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Collaborated with Amasue


She glanced up as the office door chimed open. It was him, the delivery guy. She had only been working for E.C.G for a week now, as the front desk assistant, but she knew the regular delivery guys. This was the sexy one, he oozed sex.

She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, what about him made her sex wet. Was it his tall muscular build, or maybe the rugged tan face, with the bright green eyes.

She bit her lip as she started thinking about those green eyes wandering all over her body. She blushed as he walked over to her desk, that knowing look on his face.

”Mornin’ ma’am. I need you to sign for this package please.” He said matter of factly, handing her the pinpad.

“Mm, I’d sign for your package any Day,” she muttered under her breath, taking the pinpad, “of course I’ll sign!”

She saw those green eyes spark up, and She watched as a slow lazy grin spread over his face. “I believe I left one more box on the truck, let me go get it.”

He turned and walked out, only to reappear a moment later with a long thin box.

As He handed it to her silently, and left she wondered if she had been over heard.

She looked down at the box and realised it was addressed to Meg… That me , she though as she automatically opened the box…

Inside was a long coat and a note.

“Meet me at 23762 Phillips road, at three tomorrow, in nothing but this and those red strappy heals you wore Monday.”

She looked down at the coat again, and took note it was just her size, if not a little short.

Meg decided she would have to go.

The remainder of the day passed in a blur of excitement and anticipation. She was surprised that he would be so bold.

She was unable to focus on anything for the rest of the day…or evening for that matter.

When Meg tried to sleep and found a night mixed with erotic dreams full of fantasy and pleasure only to wake and begin thinking of the risk she was taking. The night was not a restful one. Her mind was racing.

Finally dawn broke and she started her day. She chose her clothes carefully…ones that could be easily slipped off in the car once she got the the parking garage. She planned on making the drive in the coat. She decided to wear the shoes as requested…but went with a nice conservative skirt and blouse combination for the beginning of the day. However she figured panties and a bra would be too difficult to remove so she went without them.

When she got to work she immediately requested taking the afternoon off. She said something had come up and she needed to address it.

Mike, her boss, was an older man. He always very attentive to her needs…she thought of him as an older brother looking out for her around the office, warning her of which guys to steer clear of, making sure she didnt get in trouble for things and basically getting her whatever she needed. She knew she had him wrapped around her little finger and today would be no different…he simply smiled said “have fun”.

She thanked him and turned to walk out the door, she paused and thought to herself: “have fun!? What did he mean by that? Is it that obvious?” She blushed and continued out the door.

The day was uneventful. Not that she would have noticed. Her mind was racing…one minute she would be thinking how much fun it was going to be having an afternoon delight…then the fear…what if he was a dangerous guy…

All of this made her very excited and wet. She didn’t realize what a powerful tool of arousal the unknown could be. She was a mess.

She felt empowered that such a handsome man would want her…yet fearful of his intentions.

Finally 2pm came around. She switched the phone over to one of her coworkers and went to tell Mike she was leaving for the day but he wasn’t in his office. She left a quick note…reminding him she was out for the remainder of the day and that Jackie would be handling the door and calls.

She went to her car and was suddenly very nervous. She wondered if her coworkers noticed her distraction. Or worse noticed her constant trips to the restroom to clean herself up. Fortunately she hadn’t made a wet spot in her skirt.

She made her way to the car and took a quick look around…nobody. She could put the coat over her shoulders and quickly take her blouse off then get in the car to remove her skirt.

As she sat naked in her car she couldn’t help herself. She slid her fingers over her swollen lips. Picking up a few drops of Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort her own juices…she brought her fingers to her mouth and delicately locked them. Such sweetness. She loved to taste herself. She had resisted the urge all day while at the office but now…so close to her encounter she was dripping wet and convinced herself the only way to not make a mess of the coat or her car was to use her fingers to wipe her juices and then lick them clean.

She drove to the corner of Phillips and South…just down the street…she pulled into a parking space and sat for a moment to compose herself: “Meg…what are you doing? Are you sure?” She questioned her sanity…she reassured herself…just do it.

She looked at the clock in her car…just a few minutes to go. She pulled put and drove to the address.

It was a large brown stone house with all the trimmings of the houses of that era. Large decided windows. A wrought iron fence with the bows and points.

She pulled into the driveway and looked around before she got out. The coast was clear. She quickly went to the door and saw an envelope taped to the door window.

It was addressed to her. It simply said come in the door is unlocked. Hang your coat up and take a seat.

She came through the door and found a coat rack with two jackets and a cold hard metal chair.

She removed her coat and hung it up. She was amazed at the feelings running through her at this moment. The anticipation…the vulnerability.

She sat on the chair. It was one of those old aluminum office chairs…the ones made back in the 50’s. It was even colder than she anticipated. As she sat her hands explored the arm rests…they had been buffed smooth on the underside. She leaned over to look at the rest of the chair and noticed the lower parts of the legs had been polished as well.

She couldn’t see why or how that would happen. She put it out of her mind and again wiped her dripping pussy.

She could hear foot steps as someone came down the hall way.

Meg let out a soft gasp of surprise as a blindfold suddenly covered her eyes.

“What is this …?” She asked hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, about it, Meg,” came a voice to her left, a voice that sounded so familiar but she couldn’t quite place.

She heard something heavy being drsf in front of where she was sitting. She turned her cautiously toward the sound, straining her ears to identify the sounds.

As she listened she heard metallic clangs, and she could almost feel the excitement in the room.

Suddenly, there was a hand gently pushing her legs further apart, and she moaned softly.

Then the voice said “should we use zip ties, or cuffs?”

With a start, Meg realised, the voice came from the other side of the room… Not in Front of her…where someone clearly was, running hands up and down her inner thighs.

There was a low chuckle as the person infront of her answered, ” cuffs, it makes more noise when she struggles.” And she felt the cool metal clamp around be ankles.

“Meg,” came the voice from the other side of the room, ” my associate and I, are going to restrain you, and use you as our own little cum slut. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of release as well. However, I want you to feel safe, so, if I ask if you are okay, i want you to give me a color, green to keep going, yellow to slow down, and Red to stop if you don’t feel comfortable or safe. Do you you understand?”

Meg nodded her understanding. While saying, “yes sir…”

At this point, after being excited all day, she was dripping wet. She was naked, and being cuffed to a chair, ready to be a cum slut. She wasn’t even sure it was the delivery guy… And that voice… So familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

Meg reached her fingers between her legs again, feeling her swollen clit, as she began to touch herself, someone took her hand and bound them together infront of her.

“I want you on your knees, now!” Came the voice, like a whip crack.

Meg eased off the chair onto her knees, and she felt a hand tangle into her long red hair. The hand yanked her head back hard, and she opened her mouth to gasp, but there was suddenly a hot thick throbbing cock forcing it’s way down her throat.

Meg started sucking, with the need of a woman to so desperately wanted to please. As she sucked with a fierce need, Meg felt someone below her, pushing fingers into her.

Meg moaned on the cock, that was thrusting down her throat.

Meg Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort felt the strong fingers parting her lips and sliding deep inside her. They probe her deeper. She realizes he knows exactly what he is doing. He wastes no time finding her g-spot and begins massaging it. His thumb pressed against her swollen clit bringing her closer to the brink.

Meg hears the familiar voice in her ear: “not yet!” Her body tenses…he pulls out suddenly…preventing her from reaching orgasm.

She feels the cock in her throat swelling and beginning to throb. She hears his breathing change. His rythm shifts. She knows he is very close to cumming. She craves his cum. In her mind her delivery man is about to fill her throat with his cum. She feels him as he releases his load into her. His cock pumps and floods her throat. She gags a little and swallows every drop from him. He softens and pulls out.

Before she can catch her breath she hears thay familiar voice: “my turn…” and her mouth is full of cock again.

She tastes his precum as his cock slides over her tounge. His cock is larger…harder.

Meg feels her ass cheeks being parted and the cold lube dripping onto her tight hole. Then she feels a well lubricated finger slide into her…loosening her. After a few moments she feels a rather large plug entering her ass. It stretches her wider and wider. She’s not sure she can take it. Just as she is about to try pulling away she feels the plug reach its maximum size then relief. It’s in.

Just as she beings to relax she feels a slight tingle inside her. The tingle begins to grow in waves and soon becomes almost a drumming inside her.

Meg struggles to understand what she is feeling. She loves it though…it feels like a vibrator but it grows and diminishes in intensity. She is dripping. Near orgasm.

She feels the sting of his hand on her ass. Just hard enough to keep her from cumming.

She craves an orgasm. Between his spanking and the changing intensity of the butt plug she can’t quite reach orgasm. If he would just spank harder…or leave the control alone she could cum.

She focuses her efforts on the cock she is pleasing. She feels his hand on the back of her head but it’s not pushing on her…mostly just resting there. She pushes forward bringing him deeper into her throat. She chokes…but pushes through. She let’s him slide his massive cock in all the way then back out then back in…each time she fights her gag reflex to take him in.

Meg moaned as the owner of the cock gripped her head tightly, and she felt the swell of his cock as he came down her throat. As he came she felt the cuffs at her feet being undone.

As she swallowed all of his juices, he pulled his limp cock out of her mouth. And the first man grabbed her under the arms to help her to her feet. He slowly guided her to another room, she only knew it was a new because it felt cool in here.

She was pushed back on to something , her legs spread far and wide, and then bound to the base of something that felt like wood.

Her hands too where bound stretched out above her head. She felt like her body must look like the shape of an X.

Meg was shaking with anticipation now. She heard a mechanical whirl and gasped as something touched her swollen clit.

“Not yet,” came the familiar voice “I want her to feel me take her first… I’ve been waiting a long time for this…” As a cock slid between her legs.

Meg moaned as the thick cock slide between her legs slowly stretching her. Sliding so slowly until it filled her up all the way.

Her pussy clung to the cock, not wanting to give it up. She cried out in protest as it slid out… He was teasing her…

“Stop… Please… Please don’t tease… I need… I need you to to fuck me” she begged.

Suddenly the cock was back, thrusting hard and fast deep within her. She gripped tight, savoring the feeling of it . She felt her sex throbbing, it was pleasure , and pain. It was a feeling she hadn’t had felt that in a very long time.

Meg was moaning, no, screaming in please at this point, between the thick throbbing cock pounding her vagina, and the vibrating plug in her ass she was beside herself in pleasure. She felt the climax build, she felt it start low, and build, the pleasure rippled through her. She was grinding into the cock still thrusting in her.

She felt him tense and start breathing hard, she knew he was close… “Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me.” She whispered Kurtköy Vip Escort in a pleading tone. She felt him release his load deep inside her.

Her world exploded as she came again, this right on the tail of her first orgasm. The cock stayed inside her for a few moments, as he recovered, and then he pulled out. She felt the mix of him and her drip down on to the floor below her…if it hasn’t been for her being bound up she would have fallen, but, instead she slumpped down, thinking the whole experience was finished. Then she head the mechanical whirl again.

She felt helpless to prevent her body from moving closer to yet another orgasm.

The machine rotated in small circles around her clit and vibrated. The butt plug continued it’s rythm of hard and soft buzzing.

Meg was exhausted. That last orgasm was so intense. She wasn’t sure she could take another one like that. It was almost an out of body experience.

She could hear the voices through the haze of her mind. She focused to hear what was being said. The only bit she picked out was: “let’s make her pass out” followed by laughter.

It was clear to her she was in for a very long ride indeed. Her clit was hard again and her pussy was dripping. She could feel another orgasm building.

Meg’s mind was a total fog. She felt as if she were flying or floating at times.

She was suddenly grounded as the machine was taken away from her clit and she was taken off the cross. She was guided across the room and her arms were placed on what felt like the back of a couch but she quickly realized it was a padded bench. She voluntarily extended her arms along it as she bent over it to reach the far end. Her arms were them shackled down on the legs and her legs spread and shackled in place.

The buzzing of the butt plug stopped and it was removed and replaced with a smaller plug. This confused her a little but then she began to feel a little heat. She tried to relax and let it pass. Then her pussy was filled with a dildo. She heard that familiar voice asking her “was she ready to fly?” She whimpered a weak yes and shook her head.

The dildo came to life. She could feel pulsation moving through the walls of her vagina. She realized it was her. She focused and tried to control the waves but they kept going. She realized her muscles were being stimulated by small electrical shocks. She imagined the dildo must have different spots that get energized in a pattern making her feel the waves. It was incredible and getting more intense.

Meg was really enjoying the new dildo when she felt a sudden slap on her vulnerable ass. This caused her to tense up. She felt the burn in her ass. Then another slap. This was a slow spanking. Each blow was hard…not at all playful. They were deliberately timed…she began to anticipate them. This was a mistake, as she did she tensed up and the burning sensation in her ass was very intense. She let out a whimpering moan. She had been reduced to gutteral sounds…words escaped her. She heard someone saying “the ginger plug is a very interesting toy isn’t it?” It wasn’t directed at her but she responded with a moan.

Meg was lost in the intense clash of the pleasure her pussy was feeling so very close to orgasm and the intense burning inside her ass.

Just as she thought she couldnt take anymore the ginger plug was removed. She could feel some lube being applied to her ass then a hard cock being pushed in place of the plug.

Then she felt the flogger on her back. She knew this was it…or so she thought.

Meg felt a strong hand grab the back of her head and lift her head. Then felt the head of a cock against her lips. She instinctively took it into her hungry mouth. She had become their cum slut. She wanted to please them at all costs…the flogging continued. The cocks shoved into her throat and ass in synch and the flogger fell on the back with the same rythm. The electric dildo was in synch as well.

She couldn’t help herself she gagged and choked as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Her head began to spin. She couldn’t feel anything she had become almost numb. All she could feel was both men dumping their massive loads into her. She had been reduced to nothing more orgasms then nothing.

When she awoke Meg looked around and found herself in an unfamiliar room. As she slowly sat up, she took stock of her surroundings, and marks. She groaned softly as she felt the dull throbbing between her legs.

As she swung her legs out of the bed, she noticed a chair, with a fresh towel, and clothing that seemed to be her size. As she walked over to them, she noticed a folded letter with her name on it.

“hope you enjoyed your first session. I’ll be in touch for our next encounter.”

There was no signature, but she didn’t need it. She was already thinking about the time.

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