay hugging each other, they both realised that they were meant for each other and that this Christmas really was going to be a magical time that neither of them would ever forget.

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