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Watching the Pool Party

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I’m not sure how I let all this happen, but last weekend was the craziest weekend of my life.

My name is Leslie. I am, 19 5′ tall, and about 100 lbs. I am home from school for summer vacation.

Last time my brother’s girlfriend was over she asked me if I wanted to hang out sometime. I didn’t know Cathy well. She was 1 year younger than me. I’d spoken to her a few times but really only knew her as my brother’s girlfriend. I was home for the summer most of my new friends were from school and I’d lost touch with most of my high school friends. She seemed nice so I said yes.

Last weekend she asked if I wanted to go swimming. They had a pool, it had been hot, so I said yes. I threw on a miniskirt and top and I threw 2 bikinis in my purse. I wondered which I’d try. Id wait till I got there. One was much skimpier for tanning. I didn’t bother with panties. I admit I don’t always wear them And I was just changing when I got there.

When I pulled up to the house there were a ton of cars outside. I was a little peeved. I figured she was having a party and didn’t tell me. I didn’t want to hang out with a bunch of 18 year old high school kids. I figured I’d make some excuse and just leave. A woman in her 30s opened the door. I found out later she was 39. She was wearing a cute bikini and had a black wrap around her..

“Oh, you just be Leslie,” she said.

She introduced herself as Judy, Cathy’s mother, and invited me in. There were a bunch of people outside. From what I could see they were all in their 30s and 40s. Judy explained that they were her husband’s pickup basketball friends from the league. There were more men than women.

Cathy came in from the back.

“Oh great, you’re here,” she said. She dragged me to her room.

I asked what was going on. She told me about the party and that she invited me because they were her dad’s friends and she wanted someone to hang out with. I had to ask why me. She must have other friends, we didn’t really know each other except through my brother.

I remembered that I’d actually walked in on them having sex in the basement more than once. I assumed they were pretty active as they must have done it more than I caught them. She said she hadn’t seen or heard much from my brother lately

I said I was sorry, but she stopped me. She went on to say that she was only 18 and never expected my brother to “be the one” but that she had always admired me and wanted to know me better. She didn’t want my brother to be our only relationship. She figured that was over, so she’d invite me over.

It was mature and sweet. I just said, “Cool.”

We chatted a little. For someone who dated my pain in the ass brother she was actually sweet, smart, and mature. We talked for a while about her and I got to know her better.

We got on the subject of sex. She told me that she’d only done stuff with my brother but at night she watched Internet porn. Almost everything turned her on. I laughed. I admitted I’d slept with 3 guys and none of them were very good.

We talked a bit more. I liked her. We were becoming friends.

She then asked if I wanted to go swimming. I said sure and pulled 2 bikinis out of my purse. She started undressing. I watched her as she undressed. She was pretty much a younger version of her mom. 5’7, 120 lbs, dirty blonde shoulder length hair, maybe 34c tits. Her mom was probably about 10 lbs heavier.

She turned and saw me looking at her as she undressed. She smiled and started undressing for me. It was kind of fun. She had already pulled her top off. She lowered her hands to her waist and slowly wiggled out of her shorts. She was wearing a cute matching bra and panty set. Then she reached behind her and undid her bra. Her tits came into view. She cupped them with her hands and giggled. Last she pushed her panties down over her hips. She was now naked.

“You’re turn,” she said. She pulled me to my feet and unzipped my skirt. It fell to the floor. I was a little shocked and not sure what to do. I let her. I also realized I was liking it.

“Mmmmm, no panties. Hot,” she said.

She then pulled my top off over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra either. She looked at me and said, “I love your tits.”

She reached over, cupped one and lowered her head to suck on it. I moaned and put my hand on her head. This was new to me. I’d kissed a girl a few times. Mostly when out with friends. Mostly to tease boys. I always liked it. Girls were much softer. I didn’t stop her. Again I realized I liked it. She worked on the other one for a minute and then stopped.

She went to her drawers and pulled out tiny bikini. It was yellow. I reached for mine. I picked up the more coverage one. She looked at it, then the other and handed the smaller one to me.

“Let’s give the old men a thrill,” she said.

I pulled my bikini on as she put hers on. For 18 it was very revealing. It barely contained her tits. Half her ass was showing. I was one to talk. Mine fit canlı bahis the same way. We headed out to the pool. As we walked out back, every one stopped to look at us.

Judy said nothing about the bikinis. She made no notice. She announced that I was Leslie Cathy’s friend. She started to introduce me around. There were 4 couples, 4 single guys, and Cathy’s dad Jack.

I said the obligatory hi’s and then Cathy and I swam, hung out, and talked. Every once in a while I would notice that the men would watch us. We ignored them and just hung out. They would try and engage us every once in a while, but it was mainly to get a better look. For the most part we kept to ourselves.

The party started to dwindle. All the couples left. It was just Jack, Judy and 4 guys. Jack had a beer in his hands and was sitting in a chair with a mellow buzz. The four guys were chatting up Judy. She was liking the attention. She’d giggle or laugh every once in a while.

She announced she was going to go change. She was still in her bikini. The guys protested. That made her laugh.

One guy eventually said, “At least let us choose what you change to.” She laughed and told him he was silly.

The guys started trying to convince her. She laughed and called to Jack for help. He held up his hands and said, “You’re on your own. Leave me out of this.”

Everyone laughed and Judy eventually said they could choose. She went to her room and came out with 2 summer dresses. The guys said they couldn’t pick that way. She’d have to try them on. Judy said OK and went to her room.

She came out in a calf length white sundress. It was very pretty. She did a slow turn for the guys. The guys all rejected it. She then came out in another calf length dress, did the same slow turn, and looked at them. they rejected that as well.

Cathy had not noticed what was going on. I called it to her attention. We were both lying on lounges. She turned her head to watch.

Judy came out in shorts and a top. The slow turn was now standard. The guys rejected it. They told her dresses only. She looked to Jack for help. He just raised his beer and insisted that he was not a part of this. She went in and came out in a knee length dress. The guys rejected it again. She groaned, grabbed a beer and went back to try something else. This went on for a while. The dresses became more revealing. The guys started joking she was getting closer. She giggled and said they were not going to be happy till she was naked. The guys all laughed and agreed.

She looked to Jack for help again. He just held up a palm and said she was on her own.

A few more dresses. Each a bit more revealing. All rejected. She finally came out in a red sundress. It came an inch below her ass and was very low cut. It showed a lot of cleavage. It had to be worn braless. When she did her turn a bit of her ass showed from my angle. She was either wearing a thong or going commando. The guys rejected it, but she said this was it. She didn’t have anything else. They grudgingly agreed.

The guys continued to talk/flirt with her. Jack just sat nursing his beer. You could see the flirting getting a little more friendly. She would touch an arm or a shoulder. They would do the same, sometimes an arm around the waist.

She went to get some snacks. One guy offered to help. I got up to use the bathroom. As I passed the kitchen she was working at the counter. The guy was like 2 inches behind her and talking softly in her ear. Every once in a while she would giggle or laugh. Finally she picked up the tray with snacks and turned around. The guy stepped back but was looking straight down the top of her dress. Whatever he said made her giggle again. She turned to bring the snacks out. He swatted her ass. She looked at him pretending to disapprove and then walked away. He followed as she got to the door, she wiggled her ass at him and went out.

I hit the bathroom and went back outside. The group had formed around Judy again. At one point a strap fell off her shoulder. She fixed it. One of the guys pulled it down again. She protested and looked at Jack. He just shrugged. She left the strap down. The touching and laughing continued, but this time their hands were lower. Definitely touching her ass through the dress.

They made her turn around again pretending they did not get a good look at the back of her dress. One guy made a comment about the material. He grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up. I could see she was wearing a thong. She slapped his hand playfully, turned back to them and continued to flirt. Everyone was getting more flirty. Hands touched her lower now. Most on bare skin. Her shoulders, arms, and her thighs. Someone grabbed her ass under her dress. She slapped his hand but giggled. I watched and more more guys did it. She didn’t slap their hands away as much.

I looked to see if Cathy noticed. She did. She was watching intently. She saw me looking at her and she shrugged kaçak iddaa her shoulders.

It was starting to get cold. Cathy and I got up to go change. Cathy pulled on a top and skirt. No panties. She said that if I wasn’t wearing them, she wasn’t. She then stepped up to me, grabbed my ass, under my skirt, and kissed me. It was a nice kiss. I kissed back. We made out for a while. We kinda laid on the bed snuggling and kissing.

We decided to get something to eat. The party had moved inside. Jack was sitting in a chair, still nursing a beer. He certainly wasn’t drunk. Judy was sitting on a guys lap. It was the same guy who followed her into the kitchen earlier. The other 3 guys were standing around them.

Judy’s dress was bunched up at the top of her thighs. She was not sitting on it. The guy was wearing shorts. He definitely had Judy’s naked ass against his thighs.

She noticed us and asked how we were doing. We told her fine we were just getting some snacks. Cathy had seen everything I did.

When we got in the kitchen she looked at me and said in a low voice, “That is so fucking hot! Did you see the way they were touching her? Dad just watching? I wonder if he’d let them fuck her. Wouldn’t that be awesome to watch?”

I told her she was a sick girl wanting to watch her mother fuck.

She laughed, “Too much porn she said.”

We got our snacks. As we walked back in the living room Judy was kissing the guy. She stopped as soon as she saw us. I think she wanted to think we didn’t see. When we got to her room Cathy gushed.

“Did you see that? Mom was kissing that guy! Dad’s just watching. That is so hot. I wonder if we can watch from the hall.”

She opened her door quietly. We snuck to the end of the hall. We were as quiet as we could be. I’m not sure it would have mattered. All the attention was on Judy.

When we looked she was definitely kissing the guy. He had her dress pulled up far enough where we could see her thong. Another guy protested that it wasn’t fair and where was his kiss. She gave him an impish grin, grabbed his shirt, pulled him down, and kissed him. The other guys protested. She laughed and proceeded to kiss them all.

The guy whose lap she was on used this opportunity to pull her dress up higher it was almost bunched around her waist. One shoulder strap had fallen, almost exposing one breast completely. Another slip and her nipple would be showing.

The guys wanted another round of kissing. This time they took longer. Lap guy had moved his hand around to her lap. Her legs parted slightly. His hand landed on her thong just where her pussy was. Cathy’s hand slipped under my dress and she started to caress my ass.

At first touch I kind of stiffened and looked at her. She just smiled. I didn’t stop her. She kept touching.

Judy stopped. “I wonder where the kids are?” She said to no one in particular. She looked our way but we pulled back and she didn’t see us. When we looked again the guys were still kissing her but they were more handsy. One guy reached for the nearly exposed tit. He pulled the dress down and caressed her nipples. Judy sighed. Lap guy was rubbing her clit through her panties.

It was a hot scene. Cathy’s hand moved down my ass to my pussy. I was wet. She started playing with me. I liked it.

One guy kissing Judy pulled her to her feet. Lap guy took the opportunity to reached under her dress and pull her panties down. Judy looked at Jack. Jacked just shrugged his shoulders. Judy stepped out of the panties. It did not seem like this was the norm for them. She was very tentative and shy. I guessed that nothing like this had ever happened before.

Taking this as a cue. The guy standing started kissing her again. He reached down for the hem of her dress and started pulling it up. Judy stopped kissing him. As the dress came up over her hips she raised her arms so he could slip the dress off easily. She was now naked. Jack was still watching from his chair.

The guys continued taking turns kissing her. Some sucking on her tits. Their hands on her tits and ass. She sighed as they did. Watching this was really making me horny but Cathy had her fingers in my cunt and was taking care of me.

Lap guy reached around, his hand reached the top of her thigh. She took a step apart to give him better access and sighed as his fingers took advantage of it.

One of the guys now unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. Judy looked at it and reached down and grabbed it. Another guy noticed and did the same thing. She moved her hand to his. The guy who was still zipped up put his hands on Judy’s shoulders. She slowly got on her knees. She gave Jack another look. I think she forgot we were even in the house. Jack just raised his beer as if to toast her.

Judy gave him a wistful smile and slowly wrapped her lips around one of the cocks.

I came on Cathy’s fingers. Cathy looked at me.

“Wow, I can’t believe this,” kaçak bahis she whispered. “Are they swingers?”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “It looks to me like it’s a first.”

Meanwhile all 4 guys had their cocks out. Judy was furiously trying to suck 2 of them. The guys pushed her over on her back. 2 positioned themselves on either side of her head. One got between her legs. She kept alternating between one then the other. The guy between her legs pushed his cock into her. She moaned but kept trying to suck the other 2. Jack leaned forward in his chair to watch.

Cathy as still fingering me. I came again. This time I moaned out loud.

Guy 4 looked up and caught us watching. He pointed his cock at us, and started jerking it. He looked at it and then looked at us hopefully. Cathy and I looked at each other. Cathy giggled out loud and shrugged. Her dad heard her and turned to look our way. He had a look of fear and shock on his face. Judy and the other 3 guys didn’t notice.

Cathy took my hand and pulled me into the living room. Her dad watched us not sure what to do. Cathy pushed me to my knees in front of guy 4 grabbed his cock and guided it to my mouth.

Dammit I thought. Why am I doing this? What is she going to do? I knew the answer to the first question. I was doing it because this was hot, Cathy had got me all worked up, and the look on someone’s face when they weren’t expecting a cute 19 year old to just start sucking their cock was amazing.

Cathy quickly answered the second question. She went over to her mom. Dropped to her knees and took one of the cocks Judy was trying to suck in her hand. As she did, she had to take it out of her mother’s hand. The 3 guys fucking Judy all of a sudden realized we are there. Judy looked at Cathy with a look of fear. Cathy just smiled at her, took the guys cock, and started sucking it. Judy just moaned and went back to sucking the other guys cock. The guy fucking her started fucking her harder. You could hear her grunt with every thrust.

Meanwhile I noticed Cathy’s dad had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. I’m not sure who he was more focused on. Cathy or Judy. Cathy finally looked over and saw her dad jerking off. She stopped sucking the guys cock and stood up. She pushed her skirt down over her hips. She wasn’t wearing panties so that cute teenage ass and pussy were both on display. Her father watched in amazement. She then pulled her top off and threw it at him. You could hear Judy moaning from being fucked. No one else said a word.

Cathy pushed the guy she had been sucking down on the floor next to her mom. She straddled his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. She started fucking him. Her mom looked over and saw her and moaned again.

Cathy looked at her dad and said, “You like seeing mom being a slut. Do you like watching your daughter too? Do you like watching me take a cock just like mom?”

Then she looked at the guy she was fucking “Did you know I’m only 18.”

You could see the guys eyes widen. Then his head rolled back and he came.

She looked at me and mouthed, “Second cock”

I laughed. It kind of came out like a cough because I had a cock in my mouth.

Cathy climbed off the guy. She got down on her knees her ass towards her dad. She leaned forward and rested her head on her mother’s belly looking at her mom’s face. Her mom instinctively reached out and stroked her hair. Cathy spread her legs apart a little.

With her eyes looking at her mother she said, “Daddy, she said. “Can you see the cum in my pussy? Can you see your little girl’s cunt all stretched and dripping?”

It was so fucking hot. Her mom pulled the cock out of her mouth, groaned and said “Oh my god,” as she came.

The guy I was sucking started to cum. I was paying so much attention to Cathy and her dad that it took me by surprise. I pulled away and got most of it on my face and shirt.

The guy fucking Cathy’s mom started fucking her harder and reached over to play with Cathy’s tits. Cathy reached out, took the cock her mom had been sucking in her hand, and guided it back to her moms mouth. Cathy continued to pump it while her mom sucked it.

This was all too much for me. I needed to get fucked! I looked around the room and saw Cathy’s dad still stroking his cock. I unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then I pulled my top off over my head. Naked I walked over to her father. I climbed on the chair and straddled his cock. I said, “I need to be fucked,” and lowered myself onto his cock.

He thrust up as I did. I could feel my pussy quivering against his cock. He grabbed my ass and started lifting me up and down on his cock. He barely looked at me. His eyes were focused on his wife and daughter.

I climbed off his cock and stood up. I took his hand and said, “Let’s get a better look.”

I got on my knees, ass in the air, with my head right at Cathy’s ass. I looked at him and said, “Now come fuck me.”

He got on his knees behind me and started fucking me furiously. His wife reached out her hand to him and he took her hand and held it. His other hand was on my ass. Pulling and pushing my pussy around his cock. It felt so good. I moaned into Cathy’s ass.

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