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Adventures with the Bestie Plus Two

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Everything contained within is true, though names and places have been changed. My stories are for you pleasure and I hope you can live vicariously through me. This is part 2 of “Vacation with the Bestie, Plus One.” Please feel free to leave a comment and the final chapter will be here soon.


The temperature in the plane never felt perfect no matter the type or amount of clothes worn. Currently, the air blowing on my face felt sticky from the humidity and slightly above standard room temperature. Legs and knees bent awkwardly to accommodate the tight configuration of seats. Staring out the window, glimpses of the sex fueled vacation ran chaotically through my head as the heat from Karen radiated from beside me. The first night had only fueled the desire to have Mark and her at every waking moment and every conscious thought that appeared. Snapping back to reality gave way to a new thought. “What now?” Karen and I had never been intimate until now and with the experience in our past, does that lead to the normal life of what we had before as a great friendship or something more. Dreading the conversation that would be on the horizon, I slouched back in my seat and put my earbuds in ignoring the flight stewardess’s speech on safety vest and emergency exits. The flight ran an estimated six hours and left to my own mind’s demise, I wanted nothing more than to sit back and fall asleep. Sleep that came pleasantly fast and comforting.

Smooth as glass and soft as velvet, my skin slid across the sheets as I rolled over on my back. The air was cool and drafty from the air conditioning, set at a cool seventy degrees, blew across my exposed breasts erecting my nipples in the process. The hand was soft, smooth and manicured to perfection as it moved from my chest, across my abdomen and slid under the band of my panties. My clit throbbed at the temptation the fingers enticed as it circled my freshly shaven pubic patch and the beads of essence strained at the fabric that caged my lust. The teasing increased as each finger made shallow glances across the lips and slowly exposed the built-up pressure of wetness now leaking out. The first finger inched at my entrance and with a little bit of pressure, it slid past my lips, deep into my lust and filled me with an irresistible hunger for more. The sigh that escaped my lips, barely audible, further enhanced the hunger for pleasure and my back arched at the touch of the finger deep inside me. Withdrawing the finger slowly, another one was added and began to put pressure once again to my entrance. This time, the force was heavy and both fingers shoved deep inside me releasing a massive moan.

Startled awake by the jolt of turbulence the plane had flown through, my eyes snapped open and a shameful glance around my seat indicated I hadn’t moaned out loud. The dream, though very much a memory, had ran its course and now the results were a damp set of panties. The burning in my stomach stoked flames of desire and the fidgeting started.

“Everything okay girl,” Karen asked concerned.

“Yeah girl. Just a dream is all,” I said hiding my embarrassment as much as possible.

“You look like you just had an orgasm with your flushed face and clammy hands,” she chuckled.

“Very funny and how I wish,” shooting a sly smirk.

“Didn’t get enough over the past few days?” the words hung in the air.

“Are you kidding? Who could ever get enough of that,” I playfully replied.

“Definitely not me,” she smiled.

She turned her head back to her book and sank back into the seat. Her hair framed her face perfectly and the sun shining through the window gave off a perfect silhouette. Picture perfect example of natural beauty would be the best description for Karen at that exact moment. The flooding of wetness that resulted caused me to shift which rubbed my set of lips against my clit. The spark of pleasure triggered the need for release. Excusing myself to the restroom, I shimmied my way out to the aisle and darted to the bathroom. Situated at the back of the plane, gave quite a bit of privacy and since the stewardesses were at the front handing out refreshments, I had ample enough time to knock one out.

The bathroom was cramped, but gave enough leg room to squat down. As soon as my panties slid down, a string of grool followed. My clit was engorged and throbbed aching to be touched. Closing my eyes, I thought of the night after the escapade I shared with Karen and Mark. How Karen and I had drank a few and went back to the bungalow and passed out on the bed. How she woke me by rubbing my clit to orgasm right there nestled in her arms. The most romantic and sexually charged I’d ever experienced was with my best friend. I circled my clit faster as I remembered the feeling of Karen’s manicured hand running tight circles around my clit.

Before I could register what was happening, the door bust open and Karen appeared cramming herself inside the bathroom with me. With no choice but to stand up allowing her room she closed the door behind her.

“I could smell your need through your pants, I couldn’t take it, I want you now,” çekmeköy escort she whispered.

Her hand slid down and she shoved two fingers inside as her thumb pressed against my clit. With rhythmic strokes and tight circles, she edged me closer as she breathed against my neck. Her tongue and lips slowly caressed my neck as she brought me to orgasm. The force hit like a tidal wave slamming into the breakers as I came. My juice covered her fingers and hand which she withdrew and inserted into her mouth. Licking her fingers clean, she winked before she made her exit. I cleaned up and followed suit soon after.

The rest of the flight was uneventful as we both drifted off to sleep until we landed. The rush of getting off the plane to get in the car kept that time focused on getting back home. The drive from the airport to our apartment took approximately forty-five minutes which began the discussion I had dreaded.

“Look, I know we haven’t really discussed anything, but where is your head at girl?” Karen questioned.

“I’m elated at the experience we shared. I wouldn’t change a thing about it nor do I regret taking part in it. That was the most fun and sexually pleasing thing I have ever taken part in. As for us, that is where the confusion sets in. Like, what now? What do we do or what are we?” I stated.

“Why do we have to have a title? There is nothing in a book that says it must be this way or that way. We are who we are and we do what we feel is best and what makes us happy. It just so happens that I enjoy you physically as much as I have enjoyed you mentally,” her words soothed as she spoke.

“That is true, I just didn’t know if there would be any kind of apprehension or awkwardness that would come from this,” the concern crept back in my voice.

“I have no apprehension or view what we did as something to be awkward about. Do you want a relationship? Is that your concern? Are you feeling different in the fact you enjoy a woman as much as you do a man? None of that should be a worry. You don’t need a title to classify you. You are Alice. My best friend and anything else you want to throw in there,” she enthusiastically exclaimed.

“I know Karen and thank you for the kind words. I don’t know if I want a relationship. You and I both know we prefer to be single. I couldn’t care less what other people think of me so that’s not either. It’s just, do we fuck around, have fun, experience life like we have or do we get serious?” I questioned.

Karen sat there for a minute wrapped up in her head allowing all scenarios to play out before she spoke. She always furrowed her brows when she was deep in concentration or focusing on a problem.

Turning to me, “I love you. More than a friend that is for sure. I’m going to be honest and tell you that I can’t be serious with one person. I’m still young and I prefer both sexes it seems. I want to enjoy life and I want to enjoy it with you as well. Whether you choose to accompany me in this journey is up to you and I will fully support you if you decide to keep it strictly platonic,” her words tugged at my heart.

“I’m perfectly fine with all of it. I want to explore this new side with you, but I also don’t want a strings attached type deal. I want to be free to do as I please and if that involves you in the mix, I would want that as well,” I sighed with relief.

“That sounds perfect. No strings attached. We keep our friendship as it was, but if you want to explore sexually, I’m perfectly game,” her words playfully bounced off her tongue.

“Good! Speaking of which, you need to take your pants off. I need to taste you now.”

The proceeding week following vacation is a disaster of getting things back to some sort of normalcy. Between grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning there really isn’t much time or energy to do much of anything. The new office I accepted a position at ran a solid eight to five schedule which didn’t allow much time to finish up chores that needed to be done to allow for a relaxing weekend. Karen picked up a case, which being fresh meat, took up a majority of her time at the office. By the time she got home, ate, showered and hit the bed she was passed out. I spent the evenings watching Netflix and lounging, as I myself, were insanely wore out from the new job and taking care of the little things around the apartment. Several times I had caught my mind wandering to Belize. The bungalow with the salty air conditioning, the rock-hard body Mark careened against my ass as he pounded away and the taste of Karen on my lips as I buried my head between her legs. Right there in the middle of the living room, I played with myself at the thought of those nights we three spent tangled up in each other. Mark, unfortunately, was nothing but a pawn in our fantasy and he served us well. The problem now began to rise just as my orgasm started to flush my legs. I wanted dick and Karen at the same time.

“Good morning doll, how’d you sleep?” I asked as Karen stepped into view.

“Like the dead,” she stuttered.

“Bagel or that nasty ass cereal,” I asked.

“Neither, cevizli escort I have a brunch date with a case worker and don’t want to ruin my appetite,” she mumbled as she reached for the juice in the refrigerator.

“Sounds fun,” I chuckled. “Any specifics on the topic or is that all hush hush?”

“Standard Driving Under the Influence where the blood results are inconclusive since there was a four-hour span between when he was pulled over and the exam was done.

“Any hope you can get a conviction?” I asked.

“Depends on the judge. Video evidence clearly shows he was under the influence and failed the sobriety test, but his Blood Alcohol Content showed he was under the legal limit,” she said as she pulled up a bar stool.

“Want to get laid this weekend,” I surprised her.

Her eyes grew to the size of golf balls and her jaw dropped, “Well, a little blunt this morning yeah? Of course I want to, but I don’t think I can just go grab a dick off a tree to have my way with,” she stammered.

“I’m sure we can hit up that new place, “Moe’s” or something and find a valuable third to join,” I teased.

“Oh, did someone enjoy themselves so much in Belize that they want some more?” her voice was sultry.

“It’s seven, don’t you think someone might be running a bit late?” I laughed.

“Damn you!” she jumped.

Sashaying her way to the bedroom, she glanced over her shoulder and blew me a kiss with a wink. I knew jumping her this morning wouldn’t work as she had to be at the office early, but I knew I could get her amped up for Friday night.

“Moe’s” was a rather small dive bar on the outskirts of town and hadn’t been open much more than a month. The parking lot was full and barely enough room to squeeze Karen’s little Toyota into a space. Inside was pleasantly smoke-free and exquisitely lit to create a very chill atmosphere. A handful of pool tables took up a majority of the back area which left the oval shaped bar in the center with seating on the opposite side. Pulling up a barstool, Karen and I sat down eyeballing the top shelf liquors. Glancing around the room, it was clearly displayed that the crowd belonged to the younger crowd. A few bikers sat in the far end playing poker and enjoying pitchers of beer by the dozen. The frat boys all seemed to be congregating around the pool tables with their buddies trying to impress the college ladies. The bar that Karen and I sat at contained a mixture of eight to fivers enjoying a brew after a stressful day and the retirees that just wanted to have a little company. Greg, the bartender, and his partner Jessie were the highlights of the evening. Greg stood 6’1, jet black hair, clean shaven and definitely hadn’t missed a day in the gym from the guns straining against his shirt sleeves. Jessie, the petite little thing, standing 5’3 wore her bronze brunette hair pulled back in a ponytail with a pen through it, accentuating the Asian American features hoovering above a skin-tight shirt covering what had to be full C-cup breasts.

“Good Evening ladies! What can I get for you tonight?” he said leaning into the bar awaiting our response.

“I’ll take a Vodka Red Bull, house vodka is fine please,” I swooned.

“Make that two, please,” Karen said as she turned to me and winked.

“Coming right up ladies,” he stated as he turned to make our drinks.

“Well, he’s some nice candy,” I turned to Karen.

“Girl, you aren’t kidding and his little assistant over there is a piece of warm apple pie on a chilly evening,” she directed with her eyes.

“No lie there. I bet she’s a freak,” I chuckled as Greg returned with our drinks.

“How’s the business been since you opened,” I asked.

“So far, things have been packed Thursday through Sunday. Week days seems to be slower and the regulars are already starting to make a presence,” he said glancing around the bar.

“What brings you ladies out tonight?” he glanced at Karen. Her tight red dress now slightly hanging off one shoulder gave a little view to jump the imagination.

Karen leaned in closer to the bar as to speak just above a whisper, “something more than your patrons could offer,” she winked.

“Is that right,” he said raising his eyebrows in shock. “It’s a good thing you came tonight then. See there will be an after party starting around eleven. Jess and I have been given clear instructions to make sure we close the bar down and close for the general public. The owner is celebrating the success of the bar business and is having a VIP treatment party tonight. Now, if you all are interested, I’m sure I can talk the owner into allowing you all to stay for the party. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind some more sweets to join the festivities,” his tongue teased with the words.

Looking over at Karen, she nodded in unison with me, “Count us in if he will have us. We are always open for a new adventure.”

As soon as the digital read out read eleven, Greg and Jessie immediately rushed everyone out and said farewell leaving Karen and I to sit at the bar. As we sat there nursing our drinks, Greg and Jessie proceeded erenköy escort to sanitize the bar and take out all remaining trash left. The place became spotless in a matter of minutes as they whirl winded their way around the place. At 11:30 Greg and Jessie went into the back where, with a load clang, we could hear the back door open and a bunch of voices all shouted in unison as they gained entry to the bar. One by one, both men and woman filed into the bar as Greg and Jessie proceeded to open the bar.

“Everyone! Please! Let me have your attention for just a second,” his voice boomed from the back of the crowd. “I’m fully aware you all came here to party and drink which was my full intention when I invited you. Please, the bar is completely open and free. Greg and Jessie will be your starting bartenders who will get everything situated so that way you all can take care of yourselves. The bar is all yours, but please have the decency to not destroy what I’m offering. Thank you all for coming and CHEERS!” he shouted to the audience as he chugged the molasses colored drink in his hand.

The crowd erupted in applause and in a swift flurry, drinks, bottles and glasses began appearing on the bar. Karen and I got up from our seat with our glasses and moved to the lounger close to the bar to allow the others to grab a drink. In the ensuing chaos, Greg and Jessie appeared from behind the bar and made their way to us, pulling up a pair of high back chairs to join us.

“Evening ladies! See, I told you it would be worth it. Your drinks for the whole night are taken care of,” Greg explained.

“Hey ladies, sorry I’ve been so busy and haven’t introduced myself. I’m Jessie, but everyone calls me Jess,” she said extending her hand.

“Hey Jess, I’m Alice,” I said.

“I’m Karen, pleased to meet you,” she said playfully.

The alcohol had loosened us up for sure as Karen became very flirtatious throughout the evening and paid less and less attention to her draped dress, which at one point gave Greg and Jess a perfect view of her beautiful tits.

“I don’t mean to be rude, just intrigued, but are you two a couple?” Jess said bewildered.

Karen, laughing at her forwardness, “Not even close girl, Alice and I are best friends who like to share every experience that comes our way,” she winked.

“Wait, do you mean like traveling or sexually?” Greg interrupted.

“Both and then some,” I laughed watching the shock run across their face.

“So, you all fuck and are best friends? Like friends with benefits type deal,” Jess said puzzled.

“I guess you could say that. We do everything friends do, but we do have sex and help each other get off. The bonus part of all this is we share each other as well,” I said watching Greg’s jaw hit the floor.

“Wait, you all share?” Jess blurted out.

“Yes, we do,” I chuckled. “We aren’t exclusive, I guess you could say.”

With a complete and utter look of disbelief, Jess turned to Greg and back to us, “Greg and I are like you two. I never would have thought two women would enjoy that lifestyle, but you two proved me wrong. I’m shocked!” she stammered.

With a quick glance at me, Karen turned towards Jess, leaned in and looked her dead in the eye, “Listen beautiful, we can sit here all night and talk about how fun we could be or you and Mr. Handsome could come back to our apartment and we can show you just how fun we are!”

Before Karen could withdraw, Jess leaned forward and planted her lips directly on her. Sitting back in shock myself, I watched as Karen relaxed her jaw to allow Jess’s tongue to enter her mouth. The kiss was both passionate with a strong sense of lust as they made out right in front of Greg and I. Greg, who’s jaw had never left the table since the beginning of the conversation, tugged at the bulge in his pants to readjust his growing member straining to be let free from its cage. The embrace lasted what seemed like an hour, finally released and starry eyed, Karen and Jess both looked at Greg and I.

“No need to just sit here, we have a drive to make,” I gestured standing up. “Greg would you like to join us?”

“There is no way I would ever say no to that proposition,” he stuttered.

The drive was quick as Greg and Jess followed us to our apartment from the bar. We crammed into the elevator and the anticipation could be sliced with a knife in the tight confined metal box. In the reflection of the aluminum finish I could see Karen’s hand rubbing the front of Greg’s pants and her other hand up the skirt of Jess’s. Jess on the other hand, had buried her hand under Karen’s dress and slowly inched her other hand up my dress feeling the damp panties that barely could contain the amount of essence wanting to burst past the barrier of fabric.

As the elevator doors opened, we all four burst through with Karen in the lead making a bee line for our apartment door. Fumbling with the keys, she jammed the key in releasing the lock swinging the door wide open. As all four of us rushed in, Karen slammed the door behind us and immediately took off her dress, exposing her beautiful breast and a pussy that had just been freshly shaven. The audible moan that escaped Jess and Greg’s mouth made my mouth water at the anticipation of tasting all three of them. Karen grabbed Greg and Jess’s hand leading them to the bedroom with myself in hot pursuit.

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