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Mother Masturbates Disabled Son Ch. 2

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My mother started to raise and lower her hips slowly taking in the full 8 inches of my throbbing cock. It was amazing watching my dick slide into her bald cunt and to watch the look on her face as she leaned forward with that nasty smirk on her face, her eyes rolled back slightly, grinding her pussy down on my cock, her big tits hanging freely above me like giant cow udders.

My aunt stood amazed and delighted that mom finally seemed to give in to her desire. She not only gave in she was tearing down the walls.

Slowly mom began picking up the pace as she fucked me. Her breathing became louder as Aunt Beth pinched mom’s nipples and urged her sister on “that’s it baby give it to him good,” she added smiling at me.

Mom started dropping her hips harder on me and her juices were flowing and each time her pussy smacked my body my balls smacked her ass. The sound of two bodies fucking was such a turn-on. “Oh yeah, Give it to me…” she begged beneath her breath as her cunt held my cock in a tight vice. “give it to me…” was her chant as Escort bayan she bounced me a inch or more off the mattress as she power fucked my cock.

Her nipples were long tight and pointed as Aunt Beth pulled them and twisted them. From time to time mom would shorten the strokes but never the power she smacked me with. She pounded her pussy on me fucking me even more wildly than my aunt had. It was as if she had something to prove. Sweat was pouring off of her as she shook her hair wildly. Several times she rose rigid with her hips tightening as orgasm racked her body.

I knew this had to be a dream. My aunt naked by my bedside, my mom fucking the shit out of my cock… I kept thinking I would wake up and mom would just be masturbating me but the sight and sounds were real. In the space of an hour my aunt had fucked me and my mother was now riding me like I was some kind of mechanical bull.

Finally mom tightened into a final orgasm and flopped down on to my chest. Her big tits were soft and her hair covered most of my face. Bayan escort She was out of breath and eased off of my erection still in tack as it slipped from her loose wet cunt. My mother leaned over and kissed me on the side of the face.

“I’m sorry,” she managed.

“For what?” I asked.

“For being so selfish and putting my needs above yours,”

“Are you crazy? You just gave me the greatest gift in the world,” I smiled.

As I said that I noticed my aunt sucking my cocks head.

“Do you really mean that?” she asked.

“Yes, my God yes.”

“You’re not just taking pity on two old sex starved women?”

“No, hell no. I love you mom… I love you both.”

With that she smiled and I felt my aunt Beth straddling my cock. A tear ran down mom’s face as Aunt Beth began riding me.

Mom stood and kissed Beth on the cheek, she popped her sister’s ass and smiled, “he likes it harder than that and you know it,” and we all smiled.

This was better than a dream. All these years and look at Escort us now. All that wasted time of wanting something more but never crossing that line. Now there was no line. There was only smiling naked happy people who had the courage to ask for more. Gone was the denial and guilt and pent up frustration. We were transformed into something more than three lonely people. Our desire was one. We watched less tv and talked more and made love more and just plain fucked for the fun of it. There is nothing like fucking guilt free.

My aunt moved in with us after that. We’re all very open and honest about our bodies and sex now. I started eating both mom and Beth and they both got their nipples pierced. We fuck a lot to say the least. Mom and Beth have started getting into nipple clamps, chains and weights. It’s so cool watching a woman (especially your mom) fuck you as her nipples are being tugged downward from 12 ounce pendant weights. That look on her face when she cums is out of this universe. I’m a lucky guy and I know it. I may be paralyzed but how many of you can honestly say you’ve fucked your mother and your aunt? Not being able to completely feel it is a bit of a bummer but keeping my cock so hard for so long is a great trade off. I wonder how long I could go with a Viagra?

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