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In The Bathroom

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I’m wearing a long black coat that I picked up from one of those fashionable clique shops in London. It’s got a double row of brass buttons up the front and a collar that wouldn’t look out of place on a Russian military uniform. It swishes slightly round my knees as I walk and it makes me feel like ones of those stylish New York socialite girls. I find that I give my hips an extra little curve as I walk, just because it feels cool.

I meet you at a fancy bar in the city. It is low lit and warm, cluttered with the conversations of others and the clinking of glasses. I see you at once, leaning on the bar, watching the door. I pause in the doorway to let my eyes wander over you. You’re wearing a pale blouse, narrow skirt, shiny black shoes, and a sly smile. I walk over nice and slow. The clip of my heels on the tiled floor cuts through the background noise of the bar and I keep a steady beat, unbuttoning my coat as I walk.

Once within a few feet, I shrug the coat off my shoulders and open it wide at the hip, revealing my tight little black dress, low cut and short enough that you know that my bare ass would touch the seat if I sat down. I turn smoothly in a full circle, as if allowing you to admire the view. An elaborate show so that you can see that I don’t have a pistol hidden anywhere. Meaningless of course, because the theatrical sweep is careful to conceal the strap into the lining at the back of the coat, but you smile and I know you don’t know.

I hook the coat on the back of a chair and fish in the pocket for a few banknotes to buy some drinks. Shots of vodka and bottles of beer. You tell me about your day and I mostly just listen. We pretend we’re looking round the bar while we talk, but I’m pretty sure we’re really just watching each other.

When you finish your beer you say you’re going to the bathroom, and you give me a bright little smile that makes your eyes shine. I know you’re thinking of getting your hands on me. I let you walk ahead while I finish my beer then I make my way over to the ladies bathroom.

The floors are shiny with black marble tiles and the taps over the wash basins are polished and golden. I’m barely in for a second before you grab me and drag me into one of the three stalls. You bolt the door behind Casibom us and then lean back on it. We stand and face each other in the close confines of the cubicle. I can see you’re a little nervous but excited at the same time. I watch you without moving. I know what you want, you dragged me in here, and you’re going to have to follow that up with something.

“Turn around.”

I keep my eye on your for a moment, judging your confidence. You don’t flinch; you don’t repeat yourself; you just wait. I turn slowly and face the back wall. Now that I can’t see you my imagination starts running wild. I wonder what you’re doing. I wonder if you might touch me. I hear your feet move on the marble tiles. I’m sure you’re up so close behind me I expect to feel it, but you don’t touch. I enjoy the tension, the anticipation. I’m sure you want to touch me. I wonder if you’re waiting because you’re nervous or just because you like to keep me in suspense. I want you to touch me. I’m half tempted to say it, but this is your lead, so I just wait.

“Put your hands on the wall.”

I lean forward and put my hands on the wall, the tiles there are smooth and cold. My ass feels dangerously exposed and I arch my back slightly, tempting you to touch. But you don’t. I hear your shoes on the tiles again as you move slightly. Then you deftly pick up the material of the hem of my dress and pull it right up, leaving it hanging from my waist. I can feel the cool air on my ass and the lower part of my back. I know that all that’s between you and me now is the thin little black strip of my panties. I find myself hoping you pull them off me before I get them too wet to wear.

As if hearing my thoughts you hook your nails into the panties at the hips and pull them down. My legs are parted enough that they only get halfway down my thighs before they pull tight. I arch my back further, pushing my ass out towards you. I want you to touch. I want your fingers on me. I want your mouth on me. Anything. I just want you touching me. My naked pussy is right in front of you and I can hear you breathing.

I wonder if you’re touching yourself. The thought makes me even hornier. I imagine you are standing behind me with your hand up under your skirt, rubbing your finger on Casibom Giriş your panties while you watch me all exposed in front of you.

Then you touch me. Your hand cups up between my legs with a firm confidence that makes me gasp. At once you press your finger into me and I push back against your hand. You are ruthless. You push straight in deep as far as your finger will reach and I find my breath catches in my throat and I can’t even cry out. Then you’re fucking me with your hand, two fingers thrust in and out so quick I can feel my heels skimming on the marble floor. I lower my head and push my arms against the wall, curling my toes in my shoes and just hoping I don’t fall.

The main door opens and the sound from the bar floods into the bathroom. You pause, listening, your fingers still inside me. Someone else enters, her shoes clicking across the floor and I hear the door swing shut behind her. I wiggle my ass, pushing slightly against your fingers and whisper.

“Don’t stop.”

You start moving your hand again, slowly at first. The other woman moves into the stall next to ours and I hear the latch slide closed on the door. Your fingers are speeding up, pushing hard again. I bite my lip and keep my moans in my throat. I can hear other woman pissing. She must be sitting with her panties round her ankles just a few inches from us.

You shove me harder, fucking me roughly so that your hand slaps my ass with each thrust. My legs are trembling and I can hear my heels tapping irregularly on the floor like some tin drummer having an epileptic fit. I lean further forward, my forearms resting vertically on the wall, my elbows banging against the tiles. I can’t help but let out a little noise. I thought it would be a moan but it turned out more like a growl once it escaped my throat.

The girl next door must be able to hear us. I wonder if she realizes that I’m being fucked by a girl or if in her imagination there’s a man loose in the ladies bathroom. At least she’s stopped pissing. I think she’s just sitting there listening.

You push your thumb between the cheeks of my ass and rock hard against me like you’re trying to lift me off my feet using my pussy as a handhold. You put your other hand right under, your palm Casibom Yeni Giriş on my clit and your fingers hooking up towards my stomach. I want to cum. I want it so bad that I can’t even form the words to tell you. My hands are grabbing uselessly against the wall and my legs are shaking. I think I might fall. I might just topple down against the toilet. Would you lean down and continue to fuck me if I fell? I can’t take the risk, I want to cum so bad.

She’s still listening to us. I’d give her something to listen to if I could find my voice. Instead I just twitch against you. You rub me hard with one hand while you penetrate me with the other. I want to taste your pussy. I want my mouth on you. I want my hands on your breasts, between your legs. I want my finger up your ass. Mostly I just want to cum.

I want to take a hand off the wall so I can grab my breasts and press them hard against my ribs. I want your fingers round my throat. I want to scream bloody murder and spit between my teeth. I want to shove myself so hard against your hand that I sprain your wrist.

The orgasm hits me like an atom bomb; a deep hot glow that spreads and almost at once consumes my whole body in flame. I feel like a shell of tender skin around a fireball that threatens to consume me. You must feel me cum because you stop thrusting and press your hand firmly against me, holding it steady while I burn.

My legs are so shaky that I have to remain leaning on the wall even after you withdraw you hand. After a few moments of catching my balance I manage to stand up. My dress falls back down to my thighs. I can feel my cheeks and throat flushed and sweet and I’m sure that I’ll be glowing cherry red.

I turn to face you and you press your wet fingers against my lips. I kiss them and take them into my mouth. I can taste my own pussy on your fingers. My breath is still unsteady, my lips tremble against your hand. You lick your lips and smile. I want to kiss you but I don’t trust myself to move just yet.

The lady in the stall next door flushes and makes her way quickly to the wash basins. I grin.

“I reckon you fucked me so good that you got her off too.”

You grin back like you know you did.

Once the other lady has left you unlock the door and go to wash your hands. I stay in the stall and clean myself up a bit before pulling my panties up. I go out to the wash basin and I splash a little water on my face and fix my hair. Then I straighten my dress and follow you back out into the bar.

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