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Amy’s New Apartment Pt. 01

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Chapter One

Amy dropped the carton of books onto the bedroom floor and wiped her brow. Moving into the new apartment had been a slow process with only her flatmate Laura to help. She brushed back the dark brown hair that had escaped from her ponytail and surveyed the host of boxes before her.

Laura appeared at her door looking just as weary. She was a pretty young woman, with shoulder-length dark hair, not unlike that of Amy herself. Her soft brown eyes twinkled as she smiled at her friend and said “Well, that’s everything unpacked from the van. Why don’t we sort this lot out tomorrow and treat ourselves? There’s a nice Italian restaurant at the end of the street and I think that we deserve a few glasses of wine.”

Amy nodded her agreement. “You freshen up first and I’ll unpack a few clothes.”

Amy soon heard Laura singing along to the radio as she washed away the dust and grime of the house move. She opened a large suitcase which contained her best clothes and selected a new dress. It was cornflower blue, matching the striking colour of her eyes. She’d bought it recently, but hadn’t had the opportunity to wear yet. She laid it out on the bed and now that Laura had finished her shower, headed to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, she returned to her bedroom, pink and scrubbed. Brushing her hair as she dried it, she sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the long mirror which the previous tenant had left in her bedroom. She admired her oval face with its symmetrical features. Her full lips and small nose were pretty, but it was generally accepted that her beautiful eyes with their long dark lashes were her best feature.

She finished her coiffure by using hot irons to straighten out the unruly, thick hair into a style which pleasingly framed her face. Amy didn’t use a great deal of make-up. At twenty-three, she didn’t need much in the way of artificial enhancement. She applied a little foundation and blusher followed by some mascara and eye-shadow. She finished with a smear of conservatively coloured lipstick before fastening a delicate silver necklace around her neck.

As she stood up, her towel dropped to the floor and she paused in front of the mirror to admire her youthful figure. Her small frame only reached the height of five foot, three inches and would be described by most observers as curvaceous.

She turned to the side, first one way and then the other, surveying her form. Her rounded buttocks were pink and flushed from sitting on the floor for the last twenty minutes. The delicate line of her stomach ended in the dark triangle of her pubis. She put both hands on her hips and moved them slowly upwards to embrace the narrowness of her waist. Her breasts were a generous size 34D, but still retained the pertness of youth. She moved a hand upwards to squeeze her right breast, running her fingers lightly over the large, pale nipple.

Laura called from the hallway. “Are you ready yet, Amy? My cousin Katie rang and we’re meeting her in ten minutes.”

“I won’t be long,” Amy called, snapped suddenly out of her reverie. She quickly selected a pair of black, lace edged panties from the box of underwear that she’d started to unpack. She had no time to search for a clean bra and so just pulled the new dress over her head.

The sleeveless dress was snug and followed the curves of her figure. It was also lower cut at the front than she remembered, revealing a generous portion of cleavage, perhaps a little more than she was accustomed to. However, there was no time to change as they were running late. She slipped on flat shoes for comfort, grabbed her handbag and met Laura at the door.

“You look nice,” commented Laura. She was wearing a colourful floral skirt and a fitted white blouse. Her dark hair was scrapped back with an Alice band holding it in place.

“You’ll like my cousin Katie,” she gushed as they walked quickly along the street to the restaurant. “She’s good fun. She’s a student, in her final year at college”

“So, she’s about twenty or twenty-one?”

“Just turned twenty-one last month,” nodded Laura.

The restaurant was pleasant, the tables were lit by candlelight and unobtrusive Mediterranean music played in the background. A tall blonde girl stood near the bar with a glass of red wine in her hand. As the girls entered, she turned, smiled and waved, and was soon hugging her cousin Laura. She smiled at Amy before kissing her lightly on each cheek.

Katie was dressed in skinny jeans, with a tight pale blue top which revealed her toned midriff whenever she moved or stretched. At five foot ten, plus heels, she towered over the other girls. Her figure was boyish and athletic, with slim hips and small breasts. Her long blonde hair was coiled into a thick plait which rested over her right shoulder.

The girls were soon chatting and laughing and the wine flowed freely throughout the evening. Amy wasn’t sure, but she occasionally caught Katie stealing a glance at her. At one point, Katie reached over her to grab the last slice of garlic bread, brushing Pendik Türbanlı Escort Amy’s right breast with the back of her hand. It had felt almost like a deliberate act. Perhaps it was just the wine and her imagination running riot.

It was late in the evening when they finally left the restaurant and Laura asked Katie if she’d like to crash at their new apartment, as she’d missed her last train home. She enthusiastically agreed and they walked the short distance to their new home.

“Would you link arms with me?” Katie asked Amy. “I’m struggling a bit in these heels.” The two girls walked arm in arm and when Katie predictably stumbled due to effects of too much alcohol, she put her arm around Amy’s waist for support. Amy found that she didn’t much mind when Katie left it there afterwards.

Back in the apartment, the girls talked until long after midnight.

“Well, I just can’t keep my eyes open any longer”, yawned Laura. “Would you mind if I left you two girls to burn the midnight oil? I have to go into work tomorrow, or should I say today!”

“No problem,” said Katie. “I’m going to crash myself in a minute.”

“Okay, I guess I won’t see you in the morning. There’s a spare duvet and pillows in Amy’s room. Sleep tight!”

As Laura’s bedroom door softly shut, Amy smiled shyly at Katie “Come on, I’ll sort you out. The couch is pretty comfortable. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“I don’t have any PJs,” exclaimed Katie.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find something for you. Come to my bedroom.” Amy was soon rummaging in her boxes of clothes trying to find something for Katie to wear.

“Is a nightshirt okay?”

“I don’t mind” replied Katie.

Amy dug out a long T-shirt like garment and turned to find Katie undressing without a shred of embarrassment. She unclipped her bra revealing small, rounded breasts with dark pink nipples and then wiggled out of her panties. Amy’s eyes widened at the sight of her completely shaved pussy.

Katie swiftly pulled the nightshirt over her head and glanced to the large king sized bed that Amy had in her room.

“I don’t suppose you’d let me bunk up with you? Sure looks more comfortable than the couch.”

Amy was hesitant after Katie’s unselfconscious display of nudity, but nodded her head in agreement.

Katie dived under the covers, emerging on her back with her arms folded behind her head. She could sense Amy’s hesitancy. “Don’t mind me, we’re both girls here. You go ahead and get undressed.”

Amy was torn between shyness and a compelling urge to show her body to a girl she’d only just met. She reached behind her head for the zipper of her dress, but the first tug caught on her hair.

“Ouch!” she squealed, with a sharp intake of breath.

“Here, let me do it,” offered Katie, springing out of bed to her assistance.

Katie deftly untangled the strand of hair from the metal and quickly pulled the zipper down. Before Amy could stop her, Katie had tugged the dress over her hips. As Katie’s braided hair brushed her back, Amy gave a little shiver as it touched her spine.

“Are you ticklish?” Katie giggled. She reached out her hands and tried to tickle Amy under the arms. Amy shrieked in surprise and tried to squirm out of her reach. However, Katie was too quick for her and her hands darted in again. Amy let out another yelp as Katie found her target.

“Shh!” hushed Katie. “We don’t want to wake Laura.”

The two girls pirouetted around the bedroom, trying to suppress their giggles. Amy used one arm to cover her breasts in an attempt to preserve her modesty, whilst fending the younger girl off with the other. Meanwhile, Katie looked for every opportunity to get past her defences.

Katie grabbed Amy around the waist and turned her. Finding herself off balance, Amy’s only alternative was to fall on the bed with the blonde girl on top of her. This seemed to catch both girls by surprise and they paused for breath.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, before Katie lowered her head, closed her eyes, and tenderly kissed Amy full on the lips. After a moment of surprise, Amy greedily returned the kiss, this time full of passion.

Amy put her arms behind her head, submitting herself to the younger woman. Her breasts were two heaving mounds, the areolae puckered as her nipples grew prominently from arousal.

Katie straddled her conquest, sitting above her. She was now completely in control of the situation. No words were exchanged as she reached out her hands out and began to gently knead Amy’s breasts. Amy closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure.

Katie adjusted her position, moving down to Amy’s knees. She pulled her nightshirt over her head to reveal her lithe body before hooking her fingers into the side of Amy’s panties to pull them down. Amy lifted her hips to help make it easier for her.

“Wow, you have an impressive bush,” exclaimed Katie, running her hand through the dark triangle of Amy’s pubes. “I think that’ll have to go, if you ever want me to go down there.”

Amy Pendik Otele Gelen Escort groaned with delight as Katie stroked her pubis, slipping two fingers into her vagina. “You like being dominated don’t you?” she teased. “Is this what you let your boyfriends do to you?”

Amy flushed with embarrassment and looked shyly at the other girl. “Actually, this is my first time,” she admitted.

“You mean, with a woman?”

“No, no. I’m a virgin,” confessed Amy.

“Oh honey, that’s fine”, Katie cooed with reassurance. “I’ll take care of everything. Just you lie back and enjoy.”

Katie’s kissed her tenderly again before moving her focus onto sucking on her nipples. Her hand went down and started to gently massage Amy’s pussy. She gasped in delight and lifted her pelvis to greet her lover’s touch. As Katie slowly increased the speed and pressure, the wetness of Amy’s vagina helped to lubricate the circular motion of Katie’s fingers. She felt the pea like hardness of Amy’s clitoris and teased it with her thumb. This proved too much for Amy; her hips bucked and then stiffened as the orgasm overwhelmed her senses.

Katie snuggled in next to her, kissing her gently and stroking her hair until they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

The next thing Amy remembered was waking up on Sunday morning, the front door banging shut as Laura left the apartment. The blonde girl was now curled up behind her and Amy could feel Katie’s erect nipples prodding into the back.

They sleepily embraced, before waking and taking a shower together. Amy was a compliant subject, allowing the younger woman to first wash her hair before submitting to her soapy caresses as Katie thoroughly cleansed every inch of her body. Later, she would close her eyes and replay the scene of Katie gently soaping her breasts and buttocks and patting her dry with a soft, fluffy towel.

“Can you stay for lunch?” asked Amy.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey,” Katie apologised. “I promised to go to my parents for lunch today.”

Amy couldn’t suppress the disappointment on her face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see you soon. How about next Sunday? I can come for the whole day.”

“Yes,” Amy agreed eagerly. “Laura’s at work. We’ll have the place to ourselves for the whole day.

Katie’s smiled and her departing action was to leave Amy with a long, lingering kiss.

Amy could hardly wait for next weekend.

Chapter Two

Amy had almost finished showering when the doorbell rang. She quickly turned off the water and pulled the shower curtain to one side, metal rings clattering against the pole. The doorbell rang again, this time more insistently.

Hopping out of the tub, she enveloped herself in a towel and ran down the hallway, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her.

Peeking round the door, she saw a pretty blonde girl smiling inquisitively through the gap. She opened the door just wide enough for Katie to slip into the apartment, one arm holding the towel loosely around her body.

“You’re early,” gasped Amy, still breathily heavily from her dash from the bathroom.

“Not that early!” exclaimed Katie. “Anyway, you’re a real slut if you can’t get up before eleven.”

Seeing her hurt expression, Katie reached a hand up to stroke Amy’s face and then slowly moved closer, kissing her tenderly on the lips. Amy let the towel drop, standing naked and vulnerable in front of her new lover.

“Make me a cup of coffee,” Katie whispered into her ear.

Amy reached for the towel on the floor, but Katie quickly picked it up and said playfully, “No, I don’t think so! You’ll stay naked until I say so.”

The nude girl stood in the kitchen by the gurgling coffee machine with her clothed friend sitting at the small table. She felt incredibly turned on by being submissive to her new lover.

Katie then told Amy to sit down on the other chair. She left the room, returning with a hair dryer and brush, before proceeding to blow dry Amy’s hair whilst she finished her coffee.

“To the bedroom,” Katie demanded, when she’d finished.

Amy stood up and led Katie by the hand to her room. She noticed that Katie had brought a small holdall with her, which now sat on the hallway floor. Noticing her gaze, Katie smiled. “Just a few things to make today fun. You’ll see soon enough, but first I want you to lie on the bed and put your hands behind your head.”

Amy obeyed, raising her arms behind her to grip the wooden slats of the headboard.

Katie produced some cord from her bag and proceeded to tie both of Amy’s hands to the bedposts.

“Spread your legs, “she commanded.

Amy raised her knees and widened her legs, giving Katie a full access to her vulva.

Katie took an eye mask from her bag and fastened it round Amy’s head. She couldn’t see a thing and could only anticipate with eagerness what was going to happen next.

A low humming noise came to her ears as Katie said “Now, don’t move. This won’t hurt, but if you flinch, I might accidentally cut you.”

Amy Pendik Ucuz Escort now realised the sound was that of an electric razor. She felt the pressure of Katie’s hand on her lower stomach and the rasping sound of her pubic hair being shorn off.

After a short while, the sound was replaced by the snipping of a pair of scissors as Katie tidied up the loose strands she had missed.

“Okay, now I’m going to get you real smooth,” purred Katie. “Just wait a minute; I need to get some water for this bit”.

Amy heard the distant sound of running water and then returning footsteps. She gasped as the cold shaving cream was applied, even though she had anticipated it. The slow scraping of her skin that followed was actually quite pleasant. Katie was a considerate groomer.

After shaving her frontal area, Amy felt her labia being stretched and teased in every direction as Katie shaved off every scrap of pubic hair. Even her anus wasn’t spared by Katie’s deft razor work.

She felt the younger woman pat her dry, gently removing all the moisture from the folds of her pussy. Katie then untied her hands and told her to stand up.

“Don’t remove it yet,” Katie warned as Amy put her hands up towards her eyes. Katie guided her to the full length mirror at the end of the bedroom.

“Now, what do you think?” questioned Katie as she removed the mask.

Amy looked at her reflection in the looking glass. Her pussy was slightly pink from the depilation but perfectly bare, revealing the cleft of her gender. She moved her hand down and purred “Oh, it’s so soft and smooth”.

Katie’s opened a clenched fist in front of her face to reveal a small ball of dark hair. “That’s your pubic hair! Well, at least it was your pubic hair,” she laughed. “I think I’ll keep it as a little memento.”

Amy thought the little tumbleweed of hair resting on Katie’s palm looking surprisingly small. She stroked her pussy once again, revelling in the softness of her freshly shaved lips.

“Now, seeing as you’ve been a good girl, I don’t see why you shouldn’t have a bit of a reward. Back onto the bed, lie down and relax while I undress.”

Katie stripped, revealing her supple, athletic figure and crawled onto the end of the bed. She moved her hands slowly up Amy’s body. When she reached her knees, she gently prised her legs open, caressing her thighs before lightly brushing her hand over Amy’s pussy. A moan of pleasure escaped Amy at her lover’s touch.

The blonde’s head followed her hands, kissing Amy’s flesh inch by inch until her mouth found her pussy. Slowly, she licked her now engorged labia, darting her tongue between the fleshly guardians to explore the inner warmth of her vagina.

Amy could not contain a loud gasp as Katie’s mouth locked onto her clitoris. Katie sucked and tongued her partner until Amy exploded into the longest and most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

“Good girl,” Katie said. “But we’re not finished yet. Turn around and get on all fours.”

Amy obeyed, her clitoris still tingling as she got to her knees and provocatively displayed her freshly shaved pussy from the rear.

Katie covered her eyes with the mask and again tied Amy’s wrists to the bed.

“Put your arms down and your head on the pillow,” she ordered.

Amy then heard rustling as Katie dived into her bag for another toy to use on her. She gave a sharp intake of breadth as an object of some girth was eased into the first two inches of her vagina. Katie slowly pushed the object further until all nine inches of the vibrator filled her partner. Amy felt like her pussy was being split into two.

Katie than pressed a small button on the small section of the toy that protruded between Amy’s lips. Amy let out a moan of pleasure as the vibrator’s soft murmuring core gave out wave after wave of pleasurable sensations. She felt Katie’s hand grab her buttocks, moving slowly up to her waist, before curving round to her cup her heavy breasts.

Katie massaged her tits as the vibrator sent her into frenzy. Although she’d climaxed only twenty minutes ago, another huge orgasm filled her senses and this time she blacked out from the sheer magnitude of it, flopping onto the bed like a ragdoll.

She came too moments later, opening her eyes to a concerned looking Katie.

“You okay, honey? I was a little worried when you fainted on me. You’ve only been out a few seconds.”

Amy was now lying on her back. She glanced to one side and saw a large, black vibrator sitting on the bedside table. It was shaped like a penis and still glistened from a mixture of lubricant and her vaginal juices. Her pussy tingled with soreness and pleasure.

Katie lay down next to her and stroked her hair and they lay there, in and out of sleep, well into the afternoon. Occasionally, they would sleepily make love. Katie asked Amy to go down on her and she acquiesced, finding the texture and taste of Katie’s shaved pussy a sensual new experience.

The clock soon read four o’clock and the girls knew they’d have to get up and dress, as Laura would be home from work soon.

“I’ve a present for you,” announced Katie, as Amy watched her dress whilst she herself reclined fully naked on the bed. Katie reached into her bag and pulled out a purple gift box, about twelve by six inches in size, but only two inches in depth.

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