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Erica Meets Her Neighbour

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Note: This is story no.9 in the Erica series. It begins with ‘Erica’s First Striptease’. Then ‘Erica’s First Night at the Club’. Then ‘Erica Needs Her Daddy’. Then ‘Erica Does Some Modeling’. Then ‘Erica’s First Date’ and then ‘Erica and the Private Detective’. Then ‘Erica’s Daddy Tells her the Truth’. And then ‘Erica Steals Some Panties’. This story is the next one in the series, hope u enjoy it!!!


Erica thought that the panties she had stolen from the shop — the ones the store detective had allowed her to keep — were the prettiest panties she had ever seen.

But she knew she wouldn’t ever be brave enough to steal any more. Not even in the way the store detective had suggested.

She sat on her bed in a short pink summer dress, wondering what to do.

With only one pair of panties to wear.

Tiny little black lace panties.

She had put them on the bed beside her. All crumpled and wet from being inside her pussy.

“I’d better wash them,” she said at last, “otherwise I’ll have nothing to wear when I go out and look for work!”

She picked them up and went out of her bedroom. The laundry was at the back of the house. Erica ran some warm water into the sink and added some washing fluid, watching the bubbles form on the surface. Then she put her panties into the soapy water and began to wash them.

When she had finished, she rinsed them out and stepped outside. It was a windy day and the hem of her short dress fluttered around the tops of her bare thighs. She went over to the washing line in the back garden and stood on her tiptoes, reaching up to take hold of a peg.

“Oh…ohhh!” she cried, as a gust of wind lifted her short dress right up over her perfect little bare bottom.

Erica tried to push her dress down, but she couldn’t do that and hang her panties up on the washing line at the same time.

“I…I hope no one is looking…” she said to herself, as she let her dress go and took hold of the peg. “Oh, I do wish I had some more panties to wear!”

But someone WAS looking.

Her neighbour.

Mr Wood.

He was staring at the young girl through a hole in the fence.

He could see everything. Her gloriously round ass cheeks. Her thighs. And — as she turned to hang her tiny panties on the washing line — the smooth shaven V of her teenage pussy.

His cock was already in his hand.

And as he watched the girl, he began to work his hand quickly up and down the swollen shaft…


Erica went inside the house, smoothing her short dress down over her pussy and thighs.

“I can’t go out until my panties are dry…” she said to herself. “But there’s nothing to eat in the house…and…and I’ve got no money left…nothing at all! What shall I do?”

She suddenly remembered the elderly man who lived next door.

He always seemed so friendly.

Mr…what was his name? Mr…Mr Wood.

Yes. Mr Wood.

“Maybe if I ask nicely,” she said, “he’ll give me something to eat…”

She went to the bathroom and brushed her hair and smoothed down her dress. Then she picked up the house keys and went outside, locking the door behind her.

She walked out the front gate and went over to the neighbour’s driveway. It was still windy and she held down her dress as she went up to the front door…

…and rang the bell.

After a moment, the door opened.

An elderly man stood there. In his dressing gown.

“M-Mr Wood?” Erica said, trying to smile sweetly.

“Yes…yes, my dear…” he said, staring at the girl.

He could hardly believe it. The beautiful girl he had been watching for so long.

“I…I’m Erica…from next door…” she said. “I…I haven’t got anything in the house to eat and…and…um…I’ve lost my purse and I don’t have any money. I wondered if…if you could help me…”

Mr Wood smiled to himself. He looked at the girl.

She was beautiful.

And her dress…so tight…and short…the flimsy fabric hugging the curves and swells of her soft young body.

“Ah…yes…yes…of course, my dear!” he said, after a moment. “Come in…you must be starving!”

He ushered the girl in, closing the door behind her, and led her into the kitchen.

“Perhaps you would like some tea?” he asked.

“Um…oh…yes, please…” Erica said. “Can I make it?”

Mr Wood smiled.

“The kettle has just boiled, my dear,” he said. “I’ll make it while you get my special tea cups…it’s a special occasion…they’re on the top of the cupboard…up there!”

Erica looked up and saw two blue patterned tea cups on the top of a large cupboard. There was a small stepladder beside the cupboard, so as Mr Wood prepared the tea she pulled it over and climbed onto it.

There were three Beylikdüzü Zenci Escort small steps on the ladder. But when Erica stood on the top she had to reach right up to get hold of the cups.

And as she did so, her short little dress lifted right up over her bare bottom.

Mr Wood stood behind her and admired the lovely sight.

Her perfect thighs and her gloriously round ass cheeks.

And in between her legs…the soft pink lips of the underside of her pussy…and the tiniest glimpse of her puckered asshole…

Erica reached up and took hold of the tiny handle of one of the tea cups.

“Shall I pass it down to you?” she asked, looking back at Mr Wood.

“Y-yes…sure, baby…” he said, stepping closer.

She passed the tea cup down to him and he took it and put it on the table. Then he stood beside her again as she reached up to the second tea cup.

Suddenly the stepladder moved…just a little…

“Oh…ohhh!” Erica cried, trying to keep her balance as she reached up to the top of the cupboard and tried to take hold of the tea cup.

“Let me help you, my dear…” said Mr Wood, eagerly.

He got behind her and pushed the back of her dress up around her waist, holding her tight.

Her bare ass cheeks were just inches away from his face.

“Oh…ohhhhh…” Erica gasped, still trying to regain her balance on the rickety stepladder. “Oh…my dress…please…I’m not wearing any panties…”

She felt Mr Wood’s hands around her waist, pulling her back against him…

“So fucking pretty…no panties on…so fucking hot!” he cried, as he held her close.

Erica bit her lower lip. She could feel his hands on her…around her waist…his fingers slipping behind her…touching the soft flesh of her round young ass cheeks…

…as she took hold of the tea cup…reaching up as high as she could…her fingers slipping through the tiny handle.

“Oh…ohhhhh…please!” she cried, suddenly losing her balance.

The tea cup fell out of her hand and smashed into pieces against the kitchen floor.

And she fell back against Mr Wood, her bare ass cheeks pushing against his face.

“You little slut…you’ve broken my best cup!” he said, angrily pushing her forwards…against the cupboard door.

“I…I didn’t mean to, honestly!” she cried. “It slipped out of my hand!”

But Mr Wood was busily pulling the back of her short dress up high around her waist, feasting his wicked eyes on her glorious young ass cheeks.

So round and perfect and naked.

He gave a little cry and pushed his face against them…burying his nose and mouth and chin in the smooth crevice in between the two luscious globes.

“Oh…ohhhhh…no…please…no!” Erica cried, her body pressed close against the hard wooden cupboard.

She struggled and tried to step down from the ladder, but Mr Wood held her tight against the cupboard door…smothering her ass cheeks with kisses…his mouth finding the tight little opening of her pink asshole…his tongue already exploring the tender love slit as his hands slipped around the front of her thighs…his fingers touching the smooth flesh of her shaven pussy mound…her cunt slit…her soft, tender love petals.

“Oh…please…d-don’t do that, Mr Wood!” Erica gasped. “I’m sorry I broke your tea cup, honest I am!”

But Mr Wood took no notice. His fingers slipped in between her legs and he began to finger her pussy lips…teasing them…peeling them open…spreading them apart as he explored the opening of her tight asshole with his tongue.

“Oh…please…no…not there!” Erica gasped, as she felt the puckered ring of her asshole swell and open…the tip of his tongue suddenly sliding inside her…

“Mmmnnnn…mnnnnnnnn…” he groaned, pushing his tongue into the tight little passage of her teenage asshole. “Mmmnnn…oh fuck…mmmnnnn…so good…mmnnnnn…mnnnnnnn!”

Erica whimpered softly, unable to stop herself from pushing her bare ass cheeks back against his face…her hand slipping down between her legs to touch his fingers.

“P-please…” she moaned, already gasping for breath. “Oh…please…no…oh…ohhhh…my asshole…please…don’t eat my asshole like that, Mr Wood…please don’t eat my asshole!”

She touched his hand in between her legs…her fingers brushing against the wet cunt petals…taking them from Mr Wood’s hand…holding them apart for him…his fingers already sliding inside her…two fingers…pushing up into her wet fuckhole…

“Oh…ohhhh…please…” she gasped, unable to control herself. “Oh…my cunt…my cunt and ass…oh please…no…please don’t finger-fuck my hot pussy…please…oh…oh…ohhh…my asshole…oh fuck…your tongue…inside Beylikdüzü Manken Escort me…and your fingers…oh…oh please…faster…oh…oh please…finger-fuck me…please…ohhhh…my cunt and ass…oh fuck…fuck…my cunt…my cunt and asshole…I’m going to cumm…oh…oh please…oh…oh…ohhh…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

She gave a tiny cry and pushed herself back against Mr Wood’s face, her pussy suddenly swelling and contracting as she climaxed…

…her cunt squeezing Mr Wood’s fingers tightly…

…her juices oozing out of her pussy and trickling down over his hand…

Mr Wood groaned and eased his tongue out of Erica’s hot little asshole.

The pretty puckered slit glistened wetly. It formed a tiny O for just a moment, and he could see the cherry-pink insides of her anal passage…

…and then it closed up.

“You naughty girl…” he said, his fingers still inside the girl’s cunt, wet and slippery and hot. “You come to my house without any panties on…and ask me to help you…and then you go and break my best tea cup! You little slut!”

Erica felt the tears well up in her eyes.

“I…I’m not a slut, Mr Wood…honest I’m not!” she said, whimpering softly now as she felt her pussy mouth contract tightly around his two fingers. “I…ohhh…I don’t have any panties to wear…and…and I’m hungry and…and I didn’t mean to break your best tea cup, honestly!”

Mr Wood smiled to himself.

If he played the part properly, she would probably do anything he wanted.

“I’m very upset…my best china…broken…” he said, slowly easing his fingers out of Erica’s tight little teenage cunt. “It was so…so expensive. How will I ever replace it?”

Erica turned to look at him.

“P-please…I…I don’t have any money…” she said. “I don’t even have enough money to buy panties…”

Mr Wood stepped back and looked at the girl.

Her dress was still crumpled around her pretty waist.

“Doesn’t your Daddy buy you panties, my dear?” he asked. “I mean…doesn’t he look after you?”

Erica gave a tiny cry…

…and then burst into tears.

“He…my…my Daddy…he’s gone!” she cried. “And I haven’t got any money…and no food…and only one pair of panties to wear, which are hanging out to dry on the washing line! And now I’ve broken your best tea cup and it was probably worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Oh, Mr Wood, what am I going to do?”

She stepped down from the stepladder and turn to face him, the tears running down her lovely cheeks.

“There, there…” said Mr Wood, taking her hand and drawing her against him. “I’m sure we’ll work something out, my dear…”

He put his arms around her and hugged her close, letting her sob for a little while against his shoulder.

And as she did so, he moved his hands down over her back to the curve of her ass cheeks. He caressed them and squeezed them and then raised one hand and slapped each of them lightly, making her whimper. Then he reached up and lifted the thin straps of her dress down over her pretty shoulders.

“If you’re a good girl,” he said, “then maybe I can help you. Maybe you won’t have to replace my tea cup at all. And maybe I’ll even give you some money…so you can buy all the food you need…and all the panties you want”. He lifted Erica’s chin with his fingers and looked down at her. “Are you going to be a good girl for me?”

Erica lowered her pretty eyes.

“Y-yes…” she said, in a tiny voice.

Mr Wood smiled wickedly.

He leant forward and kissed Erica’s forehead.

“Say it…” he told her. “Say it for me…”

Erica stepped back and let the straps of her dress fall off her shoulders.

“I…I’m going to be a good girl for you…” she said, softly.

“And what do good girls do, my dear…eh?” he asked, leaning back against the kitchen table.

Erica bit her lower lip. His dressing gown had fallen open at the front…

…and his cock was exposed to view, thrusting up into the air…thick and swollen and fully erect.

“E-everything…” she said, lowering her lovely eyes.

And as Mr Wood watched her, she reached up and lifted the front of her flimsy dress down…

…to reveal her beautiful teenage breasts…

…firm and round and ripe…

…with the sweetest little nipples that visibly stiffened and swelled like two pretty pink rosebuds.

Erica pushed her dress down to her waist and then took hold of the flimsy garment and quickly pulled it down over the V of her hairless little pussy mound…

…and down past her thighs…

…stripping it off in front of Mr Wood and stepping out of it.

In a few moments she was naked.

Mr Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort Wood stared at her. He could hardly believe his luck. Here was the girl he had spied on for so long, alone with him in his house…and completely naked!

“Come and suck me off…” he said. “And call me sir!”

“Y-yes, sir…” Erica said.

She knew she had to do as she was told.

So she stepped up to him and knelt down in front of him, obediently.

His cock thrust up into the air, just inches away from her pretty face.

Erica looked up at him, the tears welling up in her eyes.

“Suck me off…” he repeated, grabbing hold of her hair. He pushed her face against the underside of his cock and his swollen balls. “Suck me off!”

“Y-yes, sir…yes…” Erica said, suddenly becoming frightened.

She kissed the underside of his rigid shaft and licked it with her tongue. Then she reached up and curled her fingers around the thick cock, squeezing it and then working her up and down the swollen organ for a few moments…

…before lifting the thick cockhead up to her luscious young mouth.

“Yes…yes…suck me…suck me off!” Mr Wood cried, looking down at the girl.

Erica opened her rosy lips and pressed them around his cockhead, sucking it into her mouth and licking it with the tip of her tongue. She began to masturbate the base of his shaft with her hand, feeling his penis swell with excitement…

…her lips sliding down the thickness of his shaft now…her mouth sucking the cockhead…

…the precumm already oozing out over her tongue, hot and salty…as she pushed her lips down over his cock, taking it deeper into her mouth…deeper…

…her hand slipping away from the base of his shaft to caress his balls as she sucked him…

…her lips pushing down over the length of his penis…her tongue licking around the thickness of his shaft now as his cockhead touched against the back of her throat…

“Yes…yes…you little slut!” Mr Wood cried, breathless with excitement. “Suck it all…take it all in your fucking mouth!”

Erica cupped her hand under his balls and held her mouth down around the base of his cock for a moment…pressing her lips tightly around his shaft…sucking him…tasting him…

…and then, with a little gasp, she lifted her mouth up…sliding up the length of his cock…almost to the glistening cockhead…and then down again…moving her mouth up and down…up and down…sucking his cock and licking it with her pretty tongue…up and down…faster…and faster…

“Oh…oh fuck…you little slut…you fucking slut…you cunt…you cunt!” Mr Wood gasped, as his cock began to jerk and throb excitedly. “You cunt…you cunt…oh…oh fuck…I’m going to cumm…I…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

He grabbed Erica’s hair again and pulled her back…his cock slipping out of her mouth…slippery and glistening…visibly jerking in front of her lovely face.

“I’m cumming…oh fuck…I’m cumming!” he cried…

…as a creamy ribbon of spunk suddenly spurted into the air…splashing over Erica’s eyes and forehead…

“Oh…oh!” she gasped, as his cock jerked again and more semen spurted out, splattering over her lips and chin.

She looked up at him as the semen pumped out of his cock, milky and hot…spurting into the air and splashing against her face…more and more…as if it seemed like it wouldn’t stop…

…her face coated with sticky spunk…

…the semen dripping down onto her bare breasts and nipples…trickling down her cheeks and chin…

“Oh fuck…” he cried, taking his cock in his hand at last. “Suck it…suck the rest of my spunk…”

He pushed his shaft against Erica’s mouth…and she opened her lips and let him push it inside…

…sucking the last globules of semen as they pulsed out of his swollen cockhead…

…licking his shaft as it softened in her mouth…

…the semen sliding down her throat…


“Oh…oh…mmmnnnn…oh…oh…sir…” she whimpered, as his cock finally slipped out from between her glistening lips. “Oh…I…I’m covered in semen…it’s…all over my face, sir…”

She had never seen so much spunk before.

Mr Wood looked down at the girl.

His semen was dripping off her face and chin, splashing onto her breasts and tummy below.

Thick and creamy.

“You’ve been a very good girl, haven’t you?” he said, leaning back against the kitchen table and pulling his dressing down around him. “Go and get your dress and wipe the spunk off your pretty face. And then sit down with me…here…”

“O-okay…” Erica said.

She slowly got to her feet and went over and picked up her flimsy dress. Mr Wood watched her as she lifted it to her face and breasts and gingerly began to wipe up the semen…

He felt sorry for the girl.

But she was a slut, wasn’t she? A cunt.

Maybe he could help her.

In his own way.

He didn’t want to let her go.

No. She mustn’t leave.

His mind started to race. With plans. For Erica.

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